Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-8

Ram recognised Reetha , Hey  doc , You are working in our hospital right ..
Reetha : Yes sir ..
Ram:So this is your college .
Reetha : yes sir and priya is our best buddy , she called all of them  and introduced all of them.
Ram was patiently answering them where as priya blushing  .
Gals : Sir can you give a pose , we just want your couple pic , Priya don't have it . You are looking made for each other sir .
Ram kept his hand on priya  tugged her closer to him , Gals clappingly taken photos . and they dispersed from there. Giving some free time to Ram & Priya .
Priya slowly came out of from his grip
"What was that "
What ?? Ram asked curiously ...
Nothing ,  Im getting late she turned to go , she got a beep sound in her WA , she checked it her friends sent the photos immediately with some naughty comments . she glared at them .
Ram :Kiddooo .. Send those to my WA too please , The smile on his lips never faded and the blush on her cheeks never faded . Both went to respective places .
Priya : Finaly you people have got what you want , she smirked at  her friends .
Friends :Yup finally ...but you know what?  he is indeed super cool yaar . In between their professor came after explaining some methods he asked them to meet him in Surgery ward . The young docs were very much intrested to go to the surgery ward and experiment their skills .
A week passed like this ,Daily Ram is dropping her and picking her up  maximum times , if he wont he is sending the driver  to  pick her up . And the security is informing and alarming every maximum details to Ram also about her . She have been comfortable with him and his flirtings .
Priya's curiosity increased ON Ram and his whereabouts she  isn't able to understanding her feelings towards him .at the same time she wants to know so much about him , when ever she listens about him from Reetha , she so wanted to see him in that raging avatar in the hospital .
That day while going back to her home , she asked driver to go to Mr.Bhandari s house to check on them ,the house is always filled with laughters and teasings , Now feeling empty without any such noices . she slowly walked down to the hall , her eyes got teary when sh e saw two large photo frames  of sruthi and sahil ,smiling at her .she called them when she didn't get any response she went  to their bedroom  .
Dr,Jayesh karekar is cheking  Mrs.Bhandari s BP , Mr.Bhandari is standing beside her with worried lines on his face , she rushed to them " what happen to aunty "
Seeing  priya both  faces lits up " how are you beta"
"im fine aunty but what happen to you "
Jayesh: priya , her BP Is fluctuating  and she is suffering from severe headache from yesterday.when I came to see them  , now they told me , You tell her to take some rest don't take much stress .
Priya : what is this aunty , you should take care of yourself na .
Mrs.Bhandari : when my both kis not there in this world what I should do  priya  by taking care of myself .
Priya went numb for sometime she don't know what to speak further .
Jayesh : Priya , I told them to go and visit "Balanand " for sometime , so they could feel better
Priya : such a great idea uncle .you are always best ,  Turning to them it's a very beautiful orphanage aunty you definitely will love it , please once go and just stay there for sometime .
Mrs.Bhandari : coming out  from her thoughts , will see priya , by the way how is your life going on , How  is your new house .
Priya : Everything is okay aunty .
Mr.Bhandari :Take care of yourself priya . don't go outside with out anybody .did anything happened recently ..
Jayesh : looked worried ,Priya if anything happens just call us , we are a call away .we don't want to loose you at anycost .
Priya overhelmed seeing their care towards  her , she nodded her head . after spending sometime , she left to  her home .
When she reached  her room , Ram was  working on something  , he glanced at her turned his gaze towards the clock than back to his work , she looked at the time ,Its close to 8 , she walked near to him mouthed a "sorry "
He glanced at her once again than continued his work .
She muttered under her breath , I m teling sorry phir bhi he is showing his attitude .
"I heard it " Ram growled
"Thanks for your ears  for hearing it " saying this she bites her tongue and ran off to washroom , she took bath  , wore a silky simple kurthi , she glanced at Ram once who was deeply involved in  his work . she  escaped from their  room to  kitchen room .
Where Krishna ji and Niharika is ordering the servants to arrange the dining table . priya entered saying
Good evening Mammiji and di ...
Good eveinig beta .. how  was your day , Krishanaji asked priya .
Priya : Its good and tired bhi mammiji , she  was watching while krishnaji making bread pakoras ,  who will eat this oil food at night time  .
Niharika : smilingly " our koun aapka pathi inki ladli beta "
Priya flushed hearing it .
Niharika: You know he likes to eat ,he is a foodie and at the same time , mainatians his atheletic body too[ in this ff He is a handsome hunk ]
Priya : phir bhi , Night time its not good na mammiji
Krishna ji : But he asked me to cook .so can't deny  it .
Priya ,niharika ,krishanji banter goes on , while priya is narrating about  what she got different cases today , how she felt . some teasings and naughty talks  between them  finally all came back to the dinner table except Ram .
Krishnaji told priya to call Ram . She  went to their room to call him ,Ram was lying  down on the bed watching  TV .
Mammiji is calling for you dinner .he turned the otherside .
