Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-5

Hi dear readers , Goddd few of the readers called me and laughing like hell until that time I don't knw this name issue . coming to your "Sameer " name  doubt
I know Viji and Neel don't like Rajat  , and I seriously wont  keep the name in any of my stories , But this "Sameer " name is something behind it .
When I was thinking about matching name to NIharika I got only bansi kaka name .. lol
But its not suiting up without kaka so I quit that thought , and in our hospital we have one doctor Named Sameer , and no one likes  him because of his attitude and over action , so I just paired him with Niharika , just to feel  how they two are .. nothing else behind this . lol .. its weird but  when im thinking  He came infront of me so I just fixed this name .. lol
Hope  you got clarified with the name ..

This update is lil bit emotional one in one para  Think this is just a suspence story , so you have to read everything than you will have a good  knowledge when the story is progressing .Thank you so much im glad you liked it .


Ram self thought :why priya , why you are not sharing with anyone , just ask me,I Will do whatever you ask for , just open up yourself to me priya , I love you  ,I just love you saying this he about to kiss on her forehead .some one knocked the door.
He jerked himself up , smiling seeing her angelic face he opened the door . Amarnath is standing infront of the door , asking him to come outside as he has to talk something with him .Closing the door Ram went to talk .
In meanwhile  the clock showed 1 o clock . Krishna ji called everyone for lunch . Told Ram to wake up priya .
Ram  checked her she is still sleeping , her front hair falling on her face  , her pallu a bit moved away from its actual place , oh god she is breathtakingly beautiful to him . supreessing his  hormones ,He moved near to wake her up .
Priya tilted her head hearing her name called b y sweetly . But didn't budge to woke up . Ram tried in different ways . atlast he shouted "KIDDooo .. " she sprung up on the bed sat starightly rubbing her eyes .
She sulked  in her sleepy state "how many times I should tel you don't call me with that name " and why you are shouting now "
He laughed at her sleepy state . Kiddo its  1 in after noon , Mom is caling for lunch , come get up lazy bones
Priya : Okay I will , when she about to get up , she felt her saree crampled and she knw it was not in a correct position .
Ram .. she called him so sweetly that Ram forgot to breath
She jerked him up .
Ram coming back to his sences , If you call with your sexy sweet voice again I will die My pretty girl , Priya blushed at the same time  She understud he is flirting with her directly .
Err there is no need to flirt . she snapped at him
Ram : so with out flirting only  you will understand my intentions kya ?? saying this he bite his tongue .
But priya is not in position to think about that , she  was hesitating to ask .
He asked her : what happen kiddo any problem
Priya: woo .. Umm ,, errr Can I wear any ,I mean saree is lil uncomfortable soo
Yes you can wear anything you want baby , both looked back only to find Krishna standing there .
Krishna was glad to see both are talking normally ,  she felt  good seeing them , Priya smiled at her , I will change and come , just gimme 5 mins saying this she rushed to washroom to change her clothes .
Everybody had a nice lunch . Niharika & Krishna ji made priya to look kitchen and  their family albums . She didn't know when time passed until Ram came to NIharika Room ,calling for priya
Kiddo .. Kiddoo ..
Hearing this , Priya gritted her teeth . she about to get up
NIharika :Kiddo is here Ram.In my room  .. Priya  went blank as Nih called with the same ..
Ram: hey kiddo  ,Your jiju has come to see you .
Her anger just vanished hearing vikram's name , She  kept aside the album , Di I will come and see just wait aa please , she ran off from there .
She saw him standing and watching over the aquarium , she called him "Jiju "
Vikram smiled  hearing her , Hii baby how are you doing , giving her fav Dairy milk  he welcomed her in his arms ,she cosyly landed in his arms  ,she asked how are you , how is papa and everyone .
Vikram caressing her hair , just morning you have seen them  baby , they all are fine , How are you ,Priya freed from his grip Im fine Jiju , I was with Di ,she is telling so manythings , I just forgot the time .
Priya hoped vikram may tell something . when he didn't say any she asked anything to say .
Vikram: No baby girl , as you expected  nothing is  there with me , Neha is sleeping right now she wanted to talk with you , call her in the night okay .She was disspointed with the same news again and again .
Ram was observing all her movements , from the entry of vikram to now , When he comes her face lightens up  but when he  said something , her face went pale and she was disturbed by something .
Why she isn't telling to me . And why she is ready for this marriage even for her father . an idea struck him That means , she don't want marriage But Not Me...
With this his smile broadened  he left to his room , keeping a chocolate in one box he closed it . The time just passed ,after dinner Priya came back to room to sleep . She changed in to maxy .She is looking super cool to Ram in any attire .
Her hands filled with the bangles , and mehindi , her forehead filled with sindhoor , and her neck is adorned with black beads , she is looking like an angel to him at the same time  he wants to talk with her  , he wants to hold her and he was controlling his urge to Hug her in his embrace .
By thinking her in his arms itself he is getting harder . She hesistated a bit before slipping in to the bed  beside him .Atlast she herself managed as she should sleep on bed itself , saying Good night she slept opposite to him .covering with a duvet , she closed her eyes .

