Tuesday, 27 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-20


Ram was taken back by this sudden truth of hers . as Krishnaji planned when sudhir ji was returning to home Ram should not be there because the killer or who ever thought that Ram is not involving in all this .so  for That Ram has gone to trekking avoiding sudhirs return.
But he didn’t expect that priya will  wait for him , ok kaka thank you , just make another plate  as she is sleeping I will make her eat in the night . He ate his food came back with her food .
 She cuddled herself like a  ball sleeping away to glory. Her cheeks   dried up with the tear marks . he couldn’t able to take that . his hand caressed her cheek . She stirred in her sleep . He tried  to wake her up by calling her name  but she was in deep slumber She didn’t budge to open even her eyes .
Ram doesn’t know tiredness took a toll on her that day . He was depressed  with  “ why priya behaved with him as such “ uff he closed his eyes .He recalled all her moments with him . She was precious to him . But what was this . He  went and opened  his closet he  opened his secret locker , he  opened a paper bundle , he got instant smile seeing the “ Blue button and three small hangings attached to that “ kissing it lightly”  he remembered faintly how  priya landed up in his arms  on their first meet . Ohhhhh he closed his eyes with the thought , hearing some sound from the room he immediately kept it  back . as If priya might see this . he came to the room to check  on .
Priya turned otherside in her sleep , the book near to her fell down from the bed . He smiled seeing the petite frame lying on the bed . he neatly covered her up with blanket . He too slept on the couch itself .When the sunrays burnt her skin on her hand , she lazily opened her eyes . and those were stuck at one place  “ he is ruffling his hair after a hot shower , the water drops  sliding down across his  pectoral muscles , than ab muscles  it went deeper , she swallowed a lump seeing the  beautiful site . when his towel wiped it away , she gazed at his face , he was cleaning himself ,his messy hair gives him a hot look  .. she closes her eyes when she felt some tingling sensation between her legs , goshhh he is looking like a greek Goddd , control priyaaaa ,  control your harmones .
Her inner soul  voiced out , common priya go and get your man , he is all yours  , she felt goosebumps feeling his nude chest against her  bare body . she rose up from her dreams when she heard his talk on phone “ Ohh that’s bad ,, okk hung up will start now it self “And do the needful until I come . He turned to her to say something “ umm  .. “
 Seeing her sleepy state he didn’t want to encounter her early morning .
Good morning , she wished him , he wished back “morning “ left to get ready . She plopped back in bed herself again , hugging the near by pillow tightly . You don’t even wants to talk with me Ram ?? she  heaved a sigh , got freshened up herself .  When she went to dining area all are having breakfast Niharika invited priya also to join in , priya missed Ram there so she thought  he must be in his hospital by now .
Faking a smile to them she greeted everyone and seeing Rishab over there , she decided to take the breakfast to nuts  and herself to nuts room .Saying the samething to krishnaji she went to nuts room . Nuts was talking on the phone someone with her everlasting smile .
Seeing priya her smile broadned and she wished her “Good morning “ only with lips movement . Priya too wished back good morning whisperingly ..
We can hear only one side convo
Nuts; Noo you can’t keep the call now.. abhi abhi toh call kiya na .. please …she giggled  
The other person ……..
Nuts :If its your boss I don’t care .. she grinned saying this
The other person …..
Nuts:Okay okay gonna keep it , love ya .. bye tc ,