Priya now understud he is still angry on her . she walked near him ,
" im so sorry , I wanted to inform you befre going to uncles house but  I just forgot  ,anyway you wil get all the report na than why this much attitude ha!!!!
He glared at her !!1
Achha ok ok ,sorry ,  next time onwards I will inform you pakka , please come for dinner  "
Ram: a slight sly smile played on his lips , That's like  my girl so you know why im  angry , but I can't accept your sorry I want  more than this .
She baffeled asked him "means "
Showing his forehead  I want a kiss here ... He held his hair back with his hand .
She gasped , You are so shameless, and  sorry you are not going to get what you wanted
Ram :than im not coming  for dinner
Priya : Don't behave like this .
He pulled her she directly landed on his lap ,caressing her cheek , Just one kiss with your pink soft lips . He pleaded her . She downcasted her eyes when his gaze piercing her . His hand carving her cheeks ,jawline .how soft she is .
Please leave me na , she pleaded him .he is enjoying her discomfort , she is struggling to get off from his lap . When his lips about to touch her soft scalp .
Niharika  came in .." How much time you two will take ...
She paused in her tarcks seeing the love birds .. closing her eyes
Im sorry im so sorry , I didn't expect you will be romancing , giggling she left the place .
Priya immediately freed  herself  from him . Walking out ,Mammiji made bread pakoras for you , if you wont come she  may feel bad . she almost ran off .
On dining table ,she sat silently not to gaze at niharika ,who was smirking  uncontrollably .Soon Ram occupied her beside seat . After some time Niharika spoke "Ma I think we should send  Ram & priya to honeymoon " Ram shot his head  up , Priya had a bout of cough hearing her .Ram gave her water asked her to eat slowly .
Niharika:It's ok priya , we will select a nice place for you , Sameer too looked at priya .winking at Niharika   telling his plans too  about for their honeymoon .
Ram finally spoke  , hmm actualy I have so many things to do so I need some time and moreover priya also don't have much holidays so let me think about that .
The dinner went fine with Niharika's teasings and tauntings about the couple. Priya felt mortified for her teasings . but she  couldn't say anything nor she couldn't do anything  .
When the both came to Ram , she shot her questions at Ram
What the hell you are  trying to do ?? Oh god how di teased us , and you are enjoying it na , she was pushing him back saying all these .Ram held her hand pausing her attack on his chest ,  he inched her to him , Priya felt breathless by his presence , His lips merely maintain the gap between her cheek ,he whispered in her ears
"If Di wouldn't have interrupted , My lips could  have worshipped your forhead "
She gasped hearing him,  his presence is affecting her to the core .
Before he said something , his phone rang with a shrill voice .
Looking at the ID , This is imp take your time to think how to kiss me saying this he  attended the call freeing from her grip .
Her body  just missed the warmth  of him , oh my he is  dangerously  making me addict for him . she lost in her thoughts  for sometime.Ram is getting ready ,
"where ..where are you going "
An emergency case came I need to be there  kiddo , you sleep I will join you later . Before she say something , he fled from there ..She looked  from the window until his car fazed out from her view .

At exactly opposite to the building A man scratching his beard , laughing evilly
Oh My Priya ..So love is blossoming in you ,, I will wait until you fall in headover heels  love with your so called husband  than I can take sweet revenge on you .. Hearing his laugh the trees shivered .
He dialled a number , Hello bosss . what  are you doing ,Listen carefully , Soon Im going to plan Priya's murder too , what about the Money  & what I asked for ???
The other person :Everything will be ready by that time
Vilan : Giving his most evil smile , I want every single detail of Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor , now our bhi maza aayega .. This time ...Na vikram na sudhir na fate ,No one NO ONE  is going to stop  this murder  Be careful and every single detail  I want ..
The other person :sure sure I will . what is your next  plan .
Vilam ;Nothing  bOss .. Now  I will make priya emotionally weak . And the next target name is "Shravan "  ha ha ha laughing evilly he disconnected the call .
The other person : Shravan . whats his plan with him ..anyway we need the work should be done .so let it be ..
Priya baby I will be happy if you will also say bye bye to this world  .
Its around 1 am in the midnight, Ram came back to room ,he was shell shocked priya was sitting on the bed  reading something .
Why you haven't slept yet Kiddo "
She jerked hearing him but very happy to see him in their room .Thnak you for coming so early glancing towradsthe clock .
Ram: I told you to  sleep .
bas going to sleep , she kept the books aside slipped in her duvet .He very well knw priya was with half drooped eyes  , he changed and slipped his side ,  caressing her hairs
What happen kiddo , why you haven't sleep yet ??
She groned sleepily "Pllleasee don't call me with that name "
He chukled .. why you haven't sleep??
Im scared of being alone ..    nothing else ,saying this she drifted off to comfortable sleep when she felt his rough lips touched her forehead she slept with a contended smile . He cannot hold back his emotion ,taking her petite frame in his embrace ,  dropped a chiast kiss on her hairs ,he tooo drifted off to sleep .