Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-11


Priya went numb still she is lying above him , she can hear his heart sounds very clear ,He kissed me,My first  ever kiss her cheeks rosed up in Ram's fav colour .
Ram felt contented  ,her lips were soft ,smooth ,That flavour is filled his mouth ,his hand is caressing her hairs ,A jolt rushed in his spine That she didn't responded back neither she didn't protested him for doing that ,Now a thin stinge ran over his legs .He scared she might hate him for this .Shh What you have done Ram ?? ab kya karu!!!
Very gently Ram  called her "Kiddo ... She was silent as she closed her eyes and savouring the moment as well as turned up the events .
Kiddo he again called her name very sweetly .
"Hmm " she  uttered ..
Err umm "Are you okay "
"Hmm " again the same answer she gave ..
Ram was cursing himself  now , he don't know how to as what he wants to  ask.But as he know her very well .
"Did you liked it "finally he blurted out
very softly she asked  "What "
It was Ram's turn to get shock ,Hmm woo .. God why Im unable to express anything infront of her ,cursing himself finally he spoke "The kiss just we shared few secs back "
She closed her eyes very tightly Hearing it .
Please Kiddo answer me , I just ..Im sorry I  just lost in your beauty ,I know I could have controlled my urge ,But please don't hate me Kiddo , you are precious to me very very precious ,I don't wanna loose you caressing her hair firmly he told.
Her voice is like almost a whisper "If I don't like I would have stopped you "
That means ,He rolled over her Now she is lying on the bed he is on her but maintained his weight on his elbows  as she should not feel his full weight .
Priya was too shy to open her eyes to look at him ,she closed her eyes her breath got heavy .she felt his lips against hers  ,Her chest heaving up and down with her heavy breath .Ram had a huge grin on his face watching her .She is reacting to his antics as well as actions . Its pure that she  too likes him but why not she respondedhim  back .
His lips merely touching hers , "Than why not you responded back  " when he was asking this his lips kissed her lips many times as he just lingered his lips on hers .
Innocently "  Means " opened her eyes
Ram :I mean why you have not kissed me back .??
"I Don't know " saying this she looked away 

He raised her chin up made her look at Him , She looked at  him downcasted her eyes
"Do you really liked it "
She felt his face fall , she herself don't know what to answer him . But she can't see his sad face .
"I Don't know how to kiss back , No one told me , This is my first time na "
He gazed ather a while , stunned to hear  her answer ,After few secs He rofled  on the bed , Kiddo Omg kiddo .. God no husband had hear this type of answer ever , That's why I call you Kiddo .God how sweet you are kissing her forehead , he didn't realise she is  staring at him with wonder as she doesn't understand what exactly happen to Ram.
"God Mine also first time only Kiddo , what do you think haa !! Do I kissed so many times or many girls ??
Ram composed himself thought ,  she not only looking like a kiddo  she is true in sence of kiddo .supreesing her laughter he about to pull her in his hug " some one knocked  the door .
Ram left to open the door ,Priya made herself presentable .
His PA is standing there .Sir Your calls list from yesterday
Have you made the list about the importance ?His voice turned into authoratitive
Yes sir ,The ever obedient PA answered him
Ram asked him to come in , "Ok first tell me  imp calls ,
PA  turning the pages  
He read the first list  ,Ram marked few in that ,  sir the second  list sir
"Raman JI "
"MIthra ji "
"Vivek ji "
"Kiddo Ji " Oh sorry sir , she is damn angry at me , she yelled at me without a reason
Priya rose up from her place by hearing it  , Reason is there she yelled back at him
PA  was terrified to look at her . Ram was laughing uncontrollably hearing "Kiddo ji "
How dare you call me Kiddo ,she questioned him
PA  feared to death seeng her anger , Mam The caller ID was displaying that name so I mentioned that only , as im sir's secretary ,I should give respect to everyone so I added ji to your name , If your name is Kiddoo what else I should call .
Ram rofled again hearing his answer ,
Priya turned to him  side looking  at something , she thrwd pillow at him , how dare you saved my number as "Kiddo " .. Ram protecting from the rain of pillows or some or other light weight items in the room .
Ram asked his PA    to leave the room locking the door .
PA went beserk seeing priya ,and than Ram is  like inncocent man ,If anyone sees him now, No one think  that he is a great  doctor .
Ram is escaping fron Priya's hits , Hey kiddo .. ouch .. stop it .after 10 mins of Tom and jerry fight  Priya sat on the bed huffing for breath . Ram too  came and sat with her , she started hitting on his chest  Ram pulled her in his hug .Both stayed like that for sometime .
"So when I should start teaching you " Ram smirked at her
"For What " she looked at him
Smacking his lips ,The kiss  , He leaned on her face ,You just said you don't know na , common held my lip with your lips ,Priya's cheeks turned to beetroot colour ,She isn't expecting this .
She looked down , His lips are just inches away  from hers,common Kiddo he demanded ,before she reacts His lips claimed her as his once again .This time she held his shoulders for support .They broke apart after sometime , Taking her face in his palms pulling her face closer to him "I love you Kiddo so much "saying this he placed trail of kisses  from her forehead to chin . she just lost in his charm , his touch , his aroma , his husky voice . Now their foreheads kissing eachother .No one wants to move from here  but seeing the time Ram wanted to take her dinner .
Come ,let's go to Dinner . officially this is our first date , he winked at her .
She smiled at him , just a  min , I will use washroom .
Ram naughtily asked "Are you wet for me "
Priya "Excuse me "
Nothing "
She left to washroom .Ram laughed aloud seeing her reaction .Both descending stairs . Ram was explaining and showing something  to priya and she was enjoying ,people are stared at them until they passed by their way .He took her to the finest restaurant .
So Madam Your order please . Priya smiled at him "Im okay with anything Im not foodie like you "
Ram scrunched his eyes ,Im also not foodie ,He answered like a kid
Haaa ha I know  how much foodie ,You are , bread pakora , chicken 65 ,apple kheer ,what not everything  Mammiji is cooking keeping your favs in her mind .
Ram sulked hearing her . They ordered their  food .It was  delicious . They were talking about each other likes and dislikes , their college memories  etc .The  time just running with speed and both are enjoying eachother's company .Ram is adoring her more and more .
His phone call disturbed their privacy , hearing the  outside person's request.
Ram invited him also to join  the dinner as he don't have any problem.soon Vikram came from priya's back .he made  Wooh sound  from priya's back . fear ran thru her spine looked at the man in horror soon that turned into a broad grin .
"Jiju , you scared out of the hell , she hugged him ,he too hugged her back , so someone is looking so pretty haaa he winked at her , priya  blushed hearing it ,Someone is calling a kid who was running towards their way , she said "jiju sit na , I  will just come she ran after the  kid to catch hold of him "
" after exchanging hello's "
Both are looking at priya only that time Ram asked  "You love her so much na vikram "
Yeah , she is my lil sister , me and Neha looked after her like our own daughter . It is silly but When my father expired Sudhir uncle brought my mom and me to his home . I was 8 years old , Neha was 7 years old , shipra aunty expecting priya at that time , me and neha were eagerly waited for her arrival .after 3 months of priya's birth , shipra aunty's health detoriarated,so my mom used to look after aunty and household works , me and neha looked after Priya .She is apple of our eyes ,as she is the youngest one so most pampered by all . This is the only thing we have not taken her opininon .Ram squeezed his hand as assurance .He said "sorry for her behaviour  "
Ram smiled at him , It's okay ,I Love her as the way she is so no worries , by the time priya came back.
Vikram too had his dinner with them , I want to ask few questions priya . I have reanalysed the total case , priyu tell me clearly what is leading the murderer to do all these .The murderer target is you and sruthi only but why he targettted sahil , whatever you have seen the image of the murderer we made his face drawing send to all police stations .
And the post martem reports are showing  Ashwin struggled so much and he wanted to save sruthi from them . Actually first bullet has been shot into sruthi's body , than they attacked ashwin ,but Ashwin expired first  after 8 mins sruthi expired .
And sruthi's  last message was " DANGER , Bagoo priyaaa " but that was not delivered to you because before she sending  she lost her life .
Now with sahil murder , everything came to dead end . now priya's tears emerged from her doe eyes .