Ram  seeing Priya's back ,God she is  killing me with her magic yaar .Ram you sleeping with her first day ,Ufff how he imagined always she will be in his arms but here she is sleeping far end of that side .. He waited for some more time , Priya felt the matrix is sinking beside her ,her heart is  thudding against her breast bone , fear ran thru with in all her veins . Is He going to Rape me now .Oh my god please please save me she prayed to god , closed her eyes tightly  .[Lol im rofling when im writing this line but this is purely Neels order ]
Ram slowly came to her  she felt his hot breath on her face . she about to open her eyes . She heard a click sound than she felt matrix shifting ,she sighed a relief  . she creeked open her one eye and observed  he switched off the light .
God what the hell  she is thinking . She hasn't thought about sleeping in same bed till now . and Husband and wife relation ship . she clearly saw desirefilled eyes in their first night and some times she found the desire while he flirting with her .
But How she is going to stop him , Oh god why you made me landed in this mess . she tried to sleep hard but sleep is faraway from her .
Slowly her thoughts went back to Sruthi . Sruthi  is their neighbour and Neha di's class mate But Neha di and Vikram jiju has  shifted to delhi for further studies with aunt , Priya and Sruthi grown up as sisters . than after  two years sruthi's family shifted to new locality but stil their friendship continued strong bond . The day when sruthi & ashwin marriage date fixed , these three went to hill station to celebrate the occasion .
Priya wantedly left these two alone for sometime she went to near by dhaba to buy some eatable items , cokes for them .she roamed in the garden for some time than she  felt something strange and she started to call them back .
It was unusual for priya , while she is returning back to them ,Priya got a call from sudhir ,
Hello papa , You know im at thie Snag Hill station , you don't know how beautiful it is .
Sudhir : SOo my llil girl liked the place so why don't we plan an outing there .
Priya :OMG that will be super dad ,You know what sruthi & Ashwin marriage fixed and they were so happy .
Before Sudhir said something , Priya  reached  the place and sheaw sruthi s body  is being dragged by a man
Priya: what the hell , Who are you .. Sruthiii ... She was schoked she about to stop her car with a sudden break , A man standing there signalled something ,priya didn't get the clear view as her tears  clouded the view .
Sudhir :Priya .. beta what happened r u okay .. priyaa a.. he panicked .shipra & Neha came by his side . Neha dialled Vik's number ..
Priya : Dad some one did something to sruthi they are  taking sruthi away ..  Oh My God she gasped when the truck is  coming her way
Sudhir :Priya ... priya ..  whats happening .. now every one panicked .
Priya:  her sobs gets clearer .. Papa .. some truck  ,she us trying to avade the truck...Sudhir  can clearly hear her sobs m her  painful moans .
Neha conveyed the msg to vikram , vikram informed the nearest police station . and he too strted from there .
Sudhir :Priya .. jump from the car beta .. Jump from the car . sudhir and with his family started  from their place .
Than sudhir heard very painful moans and shrieks of priya , than  there is no response from priya . But  Sudhir heard something and begged "Please don't kill her , please please don't don't " And the line went dead .
After 30 mins sudhir reached there .just at the same time Vikram reached there .
Priya's car severly damaged as priya tried to come out from the car , her half body crashed with in the car door , her hand has a deep cut and she lost so much of blood already . to get priya from the car they took another half an hour .
She woke up in the hospital after 3 days  , to get to know Sruthi & Ashwin got murdered cruelly . she remembered sruthi & Ashwin  photos at the spot . than after two times they tried to kill her but as sudhir & vikram took all meaures , they saved her intime , she felt like she gasped for breath . she opened her eyes , sat straight on her side .
Wiping her sweat she drank the glass of water . she looked at Ram , he looked so cute in his sleepy state , he hasn't covered with quilt   , she pulled up the quilt until his neck  moved closer to him Holding his pam she slept again not to get these dreams .
Lil flower  school , 9th class students were happy as their exams over and they were going to see a science exhibition  as well as Amusement park . As the school strict orders , 15 kids are walking in a group accompanying with a   teacher .Sahil  walking along with kids . When a man called him , He stopped walking , the friends didn't bother to check and he talked with that man .
After 2 hours .. School principal called to Mr.Mrs.Bhandari  to come to hospital . When they  reached there , sahil friends , teachers ,principal were  waiting infront of the room .
They asked  the school principal what happened .
