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RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-21


The other side Rishab and Krishnaji reached the Central jail where Dr. Sidhanth ray has been jailed .
The women wore a peach colur salwar suit ,wrapped a shawl around her head , the cooling glasses made her look younger than actual her age , Now no one can recognise her as “Krishnaji “ .Rishab with a simple tea shirt , a grag jeans ,ultra modern spikes as his hair style .
The  have met one  police officer there which ,whom vikram reffered to meet ,   his name is Jailer Seshu   . When they aproched he was waiting for them , invited them inside . After the formal introduction
Krishnaji :  I want every single detail of him  with his daily activity .  than we can took the interviews like you know we planned .
Rishab : smiled at her , Yeah Seshu ji ,Tell me how much progression so far from your investigation .
Jailer seshu : He is  treating criminals ere, you don’t know how much good he turned into  but still I & Vikram has our doubts at the same way . that e has been previous years .
Rishab smirked at him , Once he was very much aggressive towards his crime and about sudhir uncle than immediately he changed into a good man Ohhhh somewhere something is seriously wrong . but without getting proofs what we will do .
Krishnaji and rishab just went thru his case ..Krishnaji rolled her eyes one line .. Wait wait
“He will prescribe the meds  and you will provide the medicines to them but here you appointed a constable specially for that .But why he is getting paid for “Vehicle allowances”
Rishab pointed there .
Jailer seshu : That person  only will go and buy the medicines from outside if those were not available  here .
Rishab : Okay ..
They went asusaul interviewd few of the criminals . Than last they went to Dr.sidhant who was treating the other co mates .
Jialer sechu :Hello sidhanth , Shailu and Revanth from The India times news paper they want to publish some article on this republic day so  interviewing few of .. so I would like you to cooperate with them.
Dr.sidhant: He smiled at them .asked them to sit .
Shailu[ krishanji]:Im very much impressed Sidhant , You are doing really a great job . May I start with our questionnaire . This questtionare will contain very much personal also .
Dr.sidhanth noddead
Shialu[krishnaji] .:Seshu sir told about your case , And came to know once you escaped from jail also .Have you tried to escape again .
Dr.Sidhant : He wheeled out his chair from the table , showing her ,his legs no where to be seen so I can’t escape
Shilu[krishnaji] :so that means if you have legs ,you would try again ???
Dr.Sidhant : Laughing .. Yeah until I lost my legs .I have done many sins in my past so god has ounsihed me like this . No regrets . next question please
Shailu [krishnaji] :Did you ever try to contact your family again .
Dr.Sidhant : they don’t want to initiate any contact ,once my mom wants to see me but my father was adamant didn’t allow her ,later she expired .
Krishnaji observed a teary line forming on sidhant’s face . Ok she asked few random questions about country and all .
Dr.Sidhanth looked so confident and so promicing what it must be ,she was unable to understand . Finally they asked for leave .Rishab pen camera was shooting all the video and when they are leaving other criminal came to Sidhanth ..Shall we goo ..
Rishab observed him for sometime . The guy easily lifted Dr.SIDHANTH in his hands leads to other room . Krishnaji  got a call from the security team about priya rushed up  by her own driving the car . and they cannot manage as their tyres got flat while following her  .
Krishnaji : what the hell  was that . she feared so much that  what might have happen to priya . She looked back at Dr.Sidhant . the guy who lifted him and he was joining hands and laughing .
She sat down near by a chair feeling helpless , She was too clouded with very bad thoughts  of concluding priya’s state . a lone tear escaped from her eye .
Rishab went to check on the dispensary , he was taking photos .
The constable : arey bhai , I was trying to get the medicines  but  from past week the person is not available so im not getting .I will try to get as soon as possible .
Rishab came forward to look out the prescription , his pen camera registered the prescription , he looked at other prescrpitions making sure his pen camera shooting everything .
Rishab : You can get them in any other bigger  pharmacy na . he questioned
The constable :Yeah sir previously I tried so many but I didn’t get anywhere than once  im asking one shop the shop sales man guided to one doctor . From than onwards he is providing the drugs so I don’t bother to check out because all the imp meds I will buy from him . he will give it reasonable cost also .
