Saturday, 10 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-18

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Priya stepped back slipped  on the bed . He plopped in the sofa . Switching on TV   He is pouring  the fire liquid in his glass. He slipped slowly ,slowly . He is still feeling her smoothness on his hands , he looked at his hands , gulped more liquid . he is feeling good while the warm ,fire liquid dripping in his mouth . priya is having difficult time seeing him like that . She is crying silently . He is drinking silently , he drunk until he has strength , she cried until she had strength both drifted off to sleep .
The sunrays glittering from  all  4 sides . birds chipring away to glory . but one room filled with the silence .Her chest is heaving  with a rhythm . The alarm sound  broke her sleep . she immeditealy switched it off rubbing her eyes she looked at her man . The night moments recalled her brain  she knows  how much it could have hurt him .But what else will she do at that time . She closed her eyes again ,timidly walked to him , His hairs sprawled on his forehead . The smell of alcohol is blooming there . she  heaved a sigh ,caressed his hair damped a chiaste kiss on his forehead . murmuring a quick sorry , she cleaned up the alocohol tray and their room ,than she went washroom to freshen up herself .
After few mins  Ram too get up with  a splitting headache , he ordered bansi kaka to bring some lemon juice . He went to guest room to get ready , from there he left to hospital .
When she came out of the washroom she found Ram is no where to be seen in their room .she freshened up went to the hall to check on him . but to her utter surprice he was not there also . she asked krishnaji about his where abouts .
Priya he might gone to hospital its been 2 days na , today will b going to hectic for him . why you are asking  didn’t he  tell you  ??
No ma , Actually when im going for bath he was still asleep ,when I came after bath he was no where to be seen . so  ..
Its okay priya , may be he got any call from hospital .come do your breakfast and get back to your college , again it will be difficult for you .saying this krishnaji served to priya , who ate calmly . Tears are threatening  to flow from her doe eyes . There were no msgs , no calls ,no face to face interaction between her and Ram . she was cursing herself  how much it could have hurted him , I could have tell him what was exactly happened . she ate quickly .Krishnaji stayed back to talk with Rishab . Priya directly went to hospital to meet her father and from there she wants to go to her college . but her thoughts were constantly  revinding on him .
Pleaseeee God help me ,she closed her eyes  to steady her heart beat . she was aching inside out , she loved him  as he is , she loved him with her whole heart , she felt goosebumps reminding his touches on her body . when she opposed him ,she clearly saw the hurt in his eyes . she herself was in dilemma How all this happened , right now she don’t have proper answer for that . her thoughts were running  with this flow .
Ram reached his hospital . while entering in the hospital . he saw vikram in his uniform . Vikram wished Ram “Good morning “
Good morning Ram wished him back , His thoughts never left  him in peace after that incident , he was feeling somebody is chopping his heart , heaving a sigh .
“Shall I ask one question brother “ Ram asked vikram
Vikram surprised “ yes please go ahead “
 Mm ohhh This is very difficult but just want to know . “ did priya .. ufff Did priya  have anyone in her mind , and you people made me to marry her forcedly kya “
Vikram has seen the  pain in Ram’s eyes crystal clear . and he was shocked by this question . He patted Ram on his shoulder .
Shall I ask one question Vik asked Ram .
Ram nodded his head , “ Didn’t she tell you I love you  “ or didn’t she showed her love to you .Vikram was very confident aout priya’s love towards Ram . and how much she cried the other day and whenever she is with Ram how her eyes shines and indeed she is in deeply love with him and here he is asking does she have anyone in her life .
Ram closed his eyes for a second , No actually she didn’t  but This is definitely a forced marriage for her saying this Ram left  leaving vikram baffled in his tracks.
Ram gave instructions to his  peon don’t disturb me for an hour . Peon was again horrified seeing Ram’s raging voice . he kept quiet . after marriage sir changed a lot but today he is back to normal sence again . The peon  sat infront of his room not allowing anyone .
Tears forming in his eyes . Goddd this is just pathetic why he is feeling so miserable . Why its hurting me this much . Common Ram face the truth . This is going to be difficulty . He reminded all their encounters but none of the time she said “I love you “ to him . And like a stupid he was dreaming about her and he crossed all the lines . Goshhhh ..
Priya reached hospital , Vikram confronted her  what happened between you and Ram . she downcasted her eyes ,  she can’t tell him whats happening with her  and what she did yesterday .
Seeing her face fell , Vikram stated do you know how much pain in his eyes , I don’t know what happened between you two
