Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-14

He got up from her slowly both walked out of the room by the time krishanji already sat in the car waiting for him . Biding bye to Priya . she walked back to their Room . She sat on the bed she observed how the bedsheet crushed . Her cheeks turned to red already thinking about what had just happened . she felt aroused when his hands on her body , she want more from him  at the same time she wants to stop that . What it is she is unable to explain herself but one thing is clear she likes his company  very much and already she is missing him badly .  
She suddenly remembered something rushed to hall where she bumped into Niharika , who is coming from office .Heyyy careful careful  she held priya in her arms .
Priya profusely saying sorry ..sorrry sorry I didn't see .did you get hurt .  she asked very cutely .
Niharika stopped her ,ssshhh Im okay , why you are in a hurry what happened ?? Di wo Mammiji also went with Ram so wether she will come back or not I didn't ask  I just wanted to know so going to ask bansikaka .
Niharika , achha baba where did Ram go leaving his newly wedded wife all alone in the room  she winked at priya . Priya blushed "Delhi , some urgent work tho "  she sat beside her .
Achha tho Why mom will go she might gone to send off to him , If so why she didn't take me than priya asked cutely . Niharika smiled at her ,ha ye bhi sahi hai  but Priya may be mom has some work in the middle you will get bored na so  that might be the reason . why you  have any work with mom .niharika enquired priya .
Listening to priya's answer she burst out laughing  .
Why are you  laughing  di,did I said any joke ,Priya stood up with mock anger ?
Niharika  achha baba sorry , You can sleep with me as Sameer is  coming very late and I will ask him to sleep in guest room okay . Priya  still silent .
Niharika turned to her side ,You know what My brother gave correct name to you "Kiddo " You are such an kiddo , You are going to ask mom to sleep with you .. God again she laughed
Im scared to be alone ,last time also mammiji slept with me when Ram didn't come .Niharika thought  priya will cry if she  laughs more . so she  said okay  okay sorry , she may come late , I will freshen up and come will have dinner than go to bed . Priya arranged everything on the table by the time Niharika came  ,she served both of them while discussing   something both ate . Priya ran to her room she took few of her books she went  with Niharika to her room .
Priya squeled with joy "OMG diii this is just beautiful ,  their bedroom is just filled with Blue &Pink colour combination , the tables , chairs ,bedsheets , walls of the colours ,cups , books cover pages , glass items , wall clock .everything is in these two colours , a huge   photo frame of Niharika & sameer was hanging on the wall .That was splendid . Priya observed the room , she admired each thing how beautifully they decorated . Niharika is smiling all the while  looking at priya's excitement .
You liked it ...Oh my di liked No no I loved it she suqeled with joy  , this is just marvellous hats off to your patience to arrange all the items in these particular colours  priya still admiring the room  .Niharika  is observing priya , She has so many questions in her mind but she is too younger than Her , she don't know how to brought up the topic .
Diii .. diii please show me your album na please , I loved to show saying this she went and brought two thick albums . Priya settled on the bed keeping aside her books  she  checked her mobile for any of his msgs  as already she sent 13 msgs to him unfortunately today he is not replying to her msgs , quickly she changed her expression already niharika saw this ,  Priya was  gazing at the photos , She spotted Ram , OMG di  Ram is so thin here , she smiled like a kid took few pictures in her cell , she beamed with joy  ,Di when did your marriage happened  I mean how many years back .
Niharika said Its almost 8 years Priya .
Oh so Ram is 23 Hmm same my age at that time , she admired for some more time than the couple photos came , she was asking something about her sarees , their poses  some relatives and all .she turned the next album  they have been to so many places ,all these 8 years they have roamed all over the world . Priya asked so many  queries , which year ,where it is , how do you felt .
Niharika expected priya may ask the question that all usually asks her but surprisingly its been an hour she didn't raise that question . When she completed the album Niharika said "Priya you don't want to ask any questions " rubbing her hands lemme come out of my dreamland first ,I just watched a wonderful pair love story in pics .Niharika too laughed for her teasing .
