Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-7

This update is dedicated to my special angel .. God bless her .. Happy birthday my sweet gal 


Ram lips curved into a big grin . knowing the actual reason behind it , He took a step forward Kissed her forehead lightly , caressing her hair
Enough , sleep  my angel .. Im there with you , close your eyes ,sleep .. shhh just sleep .. sleep .. His husky voice sented all over the room with his humming. Kissing her forehead onceagain  he too drifted off to sleep .
The sunray quizzically tilting from the sleeks of curtains ,Priya stirred in her sleep as it was disturbing her sleep , she squeezed his kurtha in her hand to cover her face  , when she felt hard tarso her lips curved into a smile " good morning papa , I slept well yesterday saying this she looked at him "
A pair of chocolate eyes smiling at her , "good morning kiddo "
She went blank for a moment , immediately she tried to get up from there ,she tripped back on his chest crashing her soft flesh on him , her manglasutra tied up with his kurtha made this happen . she buried her face in his chest for a sec to hide her embaresse ment , Ram is gazing at her from long time  , seeing her shocked expression he got a laugh but he controlled but his innerself chukling seeing her shocking face .
He slowly detached from his kurtha , she sprang up on the bed moved to her side
Priya :"Err ..woo ..umm I ..sorry , I thought my papa  "so
Ram brows knotted to understand her confusion  ,kiddo I consoled you and take you in my embrace last night not your papa , don't you remember .
Priya slowly remembered what happened  in the night , Oh God 
Wh..what I did , I mean "God did I reveal anything "  she is trying to remember her words but she isn't getting as she is mentally ,physically drained up , when he asked her a hug she immediately went in his arms but what I spilled with him , she remembers until hug but what about she blabbered .Oh God ..she remembered he said he loves her but what she told him ..
Goddd ..
Seeing  change of her face expressinons evry sec , he moved closer to her
"Don't you remember I confessed you something "
Priya : dreamily nodded her head .
Ram: and than you too confessed something ..
Priya : wh.. what .. I think I didn't tell any wrong .. You know im not in my mood , like Im ..
Ram: understud she  didn't remember  that  she had told why she avoided marriage , he too wants to play with her , as he comes to know she is not against for this marriage [ if the cause is not there]
Sshhh okay , its okay kiddo , Relaxx .. You want some water ..
Nodding her head negative she went to washroom to freshen up . She wore a green designer kurthi with white legging , looking absolutely stunning , still her hands are covered with marriage bangles , she is looking radiant  , combing her hair she lost in  what might have she spilled to him .
She  tried hard to remember but
"Goodnight, my angel
Time to close your eyes" his voice is rimming in her ears ..
She tried  to remember again but
"Someday we'll all be gone
But lullabyes go on and on...
They never die
That's how you
And I
Will be"
Oh God why im behaving like love caught puppy , Uff He is really genius  ,God his voise is just not leaving my ears and bull shit I even didn't remember what I spoke  with him .
She remembered until hug , Her cheeks lightly rosed up feeling his touch  , his hands protectively held her on back , she touched her forehead to feel his lips again .
Her comb dropped down in the process , she came out of her dreams , Priyaaa get a life ,stop thinking about him she mentally scolded herself .
When she looked up in the mirror , There he is , buttoning his shirt ,his hair filled chest heaving up and down ,When he got a call he left the buttons undone .Gosh he is looking like " Adonis "Talking over the phone , he came near to the mirror he bentdown to take  his perfume  , she smelled him , he is fresh from his bath , the cherry flavoured smell lingered her nostrils , she closed her eyes to inhale him as much as possible . He captured this site in mirror and his smile broader seeing it .
Disconnecting the call abruptly . He whispered in her ear "Liked the smell "
Priya inaudibly nodded her head , he leaned more on her , His lips travelled from her ear to Right cheek maintaining a very minimal gap between her skin and his lips ,  he reached her cheek gently brushed her lips there "Good morning Angel "
She opened her eyes , closing her eyes in akwardness ,
"Don't You think you are crossing your limits :" priya snapped at him still her cheeks covered with pinksh shade how can she allow him to do that .God priya you are drooling on him directly .
