Saturday, 23 November 2013

PART-22 Sirf Meri Ho


The flight is flattering in the air ,he wokeup with a jolt ,he gazed at her ,she is sleeping peacefully in awkward position like a baby ,he settled in a comfortable way lost in her beauty ,5mins ..10mins...15 mins..passed ..he even forgt to blink his eyes ,her hair is diturbing his view , he slowly tugged her hair .by his touch she stirred in her sleep,
oh she is killing with her innocent angelic face ,he bent down to kiss her seeing her tired face,he back off to his place ..
 what happen to you RAM ,why your losing control ,im  i being rude to her ,he remeberd the yesterday ,plz ram let me sleep for sometime ,but he sealed his lips with her ,
i haven't allowed her to sleep yesterday and in flight also i haven't missed the opprtunity ,his view strucked on her neck ,clearly his bite marks r visible ,he touched there she moand with pain,he called her ..priyaaa ...she emerged a husky "hmmm" ,brimmed in deep sleep unable to open her eyes,she manage to tell ,  im thrusty ram,he pressed the button , airhostes came "may i help you sir " he opened the curtain [their cabin is having a curtain hehe ] yes please bring some water,he helped her to drink it,she is still with closed eyes,he feinted 2 see the view ...awww  her pink  lips as dewy as the beads of fresh rain on the hood,he quiverd with that unable to control he sealed her lips with his,more passionate more deeper his tongue is ferreting her sweetness ,she tried to open her eyes,he is excavating length of her aperture.And then she finally opens her eyes and  trying to focus whats happening  and it took enormous strength from her to push him away as she was suffocating ,he abscond her by punishing her lower lip ...
she gasping for breath looked at him , his dark eyes desperately wanting something from her ,1 sec she thought what happen to ram she can't imagine more than that bcoz already he enterd in her shawl to fulfill his desire ,her gasps are heavier ,he gently licking her cleavage planting numerous warm kisses through the neck line ,his hands are playing with her b*****s
he clasped his hair bring him up to her chin ...
airhostes:Excuse me  sir--- food
 Embarassed ,they adjusted quickly, priya looking outside from the window,
raya noticed her chukle ,priya hits him on his shoulder please ram control your self we are not in home,
ohhh madam mai kuch kiya tho if you have control on you than ...shhh she sighed ,guessed what he about to tell her and pleaded him please,
he moves closer to her ...
plz ram dont embarasse me more ,he gave his million dollar smile to her , finished  their launch with their sweet knok jhoks.
both exchanged the chits,ram is smiling mischeviously that what will be priya's reaction after seeing what he has written on that .
she opened the chit ,she is elated to see what he wrote ,he opend her chit got very angry by seeing the name .
what priya what is this ,don't you love me ,kya hai raam ,tell me do you love me or not .ahh ram i love you ,still no reaction from him ,
ram what happen i love you more than myself ram,no you dont love me i knw it ,
offf this time she yelled at him I Love You,everyone stared at her ,she excused herself ,grabbed ram's arm to her side kya bachpan hai ram,i love you ,she placed his head on her crook of the neck, but why you wrote teddy in the chit ,ram you wrote "Gudiya" na did i asked anything ha!!!
chup priya ,gudiya matlab thum she is very irritated "Teddy"matlab aap ho ram ,turns her face to otherside ,

he recalls the moment when KK told priya to take care of the teddy? his lips curved into a widegrin ..
kya kaha tum ne ,she bite her tongue in cheeky manner ohh she wants to tease him but she reaveld the truth to him ,he askd her to look at me ,she slowly raised to gaze him , the teddy in his hands ,she took the teddy from him ,im sorry wo..wo..actually mai..just ...struggling to tell a sentence,he gave a bear hug to her ...
what you just said ,{coming to her angry mood}kuch nahi ?chodiye muzhe.. warna
warna kya ?what you will do priya ? will hug your teddy or will give a french kiss to teddy ??
hardly supressing her blush ...
you calls me teddy infront of my mother and sister haa?? how dare you ??
woh..toh..actually she told how she met kk on the floor [flash back]
pulling his cheeks thum bade acchae lagate hai ram ...
Dinosar se polar bear ,polar bear se teddy bear !!!!good improvement ram[ patting his back ]..
kya priya??? both smiles .
sooo you love teddy from your childhood than why you entered very late in teddy's life pointing at him, she didn't say anything ,braced herself in his arms a tear rolled dowm from her cheeks  fallen on his arm ,remebering her amaroidal days how she spend alone all those years, he can read her mind , now he is there for her ,priya he called out softly ,hmmm ,kuch thho bolo na,*silence again *
please priya this silence is killing me ...he turnd her face to his side ,a quick sob escaped from her throat, Ram my search for a comapanionship ended when i met you ,there is nothing more precious in my llife than you ...
there have been times when i used to think ..oh there true love?is there someone whom i can call mine ?
and than you entered in my life and made it gav me all the answers solved all the hidden puzzles...made me smile made me irritates made me believe that true love exists.
my dear i love you don't leave me ever ,i want to be with you till my last breath ,i will get peace on your presence ,he hugged her tightly ,recollecting all their beautiful memories bonded in  their relationship.