Wednesday, 7 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-17

Neel ,Many happy birthday to you once again , Lol .I know Im damn late to give you this but you know how busy i got that day . So i had few more surprises on your bday , i just started them but  not  completed yet so once it was done  i will give you but need 10 days for that atleast .winks ..
Love you .Hope you like this part .. HOpe it reaches your romantic ness ..Lolz..

Priya closed the door .she filled the tub with warmwater . peeling of all her clothes she  dipped herself in the water .her body is soaking in the hot water giving soothen to her body .  she just lost in her thoughts  she didn’t hear the knock sound on her bed room door . two lanky fingers knocked the door smoothly , When it didn’t open his  heart beating fast he is going to see her after two days .He smiled evilly , Looking here and there he slowly opened the door with duplicate key which is in his coat pocket  . He entered and bolted it to give her surprise . Just when he entered krishnaji came out .If she   saw him it will be all together a different story but right now
 He went inside looking for his deary wife ,when he was unable to find her in the room . he heard  the washroom door click open , His lips curved in  a lopsided grin , without wasting a second  he entered in to the changing room with his cat paws .
Priya came out in a white bathrobe , water dripping from her hairs , she clasped the moisturiser slowly applying on her neck , she turned her back hearing somesound . she was shocked and surprised to the core seeing  her husband standing infront of her .She was missed him so much she stood there staring at him .
When he saw her in bathrobe he hesitated to call her go near her ,so  he  turned to leave  than his loving wife turned  ,she was shocked , both stopped in their tracks .Time freezed for them .her milky skin is inviting him to engulf her .
Two pair of eyes locked together , there is so much to tell each other  so much to pour ,soo much  to engulf before she ask something , His  body moved towards her  with the effect she  had moved  a step back only to pull back to him towards him , he kissed her on forehead “Missed you kiddo “ , he kissed her eyes ,nose his fingers shoved in her hairs angling her face , he nibbled her lips ,her lips shivered with the mere touch of his lips , he gazed at her smolderingly , his lips captured her softlips hungrily , dipping her nectar from every corner . their tongues joining in unision . mating with each other. He gripped her down the waist lane brought her to the room .

His strong arms sliding the bathrobe from her silky  shoulders , feeling her soft skin he moaned in her mouth . experiencing his first touch on her bare shoulders a chill ran thru her spine she  moved more closer to him unable to bear the sexual tension between them . She felt his hardness on her stomach . His fingers twisting her wet hair making angles for  this pasiionate kiss . When he felt suffocate he left her lips at the same  time he  yanked her bathrobe it just slipped  until her waist , her hands tied in the loose hands of bathrobe .His eyes glowed with desire seeing her twin globes . she closed her eyes ,trying to get back the bathrobe in it’s original place ,
His lanky fingers caressed one of her twin curve , he twirled it with amazement  he felt he may not have the strength to  be on his feet , he slowly bent on her made her lie down  on the bed , mating with her lips again , his rough hands palming her curves one by one . He felt her chest  heaves up and down motion , he felt electrified . He left her lips landed on her bossom , his hands already playing with it , before she call out him , his tongue find the way  on her globe tasting it with his tongue he breathed “Beautiful “ ,These are just mine isn’t it , priya dug his head more into her chest  , I want all of it  He moaned on her skin,  Priya aroused with his talk His other hand making the other  curve red with his squeezing ,pulling . He  licked around the black spot tugged the center mole , ahhh priya moaned sweetly  to the pain which her husband is causing . she felt he smirked on her curve .
Before her call of his name , he sucked the tender spot  as well as right amount of flesh . 
“Delicious “ He moaned licking her milky curve . her hands grabbed the bed sheet tightly . His hands greedily touching all her womanly places  . His hands caressing her deepest women curves which she didn’t even know  where the hell all these existed in her own body .he tore his shirt  the buttons popped out for his assault , seeing his damn sexy wife in bed , he didn’t care of his clothes, He don’t want to leave her even a sec .His actions are possessive , His inners growing harder , Sealing her lips again ,his hand slowly widen up her leg s, I love you sweet heart , I so love you he murmured on her lips only audible to him . She dreamlily looked at him  ,he is so close to her his breath fanning on her ,Suddenly  "You know the next target is Your loveble Hubby " she opened her eyes fully ..
The words rang in her ears again … "You know the next target is Your loveble Hubby " The man’s words bashed on her face .  No no He should not get any harm because of my , he should not
Tears trickled down  on her face , seeing him closer at instant she thought she might lost him , but seeing his infront of her she was really happy . she came to reality when his palms are covering her beautiful womanly curves .