Ram: achha you felt Im crossing my limits , Turning her to him ,his fingers trailed on her neck before she paused his action , He brought her mangalsutra out of her dress ,
Showing this its telling that I can cross my limits , Her  beat became arrythamatic
And The way your cheeks turning the brilliant pink shade ,it's telling I can cross my limits . He was talking huskily ,coming very closer to her , his hand on her back pushing more closer to him . She paused the action keeping her hand against his chest . Stop stop , don't expect more haa ..
Thank you for yesterday , I really need a shoulder to cry on , Thank you so much for being there with me ,Forwarding her hand "Friends "
Ram baffled for her reaction "god that's why I called her Kiddo "
Did you say something . she asked him .
Nothing ..umm  giving his hand to her , yeah friends . Kissing her  back of the hand he got up straight .
"You are flirting with me isn't it "
"Oh Happy realisation madam "  he sulked
"She gave her angelic smile " Not baddd haa  but how can you flirt like that
"God  , Thank you for the compliment , By the way Kiddo , you are forgetting one thing That Im your husband , and I  can't go and flirt with other wifes na , obviously I will flirt with you only .
She laughed "Ha ha go and flirt with them , and than next  I will take you to the ENT specialist "
What do you mean , he inched more closer to her
"If you flirt with other iwfes why the husbands will spare you , they will kick your nose " pinching his nose lightly .
Krishna ji who entered with tea ,stilled and happy to see they are smiling and talking . Priya noticed her first ,Good morning Mammiji , went near her to take the tea tray , why you brought it ma , im coming anyway priya  said with concern .
Krishnaji , it's okay my child , I was away from  serving my family these many years so now im doing let me  do it , I feel happy .
Priya didn't say any , all were having their break fast .
Amarnath : Priya , From today onwards you start with your college , Ram drop her at her college , sudhir has sent  your posting schedule ,it's on the table and shall I tell one thing priya beta .
Priya : looked at him , just tell me papa . she glanced at Ram , who was as blank as her .
Amarnath : Priya You got married now , and for your  postings only you will be in hospital for half of the day ,so I suggest you stop working in the hospital , if you want to learn clinical side , go to Ram's clinic so that will be easy , once you completed than you can do whatever you want ,  what sudhir told is your working for clinical practice and time pass, so I suggest you utilise your time and  prepare for further exams  .
Priya: was surprised and shocked to hear him . She was thinking how far Uncle had thought about her and her education .
Krishnaji : He will be authoritative priya , leave him and you just do whatever you want .
Ram: Ha kiddo . he told his opinion , but you continue whatever you wish for , praying that she should not feel anything . Amarnath looked at them weirdly ,As first time they are opposing him .
Priya : No No , it's actually a good decision , I mean I haven't even thought about it yet . But glad you told me papaji , sure I will follow your advice . I wil just meet the management and come once .
Amarnath : smiled  .. sure beta .
Ram Releaved hearing her  out murmured a quick sorry to his dad , he went to talk some calls . Priya collected her schedule and her bag ,she back to the living area , saying Bye to Krishna ji and Niharika , she waited for Ram to finish his calls. She stood just behind him to call him . at the moment he turned ,she lost balance with unexpected move , He held her hand make her stand on her feet .
Priya mimed a thank you .
Niharika : if your romance is over you can start for work . she giggled saying this
Priya blushed , Ram scratched his temple . Taking her bag from her hands he walked towards the car  not listening priya's protests .
They drove to her college Priya very well know so many are waiting to question her absence , and  about her marriage .
They reached her college . She got down , hesitated to go .
Ram: what happen kiddo , is there anything wrong .
Priya : First stop calling me Kiddo ..
Her professor who is passing by that way heard her harsh tone but he didn't get what she said to him but seeing Dr.Ram Kapoor .He hurriedly Reached up there .
Priya  don't you know how to talk with seniors .
Priya was schocked to her professor here , she went calm for a sec
Professor gave a shake hand to Ram , Nice to meet  you doc , what's bring you here .
But he is not listening to me she complainted to him .
Professor : what he is not listening
Priya went calm .. how she will say he is calling her kiddo .
