Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-10

This is unedited  part , sorry for the errors ,Please bear with it ,Neel is pestering me for the update so don't  have time to edit . 


She very well know How much Ram loves her but to this extent she didn't expected ,her heart flutters with joy at the same time she felt scary what If someone harm to her  , some one try to kill her as like previous . she finished her college she got late today , she was very eager to see Ram so she ran to their room .But the empty room welcomed her .First time she felt like crying . she felt  all alone again . His smily face flashing infront of her eyes , His naughty talks ringing in her ears .
She hated him so much from the beginning of their  meet , But now all her walls broken by seeing his love , care and over possesivenes towards her .What exactly she is doing she doesn't understand only thing she wanted to do now is , Wants to see him,wants to be with him  .But how can she call him he is not attending  her call tooo .instantly she recollected that as He saved her name as Kiddo .She gritted her teeth ,atleast to question him about this she need to talk with him , She called him again but there was no response from him .
She muttered under her breath " I love you Kiddo , I so love you , but he wont respond to my calls nor my msgs ,and upon He hasn't even called me grrr ,I will definitely ask him this .Bansikaka  came in "Mam , Krishna mam is calling you "
Absent mindedly she  went to meet Krishna , Seeing priya  in same attire  Krishna ji asked "What happen priya , is everything okay .Priya  shot up her head  saying yes yes mammiji ,It's just ..Umm nothing .
Than why you haven't freshend up yet .Priya don'T have answer for it , Errr Im just calling him  he is busy it seems "Won't he come today also " She asked in a childish tone . Krishnaji had a broadgrin hearing it . She loved her son and daughter in law actions . She is enjoying it whatever they are doing ,Their home was brightened up with priya's arrival . Ram is daily coming to home  as well as Niharika& Sameer stayed back in India . So all are having masthi time  pulling each others leg .
Seeing priya's  pouty face , Krishnaji  said "waise ek bath kahu priya ,If you help me out this I will give a nice Idea to talk with My son "
Really  priya's face lits up "Ok ok tell me  how can I HELP you mammiji " Krishnaji  preparing the list of the invitees to the Reception party , Priya is arranging that as alphabet's order , they finished the work together in 30 mins ,Now tell me mammiji what  is that plan  ???