What you expected me to ask you di .
Niharika face went pale , That why I don't have kids yet  she downcasted her face . Priya squeezed her hand ,di  you may have your own reasons , you don't want now or your husband wants to roam few more countries or etc . If anything is there you will tell or Ram will tell , If you didn't tell neither Ram didn't mention means it's definitely going to hurt you so I didn't ask .
Niharika wiped her tears , Thank you for understanding but I will tell you . We had been trying from the 3rd year of my marriage but somehow it's not working .
Have you undergone for tests di ,
Yes  not only me , seeing my sarrow he too underwent for tests but nothing got worked up Priya because as our reports all showing normal . And whatever they wanted to do they have done everything .
Hmm If you don't mind can I see the reports di , sure she  walked up to her desk pulled out a file and gave to priya .
Yes that's true she has been undergone for many but surprisingly everything is normal but they don't have kids . She remembered one case  when  she was  in OBG class , her mam explained same type of case but the reason is stress levels . Brilliant why don't I try on di  ,her thoughts went on .
Di shall I ask one thing , What you are doing I mean may I know your designation and how much stress you are having by working on it .
Niharika , Im looking after Finanical department priya , why don't I have stress ,I have so much stress and Gynaecologist told me to reduce your stress levels , I have been attending the stress managing classes also .Nothing worked out .
"umm okay , You want kids right "
"Niharika looked at her "Yes , desperately "
Ok will you do anything for that priya asked her
"Yes " I will do anything ..
Than quit your Job .
Whattt ??I can' t do that Niharika puzzled
HMmm di please just listen to me once . Will see for 2 months if it wont work than we will  not go for it ,what say and I will take an appointment with a doctor  pleaseee
Ok But what I will do sitting in home .. Niharika questioned
Who told you ,you will sit in home. I have a schedule for you . come come taking a pen and paper Morning with your husband [ a simple ,sweet ,loving walk ]
Breakfast , sending him to office . Gardening for sometime , There is a orphanage here teach English for the kids . Than play with them  4 sumtime , come back and have lunch take rest for a while . than read a novel . than walk in the garden look after which is needed to be cut or something .
Than watch some thing in Tv or prepare dinner wait for him . Nag your husband ..
What say ..Niharika was laughing while priya telling and noting down the points .Di I will take the appointment tmrw itself , what say ??
Niharika smiled will see .. Umm shall I ask one thing priya .
Giving the note to her  , ha ask ask what you want to ask ?
"err , Umm Why your first night not happened yet ?? ""
"Priya stared at her with horror ,How do you know it ?? " I will Kill This Ram for sure ..
NIharika  smiled ,God really priya you are a kiddo , I just asked and you blurted out the truth , Priya closed her eyes murmuring "SHIT"
She closed her face with her palms ,diii this is not done ,nooo  ha hmm umm .she moaned like a kid  and she was totally embarssed unable to look at Niharika.
"Niharika keeping  hand on priya's shoulder , Why priya is something bothering you kya "
Priya nodded her head in  negative .
Don't you love him ??But I so can see your eyes are pouring so much love for him and you are constantly seeing your mobile for his call  that means you are missing him but why not you both ..
Priya ..uummm I .. I don't know , Im in already full stress di  , This one by one murders , marriage , new surroundings all were you know new for me ,coming to Ram , I behaved like a jerk with him but he was so good and he loves me so much , I want to see him happy but im ending up something which I don't even know . She had tears in her eyes while telling  this .
Niharika sidehugged her "Priya just give him one chance to prove himself , than you wont stop him saying this she giggled priya too giggled with her "
Krishnaji came and she knew everybody must have eaten because Its rule she only kept until 8 o clock they have to wait for anyone , at 8 at anycost every member has to eat , she too served and waited for priya's call as she knew  priya will call her .
She waited for 9 .. 9 .30 now its 11 but there is No  priya's call nor Priya came to her room ,Than is the caller told truth or whats happening . But as per her experience Krishnaji studied priya totally she is   grown up in very much pampered  conditions .
