Tuesday, 17 December 2013

PART-47 Sirf Meri Ho *


                                               PART-47 :

Both slept in each others embrace hoping a good future ahead .
Ram woke up streching his body slowly ,his hand touched her slimy body , her saree pallu slightly fluttered on his face.Wahhh he smelled it and turned to her side, took her petite frame in his embrace , hugged her possesively , She nestled him more closer inhaling his cologne …
Aap uth gaye kya??Our thodi der so sakthe ho na in her sleepy husky voice.
He kissed her forehead , Whispered in her ears .. No, I want to see my sleeping beauty’s peaceful sleep leaving her husband alone, he giggled saying this .. she opened her big pearly eyes to look at him .
I’m with you only na priya pouted .
But you are sleeping na Ram chided her ..
She moved very much closer to him feeling the coldness in the room ..
P:Blanket dijiye na .
R:kyun mai hu na ,keeping his leg on her waist cupping all her body into him .
P: she lowered her gaze.Aap blanket nahi hai ..
R: Tho kya ,now you feeling warm na ..
P: ha warm tho hai but thoda sa weight bhi hai .. telling this Priya giggled .
R:phir se mujhe mota kaha !
P:Maine kab kaha ?
R:Abhi abhi tho kaha na …pouting his face.
P:She smiled ,kissed on his cheek …Don’t you know I love teddy bears,pulling his cheeks lightly …again kissed him on his cheeks ..She felt his hot breath on her cheeks.She lowered her gaze.She sucked his bottom skin on his crook of the neck .
He moaned with sweet pain.His hand tugged her back which drawn slowly towards her bare waist ,he squeezed her waist ,she freed his skin let out a sexy moan .She breathing heavily on his chest .He opened his eyes turned on her back ,pressing her into matress ,he kissed her forehead ,eyes .
slowly his lips sealed hers .. possesively he is engulfing her .His tongue mating with her , his hands joined in her hands .. both were very engorsed in each other they forgot all their worries ,disturbances ,, their kiss is became so passionate ,she felt breathlessness ,They broke the kiss as they needed some air .. His sweat bead dropped on her forehead .
She gazed at him …He very techniquely and quickly unhooked her blouse .His eyes sparkled to see the site of her beautiful mounds cupped in a black bra.His lips sucked the smooth skin tenderly ravishing her naked cleavage with somuch hungryness .
She arched him for more access ,he captured the opprtunity to release her mound from her bra… When he did that her voluptuous milky mounds spilled out freely .. He cupped them with his hands greedily …kissed her ni**le ,tugged the other one …she heaved a slight moan.his tongue rotated around the areola .She arched more called his name plzz Ramm ..
Her hands reached his head , pressed against her chest ,without wasting time his lips started assaulting her fully erected ni**le. Cherishing them one after another ..
She felt his hardness on her stomach .. she so wanted to be in .. but the reality strucked her .. His hand started hovering on to the lowerside .. She protested and called him Ram ..
Except “Mmmm : he isnt able to react to her worry ,,,
There is no other choice she pushed him hard telling wo … mai .. [Ram was dejected ]
My periods … she gazed down …its 4th day still.. some or other time …
Ram was shocked when the reality strucked him . im .. yah .. wo..okk ookk
I am sorry , I forgot .. He  scratched his temple ..She covered her saree neatly on her chest .Starightening up her messy hair ..
Ram speeded up to her … I cant make love to you but I can relish you na Sweety .
Winking at her ..he indulged his assault once more on her curvacious mounds.
Priya is resisting herself from moaning but she is unable to do so …Hearing those Ram was aggressive on his  duty …He hugged her tightly .leaving a love bite on her shoulder blade ..Kissed on her lips one more time..He gazed into her eyes …
There is an sweet eyelock ..You are so beautiful Priya..
He hugged her tightly showing his possessiveness towards her ,she ruffled his hair to cheer up his mood…
How about a hot shower ha??She winked at him …
Oh my ::::His eyes were popped out …Priya controlled her laugh said you first than me.
No wayyyy ..Ram scooped her in his arms and walked to washroom..He adjusted the hot water in shower .. Pulled priya … he scooped some body wash in his hands and stroked it gently on her shoulder blades to ease out her tensions.Than he stroked her back than her chest .. She moaned with his touch on them …He looked hungrily at a water drop that is dropping down from her shoulder to breast …He gulped some air ..Priya giggled lifting his head ..
Please I will take bath …..
But Ram tho Ram hai na he never listens and he demanded her to wash him ..She took the body wash ..Her lanky fingers stroking his broad chest ,trunk and his back … He hugged her tightly that the both of their bodies making wash itself ..
Both drenched in bath wala love …He made her dried than she did the same..
By that time he heard his phone is ringing ..He attended and told we will come by dinner time .You don’t worry ma , Priya is fine..she needs some fresh air so I have …
Interrupting his words,Okkk take care beta ,do come soon ,,Krishna ji creddled the phone not to disturb them.
Priya looked blankly at him..
Yah I have called ma and told we are here and to inform your parents too that we are safe ,because I dont want you to encounter any other so ..
Priya is seeing so much love in his eyes..She kissed him …Just landed on his chest to lie down… She curled  his hair on his chest …
Im sorry ..she murmured …
Why ?He asked ???
Because I haven’t revealed the things before ??Priya had a teary lines on her doe eyes.
Ram  sighed …
“Do you know Priya if something happens to you …
What I will do ,would I be able to live?
