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RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-13


Ohh how it will go aiseee ,, Tell me pleaseee .
Umm I thought You might have told to your parents about the firstnight , But you didn't  , I felt respect on you at that time, 20% anger reduced  , second when you left the hotel , you left the car and keys in hotel as I may need any time and security infront of my room , and all the 15 kms you came back to your home by walk ,I was thrilled to know it and  I felt sweet for your concern . 30% anger reduced .
After coming here also , You haven't showed your anger to me even though I did troubled you so many times . 10% anger reduced .
You treated  me like a queen , another 10%  and at the time of shravan issue  total gone and now My father came and accepted his fault  , I lost all anger on him at the moment as well as you also . saying this she gazed  at him . He smiled at her.
Kiddo If you don't feel bad  I will tell you why My parents hadn't come to meet you on that day .She signalled thru her eyes as carry on .
Ram heaving asigh  , that day Everybody got ready  quickly and they were so happy to meet you and your family but suddenly Dad collapsed  due to heart attack . Priya gasped hearing it she had tears in her eyes as she took entire wrong meaning .
You could have informed us na Papa could have come ,she told while tears tinging in her eyes .
Kissing her hand, Dad don't want to inform you nor tell you people because everybody may think that your astrology not good or etc etc , Some random ppl will thru  words at you unnessisarily so Dad don't want to inform so we didn't . When he  recovered the first thing he did was coming to your home.
Priya Tears slipped on her cheeks .she said sorry to him once again .Ram wiping her tears , Rahi baath first night ki  I do knew you are lil bit uncomfortable with this marriage but still I have not made you comfortable with me as well as not conversed with you properly I just showed my intrest to marry you and all . So when on the first night  you muttered "I hate you " " get lost " I was  like so damn mad at you  at the same time , I cant go and sleep in the lobby na , so I just  came to home  telling the hotel management arranging security , about  walking 15 kms is If you wake up and wants to come to this home or that home you need a vehicle na so I left it for you and came back .Priya  hugged him and cried saying "Im so extremely sorry "I don't know .. I mean I don't know all these  uncle is not feeling well and  I was wrong totally . Her head on his chest ,his hand on her hair caressing them.
Ram smiled at her , common Kiddo ,It's okay  , when people don't know they will think what ever they wil get in mind ,you are not an exception baby , I don't want to tell you but Its just that I wanna share with you now .  He brought her face in between his palms wiping the fresh tears  ,Come on Its completely Okay ,sleep now .While His husky voice is telling some random things she slowly drifted to sleep .
The same day after noon . [after priya gave the photos to him ]
Mr.Bhandari went  to meet DSP Riaz khan ,handed him the photos of the murderer but he kept secret Priya's name . as he don't want to trouble her more . Riaz and Bhandari are friends from childhood and he so can understand what Mr.Bhandari going thru losing his kids .
He called vikram to his  cabin , Both were  successfully traced  out the murderer . The investigation of the process quickened up with the murderer photos .When they marphod and compared with their  old records and all . Vikram was shocked to the core knwing  The murderer was non other than "Bhanu  Mittal  " .They matched up with his finger prints  with  This case finger prints where they covered them on truck steering which was going to hit priya earlier after struthis murderer .
Riaz also shocked  to know this ,Because Bhanu Mittal is a professional killer , Police  &CID are behind him from past 5 years . When they came to know they are horrified because he is ruthless  ,sadistic murderer . Vikram body trembled thinking about his attack on priya .
Goddd He sat down while fear ran over his body . When they found all this It was showing 12 o clock in the midnight . DSP. Riaz  Khan  Thought for sometime gave the orders to Vikram "SHOOT AT SITE " . While giving this "Please kill the person ASAP and you be careful "
They heard door knock , One SI  greeted them saluted
"Sir , Bhanu mittal got murdered in  jeopardic  way in  an old bunglow in venous street .
Vikram as well as DSP.Riaz khan hell shocked , sir before us Media got the news ,It was too much of nuisance over there .
They immediately switched on The TV , The media showing "BHnau mittal " Murdered in a peril condition , The forensic team was  working on how he got murdered but The site itself looking dangerous . Some one might have killed very badly . Now the time is 2 o  AM in the midnight .

