Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-9


The sunrays are falling on her  milky skin  aching to wake up priya , she snuggled more closer to  , it was warm  , soft , soft fingers caressing her hairs  ..
"Good morning Kiddo "  His sweet voice  probed her ears   she opened her eyes ,
Good morning ,Please don't cal me kiddo .How sweet my name is PRIYA ,simple and sweet .He smiled at her ,pinching her nose lightly ,Im sorry Angel ,I will call you Kiddo only ,She gave her best pouty face to him when she about to turn she realised He was hugging her very nearly  she can feel his heartbeat thru her skin , he is dangerously close to her , She looked down , His leg wrapped around her waist ,she is lying on his one hand the other hand is caressing her hairs , blood rushed thru her cheeks ,she tried to get up , sensing her discomfort as well as her brilliant shade of cheeks , he tugged few of her hair strands tugged beside her ear , her eyes brooded with the close proximity .
He locked her more in to his embrace , Do you know ,How beautiful you are looking now , his voice is like just whispering to her inner soul , His lips praising her beauty , Finally he couldn't control his urge to kiss her , Slowly he placed his lips on her forehead   she closed her eyes , her nerves are acting wildly his palms gripped her face ,he kissed her closed eyes , she felt his lips ,gulped  her trembling hands trying to hold his hands to free her face from him , he kissed her cheek  ,she opened her eyes suddenly pushed him back she ran to the washroom . she looked at her image in mirror , she is panting , her  erratic heartbeat  is dancing crazily , Her face flushed , his lips lingered all over her face . If she wont stop it , he could have kissed her .
God ,What Im doing ,Priya  hit her head with her palm , what he could have done if  I won't stop him ,she gulped a large amount of O2 , how she is going to face him now . Thinking all this she got ready  came out of the washroom , she peeped in to the room to look where her husband is there , but for her surpsrice he was not there in the room , she quickly got ready for the day ,than she heard Ram talking with someone .His voice filled with tension . before she enquired what it is , Krishnaji called her downstairs , she went  downstairs arranging for breakfast , Ram got ready in his casuals looking most handsome ever , He sat beside priya  who is looking down . He had his breakfast quickly ,telling there is an emergency I had to go ,Waved bye to them  and left  .
Priya saw his retreating figure , he turned back  gave a flying kiss to her .She immediately downcasted her eyes cursing her luck . Thank god Di hasn't seen this otherwise .ufff soon she too got ready left to  college .
Shravan who is enjoying his holidays , got a call from an unknown number , immediately he came to Mumbai rushed to their medical college . Priya is with her friends  having lunch   and  as all the college students they all are also gossping about all the  things about college happenings . but present hot topic is Priya's marriage only , as  she was the one who got marriage first in their batch , all are eagerly waiting for her answers for their stupidest questions , some times she is blushing sometimes she is getting angry for their naughty questions .
Shravan reached there , seeing  Priya wearing the Marriage bangles , mehindi for her hands , mangal sutra on her neck , sindhhor on her head , diamond studs on her ears , OH God few secs he lost in her beauty but remembering that she is married , he ran to the place where priya was sitting
Priyaaa How can you do this ??He bursted aloud that everyone in the dining hall looked at them .Priya  stunned to hear his voice at the same time she doesn't understand what he is talking about ,she asked him "Shravan what happen ?? what I did now ? why you are so angry ??
Don't you know what you did ?  he came near her ? You really don't know what you did ? He is inching closer to her .
Who is guarding priya,that guard  immediately called Ram , as Ram is unable to come at the time he asked security  keep it on video call .the guard mingled with the students and switched on the video call .
Priya slowly "I think you lost your mind  shravan ? I don't know what are you talking about ? For god sake tell me what is bothering you ? "
Shravan:How dare you got married priya, when You are in love with me ..
Priya and her friends  hell shocked hearing this .
Ishitha  [Priya's friend ] ":Hello , what the hell are you talking , PRIYA ,Priya  is in love with you , NEVER ,the other friends also chorused her , You are  expected too much . as a old friend she helped you in your studies and for that you think she is loving you .
Shravan :Ok Im in love with her and she knws it
Priya gathered her strength , she  had tears for this accusion , At the same time her eyes  became red with anger . before her friends threaten him ,she showed her hand to them as stop
Folding her hands on her chest , Really shravan
 so Do I know You love me ,Wah great , what a story you created ,  I thought you are one of my friend ,  you are the one  who asked to make you understand the subjects , as you r seat is beside me in library  and I helped you . and for that only you think im in love with you .
So In that case I helped karan , I helped Rajesh , I helped abdul  so according to you  of I loved all these guys , You are so cheap  Shravan , do you even know whats your age , You are my junior  you are one year younger than me how you will  even think in that way .
Shravan : But I love you priya .
Priya : just stop it  Shravan , I hate you for whatever you behaved and did to me  today , I really hate you , I don't want to see your face again . Come on girls , such an Idiot we are seeing and all these days I blindly belived he is such a good guy  saying this she rushed off from there .
SHravan "I love you ..I love you God damn it why don't you understand  he tried to touch her .I know You don't like this marriage because of your father's  pressure, you  bent down your head .
Priya : Now her anger raised  to peak level , Shut up just shut up ,Do you know what is love ?? do you even know how  "LOVE" will be , Yes I agree for this marriage because my dad asked me to do But do you know one thing My Husband  Loves me a lot , What a father can give to her daughter .He gave my hand to My husband who will love me like a father , husband ,brother and some times friend ,I think no one understands me that better than him that too very  in very short period . Learn from my husband , how to love a girl sorry a wife . I don't want to hear your so called ..ufff  she left from there .
