Monday, 2 December 2013

PART-44 Sirf Meri Ho


Priya ran into her room,cuddled herself in bed started crying .Its not that I want to hide it from you Ram...reminding his tears she weeped  more..Dont know when she has drifted to slumber...
Ram stomped his feet ,How ??? How can she hide it from me ?
He remembered so many times she used to tell feeling very weak..even after math also she used to be very weak..But But he thought that is all because of his roughness or love making makes her weak but he never dreamed the outcome is this worse .
He called to sudhir and asked him to come to office.
Hearing his trembling voice sudhir started from home.He reached Ram's office ..
Ram was waiting for him , Rammm Sudhir called him...
Papa...I want to know why priya undergone for blood transfusions .Why it has been ...
Sudhir now understood Ram's tension..

Ram at that time she was working in Tofel tution classes as well as night college teacher ,And you know about Priya ,She used to work hard to earn money to maintain our family.
As usaul she used to work here and there she was in stress too at that time I had been hospitalized and Have to pay Karthik's fees .so she neglected her health ..
The result is her Hb fallen down ..When she feels giddiness she used to come to home.It happened thrice in that week,so I pestered her to go for check up .
At that time HB was 4 to 5 between, so our family doctor mentioned us to get blood transfusion immediately.
And she used to have some other problems too regarding this
Fatigue ,headche,quick weak ness,pale ness...
But after that we have done 3 times ,Than she was fine .
She was actually good,and maintained very well after these incidents.
But as you mentioned suddenly in the morning I wanted to talk with her ..
Its ok Papa ..its just that suddenly I came to know in the morning .. I was shocked and just want to know it from you ..

Sudhir left the office.
Ram is facing up and down ,he was unable to bare the truth about his love of life been gone so much and he wasn't known..
He covered his face with  his palms Her smiley face appeared infront of his eyes.
He typed a msg ...pressed sent button.


The deep layers of her dream,She heard a beep sound ...She streched her hand to catch hold of phone ... Immediately she remembered what happen all.
She opened the message ...
"I can't live with out you my love "
She re read it a loud ..understud how hurt he is ..
She immediately changed and went to office ...
In his dreams also he never expected Priya should be here at this moment ..His jaws dropped down and looking at her ..
He was devastated and restless,his agony is showing clearly on his face.
She just couldn't stand there anymore ,rushed his side.Took his face in her palms hugged him tightly .. His face touched her silky saree covering her stomach.
P:I too can't live without you.she ardently kissed him on his foreahed ,cheeks ,she held her forehead on him,Im so sorry that I hide it from you.Actually I wanted to tell you.
Her sobs are uncontrolable by now ...He gazed at her ,Her eyes stroming with tears .
R:Please baby ,don't cry ...Bahuth hua,so much happened from yesterday .
I can't see you in tears my love ..Please the thought itself getting me weak.
He made her sit on table ..wiped away her tears,kissed her eyes one by one.How is your pain ,palming her stomach ..
P:Now its ok .I can walk I mean I can deal ...
R: I love you ..
P:I too love you ,again started crying ...I Really don't want to hide it from You .
R:Its ok my doll..please its ok ..Im sorry I showed you my anger ...Please learning such truths from your mouth I just shattered ..Please sorry..Making a cute face..See holding my ears,im really sorry.
P:laughed with in her tears ..Snaked her hands on his neck ,He patted her back ..
Vikram barged Ram..Ram ..What is this ...
You signed all  as Priya instead of yours ... And he shocked to see both of them.
Priya was tried to get up but unable as the table is lil higher..
Ram made her calm..It's ok .Vikram only ...
Vikram saw tears in her eyes ,Rams smiling face..and at this odd hour why on earth Priya is here ...
Whats happening ,and why the hell my sister is crying ?
At that time she wiped her tears away ??
Ram and priya both looked at each other and laughed.
Vik:Common , can anyone enlighten me whats going on ?Why my sister is crying ?
R:I don't know,ask her ..
P:Looked wonderly at him..Nothing vikram ,your friend is angry on me so I came..
R:Why I was angry ask that Also??
P:  pLease Ram,don't be ...
R:Made her sit on his seat ..He stood by her back ...and told to vikram what all happened.
V:Wah yaar ??? Tu man gayi ??ithni jaldi
R:Ha ,Hmm she hasn't done intentionally na ...She will see how Ram kapoor look after her ..and if she hides anything from me now onwards ..she will see The Ram Kapoor.
P:Blinked her eyes,she faked a smile don't know whether she can tell him or not .But right now she wanted to quit the topic.
Vik:Ok yaar ,shall we eat something ...Im too hungry ...
All three had their lunch ,Ram asked the driver to drop Priya in home ..
She went back to home and relaxed ...
At the evening 6 o clock ..Ram entered in his room.And loved to see the site infront of him.
Krishna ji massaging Priya's head ..
Priya is telling about her college matters ,Krishna ji is listening carefully .
Both engorsed so much in talks both hasn't realized that Ram has come ..
He leaned on the wall gazing at them ..Priya sensed in her heart Ram presesnce but some of her hair blocked the front view ...
So she couldn't see ..Ram clapped too get their attention...
Listening him Priya got up from her seat ,Krishna ji too straightened with her hands held up..
How much love also ,she will give his respect always ..There is no need of standing how many times he told to her but still she will do the same..
Hmmm Sooo whats going on here..Ram chipred ...
Nothing Priya answered ...