He parted her legs to make  a move in their life journey together , suddenly he felt a push, when he started at her ,she is  covering her bathrobe on her naked sweated body ,  …
What happened ? he about to come near her  ,she shoved his hand away , wh..wh..what are you doing ??
Ram was shocked , his adrenaline rushed all over his veins , It’s impossible to control his freaking stuff  seeing  his wife in this avatar , he tried to explain . But she went off to wash room crying loudly . He sat there motionlessly .
Inside the washroom , her lean body landed against the door , Oh God  ..What the hell I did , sweat covered all over her body . tears stung in her eyes . still her thighs are shivering very  badly . she clasped the bathtub tightly  dropped herself in that making her wet again in that water . why did she do that , she so wanted to take the pleasure with him but but if The caller will do any harm to Ram .Will she  be able to bear that , No No No but why did she accept him this far . she just flowed in his love . she cleaned herself came out.
Outside .. He was unable to cop up with what had exactly happened .What the HELL was that .God Damn Im her husband ,  He felt ashamed moreover he felt sad that she didn’t love him but why the hell she did let him go this far . His anger is building innerself . he is assaulting his nails , he was damped , his trousers are unzipped , his shirt was half button less ,twirled in a defaulted state , he gazed at  her , who came freshly in her night dress . her walk is slow . she was timid , scared , What’s he gonna ask , she sat on couch like deer infront of lion .
Ram was so frustrated and cursed himself under .His anger is building  himself more and more while passing each second . He just couldn’t able to digest the fact which happened between them just a while ago . she don’t love him , that thought is hunting him like an Owl . He controlled his emotions , he felt warm liquid forming in his eyes , he shut his eyes tightly not to show his vulnerable state to her .
“Im So sorry Kiddo , I know Im not the person what you wanted , And I do can understand your feelings regarding what  just happened between us , Forgive me please  ,think that im a jerk , forget and forgive “ he left from there in a huff .
Controlling his tears  he walked to the garden area .
She was stunned , WHAT ???
What he is thinking , If I don’t like him why the hell I will allow him to touch me , Oh God  I wanted to save you  Ram , I can’t live without you ,but if im close to you  the caller may gonna  attack you  ,I just want you safe and happy . She cried her heart out .Listening his talk ,
She very well understand by seeing his face itself , what must have he is going thru right now . What the hell ,why my life Is so complicated . Tears pouring out .
Here Ram sat on the bench in his garden , His heart is aching with the rejection . He felt unknown weight in his heart ,  how much he controlled also tears just spilled out from his chocolate brown eyes .  Did she loved someone else , in between I came into their life ??  still she is loving him
Godd what all the rubbish thoughst he is  getting . he is feeling heavier more and more .
Both   are lost in their thoughts while the tears are making their mark on their cheeks .
Krishnaji called out for dinner , Priya came out after washing her face ,when she didn’t find Ram on the dining table , she asked where is Ram .
Krishnaji  said , he is coming tomorrow  priya .
No ma , he came , hmm umm surprised . Priya downcasted her eyes .
Krishanji astonished for a moment felt happy inside that these two are leading  happy life . hearing that she walked  out thought he must be on the phone . She called out him Rammmm ..
Ram jerked when his mother voice echoed in the garden area , he rubbed his eyes with his shirt , gulping some air he tried to  talk normally with him keeping some distance he said ma I will come after this call , has to get fresh up also ..
Okay but come soon we are having dinner . she about to go when he said “I had my dinner in Airport itself ma , met some colegue over there . she said okay went back to dinner table .