"The  professional killer Bhanu Mittal  got murdered in an unusual way " He has changed his features  so no one got doubt , he has roamed all these days openly . Taking supari he has killed 75 or more persons till now . "
News channles roaring with this news . ACP.Vikram & DSP.Riaz Khan still under shock because The case turned into 360 0 turn came back to the same point . who is behind all these  .
They have  arranged Bhanu mittal but when  his photos came to police with in the t ime They killed Bhanu mittal . Oh whats happening ?? why why someone was behind all this .
DSP .Riaz khan : Immediately ordered to  tight the security around priya but in civil dresses only The murderer should not get  any hint that someone are following priya from our department ,You get that .
ACP.VIkram : How he is going to announce the news to Sudhir or other family memebers and how priya is going to deal knowing this .  he checked the time Now its 6 AM in the morning .He immediately called up to Ram . Ram rubbed his eyes  looking at the caller ID , he gazed at his side his kiddo is sleeping soundly on his left arm .
Good morning Vikram Ram sounded sleepily .
Vikram hesitated for a moment but He has to tell it anyway So he explained what had happened  ,who is the murderer and how he also got killed by someone , and the case is tsill mystery and PRiya's life in danger . Ram who is listening possessively engulfed priya in his hug . She inturn cutely hugged Him in her sleep .
Ram :Now What ??? I mean why ??? What's the motive behind it ,His voice was aloud  to wake up priya from her sleep .
Priya : What happen , why you yelling at early morning ? she scrunched her droopy eyes to get a view of him clearly . Hearing their convo vikram went silent .
In time Priya phone buzzed with an unknown number , Priya about to lift ,
Ram"Kiddo keep it on loud speaker .
Priya :Why , I wont ??
Ram : Kiddooo ..
Priya : she did what he said ," Hello "her sleepy voice  wished the other person
The caller :Arey You are sounding so sleepy , Kya baath hai priya , You are too intelligent
Priya : trembled with fear her hold on Ram was tightened .
Vikram : Who is that ??? Thank god he is in still station , he immediately gave the orders to tap Priya phone and  where the call is coming . And please this tapping should continued until unless we get the criminal .
Priya : who are you ?? what you want ? You are the one who killed sruthi than im defiantely not going to leave you  she cried out
The caller :Ole ole ... How cute ??? Before that I will kill you the way I killed sruthi ,You get that , You are very poor at guessing Priya , Switch on your TV and your proof is lying there .. his evil smile continued .Did you
Priya immediately switched on the Tv and shocked to knw that The murderer in photo got killed by someone .
Caller : So your fear has to continue few more days .. "Im Not going to leave you at any cost " But you have still a grace period  because Newly married ,why I should interrupt you love birds , he laughed again , cu until than .
Vikram traced the number he immediately drove to the place The call came from a public booth .when they reached there they got to see the phone just hunged up and the wire was still having the moments so the caler just left the place . They are trying to enquire , they heard a shriek from just beside them , A bike tripped  and the biker fell down while saving a paper boy who was coming in his icycle in wrong way .Vikram  and his team immediately helped him .Vikram  found that he is bleeding from  His knee ,so he offered him help .
The biker smiled at Vikram .Sir Im also a doctor .Dr.Karthik , My sir just called  and told he will be late so he wants  me to there in ospital urgent , Im going there only and met with  this .
Dr.Karthik tried to handle the bike but he couldn't .Vikram helped him in his car , I wil drive to your destination . when they reached hospital vikram surprised its Ram's hospital hai na ,
Dr.Karthik surprised , how did you know him  , im his assistant .
Vikram smiled and said what their relationship . Dr.Karthik felt happy  extended his hand . vikram left  from there . dr.karthik rushed inside to get the first aid thinking " such a good day  , if any issues with my marriage I can happily take Vikram's support , nuts im missing come soon baby "
Shifted to Rams bedroom .
Priya s face went pale . He moved away from Ram .He was as shocked as she but he don't want to give up ,Priya listen to me  Nothing is going to happen . Ram messaged his assistant to look after his cases as he was not coming to the hospital .