He could have taken her in a bear hug but krishna ji was there he controlled himself asked her ,
How are you feeling now??
Better  Priya answered ...
Krishna ji made a braid to Priya and  left from there .Priya knocked the wash room door.
Good evening husband ??
Ram chukled hearing her previous voice ...
Good evening Wify !!
P:How is your day ??
Hellooo...Mayyy I come innn ..A chipry voice calling out loud..
Priya went there to see who it is ,sensing her friend..
Neel hugged Priya ,, How are you my dear ,how is your pain..
Priya was too surprised to hear this question from her ,
N:Smiled ,common don't give that look ,Ram called in the morning ..Uff sorry I called Ram in the morning so he told ...
P:Why you  called him ?
N:Sorry yaar ,I only called ,to your number but he attended it and told apply leave for 2 days ...and you know  I almost spilled about the romantic novel which you took from me.
R:Who happened to hear that convo ...
Ohh soo lecturers are reading Romantic novels tooo ...
Both Priya and Neel embarrsed hearing him ..He recalled that day priya is reading a book so glanced  to look at that ,he took that book from the table ,Read aloud
""50 Shades Of Grey " by E.L.James...
God ,closing his mouth using his palm...You two are lecturers and reading this type ...
He teased them..
Priya retorted ,if lecturers or housewifes ,is there any rule that we should not read romantic novels...
Taking book from him .. almost pulling
Neel laughed seeing Priya ...
Ram got a call so he went to attend it ,
Neel:Ufff time god ,I didn't slipped my mouth about the boque ..
P:Scrunched her eyebrows..Neel what happen ??
N:Today again that fellow sent you a boque ,and a note that Im still in love with you ,time god there is no one in the staffroom so I managed .
But common Priya ,how many days you will bare him.Seems its not good to ignore these .Why can't you just discuss with your man and take a decision.

P:Neel,Actually just today these things happened.Even im so tensed to tell this issue.
N:After your honeymoon ,This fellow irritating you more.
P:Hmmm nudging her fingers in to her temples..I don't know Neel ..
I just don't know how I can tell to this Ram...

Priya is having tears ,Neel gave a friendly hug to soothen her pain ..
Priya just think ,if he reacts for your health ,how he will react about your safety .
So just please try to tell him..May be not now or not today ..But you Have to tell him .he should learn about how he is torturing you ..
Priya tears slopped down on neels shoulder ,she freed from  her grip wiped Priyas tears .
Please Priya ,just think about it ..
Ram who has just came ,seeing their friendship bond smiled ..
Ohhh Im also here Ram quipped in...Both broke the hug .
Ram asked ..Only talks going on..Priya did you ordered anything for Neel.
Ohhh Priya hit her head with her hand ..Uff I forgt Ram..
Its ok ,I will order ,he went and ordered ..Both friends are chit chatting .
Soon bansi kaka arrived with the tray with snacks ..
Ram gave a cup of coffe to neel and served one him self..
Priya pouted , for me she asked in pouting tone...
Its too hot so I didn't give you ...
Priya looked at the table and baffled to see a glass of milk.
Who will drink the milk at this odd hour ..
R:Pointed at Priya,You will drink ...
Neel laughed seeing her expression..
Ram too smiled ...
P:Silently took it not wanting do any drama infront of her friend ..
After 10 mins she left ...Priya bolted the door quickly turned and found Ram very near to her ..
What ?why you are looking at me like that ?She asked in low tone.
R:You are waiting to talk with me na I closed the gap ..
P:She totally forgt what she wants to talk .. Her breath incresed feeling his hot breath on her .
R:Took her fce in his arms...I love you baby ..I found you at my 40 years of age ,Please be with me all the time.he lifted her up made her lie down on the bed.
Palming her stomach with his hands.
She felt butterflies in her stomach .Ram kissed her stomach ,Is it still paining Wify.
P:Its still there but its ok ,I can manage ..
R:Sorry Priya , you could have tell me na that day .Before our love making ..
P:She closed his mouth ,Please even I too don't know I will get my periods.
Please I lost myself .Its not your mistake please don't feel guilty ..
I love you .. cAressing his hair .
R:He kissed her stomach again ..Priya im really sorry dear.
Abba please ..she got up and made him lie down on her lap .
P:I don't want to hide the matter from you ,but I didn't get accurate time aswell as im least bothered about me when you are around me.
I feel so secure so that thought didn't come in my mind .So I didn't tell you.
Im so sorry , she bent down kissed his forehead.
R:so you like christian Grey .
P:smiled ...hmm he is such a romantic man ,who wont like him.
R: Yah Ana also soo sexy ,great comapanion hai na ? winked at her
P: I will kill you ,if you take any other name
R:same here .. she hugged him .. by the way I didn't know you will read about romance .
P:lying on his chest ,why can't I ?
R:when everyday you are taking practice classes ,do you still wants to read ,
P:now understands his teasing,Ram ..she hits him on his chest ..he tightens her wrist kissed her cheek..
Both chit chatted for some time..She is laughing for his jokes..
Meanwhile she conituiously got messages .. Ram asked who is that ?
She controlled her tears and told its from students ..
She once again lied to him...
Krishna ji called them for dinner ..Altogether had dinner ..

p.s:Why Priya is hiding ??Will she share with him or not ??To know more stay tuned..Keep reading ..