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RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-15

The FfFsiggie credit goes to "armanz aka Viji ." 

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Niharika smiled at her childishness , how come someone wants to kill this innocent girl . She slipped herside of the bed thinking about Sameer and the incident slowly drifted off to sleep  .
Priya looked at Nih  said Bye to Ram  ,she disconnected the call slipped into sugary sleep  .Ram smiled looking at his phone ,   kissing  her photo drifted to sleep .
Early morning  at 5 ,Priya s alarm buzz broken her sugary sleep . She  quickly turned it off  scrunching her eyes she looked at Her Phone , An image of her family photo she smiled looking at them  ,she flipped thru Rams photos , she had a broad grin  watching him "Im missing you Ram " she whispered herself "Good morning Handsome hubby , missing you  & your Morning smile,Have a nice day " She  clicked the sent button , smiling herself she looked at Niharika who was  sleeping peacefully . She grabbed her books  she settled herself on couch  studying  .The time passed Niharika woke up at 6.30  she wished "Good morning Priya " Priya looked at her wished back again drowned in her books .A msg beep brought Priya to normalcy "Good morning kiddo , Missing your slim petite frame opposite to my broad frame ,Love you baby ,missing you . Have a nice day ,stay safe ,keep smiling Muhaa angel "
 Priya smile broadned she replied  "Thank you , Im with books , you go get ready for work " By the time Ram already went to freshen up . Niharika too  got ready, she went downstairs to look after Sameer .
Sameer and krishnaji were in a  serious discussion .Niharika checked his wound , told her decision to quitting her job for two months , before they respond she left the room .she  instructed the servants  about breakfast ,   than she came back to room  &  found Priya sleeping on the couch in akward manner her arms holding the book . she smiled caressed her hairs , she  covered with her blanket . she  gazed at the clock its still 7 so she don't wanna wake her up . meantime Sameer came to room . Niharika said  she arranged everything in the washroom , he went straightly  got ready meantime Niharika ordered breakfast for them . The couch is just straight towards their bed , Niharika Serving Sameer , he is laughing and whispering something to her .
The hush bush sounds made priya woke up from her nap .She  was trying to sit in the same flow "Ramm did you switched on the gizar or not " in her sleepy voice , Sameer chukled  hearing  this . BIL you got such a nice wife ,she will trip you on her little finger , he whispered to Niharika and laughed cheekily . Priya  eyes gave an cloudy image first than later she realised she was in Niharika s room and Sameer is there . She immediately got up from her place ..wo..woo Sorry .. I don't know when I slept .
   " common priya , you can sleep how much time you want , Nih  already quit the job so you can deal with her saying this  sameer laughed .priya hiding her embarassement she grabbed her books ran out of the room .
Nih : hitting on his shoulder , why you  teased her .
Sameer : bachhi hai , rahane do na , but really she is correct for your brother . both laughed again . Priya got ready in no time , while she is combing her hair she found the room is  a bit unusual . something is missing or something is not in correct place . She didn't mind the point she just rushed off  to  have her breakfast  . She saw Krishnaji arranging Breakfast , priya hugged  her from behind ,Ma where you went yesterday , you could have taken me also . Krishnaji had tears hearing MA from her at the same time  "She suspected a sec about  this innocent girl " heaving a sigh , she kissed her forehead without saying anything  she served breakfast to priya .
Priya told Ma  I felt something is missing in my room , did the servant has changed any "Ram may not like it " she said her concern regarding Ram's belongings and remembering  the way he will behave posseisive towards his things .
Krishnaji  Nothing priya ,I  came to check on something Ram needed it, That's it . Priya left to her college . Niharika descended stairs
Ma ,you and Sameer was there  in the room why you are not telling to priya anything .
Krishnaji :Niha , yes  I do searched for the evidences in that I might not corrected the things .
Niharika :Do you got anything mA.
Krishnaji had a small grin on her lips as her thoughts went to the morning incident
"Sameer search neatly , don't leave any inch , the criminal must have left some or other thing definitely just search , she found a glove on window side  ,she  looked down and she found few boot print marks on the grass . She dialled the forencic team members ,they checked inch by  inch of the room . collected the glove and boot print marks , a thumb and index finger prints on the  window wooden side they left from there . "
Coming back from her thoughts she don't wanna reveal anything to them right now , She heaved  a sigh nothing Nih you go and have a nice day . Niharika went to Office transferring all her work to other assistant she willingly freed herself from the work .The next min itself she felt burden less . she started  for Priya's college .
Nuts   called priya , come come  I brought for you , your fav  sandwich common hurry up . priya denied telling di is coming I have to take her to the doctor than come back and anttend the patients again , I cant re , you carry on  , I already told you na "nuts" in the morning itself .
Nuts : hawww when did you tell  me. you not even mentioned to me .
Priya surprised but couldn't help it ,Priya too waiting for Niharika  here ,when she saw Nih , her face lits up as some where priya thought she might not come . Pleading nuts she released from her grip , both went to doctors cabin
Doctor checked  ,she write some blood investigations , giving some instructions to Niharika she prescribed some medicines and told how to stress free and live happy life .
Niharika already felt light after talking with doctor she  was confident enough to go thru further tests as well as ready for any challenge in her life .
Both came out of the cabin ,Niharika said Thank you  to priya  ,they both ate near by Pizza center .
Ram got ready and kissing priya's photo , "I too miss you  my love "  he confidently went to his work.