Rishab :Nodding his head ,Okay . If at all I will get this medicine outside I will inform you . Is that okay .
The constable :sure sir ,I will be pleased .
Rishab ; took few more pictures that covering maximum on Dr.Sidhanth and his activities . He walked back to see only krishanji was sitting near by chair was very depressed . But as far as he knows she is very composed women . he slowly went towards her only to see her cheeks starined with tear marks . when He enquired her
“She received a call from Vikram telling what had happened to Priya .
Rishab eyes sparkled In red ,  gritted his teeth  with anger . so that bugger planned well to locate priya alone and show her his strength  hai na Krishna ji .
Now I will show mine . He asked her to get in the car he will be back soon . He ran to the jailer seshu .
Rishab : sir would you  please don’t mind me showing the persons case file once .
Seshu :whom
Rishab : showed  a criminal behind Dr.Sidhanth  ..
Seshu :Ohhh The Bomb specialist . His name is “Talvar “.
Rishab :  he  took the file and went  thru all the pages in a quick and a small smile played over his corner of lips .  Well Played guys .Now I will play, just want to get cleared .  
Soon rishab walked towards car , they stopped near by their farm house , changing their attire they rushed to the hospital . Krishnaji was very much trembled seeing  the accident while passing by that route  .
When they reached ,Sudhir’ s family presented there  infront of the   operation theatre . Krishnaji embraced shipra in her warm hug . Sudhir is supported by Neha .
Vikram is still at accident place .He was searching for a clue . Why priya had been backed out last minute . what she  has seen . his search widened the area . They got the  mobile operating system and everything in 500m  away from the accident place .
Priya wheeled in to the Operation theatre . Though Ram was a physician , he was  unable to see priya like this , his tears continuously flowing from his eyes . He winced in pain while the sisters wiping the blood away from her body inserting the n eedles one by one in her veins . His hands were shivering even to touch her with a swab .they did Ct scan of brain , chest X ray , ultrasound abdomen . so far nothing major injuries happened  to her but she got so many bruises on multiple places .
They have to shave some part of her hair on her forehead to stich the wound . All the time Ram  stood beside her , After 2 hours , They made priya  bandaged from her all wounds , they made her wore a hospital gown wheeled out to a VVIP room . Her BP was still low but When her husband himself going to take care of her than what else patient needs .
She don’t have any strength and Ram was feeling why her vitals are not coming in normal range .Alas if he could have known she was nt taken anyting from past 36 hours . That weakness and this shock keeping her in still unconsicous state  .after shifting to the room ,sudhir ,shipra ,krishnaji one by one came to the room to check on priya . Ram firmly told them ,he will take care of her  so please you all wait in another room , she will get infections soon if so many memebres are around so please he requested .bLESSIng priya all left out .
Vikram & karthik is still there . watching Vikram expression ,Ram told vikram to go on
Vikram : Ram why  she backed off lastly ..has she seen someone ,or what happened . Im so confusing .
Ram : That she had to tell Vikram . may be she found that im not There .
Vikram : showing few photographs and video , The criminal has placed your vax body in that car and made a video actually that looks so much a like you . Ram was horrified seeing it , because you cannot trace out it’s a Vax made body ,that much real its looking . Now he understands why priya rushed  in a hurry .
Minutes passed by hours . Rishab went to home . Sameer & Niharika came from the hospital after visiting Priya . They had gathered for dinner . Nobody is intrested to have  but as nIharika on some ovulation meds she has to  . So Sameer called Rishab also . Told to bansikaka to give the dinner to nuts . Rishab  stopped between , “I will serve the dinner for her , you know she is our guest , what say ,saying this he took the dinner to her room .
Rishab cheked his shirt looked at the glass mirror by side , Hmm you look handsome ,Rishab be brave tell her that she looks beautiful and you like her , this is the oprtunity . He knocked the door twice when there is no response  he peeped in the room slowly  . Natasha bathed freshly coming out from the washroom wearing a simple t’shirt , her waist wrapped with a fur towel . He was amazed .she looked at up scared went back inside washroom hurriedly .
Yelled at him .
“Why the Hell you come here Mr . “
“placing the dinner , hitting his head lightly , Wow o nuts I just came to give dinner for you “sorry I didn’t see anything .