Shravan is unable to see the hatred ness in her face towards him . Oh god"I love you priya so much "I love you  , I will make you understand how much I love you , how much property im having , how I will look after you like a queen ,he ran from there .
Ram is full angry seing it at the same time he felt proud for priya That she didn't  loved anyone . and she felt his love for her , his heart is dancing in crazy rhythm .
The villan laughed evilly .Seeing all the scenario ,he observed priya who was restless after this .
The man laughed "This is I want from you priya , you should be in worry each and every second of your life " Haha  .. Ok this dose is enough for a week . I will finish my otherwork and come to you soon baby .
Evening dawned , Priya came out from  the college , Ram was waiting for her already at his car side .Before she come to him Shravan appered in middle of these two , Priya see I own a banglow , I own a car , he is showing some papers to her , she was pissed off already with his mad behaviour . She walked past him and held Rams hand .
Meet my husband Dr.Ram Kapoor ,MD of Phace hospitals.
Shravan heard so much about the hospitals and the doctor ,Now he was seeing him  Directly as priya's husband .He went numb infront OF RAM his properties wont worth , If priya wants he can buy  a five star hotel also .
Priya :Ram  he is my junior  Shravan , he  hurt me so much today telling he loved me ,her clutch on his hands tightend ,Ram liked his kiddo's oneline sentence ,He made her sit infron seat of the car . Closing the door Turned towards shravan , See Mr.Shravan I don't want to enter in any one s personal lifes , I love my wife so much , If she upset with something I cannot bear so which college you wanna migrate tell me I will do the honours .
He wanted to tell something
Ram cut him off , If you wont do that  I will make sure you never ever gonna pass this year , I will make the arrangements till tomorrow so be ready for it , When my wife first steps into the college tomrw YOU shouldn't  stay here , hope you get the point . he indicated the security gaurds , both  athletic personalities came and stood either side of shravan . Ram told the m what they have to do  . They are on the way to sending Shravan to far away from Mumbai . and they  snached all his sims .The work is on the way .
When Ram got into the car Priya closed her eyes , leaned on the seat .Ram dropped her in home , she got down the car , he started his car , hearing the engine sound she turned back to ask him where he is going
Kiddo ,I have so much work in hospital , I may not come today  , do eat with Ma & Papa.Good night ,He very well know Priya cannot sleep alone but He is having  so much work in his hospital he can't leave  all that , To solve this problem he came from the hospital . His heart is telling him to go back to home and take her in embrace  but the work is saying to come him to hospital . on the way he is thinking why priya , you are sharing all your activities why not your past !!!
Priya walked to their room , seeing the bed she immediately had flashes of the morning when Ram kissed her , her brain paused "kahi Ram isn't angry with me na "
Oh god , I  pushed him while he is kissing than after we hadn't talked ,Oh God  Why I haven't got this idea before  ,she hesistated to call him  after 30 mins of thinking she called him .
The other  voice ,Replied Kiddo ki Ram sir is busy , when he is free I will ask him to call you back .
Priya : anger reached peak .Why the hell you are calling KIDDO ... she gritted her teeth
The other voice :sorry madam but called Id showed "KIDDO" so I thought its your name ,sir is very busy mama he cannot talk right now . saying this he disconnected the call .
Priya : Grrr .. How dare he is .. How dare he is , He saved my number as kiddo , she thrwd her mobile on the bed , mumbling something under her breath "how can  he kep my name like that " goddd .. and he said Kiddo jii ..Grrr .. Being in this anger Priya hadn't contacted him again but entire time she is thinking he might be upset for  mrg scene .
She freshened up went to downstairs  ,Krishnaji is cooking some sweet dish , The fragrance made priya walk near to her ,Hugging krishnaji from  behind .Delicious smell mammiji , what are you cooking . she peeped from back .
She didn't understand what it is , What it is mammiji .
Krishnaji smiled  It's called "Apple Kheer " [I want to see your face Neel right now , worth watching lolz]
Priya :But I can see rice also . confirming her doubt
Krishnaji : Its mixed with Basumati rice also , But the main ingredient was apples . Ram likes it more .
Priya : Looked at this ,I never Knew  Apple kheer exists
Krishnaji smiled at her wondered face ,It will be yummy
Priya:By the way Mammiji Ram is not coming to home today , Can you sleep with me today
Krishnaji : smiled at her , the way she asked she couldn't control  her stifle . What happen to him , is there any emergency  inhospital
Priya : Yes mammiji  please Im scared of being alone please please only today sleep with me .
Krishnaji agreed for it , after dinner , Priya tasted the Apple kheer  , mammiji it was super delicious .Krishnaji slept with Priya , Priya  hugged her and slept . but  even in her  scary dreams Ram's image is coming and soothening her .She got up very late when  she cheked the other side ,Krishna ji was not there when she saw the time , its already 8 , she quickly took bath and got ready  came to downstairs ,went to college.
When she reached there , Her friends are gossping about the happenings , she too joined them ,In the talks They told what happened yesterday How shravan sent off from the university ,priya gasped in shock hearing all this .she very well know How much Ram loves her but to this extenet she didn't expected ,her heart flutters with joy at the same time she felt scary what If someone harm to her  , some one try to kill her as like previous . she finished her college she got late today , she was very eager to see Ram so she ran to their room .But the empty room welcomed her .First time she felt like crying . .