Principal :Sir sahil got unconscious suddenly so we brought him to the  hospital but ..
Mr.Bhandari : But what ... ??? But what  Prinicpal ,
Doctor :sir  , some body gave him poison actually  he is brought dead .
Mrs.Bhnadari  leaned to the wall staring at the room  , Mr.Bhandari collapsed on the chair .How .. how its  .. You are  responsible for this , what you gave to my son  , he caught principal collar and shouted at him .
Principal : sir please understand , our strict orders to students from our school management that students should not eat from out side or stanrgers , some body gave sahil chacolates and he ate  .
Mr.Bhandari ran to the room only to find Sahil  body wrapped in a white sheet . The formalities are going on because there is nothing to do with Anything now . Vikram got the news and he immediately rushed up there
And his intentions  and these all the warnings giving dangerous to priya's life too . The more case is getting critical day by day .
Vikram thoughts strucked at only  one point . why they want to kill such an innocent kid . what is their motive behind it . He was questioning the sahil friend s as well as the teacher who accompanied there . his investigation is going on  he desperately wanted  to clear theis case at any cost . The day ended with formalities and all , they have taken the body to home for the night .
Ram came from the hospital , when he entered the room priya was still unpacking her things .He wished Good evening to her , she wished back " good night "
Ram checked the time its almost 9 .30 pm .. errr sorry got late
Priya : til now every one waited for you at the dining table
Ram : umm sorry  , got lil bit late ya .. Gimme few mins I will just freshen up and come .
Priya glanced at his retreating figure , He turned back " Kiddo Did you missed me " he shot his question directly .
Priya trembled , She  gave blushy wala smile ,nodded her head negative saying NO ..
Ram just refershend seeing her smile , OMG one day she will kill me with her cuteness  thinking this  , he freshened up came out with wrapping towel around his waist .
Priya was trying to adjust her clothes in the closet , He stood behind her , thinking what to wear at the same time glancing her , Uff he so wanted to snake his hand around her waist , Pulling her in to his chest , Shower her  silky neck with his kisses . His hand about to take the kurtha ,she  felt him back she turned to give him space in the process  she gripped his bare arm  to support herself .
Ram didn't leave the chance  he moved more closer to give her comfort , She closed her  eyes with fear ,when she felt cold skin rubbing against her cheek she opened  her eyes , he felt her eyelashes blinked few times  near his chest ,his hands on her slim waist , she jerked herself of from him ,Her breath got Heavvy with mere of his presence . she moved   back , he freed her . she waited  until he dressed up , She walked with him near dining table . She looked back to see wether Krishnaji or Niharika is there .
She served  him and for her . He was surprised to see Priya is having dinner with him .
Ram: You haven't had your food .
Priya :No  . Serving another spoonful for Ram , she settled herself near to his chair so she can serve him easily .
Here Krishna and Niharika  HiFied each other . They left them on the dining table and went from there .
Ram felt so happy to see priya waited for him .That means she has some feelings  on him . he giggled by his own thought .
Whats so funny , why you laughing priya suited her question
Ram :Nothing , I just remebred one of the funny question asked by patient 
Priya :oh Ok .. Hmm  Can I go to Hospital from Tomorrw and my postings also there in college , can I
Ram : You can kiddo , but ask Mom once , they have some days and all na .
Priya : yeah I asked her , she said  day after tomrw I can start
Ram : that's fine than , you can
Priya : had broad grin hearing it , she thought he will object that she is working , she thought he may object for going out , why she don't kknow but she was happy to hear from him positive answer .
Priya cleared up everything  came to their room by that time she came , Ram is on phone discussing something about  the case of one patient . she slid herside  , don't know when she fallen asleep .
Priya got up early in the morning , she  took bath , she flucked flowers from garden sat  in pooja with krishnaji . Ram left to hospital every body gone to their work .
Priya came to kitchen for helping krishnaji . But krishanji asked priya to go and study . She came in the hall ,  reading something Than she  got a call . Krishnaji observing priya , who shakend up hearing the news , before krishnaji asks any ,
she said to Krishnaji ,I will just come mammiji , but at the far site Krishnaji found  priya wiping her tears , she immediately called to Ram and informed as Priya was going out with tears .

Ram was happy to see the changes in priya and when he heard about his mother call he was petrified ,remembered Sudhir words .

So .. Any guesses  dear readers .