Saturday, 3 January 2015

RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-3


 Sudhir introducing her to many she gladly meeting them asking her mother , why Papa is introducing each and evry person today .. Shipra tugged her hand "sshhh  just stay calm " .
Priya sat in the sofa which was situated in the hall midway ..  When a pair of hands closed her eyes , she startled 
Priya  touched the delicate  hands on her eyes .. and she squeled with joy "diii " ,sweeping her hands off turning to her she asked
Aaap yaha ..  her elder sister was standing there 
which is non other than "Neha" keeping her hand on Neha's stomach , she fondly asked is my girl started kicking or not . 
Neha gladly took her in her embrace , ha past 2 months se zor zor se 
before continuing their further talk  Vikram came to them .. 
Vikram :If girl nahi hai toh
Priya : How are you jiju , definitely its going to be girl .
Vikram :If by mistakenly if it's a boy than ,
Priya : I wont take him in my hands , I wont play with him ,she made a cute pout
Neha : ssshhh okay okay baba , stop it .. it is going to be girl only okay , Vikram tum bhi na
Vikram :smiled at them , Shipra called Neha she left these two went to check on her
Priya: looked at him , observed wether anybody is looking at her or not , she asked vikram " jiju any thing  to tell about the case , how far it came "
Vikram :Priya , papaji already warned me not to disclose to you anything about the case 
Priya : wiping her tears , she is my best friend 
Vikram : wo neha ki bhi friend hai .. 
Priya : but we are close friends jiju , I was living as per papa's instructions only na .Please give me atleast a hint , wether  you had any clue or something , her tears streamed down on her beautiful soft cheeks .
Vikram felt bad for priya but he was struggling under his profession and personal issues ,priya is like his sister ,when she has life threat how he will discuss all the things with her .
Priya expecting something from him , which got disturbed by sudhir;s call ,  she went to her papa glancing vikram once again . Sudhir introduced a elderly lady to her .Priya said "Namasthe " to her
Shipra signaled priya ,Priya bent down to take the blessings of elders . 