She hung up the call . Greeted priya very cheerfully . 
Priya :someone is blushing and looking very happy .
Nuts:smiled hearing this , Nothing priya you know  it was karthik and Your husband had some Imp meeting so he is going to attend that so he wants me to keep the call .
Priya laughed hearing this and said and you are adamant that you wont keep the call hai na , she winked at him and both laughed ..
Yes priya , how come I will leave him when he is pleading so cutely . before RK sir he wants everything to get ready . nuts mocked at karthik .Both laughed . she served breakfast to her when she was about to serve in her plate ,krishnaji called priya .
Krishna : Priya we are going to  near by temple , Rishab mom wants to meet me . so will catch up with her and come . you take care .
Okay ma she turned to go , she heard Niharika ..
Niharika: I don’t know what you people do ,no body is there in the home so  I want everything settles down today itself that too very smoothly , No one should get doubt on me .  don’t involve anyone in this . as I said it should go smoothly .
Priya was stunned to hear this , what di was talking about . she interwined in her talk .Niharika stammered  seeing priya infront of her ..
Priya:What are you doing di ?? had your breakfast ??
Woo .. woo . I was just  umm on a call .important ..
Priya felt weird .when she about to go to nuts room Bansi kaka cleaned up all , bringing it back . Anyway she don’t have apetite too so she didn’t care about it . she went to nuts . meanwhile she heard Sameer and niharika   went somewhere  holding hands together .
Nuts :Hey priya I asked kaka to warm up your food , come on  go and get your food .
Priya : okay baba , I will have that but show me your leg now , she examined it  than gave nuts meds and she left to her room .
Bansi kaka called her to have her breakfast , but she refused saying that she is  not hungry . Bansikaka  remembered her that she has not taken anything in the night also .
Priya replied weakly :Please kaka I will have after sometime . the ever loyal cook left from there he strolled in the garden for some time , one of the gaurd asked for Tea . so he went and brought the Tea for every one .  after sometime  everyone left to their works .
All this time One pair of hands  attached metal nails to two of the tyres of security Car . and the same hands placed the Keys in Priya’s car [which actually she is travelling daily ]
One hour passed like this ….
Priya was doing nothing she is admiring her marriage album . Till yesterday she observed only her pics but now she is observing Him . a shrill ring of her phone made her jump in fear .
She received the call . H.. hello…
The caller : Hellooo Mam ,  What is your relationship with Ramkapoor mam .
Priya : gripped her phone tightly in her hands , Myy .My Husband … she breathed hardly .while sweat forming on forehead
The caller : Mam , one ash blue colour Car Number plate 78** have been met with an accident on the lanco side road mam , the person has struck in the car , he said to call you .
Priya :Nooooo .. Noooo  it can’t be true .. it just cant be true .. Oh God It just cant be true .. She is really gasping for breath now .she felt her knees weaken up .
The caller :Ok mam I will send a mms check it . She received a video clip .
Priya : she can see Ram’s car was fully damaged ,  inside she can see  Ram was laying upside down and bleeding from his head .
The caller :  Laughing evilly .. Why can’t its true Priya ji .. Why can’t its ..true ,after seeing the video will you belive it now . Go and save him   ..poor guy he is in his lastttt breaths..

Priya :She  Recognised the voice , she hurriedly  came to the front door calling “Driver ..Driver “ but he seems to be no where .. She ran to the car found the keys in it , she started the car which he told her  where the accident  takes place ..I wil kill you b*****d I will kill you if something happens to him .
The caller : haha .. Priya .. why don’t you call Him and check him where is he ..
Priya : tears clouded her vision … shut up I say shut up .her fears came true .. oh god what she should answer to everyone ,gOd please help him
Seeing  priya drove the car , security got alerted , driver also yelled from the back mam , mam im coming , but it was no use as priya jammed up the speed  of the car . the security followed her immediately but Alas , the back tyres got flattened at a time , they merely escaped from the accident . two of them went to take another vehicle and another two of them calling Rk and krishnaji to tell about the things happening .