As krishnaji said Ram wearing cooling glasses and observing every other person beside him .and he felt some one is following him but he is unable to trace out who . he entered in "Apollo hospitals " and found his follower stopped . Ram had a broad grin seeing this .
He entered in Dr. Rathod cabin ,wishing him good morning " They both were deeply involved in cases but whenever Ram went outside he felt someone s gaze on him .
When the clock strikes 1 , Token No 35 .A medium height smart fellow walked in to the room . Dr. Rathod introduced  to Ram . Meet Mr.RishaB  , the one you are waiting for . DR.Rathode gave privacy to them as Ram liked Rishab's meeting choice and the way he is taking up the case details .
After explaining everything Rishab  so Mr.Ram you think priya is innocent she don't know what have happened that triggered the murderer to make this move .
Ram said " yes "  .
Intresting okay I will take up the case  but I need to come with you  but every person has to think that im your patient and you are  treating me for the rare disease .
Ram scratched his temple ,  why like that ??? 
Rishab smiled , maintaining professional secrecy by this only I can findout  the culprit . Rishab waited outside and he very well acted that something is  bugging  him .  Rishab typed a msg to someone . after 5 mins , there is some whisperes started  behind rishab and slowly one after another moving away from him . he had a grin but he didn't make his grin  appearance .
The follower  observing all , finally Ram and Rathod came out , Ram giving his personal card to Rishab , come to my home or clinic I will be ready to start your treatment saying this Ram again sat for looking the patients .
The follower told every details to his assained person .  He got a msg " keep observing him " .
Back to medical college .
Nuts was angry on priya , she isn't talking with her . priya tried to manfoy her but she isn't listening . will give an Ice cream party after the college  priya whispered .Nuts elated and agreed for it .
Nuts and priya settled in priya's car . Priya is telling something Nuts is laughing . Nuts said Missing karthik so much re .he is not picking up his call also . mean time they reached the icecream parlour . She got a call and its evident on her face ,  that is  karthik's call .  Priya you go I will just come . Priya smiled she got down ,driver also got down and the following the security also Priya asked the driver "wether the security also wanted ice cream than they can eat . driver smiled for her offer . she is missing Ram terribly . she  was typing a msg to Ram , she heard a loud noice , some political party people  doing nuisance , with in  2 mins they aproched near where the car is parked .  driver  rushed to his side asking priya to get back in to the car immediately .
Nuts was about to get down priya pulled her , driver started the car , with in 2  mins the car caught the maximum speed , " whats happening , frightened nuts asked priya looking back , priya unable to tell . Sweat beads forming on nuts forhead . you scaring me priya what happen . Priya explained .Nuts forgot karthik was  still on line . Karthik  asked where are they ..She said we were in car .
Seconds pssed in silence . after 5 mins they came so far ,Nuts asked priya that she will get down as Karthik frightened , I will go from here But priya not allowed her to  get down telling she will drop near the hospital .
Nuts gave a msg to Karthik that I will be coming to hospital . 5 mins passed .
 Priya cell vibrated on her hand . She attended before she say something
"Ting .. Ting ...Ting  "Two medicos Have been killed in a Car bomb blast  along with driver "
What the hell  are  you talking priya shouted .driver stop the before her words  
 Don't tell him to stop the car priya  , it will blast immediately if the car halts .  Only  8 mins left . ha ha   ,what are you going to do Priya , I want to see ,  will you save  poor driver's life or Your innocent friend's life or Your life ..
Priya is in disbelief but she remembered her insticts . She asked the driver to slow down the car , Nuts open the door , Nuts looked aghast , "what the hell ..before  Nuts say s something she opened the door pushed Nuts outside . But  nuts got hit by another bike .Priya told driver  to jump from the car as some body kept the bomb in car  don't stop the car as it may blast anytime .  She too jumped  than ran to Nuts , who was bleeding heavily . Driver  too jumped .
5 secs.. 10 secs.. 1 min .. passed ..
Driver and semi conscious Nuts and few of the group looked at priya wonderly .. after 4 mins , they heard a  loud sound , The car flied 10 feet away broken into pieces . Priya supressed her  cry , nuts baffled to see it .driver terrified the security  gaurds ran to priya and nuts to give the security immediately they rushed to  Rams hospital . nuts was attended by  doctors  immediately .
Priya was unable to cop up with the things happening to her . and because of her nuts got injured today , at the same time security gave her phone to priya . She attended the call "Nice move priya Very nice move "You know the next target is Your loveble Hubby "
Nooo don't dare to do anything to him ,  she shivered with the thought itself
Areee wahhh  ??? kya pyaar hai bhai , well lemme see priya ,

Pleaseee , You want me to dead than just kill me but please don't do anything to him ,
Wowww .. I loved to see your vulnerable state  ,Im feeling so happy when you are pleading like that , Hahaha  laughing evilly he kept the call . priya cried  hiding her face in her palms . krishnaji arrived soon , when security  gaursd informed  her what was happened  she was shocked , seeing  vulnerable priya  in the hospital she   hugged her  , Priya's cry was uncontrollable seeing  Krishnaji  When a person s shoulder is there to cry on , will let all our emotions in that .

Vikram : Petrified hearing  the calls , when he got a call from the department who is tapping priya's phone , he immediately rushed  to the hospital .He is just praying everything should be fine , when he reached the place he found already  " the car was  blasted and it still burning " .  He got a  call again that "Priya got another call " He rushed up to the hospital  only to find priya is  frightened and terribly crying in Krishnaji's embrace .
[I think all remebred in previous updates Vikram asked  to tap Priya's calls  ]