Nih and Sameer also came by that time ,  priya eyes were on krishnaji , who happily came  sat  beside priya .
Ram came today only to surprise his wife krishnaji winked at Niharika .
Niharaika gasped ..ohhh woowww ,,, priya , what magic you have done to him . winked at her . Priya a moment remembered their intimate touch ,immediately blush covered on her cheeks , they teased sometime .. priya was blushing but deep inside she is feeling bad for him . All started having their dinner ,Sameer “Rammmm come soon “  yelled from there  itself ..
He had his dinner at airport itself with a friend , he is not hungry . krishnaji spoke . Priya so wanted to see him but hearing this she lost her apetite but krishnaji fed   her asking her why you are not having . She  cannot refuse krishnaji there and they may get doubt so she finally finished her dinner .
In mean time Ram stood in cold shower , making himself mentally prepared  for the future .He back to his room opening his diary he wrote what happened today and the down  he wote
 “If she don’t love him ,He will love her  to eternity , Sex is not the matter here , But feeling her heart doesn’t hold any place to me aching , I love you kiddo “
Your’s Ram ,  he closed the diary .
He walked in the hall . He talked normally with everyone , she is observing every of his move , Ma will take one round . Sameer surprised
Ohh someone is on mood today , Ram smirked at him .Krishna ji wondered after meeting priya he hasn’t touched it  so she didn’t deny she said go ahead .
Both walked into near by room . Priya is observing all thes but she didn’t say any . Niharika sat by priya inturn priy asked her where they have gone .
Niharika smiled ..hmm asuasul what they will like , they went to have a round of drinks .Priya panicked , And asked Niharika to stop them ,when niharika asked the reason priya said that “Ram came after two days , I wanted to spend sometime with him “ without thought she said to niharika . she laughed at her , achha baba I will try to call Sameer after a peg than rest of the thing you have to see saying this Niharika left .
Reaching their room Sameer is telings omething  Ram is asking listening curiously . By the time they finished  one peg somehow Niharika managed to grab Sameer from that room .
Ram left alone . He was surrounded by the deep  thoughst again . so He  left the room telling bansikaka to bring the drinks tray to his room . By the time he comes  priya was waiting for him .
She wanted to ask him so much and wanted to say sorry to him .  He is searching for some DVD in movies collection . She  dared and asked Him “Are You Angry On Me “
Her voice came as if she was in sea  level , He straightened himself .
NO .he answered ..
Priya :“Than “
Ram :means
Priya : Im ,Just .. I didn’t mean to hurt .. she was searching for words to explain her situation
He cut her sentence in between .
Ram: That’s absolutely Okay ,Umm He breathed in so much of Oxygen while telling these to her  Infact  you made me realise what Iam to you .  I love you ,that doesn’t mean you have same feelings on me , Infact Im  extremely sorry to behave with you like that .
Priya was horrified hearing that , what all he is thinking about her behaviour . she wants to tell what happened these two days and why she pushed him . she stepped forward bansikaka knocked the door . 
Seeing the drink tray priya stepped back , He arranged infront of TV , That is exactly 55 degrre angle from their bed . If some one watches TV there , The bed will be compeletely  out of that TV view but whoever in the bed they can see what the persons are doing and all .
Priya stepped back slipped  on the bed . He plopped in the sofa . Switching on TV   He is pouring  the fire liquid in his glass. He slipped slowly ,slowly . He is still feeling her smoothness on his hands , he looked at his hands , gulped more liquid . he is feeling good while the warm ,fire liquid dripping in his mouth . priya is having difficult time seeing him like that . She is crying silently . He is drinking silently , he drunk until he has strength , she cried until she had strength both drifted off to sleep .

“What’s happening next ?? “