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RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-6


Priya came to kitchen for helping krishnaji . But krishanji asked priya to go and study . She came in the hall ,  reading something Than she  got a call . Krishnaji observing priya , who shaken up hearing the news , before krishnaji asks any ,
she said to Krishnaji ,I will just come mammiji , but at the far site Krishnaji found  priya wiping her tears , she immediately called to Ram and informed as Priya was going out with tears .
Ram was happy to see the changes in priya and when he heard about his mother call he was petrified ,remembered Sudhir words .
Sudhir :"I will assure you that she is best for you , right now she lost her best friend and she was lil upset , this marriage is just for her good health as well as for her safety , Just be with her Ram , except her hospital and collage wherever she goes we have to make an eye on her as it was not safety for her  try to understand  a father feelings and take her  hand "
Ram: But she bluntly rejected me uncle
Sudhir :Please Ram , mana math kariye , Marry my daughter  please marry my daughter , You only can save her from this depression and all please ..
He almost begged her and Ram is also convinced and agreed to marry her  ,But  He wants to show his love for her first than wanted to make her feel than wanted to marry her . But anyway he can do that after marrying also . so he agreed for the marriage on sudhir's insistance .
Ram just come out of that thoughts  ,He rushed from hospital .
Priya reached the door , her tears gave up seeing Sahil's body covered in a white cloth .
"Dii I want to become a pilot , so I can take you two [ sruthi di * priya di ] to Everest and wherever you want "
His words echoed in her ears , tears flowed from  her eyes non stop , she walked near Mrs.Bhandari .
Seeing priya Mrs,Bhandari hugged her , Dekho priya your friend left us , now he also left us , why priya , why ??? her sobs were uncontrollable , and she is not in a position to control as she lost her both kids in a 2 months gap . She is mafoying sruthi's mother , after sometime she looked up  ,her eyes glistered when she found Ram , Sudhir at the door . she looked down  .
When all the rituals are going on  Mrs.Bhandari uncontrollable she lost her conscious fell in Priya's lap . Ram came there lifting her up in his arms , he made her lie down on the bed  Immediately started the treatment .
Jayesh karekar came  to check on her , but seeing Ram he stood there .Ram looked up at him
Im Dr,Jayesh karekar , brother of  her .Ram about to get up but he made Ram only to check on her ,
Ram  prescribed some meds asked his driver to get them soon . Priya worn out by that time she hasn't had anything . Moreover her non stop crying made her weak . She sat like statue beside sruthi's mother . After sometime driver got everything ,Ram started his treatment .
Soon Mr.Bhandari came home finishing everything . The rituals are going on line by line .Mrs.Bhandari too got  her conscious back but still she lied down like that .
Ram got call from His mother ,It's not safe to stay Newly married couple out side .so come back with priya soon . How can he ask her .when he was fidgeting in his own .
Sudhir walked near Priya , Chale priya saying this he  held her hand in his hand
Priya protested  "I will tell them and come papa "
Sudhir :Priya  for deaths we should leave without telling only , it's a custom [our side its there]
Priya nodded her head looking back at the vulnerable parents she came out , Ram too came out
\while he opened the door ,priya sat in . Sudhir  folding his hands infront of Ram "Maaf kardo mera bachhi ko " she won't come without informing again .
Ram just felt cringed , Please  papa why you are  ,
Sudhir stopped his words in middle , let me tell you , I know how you  panicked In the morning .
Priya just heard it but she didn't say anything when she got a call , she just didn't think about anything . she just came off without informing anyone .
She rested back on the seat , her tears started raining , She felt Ram sat beside her , she thought he will ask something but the drive was silent .
His thoughts were racing like car , why ?? what ? its all mystery to him ??
He glanced at priya she still closed her eyes . when they reached , Ram walked with priya , seeing her Krishnaji came , before she ask anything
Ram said " she is tired ma , just not now " 
Priya Is expecting  harsh words from her  she was glad to hear Ram and krishnaji they didn't say any .
Krishnaji said " you both take head bath and come downstairs to have dinner  "
Priya just walked to their room , directly she went to freshen up , she took head bath as Krishna ji said , she felt light , she is not in a mood to eat but for Ram and his family she should go to dining table . There also silence prevailed , no one asked anything .
She was back to their room
Krishnaji  :Ram I don't know whats going on , But I seriously know something wrong with you two people , And Sudhir ji told us , she has some threat and all but please don't affect your personal life for that reason .