Krishnaji relaxed in the sofa "Will tell you First go and get ready "
But why
Wear that peacock colour  anarkali dress
Are we going somewhere ???Priya's is  very eagr to know But krishnaji is simply denying to tell her
Get ready as your best , Than I will tell the tip Now go she pushed her to their room .
Priya briskly took bath , wore what krishnaji choice , she gave touch up for her  cheeks , neatly kohled her eyes , taking her bag she  walked to Krishnaji s room .
Krishnaji looked at her , appreciated her effort , giving a  bag to her hands , Driver will take you to hospital , Have your dinner there and come back . priya's heart  paused a beat , Oh My God is this your plan mammiji , She sat there "Nooo I mean  I can't Interrupt his work " her  body went numb
Everythin wil be fine , do what I say , won't you belive me  priya  ,priya gazed at her a min , umm I will but I don't know where is he and how he will react seeing me .
Don't think all these , I want to send this dinner with driver but seeing your dull face im sending you so common go ..Nowww ..
She already  instructed the driver  to take priya directly to Ram' s chamber .
Hospital :
Priya merrily stepped inside , the glass doors automatically opened and welcomed her in , the AC coldness touched her milky skin danced  on her nerves crazily , Few faces turned to see the beautiful lady claded in anrakali suit . Driver lead her way to Ram's cabin which was situated in 5thfloor .While he pressed the lift button .Priya  said "we will go by stairs I want to see the hospital "
First floor is filled with Only OP suits for consultants ,as it was night almost it was empty ,The second floor is arranged very neatly with a good nursing station , one thing is attracted more in this  floor is Far end she saw a  beautiful garden and beside that Kids Play station . She thought that must be Paediatric section .  3rd floor is highly attached with different cubicals in different shapes . Reethu  was in her rounds and she saw priya there ,she hasn't belived her eyes , she called Priyaaa
Priya turned to find Reethu there , Omg Priya , You dressed to kill Our Boss haa!! She winked at her , Priya blushed "No yaar , I just came  to give his dinner , he has not come to home from yesterday "
Reethu : Ha yaar NABH inspection is there in 10 days , this is the third time Ram sir is checking everything personally so he might be busy in that .
Ohhh  priya exclaimed . than they can hear Ram's raging voice , Priya glanced at upstairs she said bye to reethu instantly reethu stopped priya ,Ram sir is in very angry mood don't go priya .
I won't disturb him , I just wants to see him saying this she ran upstairs .
Reethu : priya ..
Sisters : laughed now who ever she is , definatly gone , comeon will see what will happen , few of them eagerly females went  after priya to see wrath of their MMD , reethu unmindfully walked with them  praying he should not get angry on priya .
Priya reached the next floor , Ram's upper part covered with white coat , he is questioning one short fellow about something , nothing is going to priya mind except his vision .He looked so handsome , the sweat on his forehead made him look more beautiful , he was desperate , frustrated , he is controlling his anger on that opposite person ,his fists are clearly showing how angry he was ,oh my the steth in right hand might be feeling suffocated by his squeezing .by this thought priya smiled herself .Every body sisters ,doctors are staring at them .The argument is going deep  , No only Ram is asking he is standing like lamb infront of a lion ,Ram lifted his hand to ran his hand thru hIS hairs .
Priya moved thinking he might be gonna hit The opposite person .
Everyone got sacred and thought Now he will start another ranting But everybody's expectations went wrong , when Ram's face lits up with a unknown glow .His tensed mandibulars  formed into a smily line , He stepped closer to her "Oh My , Kiddo , What a surprise " He sidehugged her whispered "Missed you " only she can heard that , the pinkish shade came over her cheeks .
Gazing at him again "Do what I say ,never ever repeat this ,Now you can go "
Sisters and the other duty doctors  started whispering who is that lady ? Omg how Sir went calm seeing her ? Now everybody observing her ,Ram carefuly taking her to his room .Lift is ready for them .Priya gazed at him ,will  climb stairs please I want to see .Ram laughed aloud , That's why i call you kiddo . Come come he lead her all the while she was in his side embrace .
Now the sisters turned to Reethu  asked her , Who is she mam ,Ram sir just went calm seeing her .Reethu is also in shock seeing that ,she whispered "His wife "
Sisters and the other staff praised her , her charming nature ,her effect on Ram . Hehe ofcourse eaqually we are drooling our own raya .
Ram lead her to the fifth floor ,she was glad to see the environment is too beautiful and the interior designing is highlight ,its actually feeling like five star hotel ,everything is neatly very neatly organised. He lead her  to the side way .There she can see few rooms was strictly prohibited as they were locked and instructions written .He opened the door for her , She thrilled to see his  room , Is it your office looking at the Bed and Tv everything is there in this room,its actually like a hotel room.
Kiddo Its my room , whenever I will be here I will sleep here  only ,The other rooms are for few of great doctosr will come from foreign countries and other cities for them I allocated them .
She was awww for this thought , she sat beside him ,The driver already left the bag there .So madam why this surprise and you know what You looking stunning and umm and sexy bhi ..
"Ramm "
What ?? won't I praise my wife ha !! .. She blushed even more , she  was new to all these but his sexy voice dragging her more to drool on him .He removed his coat keeping at aside .so what you brought .He opened first box it was empty haaa with a slip inside .
He read that and smiled "Mom bhi na "
"Dear Son , Take her to dinner date , Sending her in your fav colour ,enjoy both of you " he forwarded the slip to her , she gasped " oh my " what a plan mammiji .
Both looked at each other and smiled .He caressed her cheek "YoU looking beautiful " Umm His urge wants to take her in his arms , made her undress here itself , want to  ride her cave deeply  ,but He is waiting for her to  accept him as her hubby  whole heartedly .
Seeing his confused face "She kept her hand on his shoulder ,What happen Ram, is something bothering you  ,when she didn't get response she jerked him .
Coming out of his thoughts , Huh nothing
Share with me Na , What happen Ram ,seeing the concern  In her eyes  ,He tugged her towards him ,motioned himself more on her ,with that she lost balance fallen on the bed their legs touching the ground . his face in her neck , yes something is really wrong with me kiddo , whenever I see you , I wanted to Hug you ,I want to thread my fingers in your silky hair , holding your face in  angle ,like this ,His hands working speed on her Staring at her eyes  deeply "I just wanna taste you "
Before she knew what's happening His lips landed on hers  ,He groaned sweetly ,he murmured taking her lower lip in his control "How soft  "  He completely leaned on her , his  toe Is caressing her leg , His lips sucked the sweetness off her lower lip ,she went numb for few secs ,she is feeling his hardness on her stomach ,his warmth and his colognae making her go crazy ,He kissed softly touching his forehead with her's , You will kill me with your presence baby .
You know how much I want  you right now ,her doe eyes registering what just happened the connection between them right now is beyond her control .
Iam sorry kiddo but you are too sweet can't resist myself " now his lips held her lips ,he grazed his tongue on her upperlip she parted in daze his tongue went in her to suck the sweet nectar from her .His hands working onn her back very pointedly in minimal places , she moaned when his hands squeezed her gluteal muscles .he held her waist in his fist tugged her more to him , he made her roll on him making sure not leaving their lips contact .priya is not kissing him back neithr she is reciprocating his act , she is just melting in his strong arms and surrendering  to his lips . her trembling hands touched his broad shoulders . when he felt she is suffocating  for breath ,he slowly lovingly withdraw his lips from her . she closed her eyes , gulped a large amount of O2 rested her head on his chest .