Monday, 19 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-19

HolA Dear Readers , This is one of the important  update of the story , so please read carefully , i have left few clues  in this update regarding criminal .  and sorry for taking this much time to update . If you all shower with your + button and omments , will be posting preview tomorrow .. keep reading hope i mainatined the suspence in this also .. Thank you so much ,stay blessed and keep smiling .

Part -19

There is pindrop silence ,
May I know the criminal name ?? all heads turned to the opposite direction  only to see  Rishab and Krishanji enetered  and krishnaji asked the question .
Vikarm sighed and said His name is Dr.Sidhanth Rey .
Rishab : why Sudhir ji has filed case against him .  
VIkram : because   He is cheating on his patients , doing illegal business by selling the human organs .
Krishnaji : How did sudhir ji knows that ?
Priya : Ma we had a servent named “ shantha bhai  “ that time she is not feeling well from past few days ,  so sruthi and me has taken her to her uncle’s hospital .
Ram: Means which hospital
Priya: Dr.Jayesh karekar , Karekar’s hospital  ,sruthi told Uncle will give treatment without taking money , so we joined her over there ,she had some urinary  infection and all so he refereed to the surgeon DR.sidhanth Rey so we took her to him . He said he will find out the diagnosis as she is having so many complications . we said okay , if anything is there just call us . shantha bhai is taking treatment overthere . and  me and sruthi got busy in our work and shantha bhai is improving so we were happy . but one fine day  shantha bhai  accidentally fall from chair  than near the waist she is having bleeding when we taken her to the hospital . the doctor told  us that Her left kidney has been removed na so she should be more careful while doing the work .
When we enquired her she said Dr.sidhanth told a small operation to get the things settle for my health . Than my Father got angry when he enquired he came to know he is selling the organs for money and all . Than he filed case against him . Dr,Karekar uncle also don’t know anything  he has given the statement to him after enquiring about sidhanth against in the court so the court gave the judgement behalf of us . later on he escaped from the jail tried to kill my dad .
Krishnaji  got  a smile , by hearing this . Rishab too smiled .Ram got scared to think all these things . Almost half of the  information they got .
Mean while priya turned to DSP Riaz khan “May I ask you  one question sir “
Sure sure go ahead  girl .
Sir did you remembered I have given those photos which sruthi mailed to me. Mr.Bhandari uncle came to give you around 11 to 12 between .
He nodded yes . and you got them right away .
SO ..His brows knotted confusingly .
Sir when I watched the Tv , they told he has  got murdered that time  means to say “11 to 12 “ that means
DSP Riaz khan  What Priya  That means are you thinking our people  leaked  out the information .
Priya was staring at him  .. I mean to say .. before that Ram thought the situation is going out of hands  he abruptly interrupted her and DSP saying . Sir her meaning is someone out there leaking the information but that doesn’t mean your people or our side people its just that she wanted to tell that when you got the information at the same time  the person got to know he killed the murdrer so .. Please don’t take it to heart . she is a kid its just that you know she is been  a lot of stress these days .
Saying this he  held her hand  asked her to come out of the room . She said  “Sorry If I have hurt anybody’s feelings” slowly she moved out with him . 
The tension raised again . All four  of them went to sudhir and met him asked about the particular incident which Priya was exaplined .Sudhir said  yes and now he is behind the bars . They have got the detailed information .  Rishab asked Krishanji to enquire about the particular Dr.sidhanth .
Vikra, already headed up this case  .