Priya looked red eyed how you are so confident Ram .showing the news , see how they killed him ,Why Ram ?what exactly They want ? as per I know I haven't done anything and I don't have any enemies but what is it ?? she was too tired to get her answers as her sobs occupied all the time. Why someone was behind me  and his intention was so clear that he wanted to KILL me . Im Scared To go out , let him kill me once at all .Priyaaa he breathed ... in her sobs she   was blabbering constantly . after an hour of struggle  her eyes went closed slipped to sleep . Ram felt so bad to see her vulnerable state but what else he could do  .
He made her lie down on the bed , covered the duvet  until her neck .He picked up her phone  his phone ,closing all the doors he came out ,He was hell shocked to see His parents along with priya's parents  .They looked at the sleeping form of priya .They walked back to the hall . Ram explained what had happen  and what's happening with Priya . He knows if anyone can save priya at this time means its only one person .  he gazed at  his mother . Kneelt down infornt of her .
"[Kya Aaap priya ka case le sakthe hai] WILL YOU TAKE Priya's case please ,I can't live without her "
Krishnaji resigned  from her profession ,she has seen cruel criminals , shadists , rapists and she had been attacked with so many for being honest . still she fought for Justice in all the cases . The last case  was a 16 years old girl raped by her own uncle and tortured her like hell ,,while dealing this case The criminal warned krishnaji so many times but  she fought until last . she won the case . He was been sent to jail .one fine day He escaped from jail   came to her house when he didn't find her , he shot at Amarnath  luckily police also  followed him , in time they shot him and Amarnath taken to hospital immediately and  doctors saved him .
After that Krishnaji left her work and far away from her profession .And  when Ram asked her answer was "I love your dad so much " all these days he supported me what im doing , he was ther ewith me always , If something is going to hurt him .I cannot , I love him so much I cant loose him .from than she is nt taking any cases .
When Ram asked her , she looked at Amarnath  back to Ram . She can understand how much he loves her , she very well know how they searched for priya's address , Amarnath gave signal thru his eyes . Ruffling his hair "Yes Ram ,I will take up the case " I want your happiness  ,when your happiness lies with Priya  why can't I .

Ok for that You need to do what I say Krishnaji ordered Ram obeyed . Than pack your bags and leave delhi   . I wil give you address where you should stay and what you should do  .
But Ma Kiddoo  he hesitated to tell further . Krishnaji  She is also my daughter Ram ,You don't worry ,I think you know how I will be if its regarding my cases . He smiled at her she assured him with her pat . Sudhir knows very well how Krishnaji deals the case s . she was so loveble by all . They all waited for  Priya to woke up from her sleep .
Krishnaji said to sudhir , everybody behave  normal infront of her , she should not get any cue that we are on her case until I decided to so please . They were happy  atleast some or other way we will get solution for this .
Around  9 o clock she rose up from her sleep with a start seeing the familiar face  dugging in books ,she had a grin it soon vanished by the  remeberence of unknown phone call .
She  got ready when she came to hall she was so happy to see her mother and father , she hugged them and all had breakfast normally  .Priya got doubt initially but when no one is talking she brushed off that thought . Ram dropped priya in her college .
Priya   walked to her group ,her lips broaden seeing nuts , OMG she embraced nuts in her hug , What a plesant surprise ,when did you come from londo , how is your dad now ,is everything okay .
Nuts  jerking her hands from her body , No everything isnot fine and im angry with you ,Im so not talking to you .
Why ?Priya perpelexed a min asked her in confusion .
Nuts looked at priya top to bottom . Than PRiya understud ,Oh god Nuts please yaar now you too don't start you know my marriage happened in hurry , I couldnt even know that im going to get married so please yaar maaf kardo .Im so missed you from past 2 months and please see holding her ears she made apuppy face .
Nuts couldn't hold longer she hugged her and asked common bathao bathao how is he , what he is doing , where he is working or studying .Doctor or engineer . Does he is also Rich like you  or middle class . how many siblings ..
Oh my God stop stop ,Your questions . His name is Rma kapoor , he is a doctor , general physician ,   and he has one elder sister who is married happily settled .
Oh no Don't say That ,DR.Ram kapoor  who owned phace hospitals  and
Yes yes  baba , The Dr.Ram kapoor only , what happened ??Priya exclaimed .
Nuts :God yaar Karthik is working under him only .
Priya remembered something ,Hey is he  fair , tall  with black hair . and assistant of Ram .
Nuts :Ha re baba ha .. did you met him .