But it was too fast pRIYA’s car was moved too fast ..
The caller :Priya ,..Your hubby is dying over here .. You want to see him na  , come come soon to the place ,oh god he is craving for  you ..
Priya :stop it and save him , you want me  than why you are torturing him .Leave him , If you want I will surrender to you,please please  .. she cried helplessly .
Police tapping was going on as vikram told . The constable inmmeditely informed Vikram about this .Vikarm ,Dsp alereted by hearing it and too shocked to get to know this  . and he immediately called Priya  not to go there but surprisingly the call is not connecting .
Shit what the hell why her number is not connecting . He called to Ram  but as he was in meeting he didn’t lift the call . He called to the hospital and immediately asked for line of Rk . first they refused when he said its hell urgent they have connected and when vikram told Ram was shocked to the core . why the hell she is going , she should call me na .. Goddd .. Vikram told to come lanco road side asap .
The police team worked up to find  to reach out priya’s cell . One  officer told to vikram . sir The criminal has changed the security system in priya’s phone by using high technology .Until he reset we cannot reach priya s  cell . 
Vikram .. why the hell Priya is  going there ..
Officer :sir you look at this once .he showed the MMS which sent by the criminal to priya . and sir it happened 20 mins back because of hie misuse of technology we are getting this very late .
Vikram ..Oh Goddd this is soo patheticcc.Priya is in danger  .He too started to lancoside road .
Priya: please please help him , he is bleeding.she cried with her heart out
The caller ‘: Oh my dear priya . he wants only you it seems ,,he is whispering only your name ..
Priya : please for the god sake help him , I beg of you
The caller :Im sorry priya , I want to see desperate priya.how she longing for her husband  , how she will see her husband die . he laughed again .
Priya :  going to reach the accident spot , far away the road  turn two other cars also coming with the same speed . Ram and vikram are waving their hands to priya she should not get down from the car.
“ Come back come  back  “and they are yelling at her but she is unable to hear from that far .
She got down  disconnecting the call , called to the ambulance , but the number is not working at the same time she was shocked to see the car state , it was damaged like hell and it was  up side position in the down side of the road ,  a fear ran thru her! seeing the dreadful state of the car , as a doctor she has seen many accident cases  and she herself met with an accident she can understand how much Ram was going thru right now.
With her feeble steps . she walked near the car , she tried to peepdown .but she couldn’t get any view.
When she heard “Ram’s voice “Please Priya help me “
She controlled her tears seeing his vulnerable state , his husky voice is pleading her to help him . Oh My god what I shud do .. Ram are you okay .Ram please reply me ,she went back to see any stick to get on the car .
“Priya It’s paining heavily ,help me out “
“Drag me from this  “
“Priya please It’s paining “
She scrunched her eyes ….
Ram & Vikram has seen this from the far  , they felt happy loudly saying her come back come back from that deadly car ..
Priya: she shrieked herself. Stop .. stop priya . OH GOddd .. Oh godd .she backed off from the car like a lighten speed . she was 10 feet away from the car, she stared at the backside of the car .
“please help me priya “
The voice is ringing in her ears .

Oh Goddd this is all trap … Ohhhh my she clasped her mouth with her hands .. This is simply a trap ,oh god they trapped me  priya mewled   .
The criminal didn’t leave the chance .. SHIT .. SHITTT how the hell she came to know it , I planned pakka.  he found the two cars approaching the site .. He immediately pushed a button . The damaged car blasted in no time . one of the piece hit priya very badly she rosed up in air for the force ,when she landed back on the earth . Ram reached there but before that damage already has done . she  got many injuries .
Ram took her in his arms , “Priya.. priya .. he slapped her on cheeks “ Vikram looked at her than tried to locate any person behind the car and the premices .
She slowly opened her eyes  , her face filled with blood and the dark coloured smoke . A smile formed on her lips  seeing the man alive infront of her .

I .. I … [ she whispered  with a tremble ]
Ram: You wil be okay baby , I will take you to the hospital right away , You will be okay , please be with me .
But priya clasped his wrist  ,Nodding her head as NO , taking deep breaths , she signalled to say something to him , so he leaned on her lips , his rt  ear near to her lips . she managed  “I LOVE YOU “  whispering this  in his ears  ,
“Weepingly  he returned I love you too baby , I so love you too .. “she passed out in his arms with a small smile on her lips .
Noooooooooooooooooo .. This is not doneeeee ..  he shrieked out ..
Goddd pleaseeee help her , he cried out loud ,the air squeezed from his lungs making him feel gag. He ouldnt able to see her like this . he checked her jugular vein pulse feeling it very damn low . he shook her  “wake upppp please wake uppp saying this he rushed  with her towards the car , vikram’s driver came to drove the car , immediately they left to the hospital .

Priya’s thoughts :She felt numb all over her body , felt the  warm liquid running thru her head and some other places but yet she relived to see a pair of chocolate eyes staring at her with tears falling down . Her mind went jittery because of the pains she had , she was happy to see him ,if she was not going to make this time  ohh No No
He has to know that I only loved him … Than he lips whispered him “I love you “and her eyes rested .

Hey dear readers ..So will priya is going to die , will Ram let her die .

How she Knws That it’s a TRAP .. anybody has any guesses .I have given it clearly ,just try to get the clue ..  and VIJI and NEEL I alredy told you people so you should not mention about the trap im asking o rest of the readers .

Hope this font is okay .. let me know will try to change .