Priya was about to say something ,he interrupted please priya let me complete this “
“Im not telling about you ,this is for each and every girl .Girls will think if someone harasses or  assaults physically or with words or some other bullshit comments,they hide that from parents ,husband,friends ,teachers and relatives ….
Why ?Why ?
 Don’t you people have trust in any body , why you girls think about the problems which the family faces after the revealation.why you need to worry ,everybody thinks about your safety but you people want to solve by yourself.
How the other person will listen haa…What are his plans or intensions ,what is his way of behaviour how you people will know and understand .He may be a criminal ,he may be a psycho ,he may be murderer or rapist .. why cant you people just tell your family members before something happens..
Please share your problems too not only happiness .
You thought of suffering alone while that b****rd was insulting you with the cheap messages.
You thought of making me happy hiding everything from me.
Now Priya stood up a bit on her elbow basing on the bed ..
Looking straightly in his eyes..Her eyes are pouring so much love for her man.
Iam sorry .Iam extremly sorry , I  haven't really expected  Ashwin will stoop this low and wanted to tackle him my own ,not disturbing you .I Know how coward he is by that time its too hard for me to tell the whole thing .
I know you love me to no bounds..I know you can go any far for my happiness.I know you love me endlessly .But I can’t see your anger or I can’t protrude the things further But now I know how big mistake I have done ..
I owe you Mr.Kapoor , I owe you..He shhhd her lips with his fingers ..
I love you ,You are my wife Priya ..My love ,My Life ..
I know im being Angry for each little thing .You might have felt it ..aage se aisa nahi hoga ..I promise. Both hugged each other …dressed up and reached their home by evening 8 ‘ o clock..
They know whats coming up from the family memebers .. when Priya entered the mansion she found her father coming to her ..
She hugged him ,he too reciprocated ..His hands on her back patting to soothen her errated heart .Tears flung flowing from both daughter and father ..
Ram already informed every one to come at the dinner time.He very well knew every one will be worried about Priya and what happened to her in the morning ..He cannot stop the media forwarding the news of this issue after all he is one of the richest man in the india .He hasn't cared about the media just because he needed to be with his wife, he thought only about his wife.
Priya freed from her father's  grip , All gathered around her ,Apeksha ,Nuts clunged to her each arm , Shipra, Krishnaji, dadi walked near….Priya bent to take their blessings freeing from their grip .All blessed her and took her in embrace .But no one asked anything about the incident as Ram instructed not to ask anything ..
Priya gulped a lump in her throat ,Iam sorry I hid this matter from you .Iam extremly sorry ,holding her ears .. Every one had tears seeing their  girl apolozising.
Hayee my gudiya dadi took her in her embrace ..
We are just worried about you nothing else..Waise mera Golu puttar hai na to look after you .
YAhhhh everyone cheered her ..
Karthik spoke "di if you have any problem just give a call im always astep away from you" ..Nuts haaa bhabhi just give us a call .. Neha barged in telling ha ek call mujhe bhi kardo yaar ..
Vikram is just behind Neha told Priya …Sister Except Ram you call to everyone .
Now everyone laughed hearing this .. Ram eased the sitution telling ..Bas yaar ..
Baath karogi our mere phet bhi dekhogi …. [hmm]
Lol… everyone cheered up the situation ..Everyone trying to give their support to Priya and she loved the attention ….
Three days later …
A fine Saturday evening Ram came early to surprise his wife …
When he entered the room ,his lips grinned to see his wife is doing some college work sitting on the couch .. Bolting the door silently he slowly walked there but Priya hasn’t moved a bit ,
Actually she is correcting her students papers … She was engorsed in that and hasn’t noticed Ram.He sat down on the bed intently looking at her .. She wore a pink dress that dupatta is lying on the couch , corrected papers she is keeping on desk which was just beside the couch .
Her hairs were flowing free in the air , she was constantly tucking them in back of her ear .She is smiling while reading some answers and pointing out mistakes with a redpen ..She was about to keep a paper on the desk ,in her spin the other papers bundle which was lying in her lap fell down on the floor..
Ohhhhoooo .. she mewld and bent down to hold …Her cleavage fully exploded when she was collecting her papers..Ram's eyes widened to see that .. …
He made his way to her …Helped her picking up the papers..
Aree Aaap? You came so early today ..  Placing her dupatta on her chest , [asusaul every girl does this hehe]
Is there anything to hide from me..She blushed hearing that ..Its just “Aadat hogayi “
Hmmm Really..placing a soft kiss on her cheeks ,he pulled her dupatta … Are your periods over .. Cupping her face in his both palms… She nodded her head in postive direction .. So can I have your taste now…Her eyes widened to hear it .
What did you mean priya gaped?
 Nothing ..His hands travelled her back pulled her dress zip down towards, She clutched him tightly…Aaap besharam hogaye …His hands were working fast …
Please Ram , I will be yours tonight …Not now.. Please.. Priya pleaded him ..
Why not now ??Kissing her pulsating nerve under the chin.She gulped,he is soo close that his hot breath is trickling her more ..
She is so sensuous by his one touch ..Closed her eyes mimickly.
flashing a sexy smirk at her.

