Sunday, 24 November 2013

PART-40 Sirf Meri Ho

PART-40 ...

The sun peeping out from the windows of RAYA's bedroom, Straightly focused on Priya's face ,she winced her eyes snuggled more close to Ram which will avert sunlight gaze from her .
Ram who has woken up a few moments before gazing at her beautiful wife .He caressed her tussled hair ,planted a kiss on her forehead .
Good morning my dear Don't want to get up kya?
Plzzz 5 more minutes ...Plzzz ...she responded in a sleepy voice ...
The phone ring of Ram made her jump with fear ...He embraced her ..cooll..its just phone ring ,iam here only baby ... He cursed himself keeping the phone under the pillow.He smiled seeing the caller Id ..He hugged her more ..
Hii Apeksha ,how are you my dear...and how about mom,
A:Im fine Bhaiyya.How are you and Bhabhi ..
R: Yah baby we are fine.
"Priya slowly opened her eyes ,by seeing him,her lips curved into smile .
She kissed him on his chest mouthed "Good morning "
He palnted a kiss again on forhead.talking with apeksha.
Ram:Ok ape ,tell mom to get ready with all the got the tickets so you can start on next Thursday ..
A: Give it to bhabhi ...
R: she is in washroom ape,I will tell her to call anyway..Ok I will call to ma later ..Tc ..waiting for your arrival ..Bye..

P: So I was in washroom ha...why did you lied ..
R:because I don't want to miss my morning romance ..
P:Hawww You are too much ..My bodybecame sour .Dont know what you have done yesterday.
R:Lol..Really don't know what I have done !!! Have seen My warrior princess yesterday ..Yoou don't know she looks so desirable and sexyyy..Nuzzling her neck ..
P:blushed to the core .Stopping him from the furthur attack..losing herself in her husands smell.
Please leave na... im hungry ,...
He hugged her tightly whispered in her ear ..Ohh so my dear wify is hungry ...
P:She made a puppy face ..Really im hungry ,keeping his hand on her tummy see ,did you hear the sounds..
R:Laughed at her cuteness..everybody feels hunger hear only but your husband feels about to touch between her thighs .
They heard knock on their bedroom door ..
Both startled cheked the time..It is showing 9.30 ...
P:What you are looking at me something ...
R:He wore a kurtha ,briskly walked to the door ...Vik and neha were banging on the door purposefully ..
R;What brings you here ..Early morning ...He opened a bit of door and talking with them .
Neha cannot see anything inside the room ,as Ram blocked the view ..
Fatty where is Priya ...She was about to cross him ..
Priya whoo was listening the conversation ,closed her eyes tightly ,biting her lowerlip anticipating nehas entry ...
But her dear husband not allowed to come across ..
R:hellooo ..wait wait ...she is getting ready ..and we will come after 15 to 2o mins ,plz you people wait there .showing down stairs ..
Vik & Neha both laughed heartily ..okok enjoy  fatty ..we will wait ..Take your own time..
R:Who came back to the room ...Asked Priya to go and get ready yaar .. otherwise ye pagal dono ...He was baffled to look Priya draped her saree around her petite frame without blouse cleaning the mess on their bed ...
He comes Hugs her from behind...Muhaa ...kissing her neck ..
P:Leave na Mr.Kapoor ,So much work is there ,I have to get ready See how neha will be...don't know ,what all she questions me now ..Clearly Priyas face showing a bit of anger .
He nuzzled her neck ,his hands made way on her chest squeezed them ..
You are looking stunning baby ...By the way I haven't seen this type of dressing ...
Priya turned around him already her cheeks are glowing radiant pink.
This is not dressing ok ,I have to clean na so I got up ...
R:That's what iam asking why in this dress..
P:Bites her lowerlip ..because I cant find the other clothing where it was..
R: Rolled his tongue to cheek ..Ohhh so that's why you are searching haaa...
P:Plzz pushes him off ,trying to set her saree properly to cover her nude chest ..
R:Flunged on the bed ..But I liked this attair ..why cant you give surprise like this .. She hit him with a pillow..
Haaa www how mean you are ...Im going to take bath ...She about to step in washroom .He too came from behind iam also getting late ...
I want to take bath ...
P:Moved ahead  and said goo and come quickly ..
R:Dragged her with him ..Her protests went to deaf to his ears ..He massaged her both drenched in the water their love wetting with each droplet ..Both completed their shower ..Priya wore saree  meanwhile Ram also finished his dressing ..
She was infront of mirror ...relived a big sighhh ...and again went to changing room  wore a salwar came infron of mirror ...she adjusted her hair and looked at the mirror ...she wasn't satisfied again she went and changed to a full sleeve salwar kameez ..
Ram was astonished to see all her movements and changing dresses ..
She went and opend the door ... Called Neha to come in ...
Called to bansi kaka in intercom ordered breakfast and tea for them.
Ram stood beside her while she combing her hair ...asked why you changed the dress ..
She blushed ,seeing him in mirror because im trying to cover your lovemarks
Rams lips broken a huge grin ...He squeezed her shoulders giving assurance ..

She is trying to put her bindi ..when everyone entered ...
He is telling this side ..abit more ... No priya ...why you always keep this wrongside ..
He turned her his the time all entered in their room..
He corrected her bindi ..."Ye Huina baath "
Now you are looking like Mrs.Tablet Kapoor " and he laughed...Priya too laughed but her laugh turned into an astonish by looking at all the family members in side the mirror..
Ram who doesn't know this ...Why??What happen ?He about to put his hands on her shoulder ..
She turned to them and ...Ram was too astonished to see all their family members ..
Go..Good morning ma...she took blessing from krsihna ji and dadi ...
Made them to sit on the sofa ...and every one else taken their seats ..
Rm ,Priya looked at each other ..whats up?? Seeing every body skeptical faces both are worried and don't know what could have happened ...