Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-2

She is coming down disconnecting the call she said to him .
Thank you he briefly said  both of they waited for Priya to comedown .
When  Finally  what seens to eternity , when priya came down . he gasped his breath seeing her sindhoor on her forehead
Closing his mouth "OMG  I asked Unmarried doctor ,Looking confused young doc stilled with anger "
What  you mean  she paused her voice this time cutting "Sir " from her sentence
Ram: umm sorry , I mean to say .. Meanwhile Priya came to the young doc
Priya: hey  darling , who wants to meet me and why you called for that .
Ram: interrupting their talk , sorry mam actually  You are not the one I wanted to meet , its just  I confused Name , sorry for troubling you .
That's okay , She left from there  as she has some work and Ram gulped a large amount of O2 .
The young doc is muttering sumthing under her breath . Turning his side : Im getting late "
Ram:One min , I wanted to meet Dr .Priya sharma , Young lady ,Not married
Young doc : scrunched her eyes ,her eyebrows knotted suspiciously "why you wanted to meet her "
Ram: uff how many times I told you ,Its personal  with frustatation he said "Kiddo kahin ki "
Young doc "Now she was flaggerbastered with his behaviour
She pointed her index finger at his chest "Mister ,First You are the one who asked me help
And you are the one stopped me from my way
And You are the one asked about Priya with out mentioning surname
And You are the one calling me Kiddo from   when we met
And If its personal Keep it with you I don't wanna listen it " walking away from  him  ,she turned her head and said " My name is Dr .Priya Sharma , sudhir sharma's daughter "
Ram almost choked up when he heard that , Oh god .. his knees shaken up and he ran after her  this time calling her name very sweetly
She is walking briskly but some one said to her "Doctor some one is calling you "
She had to stop in her track , He  huffed  for breath " sorry yaar , Im so extremely sorry " I Don't know you are Priya sharma " hmm Dr.Priya sharma .
Priya: Im not going to accept your apology saying this she about to spun on her way . He blocked her way telling "Sudhir uncle asked me to talk with you sooo "
Priya stopped in her tracks ... God whyyy ??? Her neatly kohled eyes  rolled pausing his gaze at his eyes she questioned him .
Spotting a near by caf ,Ram asked her  " can we sit there and talk " he pointed towards caf
Priya : Sorry , I don't want to talk near this hospital area ,  at this lane down there is a  Bringe coffe shop , will meet there
Ram:come I will give  lift
Priya : I have my scooty and driving licence bhi
Ram: laughed at that quickly balnced with a stare , She was so cute how proudly she is saying that she has driving licence that means indirectly she is telling  she is not a kiddo ..Lol .. But he liked her
Whatever he thought about his future wife ,all the qualities are there in priya , so he is very much eager to  tell her  about his opinion . and wanted to hear about from her  side moreover  he has someother connection too with this girl [ you will come to know in future]
Priya is pissed off  with the match starting itself . first of all she don't want to get married with a doctor ,knowing few of them in her class and seniors . she decided like that but when Amarnath uncle asked for priya for his son , everbody elated  , they have told that they will come to see girl 4 days back but some how they didn't appear , Priya's parents felt very bad about that and she took holiday also just because of match fixing .
She cursed  the man who invented "marriage "  she started her scooty towards the caf . asusaul someone started following her .  and yesterday Amarnath uncle came with their family without notice and her parents called her asked her to come home immediately . she took permission and went to home only to visited by so many ppl in their hall . she wished "Hai " to them stood there . sudhir introduced her ,in between she got a call from hospital ,she told to her dad " I asked for 30 mins permission " have to go back ,  I got late in traffic .
She said " nice to meet them " looking at amar and Krishna . she walked off in huff .
And yesterday she clearly said to her father she doesn't want to go ahead with this match  , firstly they didn't tell us why they have not come when they  intended to come , secondly no information regarding that , thirdly without info they have come to see .. and moreover im not intrested in marrying a doctor . You know papa most shadists and most alcoholics  and most chain smokers are in doctors . she reasond out her point .
Sudhir said "Most handsome , most polite , more  patience , most great persons  are also in doctors priya , he said lil bit harsh . she walked back to her room with  moisty eyes ,and  tomorw at the mrg breakfast table sudhir told her "That Boy may come to talk with you "
Ohhh  god tshe thought , she turned her scooty toward s the parking  , she went and sat a deepest corner of the caf .Her thoughts were lingering on her match and her papa's words .
When He came she looked at him seeing his stare she signalled him to sit . He sat down ordered him self a hot strong coffee ,turning to her he asked what you want kiddo  . bits his tongue
She gritted her teeth said I don't want to take anything , im okay with it . please talk what you wanna talk .
Ram : hmm err , how to start it im ... Keeping Dairy milk infront of her he about to say something
Priya : cutting him in middle , if its about the match " im sorry im not going to marry you , pushed the chocolate at his side
He was baffled asked " whyyy ""
Priya : I don't want to marry doctors . so there is no further discussion on it so please forgot it here itself  , she got up to leave
Ram : he blocked her way , I know the problem is not me , the problem is with "Doctor " degree than for your kind information you are also a doctor . than why this indifference , his male ego hurted .
Priya : im already seeing how my friend is suffering marrying a doctor , I don't want to pace all those so better we cut it off here only .
Ram : kiddo . you are truly a kiddo ,but seeing you im not feeling you are rejecting this offer for being Doctor .before he shoot his question she shot up
Priya : mind you , Im 23 ,  
Ram again blocked her , why you haven't tell you only priya sharma in the morning ,
Priya: you are talking with me  and I don't know you , so obviously  I thought you asked for another Dr.Priya . Its your mistake you haven't told the proper name .He gazed at her eyes

she brisked away from him  because she is feeling his gaze is hunting from so many births , she is feeling intoxicated near him . when he came near she almost wanted to hold his hand .
Ohh god . priya get your life , turning her scooty she fled from there /and the other vehicle also followed her back .
Server brought the strong coffee  for him ,Ram smilingly ..ufff bhai to deal with this kiddo  I need cold coffee . he laughed at his own joke , he asked sudhir to come  to the place ,after talking with him  both left from there .
Later in the Home , sudhir asked about  match to priya . she simply said  he is not intrested in this match . Sudhir said we are going to function on Friday be ready for that , take leave , and im going to announce  my official declaration with  collaboration of my company , priya nodded and left .
After 4 days ,Sudhir asked priya to get ready as they were going for "Sagai" of his friends son . Her mother have her  peach colour gagra to wear . Priya  took some extra time to pamper herself that day as she got holiday . when she came down , Sudhir & shipra eyes become wet by seeing  their angel pretty well dressed . they  blessed priya   .Priya  confused why they were getting emotional .
Sudhir cut them off he made them walk hurry as they are getting late . Priya eyes fluttered open seeing the huge  gates of the mansion , It was filled with Roses and the other flowers but her look struck on those roses which were linely on the pathway of bothsides . she stepped out of it  , Sudhir introducing her to many she gladly meeting them asking her mother , why Papa is introducing each and evry person today .. Shipra tugged her hand "sshhh  just stay calm " .
Priya sat in the sofa which was situated in the hall midway ..  When a pair of hands closed her eyes , she startled .