"What are you doing?" Ram..
She gasped. "Hush." He hushed her, turning her back around by her shoulders.
He slowly brushed her hair away from her shoulders and neck
Gentle warm kiss on the back of her neck. He trailed kissed till he came close to her ear.
Priya arched her head back, closing her eyes.
I wanna be inside you .. right now…
Ram  whispered with his raw manly voice before he kissed her earlobe
Ram's fingers were playfully teasing the fabric on her suit's back,She gasped plzz Ramm …
Not now..Looking back from him..
I bolted the door his husky voice growned under her skin ..
Both flunged on the couch ,He streched her one hand with his.Impact of this sudden strech the couchside books flunged down.
Both looked at each other ,Rams intense gaze turned in to the book
One the one romantic novel “5O Shades of grey “
He held it with his another hand .. Have you read this nuzzling her neck he asked Priya,
Half I fini..sh..ed….her words trembled by his action…
Ok till now you have seen your man direct shades only …….
I will show you another shade of mine ….She gaped at him
He lay her down on the couch and hovered above her. She protested but it all went deaf for Ram.
He took both of her wrists and held them at either side of her head. Kissing her feverishly he untied his Tie.
He ripped cleverly her suit down her stomach ..She tried to hide herself but he held her wrists tight .
Keep like this ….
What are you going to do ??she asked eyeing him suspiciously. But before she could fire another set of questions, he tied  his tie around her eyes.
"Ram! What on earth are you doing?"
He smiled at her …
Any way you will close your eyes when im winning you than why not this??
Priya cheeks turned into crimson red.
He removed rest of her clothing in no minute ..She is trying to protest ..
Please dont, untying the cloth Ram whispered on her stomach ..It made her trickle more .
Rammm she hissed his name … he kissed her navel she arched her body ..His kisses were traveling down.
Her body was shivering more…She wasn’t anticipating what was his move…when he parted her legs keeping on his shoulders..
Soon she realized when his lips kissed her intimate part .
Rammmmmmmm her voice faded away his lips splashing on her clitoris.He squeezed it ..she trembled by the action of it.His lips locked her sensuous area..
“Ahhh “
She moaned in rhythm….he increased his phase ,while his hands reached her fairly naked curves.Pressing them he increased the tension ..
Feeling his lips on her sensuous area ,freezing his hands on her chest made her crumple ,Her moans raised …She is pleading him .. Please ….
Ram increased more …she lapsed in his mouth ..He angrily granted all that in his …her legs paused the trembles before the act and started releasing in nerves..
He started kissing the medial side of her thigh to down the leg ..He reached her toe , Licked it with desire ..She felt butterflies in her stomach ..She pulled it back ..But he held it tightly …Pressed her innerpart with his another thumb ..He is caressing the length of her leg ..while his another hand stroking her private part she couldn’t think any of the thing her orgasm flowed again .,..
He stood up howered on her ,by now she is feeling how hard he is …
His kisses were unstoppable , his phase increasing more..His lips assaulting her breasts one by one …squeezng them in his hands…. He gave gentle bite  on her nipple …Her hands were in his hair ,pulling him in to her …he continued his teasing ….She was about to pull her blindfold..
His hands took her hands in his custody "not so soon darling" ..
His hard rock made the way in her skillen folds ,She felt him inside of hers..slowly he withdrew

..quickly he thrushed her again …His ministarations were going hard by each time..

Uff just making her crazy and making her want more .. He took her in his embrace his rocking movements getting stronger and straighter .. Priya moaned Please make me yours.
He whispered I so wanted to make love to you hard …
“Who stopped you “ she breathed  …
His phase increased, her innerwalls filling with his more sensuously and seductively ..Passing each thrush ,her body is jerking more..His lips started assaulting her nipples…His one last thrush made her to come ..And after a minute he reached his climax holding her chest tightly ,,,He heaved a sigh of relief ..
God you are amazing Priya .. squeezing her boobs tightly he gave a long passionate kiss on her lips ..Both turned down on the earth from couch .But who cares his assault on her lips continued his hands travelling her back in his own directions..She came to up this time kissing him madly making him sweat by her acts …He pulled out her blindfold she took time to adjust for the light …His gleamy eyes shooting her hungrily ..Freeing form her kiss.
God you are so sexy Priya .. I can’t get enough of you ..Biting her shoulder ..She moaned scraching his back ..