Vikram heaved a sigh , yes , I thought only this connection is there whom priya and sruthi both involved , So I have enquired everything about  him , Dr.Sidhanth  has  a family , His parents and his sister  visited him and scolded him very badly  and when they announced the Life long punishment , her mother devastated she  went unconscious and than she was mentally upset . and than They cut the relationship with Sidhanth telling they don’t want his money and they have flown away from  here . after this only Sidhanth wants to kill Sudhir uncle so he escaped from jail attacked on him .but luckily Sudhir uncle saved by priya . and Sudhir uncle literally killed him for hurting priya after the accident also . so after that  the news came out as sensational .
There he got a letter from his dad that his mother expired don’t try to chase us . We want to live a peaceful life , if possible you do the same .
Than after his behaviour changed much and  he started giving treatments to criminals in jail . and now also I had an eye on him but  there is no such rivalry from his side .but still we are tracing on him .
After 30 mins krishnaji  have the file of Dr.Sidhanth ,Really He is a coward he used to make patients belive in him and telling something to them he used to take our their organs and sell them to huge prices when Dr.Jayesh karekar knows this , Dr.Sidhanth  fought with him also . All together  sidhanth  got in jail  .Both Krishnaji ji,Rishab and vikram track out his record and came to Dead End when they came to know his two legs were gone in that accident and from that onwards he didn’t  try to escape from the jail .
Ram brought priya out of the hospital . He make her sat in his car .
Priya said “Im sorry “
He told assoft as he can ,What the hell you are talking over there ,You are almost pointing them as they have leaked the information .
Priya : Im sorry actually I want to tell somebody is getting to know all of our details . But but
She was unable to face him . whatever happening one by one she was unable to digest those and she so wanted to tell him that she was sorry for  yesterday .Before that someone called Ram .
He talked with that guy and both drove to  KM . She said she has college . Okay turning the wheels in that direction he dropped her in the college . as well as security gaurds followed them .
He shoved his hands in hair frustatingly . What the hell was happening . He tried to avoided her but Its impossible for him to do that . He went back to hospital and he was damn busy as he was not there from 2 days . he back to home by 9 ‘ o clock . He saw priya is studying  in their room , he didn’t disturbed her but his entry  made her turn  towards him . She smiled at him but he was not looking at her .
Its getting  minute by minute to avoid her but he cannot able to do anything except avoiding . He slowly went and freshen up .when he was back , priya is serving the food in two plates .
Have you not eaten ?? Ram mumbled
Nope , Im waiting for you  she answered with a smile .
Oh .. he gave brief, sat there for dinner . he  kept some music on , dipping his parantha in daal relishing in his mouth . Priya  gazed at him for while , because  normally he would tease her , he would tell her so many stories what had happened today , he would have suggested something in her studies ,he would have asked how was her day .This is totally opposite to deal her . He felt ashamed for her own behaviour . but she don’t know how to brought up that topic .
They both eat in silence . Priya slipped her side of the bed , Ram  lied down his side . He used to sleep in the middle . but today he was far corner of that end of the bed .
Ramm… She called out him .
He said “Mmm “
Im sorry …
For what he asked still doing something in his phone .
Wo .. I mean yesterday ,It’s not intentionally . ..
He cut off her saying , I already told You now also Im telling you , I loved you  and If you don’t love me Im completely Okay with it . I told you na I behaved like an animal . so just forget and forgive me . You can sleep peacefully I wont touch you saying this he left the bed slept on couch .
Priya almost choked with this sudden action “Please Rammm , why are you puniShing me like this “ I Didn’t say that . Please come back to bed .
Don’t know why But how much ever he tried to forget the situation ,Its keep on coming back to back in his memory lane . If he wants to hide this pain from her means this is the only way to get the distance from her .
She cried cried and slept  somewhere in thenight , Morning she woke up as it was Sunday Ram and Niharika went to hiking near by hill . she freshened up , she sat infront of mirror combing her hair he lost in her self in the mirror . she took out her dairy