Few hours back , krishnaji gave all instructions to Ram she send him off coming back to Kapoor mansion . she got a call from unknown number .
"Hello Mrs .kapoor .. You are happily sending your son to delhi but  here your daughter in law is going to enjoy with her boyfriend tonight . "Before krishnaji says something the caller got disconnected .
Krishanji insticts showing something is wrong . she slowly walked to Raya'S room ,she was shell shocked Sameer is going to that room . sweatbeads formed on krishnaji forehead ..she  continued her walk when she reached the door she heard "aahhh " Sameer moaned with pain . she briskly walked in the room ,switch on the lights , she can  hear someone is running thru the garden ,Sameer got a hit on his forehead . She  pressed his wound on His forehead.What the hell you are doing here  Sameer , get up and sit here . she called niharika to her mobile asked to come to Ram's room once . Niharika turned to priya who was  just attended Ram's call .
"Hiii How are you ,Why didn't you called me when you are boarding "
Priya I will just come "Sameer came " Niharika signalled and went downstairs .
Here Ram "hii my sweet heart , I had to talk with the hospital people so I don't have time to call you as that was regarding with one emergency cases so sorry baby , Love you and im already missing you my kiddo "
"Im also missing you Ram , Feeling bored with out you "
Achha sachhi ..
Muchhi ..she laughed .
Hmm I want to hear this smile forever my angel .Okay tomorw im going to be busy and I may not call you until evening but if anything happens just  call me .
Priya said ,okay baba I will .
Im missing you kiddo , hmm the kiss was just omg its very tasty just like you .
Priya blushed  hearing it , her breathing got hitched in her throat . Ram felt that I want to crush your curves in my palms that too nudely not on fabric . He heard her  small gasp . I want to roll my tongue on your shallow pathway . Priya clutched the duvet in her hand .
And want to shower the kisses on your bare back .
Priya unable to control ..She said "pleaseee "
Why , don't I have right to touch you , I so want to suck your lil hearts , those will fit perfectly in my palms
"Ramm " she moaned his name ..
Ram smiled imaging his effect on her  ..while Ram seducing her with his  rain of sexy talk .
Downstairs Krishnaji applied a bandage to Sameer s forehead .Niharika was stunned and shocked asked him "what happen "
That's what exactly my question "what happened and why you are in this room ,krishanji controlling her anger as the caller made her thoughts went ahead like this for a moment "  and where was priya still that was unanswered question  for her but she cannot just ask them  so she asked what he is doing here ?

Niharika  oh mom , Priya is waiting for you so I took her to my room  told Sameer to sleep in guest room for today , as   That room  AC is not working  when he called me I said sleep in Rams room for tonight .
Than  Sameer why you walked slowly like a thief . Krishnaji questioned
"Aunty I just saw some  shadow entering into their room so thought of   catch him red handedly but he is too fast  something is there in his hand he hit me with that and shoved off from that window "

Oh god now krishnaji understud This is all plan ,The killer wants something from priya what is it . Her brain is working sharply and she decided to ask priya only direct before that she mentally noted down  that she wants to talk with Sudhir & shipra once again .
Niharika:Ma  priya is alone in the room ,you just be with her tonight ,I will take care of Sameer .
Sameer :No no you stay with priya im okay . if aunty goes to sleep with her now she will ask why ? what happen ? etc
Krishnaji :Yes Niha , Sameer is correct ,I will take care of him if he needs anything ,don't worry , she called bansi kaka to  keep him company . both left from there .
When Niharika came to room ,Priya was giggling and saying "Please stop it Ram " how you can say that .
Niharika smiled at her childishness , how come someone wants to kill this innocent girl . She slipped herside of the bed thinking about Sameer and the incident .
Priya looked at her  telling Bye to Ram  ,she disconnected the call .
Ram smiled looking at his phone , he  kissed her photo drifted to sleep .