Just get out from here . she yelled again .
Rishab went silently scolding himself sshhh you missed a good chance Rishab .
Nuts came out locking the door , ufff this guy is crazyyyy … she changed into her clothes , called to karthik to know how is priya doing . she talked with karthik  knowing priya updates . she had her dinner and said herself that she has to leave this home soon , she don’t want to get burden on these people in this condition  of priya .
The clock ticked 10’ 0 clock . Ram sitting beside priya’s bed , this is high time that his heart is bleeding inside seeing her like that . He was scared to death seeing her in dreadful condition  .His heart thumped when she said “I LOVE YOU “to him . Like a stupid he avoided her these days .He saw her face .It was pale  seeing the bandage on her forehead  .He  caressed her hair how she will comb her hair . He smiled  remembering her habit of combing her hair every now and than , she loves her hair .He threded  his fingers in her hairs .He turned  to check on the vitals attached to her .
Her petite frame tried to move instantly she felt throbbing pain . Ahhh she moaned with pain  ,hearing her  Ram rushed towards her , she is trying to open her eyes .she tried tried  atlast she squeezed her eyes to see The same chocolate brown eyes staring at her intently with so much eagerness .
“How are you feeling baby ,You ..You Okay na “
He was so happy that he cannot even express in his actions . His one smile made the other pair of lips also smile ,she nodded her head as No ,It’s It’s a paining . Her right hand which was attached with an Iv canula tenderly lifted up to his face ,caressing with her feathery touch “You are fine na “ alone tear escaped from her eyes .
Holding her hand “yes yes ,Im fine very much fine , kissing her  back of the hand “ he smiled broadly . Can you tell me where it’s paining baby ,
“She blinked her eyes to fall down the tears which were filled her doe eyes . she cleared her throat ,Im not sure but My legs are having dragging pain .
Ram went to her legs , sitting on the edge of the bed , he took her rt leg in his hand , priya a lil loud “Ramm what are you doing trying to get back her leg from him “ but her strength has not enough to pull it up .
Sshhhhh , let me do it for you . Ram breathed , taking her soft leg in his hands , he pressed lightly at the heel , than ranning his fingers thru the feet  , he slowly pulled the  fingers , she yelped with a mild pain “ahhhh “ ..
Ram :Just wait 4 sometime baby doll , it will go , his fingers massaged her leg until her calf muscles she fallen a  quick sleep at the time .
Ram informed everyone that she gained conscious , every body came and waiting for her to open her eyes . Still Ram is at her legs , slightly pressing her legs one by one . by all the noice priya opened her eyes to see what’s going on . Everybody elated to see her , she flinched her legs back . Ram smiled and the rest of all .
All have showered their love on her .Eveybody left except vikram . I need to talk with priya something important . he looked at Ram.
As Ram knows how much its, important he allowed her to go ahead ..  
“Vikram :Priya , one thing Im unable to understand , How you comes to know It’s a trap , have you seen anybody over there  or what you felt wrong over there
She nodded her head indicating a NO
Vikram : Have you seen that Ram’s vax toy placed there or recognised it’s not Ram
Priya : She again said NO
Vikram :Than How come you know you trapped ?? answer me ..
Even Ram also waiting to hear her answer as how she comes to know it’s a trap .
Priya : she remembered the scene how she went to save him . she was narrating them that she can hear Ram’s voice pleading me to save him .
Gosh I died thousand times but there second time when I heard him saying .

“Priya It’s paining heavily ,help me out “
“Drag me from this  “
“Priya please It’s paining “

There I jolted back it was not Ram , the criminal was targeted me using Ram’s name and he definitely trapped me .
Vikram : that’s what im asking ?? how you realised priya..
Priya : She blushed , Umm..Woo ..I m.. Ram never called me with my name after marriage  . I used to foght with him for that , how can I ever forgot how he calls me . she looked down saying this .
Ram stunned hearing this as well as vikram too . Yes Ram never called her “PRIYA “His joy is boundless to know that something from his side which stopped going near by it .
Vikram smiled leaving the two love birds he came out feeling afresh . now he has to deal the second side tooo ..

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