“I so missed you ram
I so wanted to tell you How much I love you
Yes I do Love you so much
Can’t explain in my  words ,
I know I haven’t confessed to you this
But you are my man , You owned me when you tied the  holy knots on my neck
You are the one who I craved for
You are the one I wanted to be with me
When the car blast happened
When im attaending the threatened calls
 I so waited for you just to embrace you and want to feel that secureness in the hug
I wanted to sleep on your lap while you caressing my hair
I wanted you  to sing for me until I fall asleep
I wanted to do grow old with you 
I wanted to love you and loved by you
I know I know I did a big blunder
I know I have equally involved in this
But something is hunting me so I couldn’t go far in this with you
Im ashamed of myself Ram , I wanted to tell you how much I love you

But Nooo , if the caller Knws our relationship is growing stronger he may harm you
Its paining Ram seeing you  far from me being in same room .
I love you and god bless you . If something happens to you Ram I wont spare anyone .
Please Ram forgive me and be safe “
I LOVE , IM LOVING YOU AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER . A tear trickled down from her eyes , she closed the dairy hugged her chest cried her heart out ,she hadn’t taken breakfast as   krishnaji and Rishab went to  some temple or some where .
Ram and Niharika went to hiking , Sameer  was there in his room , talking with some deligates . She got ready  went to see her father , they are discharging him today she was so happy .
She went to see nuts , Karthik is asking be with in his room but nuts is asking her drop at her apartment . Priya came there as a rescue .
Common why you are fighting like tom and jerry . I will take nuts with me until she recovers . she already discussed this with krishnaji as priya is feeling guilty for this  accident she wanted to take care of her until she gets  back to normal . so priya made them agree and  first they went to drop sudhir in their home . after sometime priya and nuts both came to KM . By that time  Krishnaji returned with rishab .
Krishnaji happily welcomed  nuts . Priya introduced krishnaji and Rishab  to her .
Rishab extended his hand to  wish her .. she too extended her hand. He yelled OMgggg
What happened priya and every body asked ??
Rishab : This pretty lady touched me so I got a electric shock .
Krishnaji smiled .
Priya and nuts were looking at each other . priya took nuts to  guest room .
Nuts >; who is that fellow
Priya : He is a psychiatric patient , Ram brought him here to know the  full case and wants to treat him ,Its like challenge to him something he told . and please tell me if he  do anything to you .
Sure nuts nodded her head . in between she got a call from Karthik . Priya excused herself came to take food to nuts . she told krishnaji she will eat with nuts .   priya went still nuts talking with karthik ,she signalled 5 mins , but priya fed him with her hands giving her tablets she said now you can talk 24 hours also . saying this she came to her room . but she didn’t feel to eat anything .she didn’t .
Every now and than she is looking at the entrance hoping to see Ram in any minute .  But noway  because he is not showing up .
She had so much work the college given to them . she was doing that she totally forgot the time  around 7 Ram came  back from the hiking .  wherever he is his thoughts are running around priya only .
He looked at her , she sprawled her books all over the bed  her back was facing him . she was noting down something and writing somepoints in other . she was in her velvety night wear in blue colour , her assest were  completely visible to him .
He moved fast to get freshen up .  Meanwhile Priya went to nuts room giving her food she came out . and again drowned in her books . she had so much work and she has been keeping this pending work from her marriage onwards .
So one by one she is clearing all the things . Ram came back after freshen up , went to the hall talked with Rishab some time in code language and krishannji  discussed about the case in her room  .
Everything happened  , when they checked the time it was almost 10 . He went back to call priya for dinner by the time she was sleeping  on her book . he came out  for fresh air . Bansikaka  came there .Sir today Priya  betiya has waited for you  so much , from your room to here almost 1000 times she had come to see wether you have come ornot , she  has called you many times I thing but  I told there must be no signal . You could have taken her also with you  .
Ram was taken back by this sudden truth of hers . as Krishnaji planned when sudhir ji was returning to home ram should not be there because the killer or who ever thought that Ram is not involving in all this . for That Ram has gone to trekking .
But he didn’t expect priya will be wait for him , ok kaka thank you , just make another plate  as she is sleeping I will make her eat in the night . He ate his food came back with her food .