Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello Dear Readers

Hello Dear Lovely Readers ,

This is G!r!j@ , The Author of all these RaYa Fictions . First  Thank you so very much for your tremendous support . Im so glad to see so many loyal readers dropping comments  and sharing it in google+.

From Here after Im going to update the stories aswell as reply to your comments . Neel is really getting busy in her life ,first time she asked me to continue this blog with my stories infact regular updates . 
The only thing we didnt give the update till now is either she is busy or Im busy , And  some how I dont want to signup my self in forums as i got hatred with it bcoz of few members .So Neel used to post my stories but the thing is here  ,Neel is getting busy and trying to make this blog easy also , so i had to post the stories and replies to your comments .  Even though Im busy whenever i get time  i will definately reply to all of your comments . 
But the updatese will be maximum regular from now on . 
So please Give your support and encouragement to grow this blog .
Keep smiling and stay blessed .. 

FOR  Neel 
see ,hope you are happy now , Im interacting directly with  My readers , and Im so happy and one more thing  Im expecting your comments in the box from tomorrow [ winks] And im not going to reveal you the story before .lolzz... Love you Loads . Get ready for the blast . Muhaa