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PART-46 Sirf Meri Ho

PART -46 ...

He was getting more closer trying to touch her waist and pulling her more closer .They heard a roar sound of ones claps...Both looked at the site and they were frozen seeing the person infront of them.
Sruthi's hands tightly touching each the twin ,the sound is reflecting in the air , making the atmosphere more tighter and tougher.Ashwin face turned into more anger seeing his wife at this point .
She slowly walked towards them making rounds while her claps were making bigger sounds.Priya frozen at the side of Neel..Trying to move from Ashwin's grip.
Priya saw her man standing with furious eyes and he could burst anytime,Priya very well knows he is in rage .Ashwin hasn't noticed Ram .
Ashwin sensing Priyas stiffle he made his grip more on her .
Shruthi :"So ashwin, You stooped so low , That you are misbehaving with my friend..
Haha "Ashwin laughed at this question "First Priya is not my wife's friend ,,she is my Ex-Lover , you don't have right to talk here because you were the reason I lost her ,inhaling Priya's fragrance near to her hair ..
Ram cliffed in anger ,he made his fist tighter hitting his thigh.
Ashwin : Mother promise .. I thought about money , but I haven't thought about her sexyness.Ufff she is sooo sooo tempting in this age too .
Baanggg ...Shruthi slapped him hard on his right cheek ,With the instant reaction he baffled.. loosing his grip on Priya .. but quickly caught her hand again,,Turned to slap Shruthi ...
A strong arm touched his left cheek leaving his finger marks on his cheek.Ashwin fumbled and left Priya ,Priya nipped Rams arm tightly ,started crying copiously ..Neel took priya in her embrace .Leaving The raging Ram kapoor to do his work.
Ram grasped Ashwin's collar,his eyes became red with so much anger
" Thud ,Phat " he gave right and left slaps until his face become red ,blood was woozing from his mouth ,Ram kicked him in stomach,Ashwin fell on a bench ,clasping his stomach he was moaning with pain ..
"Ram whatever happens also I will sure gonna F*** her the way I wanted and he laughed"
R:You b*****d ,how dare you to talk about my wife in your filthy language .Now I wont spare you .he kicked more hard .Ashwin twirling on the floor Ram's kicks continuing on his body.I love your sexy wife Ram .. Ram kicked again ..
Remember she loved me first ..Ram stormed off caught a stick ,beating him black and blue
Sruthi pleaded  Ram,please don't kill him...
Do you understand Sruthi why I told you to follow Ashwin,
Do you even understand how cheap is this guy , Don't you get his intentions in marrying you leaving your best friend in comply.I wanted to show you how sick your husband is.Now let me catch up this stupid ugly dog .
Priya shocked hearing this even Neel too ofcourse. (you[readers] too I think).
Ram's showed anger with hard punches on ashwin,until he got unconscious ...Some one from the group called police.They arrived before Ram killed Ashwin ..Police took him into custody ..While going Ashwin said in a low voice " I wont leave you Priya , I will surely f'... ,the words stopped in middle Ram slumped against him once more .