"I need to know answers priya , I know I know I should not bring this topic but Please try to recollect something atleast  gimme some clue "
Priya looked at Ram , Oh im sorry , If you two need privacy I will just be back he said with a smile about to go ,Priya placed her hand on him pausing his action "
Ram stayed back , Jiju I really don't know why someone is behind us , we have not done anything , haa  sruthi  had a friend who used to insist her to marry him and all . but she clearly told him , im already in love with ashwin , but this I already told you .
No  priya , now sahil also involved matlab , have you three  went anywhere , or saw something weird and did you ppl hide it from us ,something please
" I don't know " priya cried
Vikram sighed in relief , its ok baby , if we know this answer half of the case will be going to solve.three started from there . Raya reached their room . Ram observed priya she went  into deep thoughts from the time vikram left .she changed her  dress and lied down beside Ram .her back is facing him .kiddooo .. he made her turn.
"hey kiddo what happen " why you crying , come to me , she cosily slipped into his arms , he is pampering her she is crying .
Do you know how good sruthi is , even  her life is in  danger  I mean even in her last minutes , she took photos and send it to me , how dare she is , if Iam in her place I couldn't have done that , I could have run for my life ,
"Why  she didn't run to save her life Ram ,she sobbed hard " she could have na , atleast she could have alive
Shhh Kiddo , don't cry ,Why she didn't  run ,Even if I tell the answer  You won't be able to understand , sleep my angel  sleep .. His husky voice ringing in her ears once again.she slept on his chest hearing the very melodius of his heart beat .
Morning she got up with a jerk seeing the otherside empty  she gotdown from the bed , she can hear his voice from balcongy ,she smiled  hearing him , she quickly got ready and came in search of him .He hugged her from her waist kissed  on the junction of her neck and shoulder .
Good morning princess . She smiled Good morning
So you slept well Ram winked at her .
Yes she smiled at him . she freed from his grip started combing her hair .
Kiddo , yesterday you said  if  the same situation comes , you will run for your life etc , Im sure you wont run , you will do something and please don't underestimate yourself anytime .
Bythe way where are the photos , we can get  some or other clue .Yeah you are correct , but my dad deleted them .as im running after the murderer making my life hell . and the only one proof we lost .
Ram smiled hearing it , why do you think we lost it ??
Means  ?? priya paused her work  gazed at him with wonder .
You don't have the photos but the person who send it to you she will be having in her sent folder na .But I don't knw the password Ram .
He smiled broadly common kiddo , you two are bestfriends common can't you guess it what might have she kept . or didn't she tell you anytime , thinkthink ..
Krishnaji : god only knws what you two are upto its going to be 9 still you two are talking , what about breakfast . she came in . taking comb from priya's hands , she made her hair . asked them to come downstairs quickly .
Priya is thnking about Ram words.