but Ram asked  me  “ Do you [Priya] have anyone in your life “ and blamed us that we married you forcefully without your wish . she closed her eyes  feeling his pain . I know its forced marriage but not because you have some in ur life , its because of your safety as well as security in your life .And and I don’t know what to tell you priya , you will think about others happiness first and God damn it he is your husband and in your husband case what you are thinking . Have you told him that you too loves him .
She waited for a min , two mins and 5 mins . she nodded her head a NO .. Vikram lifted her chin up to staright his face , do you love him priya .
Yes , ALottt .. was the only answer she gave him before  hugging him and cry . Vikram patted her head .. Ushhhhh ushh Its okay , It’ s going to be okay .
DSP Riaz khan came to the hospital . to know the case further . Vikram  broke the hug , wished DSP .The manager  didn’t listen what peon was telling , he enetered in to Ram’s cabin before Ram shoot his questions , Good morning sir ,sorry for the disturbance . But DSP Riaz khan came to visit your father in law  and about the case .
WHAT ??? My father in law .. Ram stood from his chair unbeliveble to hear  ,shoving his  hand s in his hair , frustatingly he asked what the hell happened when im not there . mean hwile karthik entered seeing all the commotion , Karthik sent the manager off and explained everything to Ram . He was so shattered hearing this , and cursed himself for his pathetic ehaviour towards her . Goddd he felt he acted like a beast . Karthik seeing his condition ,
Why the HELL nobody has informed me !!
 Sir  your mother told to not reveal anything until you come back here so we kept it as secret . He glared at karthik , left to see  his father in law while karthik guiding .
He was so damn bad in mood , God what I have done with priya , what she must be thinking , Im behaved like a beast with her , Goddd she is going thru this much pain and I wen to have sex with her .  fuc**** thing , and how come she hide this matter from me , how come she didn’t even informed me when the blast happened . For the god sake  even yesterday also no body told me anything . why …  why ?? with this thoughts he enetered  in the floor where his FIL was there . He has seen vikram holding priya telling sumthing .
Ram ‘s heart went away seeing her condition , he so wanted to hug her and confort her and tell her that everything is gonna allright . Every damn thing is gonna alright . but he himself don’t know what place he is holding her in her heart. Seeing him Priya broke the hug ,wiped her tears  meanwhile  DSP Roaz khan has seen Nuts  enquired few things from her back to the floor . where vikram is taking him to  Sudhir’s room .Ram too followed them .  DSP asked few questions .Ram directly went and sat near to sudhir and asked his where abouts and health condition and he said sorry profusely as he anaware of the fact of his ill ness glaring at priya . priya downcasted her eyes . Later DSP riaz khan , Vikram , Ram , Priya moved to the next door to discuss the happenings .
DSP Riaz khan  enquired her once more about the happenings when it has taken place . Priya narrated everything again . and DSP told we have been located all the cctv camera footages also but there is no suspicion found  that who has arranged that bomb in your car . we thouroughly investigated your security system and driver too but no  related news for this . I mean not a single clue we got .
DSP Riaz khan : Priya just try to remember have you  and sruthi done anything wrong or hurt anybody intentionally or unintentionally  ,with that have they lost anything bigger  just try to recall .
Priya sighed  hearing this out . I Don’t Know Sir , If I go to college I used to think when I will go home and spent time with my dad and family , when I got free time I used to think where we can go for holiday this time .etc etc .. I really don’t know what I did . Infact  once  someone attacked my dad with a gun but before that bullet hit him I went  infront of that so that bullet pierced in my shoulder .
WHATTT ??? Ram and DSP Riaz  shocked to know this and asked when did this happen .
Vikram: almost 2 years back  sir . My  uncle gave complaint on that particular person  and police caught him . he escaped from the jail  attempted murder on uncle .
What happened next ?? Ram asked  while sweat formed on his face .
Actually when Priya came infront of uncle we  all understud someone planned this , by the time we reached outside he is escaping in his car when  uncle shot his car . His car balanced out and hit to the nearest transformer  immediately got fire as well as he got electric shock because of the hit luckily the car door was out and the fellow got  jumped somehow he landed  outside from the car door by the time damage was already done his legs got severly injured .  Police came taken up him to the hospital now  he is in central jail .

There is pindrop silence ,
May I know the criminal name ?? all heads turned to the opposite direction  only to see  Rishab and Krishanji enetered  and krishnaji asked the question .
Vikarm sighed and said His name is Dr.Sidhanth Rey .
Rishab : why Sudhir ji has filed case against him .  
VIkram : because   He is cheating on his patients , doing illegal business by selling the human organs .
Krishnaji : How did sudhir ji knows that ?
Priya : Ma we had a servent named “ shantha bhai  “ that time she is not feeling well from past few days ,  so sruthi and me has taken her to her uncle’s hospital .

Ram: Means which hospital