Priya smilingly ha I met him yesterday only , but didn't  noticed when Ram was introducing Dr.Karthik , I said Hi and left the topic .Hmm now if I will go  I willtalk with him again and he looks so innocent how he  fallen for you ..
Nuts sueqled hawww ... Priya laughed ,They both patche dup so many things as they two missed eachother . Nuts requested Priya , please ask Ram to wether he can keep me as his assistant or not .
Priya hawled at her .Nuts laughed seeing her  expression .
Ram is very busy re  if he needs other than Dr.Karthik I will recommend you Priya said teasingly . Nuts laughed   if karthik is not there what I will do with your Ram , But I heard he is angry  and straight forward than how you dealing .
Her cheeks formed A light pinksh shade  ,No Ram is super cool I don't know how he will look  to others .
Hayee hayee someone is blushing oh my goddd ..
Nuts teased her more by the way you will call him as "Ram " Only or suniye vagira vagira ..
I calls him as Ram only . She blushed more .
Nuts seuqeled again .. Ohhh Good good so you have a good grip on him already , lage raho priya..
Both went on and on , the day ended with agood note , Priya came  back to home .
When she reached home  as obvious the entire house was silent , she learnt from bansi kaka  krishnaji went to meet her friend . She  took  headbath  wore a  maroon suit , drying her hair with a towel ,
Ahh he squirmed , She looked back found Ram  ,she was so glad to see him back , he is rubbing his eyes as her hair ends hit him on that spot .
Saying sorry she  blow on his eye . His hands snaked her waist  hugged her  to him .
"I missed you  "  before she knew his  lips landed on hers ,his hands working on her tender spots , He covered her most intimate part with his hand thru fabric squeezed a little . Priya moaned   in his mouth  closed the gap between her legs . He growled  pressing her hand more .
They broke the hug for air , Priya Is too shy to look at him , She closed her eyes remembering what just happened . Ram had  a slight smile on his face seeing her expressions . Hmm Kiddo I have to  go to Delhi some emergency work I will come tomorrow .
What ?? she gasped ,
No please , No , why do you want to go now ?
Baby It's really urgent I have to go that's why I came so early please baby .  she nodded her head as positive note . Come will pack my bag ..
She is packing his clothes with dim face ,Ram was talking with someone , everything she is neatly packed , when she is keeping his ticket she saw his pass port and she was shocked . 
"OMG  Ram  "
Seeing his date of birth , she calculated the difference ..
Hearing her Ram came , hey what happen Kidddo ..
"You are tooo elder than me "  I didn't knew  you were 31 years old , how can you marry 8 years younger than you   . Answer me damn it . she questioned him .
Ram chukled   seeing her face knowing his age .
God kiddoo , Can't I marry 8 years younger than me , if 8 years elder also I can marry you , pulling her into a hug . I so love you baby  age is doesn't matters when you are In love .Im fida for you on first look itself . Kissing on her lips lightly . he made her sit on his lap , showering few kisses on back of the neck ,he said  tc of herself as well as his schedule to be . krishnaji came and called Ram ,as  he is running out of time . He came with his lauggage ,bansikaka just keep them in my car I will just be back he went to his room bumped  priya who was coming out to give send off to him .
What happened Ram "?? Why you are so hurry
Hmm umm I want a kiss !!
What ?? now ?? no way ? common its getting late priya tried to push him out ?
I definately want a kiss , without tht im not moving from here  Ram stubbornly sat on the bed   
Krishnaji called out for him again . Priya tried to  pacify him "Please Ram " you are making things difficult .
Im Not , You are doing that Ram turned away his face .
      Do you know what ?? you are too  Ziddi  !! She bent down at his  face taking his face in her palms staring in that deep chocolate brown eyes "Happy  & safe Journey Ram " Her lips landed on his securely , nibbling his lips softly  her hands automatically went in his hairs , he pulled her  she landed on him directly , He made her rolled over on the bed . the kiss turned to passionate one . biting her lower lip " I want to taste these so badly, pressing his chest more to her " she turned crimson red  by hearing it . He got up from her slowly both walked out of the room by the time krishanji already sat in the car waiting for him . Biding bye to Priya . she walked back to Room .
 Hey if you dont remember Bhanu from BALH lemme remind you he wants to marry Natasha .hope  now you can imagine the murder.