Professor : sensing different menaing ,  don't tell that he is flirting with you and all , I wont belive as I know how Good Dr.Ram is ..
Priya  gaped at him . Ram laughed at seeing her opened mouth .
Ram : Dr.Thilak cool mate  , he is hardly controlling his laugh , Priya   and I got married recently , she is my wife ,sidehugging her , some thing she is tellingto me and you misunderstood totally .
Dr.Thilak :surprised ,Oh Doc Im so sorry , Im sorry Priya , He felt guilty for what he said  .He said Congratulations to both of them , why  no invitations from both of you .
Dr.Ram : Actually parents were on talk  , and they wanted us to  get married at their companies collaboration time , so don't have time . But soon  going to arrange a reception party so You wil get invitation  that time .
Priya gaped at  hearing reception party , Priya you can go , I need to Talk with Dr.Tilak , she said "Bye' went from there ,
When she entered Surgical ward . Her friends squeled "OMG Priya where you went , and Wait wait ,, this mehindi , Bangles, Omg Mangalsutra , You got Married , and you didn't invite us "
Oh my god when does that happen
Who is that lucky fellow
Is he a doctor
Is he  a handsome hunk ..
Love marriage
Ya Arranged marriage ..
Or let's elope marriage ..
Show me his pic ..
When did it happen
Common tell us something yaar ..
We want to see him /
Want to talk with him
Why you didn't invited ..
She closed her eyes and ears .. "Oh God pleaseee stop girls " all went silent , God how many questions you will ask and how can I answer all the questions at a time yaar , Give me some air , taking her seat , she said what Ram told to Dr.Tilak[she thanked him in her heart ] and why they had married In hurry .
Tell us about him , whats his name .
"Hmm His name is Dr.Ram Kapoor , he is a doctor "
Whats  specialization ?
"Internal medicine "
Where he is working ??
As priya remebred "Phace hospitals " she said he is working at phace hospitals as well as other hospitals also , I don't knw that much .
One Girl "OMG , don't tell you married to Dr.Ram kapoor The lion of phace hospitals, show me the photo , Oh God Oh God Priya You are so lucky man , he is so good
Reetha :Common Its his own hospital how can you say he is working there , Now it's priya ;s turn to get shocked ,
Common show me the photo now itself I wil clarify  you .
Priya :err gals I don't have his photo In my phone  will bring it tomorrow .
The gals : disspointed uff  this is not done  yaar ..
Reetha : He is so handsome gals ,
Priya and evry other girl knows how she praises  her hospital boss . But she didn't excepted it should be Ram . At the time She got a call from Ram .
She excused attended his call  " hello "
" Hey kiddo "
Stop calling me that
He chukled
She glared ..
Where are you  baby
Im at 3rd floor .
If your work has not started  yet can you come down one please
Ya sure , keeping the call she turned to other side only to find all her friends were  just back of her listening to the convo
Gals " : whats he is caling , sexy name kya ..
Priya : ohh stop it yaar , he asked me to come I will b just back
Gals : whattt ??? he is hereee ..
Priya : yes , he dropped me and talked with our professor so must be that's why he might b late .
Gals : stoppp .. introduce us ..
Priya has no choice she asked them come when I signal you ppl . she walked near to him
What happen why did you called me , just than a bikewala coming on that way , Ram pulled her to him to be safe side , they knw it was far from them but still both felt connected some where .
Ram is showing one file , telling Dr.Tilak missed the signs here can you as him to do it and collect from him when you are coming back evening .
He was looking at her back , she looked at him ,she  followed his eyes  only to find her gang was just  standing beside them.
Ram recognised Reetha , Hey  doc , You are working in our hospital right ..
Reetha : Yes sir ..
Ram:So this is your college .
Reetha : yes sir and priya is our best buddy , she called all of them  and introduced all of them.
Ram was patiently answering them where as priya blushing  .
Gals : Sir can you give a pose , we just want your couple pic , Priya don't have it . You are looking made for each other sir .
Ram kept his hand on priya  tugged her closer to him , Gals clappingly taken photos . and they dispersed from there