Sruthi was crying ,she went to priya ,She apologized for troubling her all these days .Priya is not in a state to look or say something .. His touch is hunting her ,she is more nestled in Neels embrace..
Ram thanked Sruthi unempteeth time for helping him about Ashwin's intentions and moves .
Sruthi left from there .. Ram looked at priya .. Her body was racking with sobs ,her shoulder blades heaving up and down with the heaviness.He was so angry that he couldn't think of Ashwin's cheap behavior or the words used about her ...He gritted his teeth ..Nipped priyas hand slowly ..So she came face to face of him ..
Get in to the car Priya .. She wiped her tears ,without looking back She made a way to their car .He droved car fastly ,priya is crying bitterly ...
Flashes of the day before yesterday night reeled infront of her ...
Flash back:[its in part-45th]
 What happened Priya, why are you crying. Please Priya.Her phone vibrated once again. God this is terrible. She wants to kick her phone. She closed her eyes in frustration.He soothened her back and patted to sleep.
She writhed in his chest ..Wiping her tears away ..Ram can I tell you something .
His eyebrows knotted with confusion , He said go on ..
Priya thrdw herself in his arms.Kissing his chest ,I love you , because of someone I have hidden one matter from you . He cupped her face ,kissing her forehead , I wont be angry common share with me sweety .His voice soothened her nerves.
I will try to make your problem ease ...I will try to understand ..Ram concerned voice made her to feel light and she opened up to him ..Telling how Ashwin was bugging her ,harrassing her , assaulting with his cheap messages every now and than .
Ram's grip was tightened on her shoulder blade.
Priya gave her mobile to Ram ,
From when did it start ...opening the inbox he asked her.
After coming from our honeymoon , Ashwin's messages bombarded .and she cried again ...In between her sobs she said It was something I didn't expect from him.Daily some or other time he used to give first I neglected but then he started hovering in college surroundings.Using abusive language ..
Ram was in a rage seeing the mesasges ..its just three he read .. his blood was boiling with anger ...
He knows Priya had hidden the truth but seeing these filthy messages he can very well guess how much she has gone through this .Priya gazed at him ...He wiped her tears.
Why did you hide it from me all these days ..His solo voice made her alert how sad he is after hearing this.
I seriously didnt understand how to approach you or how to start conversing with you about this topic.Afterall its my friend's marriage issue too ..So I decided I will warn him despite of so many warnings also he is doing all these nonsense .
He didn't say any thing .Please Priya just don't hide anything from me ..Promise on me taking her hand on his head ,Promise on me from now onwards you wont hide anything from me.
She was baffled to see how nicely he is controlling his anger upar se he is asking not to hide anything in a gentle man's manner .
Priya gave the oath what Ram wanted and she slept in his arms peacefully like there is no tomorrow.

[Frm writer :It's my thought ,In these type of situation the wife needed trust and support from her man ,so there is no MU between Raya.Ram totally understood her plight]
Next day morning she opened her eyes inviting good morning . She is feeling so light she don't have that small pain too. 
[ because she confessed To Ram already ]
Ram's version
Ram arranged a meeting with Sruthi and explained her what was happening with Priya and showed some of the messages which Ashwin has sent to Priya .
Sruthi raised with agony ,anger ,frustration but Ram made her understand what he wanted to do .He asked her to keep an eye on Ashwin and give all the details back to back .
Sruthi agreed for that and left from there.Ram thought definitely alAshwin will hack priya because she is coming to college after 2 days .. As he suspected this filth came in no time Ram able to manage believing Priya that he left to office but he came back as soon as she went inside the college ..
When Sruthi followed ashwin .. He already tugged Priya's hand in the college garden .So shruthi gave message " DANGER" to Ram.
Soon he entered with Sruthi and reached Neel side .. Neel was trying to make a call , when she saw him right beside her , her eyes popped out with astonishment .as well as soo shocked why he isn't going to rescue her .
The claps sounds made Neel and the others looked at the site .. Sruthi entered,Ram so wanted to show Sruthi what he thinks about her too .It is not that Ram has intentions but by this confession Sruthi's life will also make a turn .He don't want to spoil her life too ,so he just made her to take first step .
That was wonderfully worked and legally he can be out of all the lives.

Coming back to present ..::
Ram stopped the car infront of a 5star hotel .. He quickly made arrangements for a deluxe room.Priya's tears still following their own way to down ..
He made her to lie down on the bed ,Kissing her forehead ...She wept badly ..
That fellow harrassed me so much ..I feel like ..she cried cried .
Ram didn't say anything , he allowed her to cry ,he too silently cried with her .
Both slept in each others embrace hoping a good future ahead .

From the Writer :
I'm extremely sorry for the delay , I have a story in my mind im following that only , im not changing my story ..I mean to say usually I wont change the story ,But right now im fearing that whether you will like the future update or not .It will be after next 2 updates .That will be a sad update ..will you be able to read the saddest part that is happening in daily life .. So I can get confidence ..So how many are there with ME in this actually im unable to reveal what it could be ..Thats why im mentioning saddest part ,so will you able to read that my readers .. Please tell your feedback... If you wont be able to handle I will make it simple sad..but that will happen ..but my thoughts were different ,I want to show what I felt when I have seen such type of incidents .So guys please do cast your feedback..Thank you so much in advance

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