Amarnath :Hope you are getting what  your mom telling Ram , just make her  happy and you too just have some fun ,I know she is still lingering on her friends murder issue but Now she is married Ram .She has a new life , Make her realise what is life ?
Priya  who came to fetch some water heard all these .
That's why That's why I don't want to enter in this relation ship ,papa see with me all the family is suffering  she murmured herself . . she   back to the room , she slipped  on her side ,the sleep engulfed her tired eyes quickly .
Ram came back to room , he got a hell lot of calls regarding his patients , he just diverted all the calls to another doctor . He was worried for her , when His mom told she left with tears . His heart thudded with unknown beat , and immediately he called up sudhir , and as  he already knws the matter , He told she will definitely could have gone to sruthi's home .
When ram saw her there all cuddled up with aunt and crying ,His heart solaced , and he was happy to see her safe and sound . And don't know  why but if something happens to her he can't see . after all when he don't know anything about her .he saved her ,how come he wont save her now . His first meet lingered infront of his eyes .
And those eyes , those pretty pair of  doe eyes  caught his attention . and he fully bowled for her . He caressed her hair , she stirred a bit went back to sleep again . He too slept  . The night passing with dark silence . when a he heard a shriek sound , he got up from his sleep .
Only to find Priya sat up straight searching for light switch . He switched on his side light
"Kiddo is everything okay " she looked up at him .
Oh my his heart wrenched seeing her  pale face with  terrible  fear .
He moved a bit closer maintaining fine distance "Are you okay baby " 
She wiped her sweat "Im..umm ..Im not okay " "Im gonna die soon " "They wont leave me too "
His heart ached seeing her vulnerable state ,He inched more closer this time "Ssshhh don't say that " Look at me just look at me , he lifted her chin up Nothing gonna happen to you
Im there na , Until Im there beside you no one going to harm you .
"Im scared " she stifled ..
Ohhh He don't know what to do , he scratched his temple , Umm ok come here He spread his arms to her , She looked at his eyes ,seeing genuine concern she just fled in those arms .
She braced herself  on his broad chest , Her grip on his mascular arms was strong , Her soft curves touching his broad chest , she is as light as flower .He bent down his head to her ear  "I can't live with out you baby "  just don't say those words again  .
She shot up her eyes at him , he signalled her as its true . she wriggled  to make  free from his grip .
He tightened it ,Caressing her hairs "I mean it kiddo "  I love you ,I just want to see you happy , whenever you arund me I feel complete  , I loved to see that pout on you whenever I call kiddo .
She smiled in her tears
I loved to see that angry glare of yours , I loved to  grow old with you "
I may not good like your father but Im also make a good hubby .
"But I can't Ram "
Why you can't baby " why you can't , I know you don't have boyfriend or love affairs , I do know you respect me , But why
She tried to tell the lie which she told before " I hate doctor husband s "
Don't lie to me kiddo , I know how much you love this profession and how much you wanted to marry a dotor so please tell me what's bothering you .
"He felt she is crying "
"Please tell me baby ,I love you , I so so love you , his words echoing in her ears , and his lipstouch on her earlobe sending  a shiver in her spine "
"This is why This is why , I said NO to this marriage , I cannot give you happy life  when My life is in danger , I don't know who will come and kill me from which side ,Than how come I enter into a relation ship "
And  Im trying to make a distance between you from the day  we met and after our marriage but you are making it difficult for me  every time with your love .  From the day we met Im feeling some unknown bond with you , I don't knw what I can name it , I feel connected to you don't know what ic can call it ,
Ram lips curved into a big grin . knowing the actual reason behind it , He took a step forward Kissed her forehead lightly , caressing her hair
Enough , sleep  my angel .. Im there with you , close your eyes ,sleep .. shhh just sleep .. sleep .. His husky voice sented all over the room with this humming

Goodnight, my angel
Time to close your eyes
And save these questions for another day
I think I know what you've been asking me
I think you know what I've been trying to say
I promised I would never leave you
And you should always know
Wherever you may go
No matter where you are
I never will be far away 
Goodnight, my angel
Now it's time to dream
And dream how wonderful your life will be
Someday your child may cry
And if you sing this lullabye
Then in your heart
There will always be a part of me 

Someday we'll all be gone
But lullabyes go on and on...
They never die
That's how you
And I
Will be
Kissin her forehead he too drifted off to sleep

 P.S:Happy diwali guys , Hope you are nejoying this story as much as im writing .Love you all . 
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So what's they are heading to .