One fair lady  walked towards priya . Introduced herself as Niharika Rathore , Wife of Sameer Rathore .
Priya looked at her blankly as she don't know who is Sameer rathore . She gave her hand ,which was gladly accepted by Niharika  .
Nih:You are looking so beautiful priya . This necklace is so beautiful , where you brought
Priya : now even more shocked seeing  her very closeness towards her ,Err umm I actually Don't know , it just mom  gave me   I wore , just a min I will call her she may tell you the details . She called shipra and they two of them talking about sarees and  jewellery and Niharika was almost trying to drag priya also in the conversation .
Priya felt suffocated there , seeing Niharika she is remembering Sruthi , excusing herself she turned towards the balcony ,  while passing she hit someone saying sorry she brushed him off went to the balcony . The person followed her . when she felt someone is behind her , she twirled herself was shocked to see Ram there
p:What are you doing here .. 
R:waiting for you only Kiddo ... 
P:"OHhh Not again ..
Ram: common I too just came  for free air ,you know flowers , garden
P:Fine she about to go 
R:  tell me the  reason for not going ahead with me  .. I will try to solve it 
P:you wont solve  bulky you will increase my problems .. Saying this she about to go 
He blocked her turning her to his chest . Im asking you something "Answer Me"
She was wondered what  is happening  her breath hitched on her throat
Before she felt his hot breath on her lips . His smoldering eyes deeply looking into her neatly kohled eyes .
Neha called Priya.. priya .. She got back to her sences , she freed from his grip , he smiled knowingly what is going to happen when she  will get to know today is  her engagement with me . he walked behind her
There everyone were waiting for the couple , Sudhir held Priyas hand he lead her to the sofa  accompanied with shipra also .
Neha showed thumbs up sign to priya , Priya was unable to understand anything she just smiled at them , when Ram came and stood beside her , she froze at her place as something was slowly  getting into her brain . 
Sudhir  announced at the same time , Dear Relatives and family friends ,  sharma companies are collaborating with Kapoor industries   for the Metro Project . and not only business wise , we two means , asking Amarnath to come to him .
Joining both  of their hands , Okay  we  became partners not only business wise , family wise also we are going to be partners , and Im proudly announcing that Im Giving my Younger daughter Priya sharma hand to Amarnath's   son Mr.Ram kapoor . We all invited you here because we planned their engagement also today . so please enjoy and bless the couple .
Priya didn't hear anything more , as she felt  earth shuttering under her feet , If Shipra was not supported she could have fallen like a ragdoll . Her face went pale , Her eyes  became red , she felt her total body went numb with the happenings in her life , Sudhir came to them Giving Ring to priya he whispered in her ear "Priya take it and  do the honours "
She took the ring with her trembling  fingers  slowly slid the ring in his finger . Her eyes were down casted ,her brain was not functioning at all . Ram smiled heartily very carefully he slid the ring in to her finger . He felt her hand was so smooth her fingers were so delicate .
She immediately sat down on the sofa if one more min also she could have fallen down . she closed her eyes for a min , thought about all the happenings .
She opened her eyes to see , Ram also sat beside her and everybody eager to take photos with them , Priya hasn't talked anything after that .ram tried to talk with her but she didn't budge , Neha asked her to eat but she didn't take her food .
SHipra came with her food plate asked her to eat , she  don't have heart to eat and she was numb to all these actions . Ram was so happy and he knows Now priya is going to be his .
He thought she was in biggest shock she will get back soon . everything is over . Sudhir and shipra came back to home with priya . Priya didn't talk anything after that .she sat like statue all the way .
When they reached home , shipra nudged him to look at priya .
Priya ascending the steps to her room .
Sudhir :Priya , at anycost I want this marriage should happen . If If you do anything against this , you will see my death , Priya turned "papaaa"
Yes papa only ,I don't want anything against to happen this . She ran back to her room ,locking the door , cried her heart out . why did you left me sruthi ,why ..???
Shipra : Sudhir ,It seems  we are forcing her  .
Sudhir: What else I should do Shipra , I want my daughter should  be safe and sound , don't  u know  what happened . I know  im doing wrong with her but our kya karthi mai she doesn't left me with any chance . I just want her safe shipra , I know she is not happy with it but Ram is such a gentle person he will take  care of our kid very well
Shipra : she hugged sudhir cried her heart out .
Priya cried cried and slept on the floor itself .when she heard her phone  buzzing sound , she attended the call as it was from hospital .
Her voice is groggy and sleepy . The other person called her wether  she is coming to hospital or not .Priya told them she is not feeling well so she can't come today . hearing her voice they too understand she is not feeling well . they too didn't budge .
She took bath wore a blue colour top and  cream colour skirt , got ready came down stairs and to her surprise whole kapoor family  welcomed her  in the hall .
Ram is so engorsed in talking with vikram. One constable  comes , saluting him Sir DGP sir on the line . 
vikram : ek min Ram i will just be back . he went to talk .after few mins he will be back 
Ram surprisingly what you do buddy ?? 
vikram : im ACP   
Ram: Wow thats great to hear . 
Vikram:And I know your mother very well from your family , we dealt few cases with her ,She is a great criminal lawyer . 
Ram smiled ha , she is great .. 
Neha is busy in chatting with Niharika . When she came down she took blessings from ram's parents .
Ram taken a back a sec seeing priya in this attire , the long skirt covered her 5'4 lenth in an angelic way , and the top gave most attractive look . She looked like  epitome of beauty to him . and he was so mesmerized seeing her . she was looking as fresh as like rose .
Shipra & sudhir already told them Priya was having  fever so no one asked why she got late . But Ram came near to her  asked in hush tone "How about the fever "
Priya : Fine , thank you . she about to say something . she heard pandit ji telling the auspisious time after 4 days . Now priya was completely taken back .
Sudhir : is there any other than this ,I mean with in 2 days or like that .
Priya knows why her father is so eager to do all this . Vikram suggested Its okay papaji we will do  on 4th day . we have somany works to do , Ram got a call from hospital so he rushed to attend the cases .
Priya was dumb fonded hearing , everything is happening so fast , she don't have choice totalk with Ram even . she again went back to her room just to cry her heart out .
4 days  finshed just like seconds .and the auspicious time Ram tied the mangalsutra around priyas neck . Ram & Priya marriage was over  with every ritual .
Ram and priya taken directly to hotel westin for their first night . Vikram Neha , Niharika Sameer decorated the room very well for Ram & Priya .
As knowing priya well , both couples sat there for sometime until they ate something than they left off saying a Very Good night  to the couple . Both silent for sometime .
Priya's body was  trembling with fear but she was damn angry on Ram . Acting she was not affected being alone with him.
Ram called her softly . See Kiddo we are married now . I told you na I will marry you only you . saying this he kept his hand on priya's shoulder .
She pushed his hand  , she poured all her anger ,frustation on him .
"Why .. Why the hell you married me , I already told you I cant and I wont marry you , than why did you marry me "
Ram was baffled to see her reaction , and he was all pissed off with her behaviour  .
"What happen to you Priya , don't behave like kid  "
P:wah .. Im Im behaving like a kid and you are acting like a gentle man .
R:priyaaa ...
P: don't shout , I told you before also Im not going to marry you , I told you NO than why why you  did this to me .
R: Oh bull shit , after our talk I  talked with your dad , and he begged me saying please marry my daughter I will make her understand , that's Why I  come ahead with it .
P: Why you didn't feel to ask me one time also ..
R: why you didn't feel to contact me once also Priya ..
P: What she tells , she is afraid of her father or  what she will say .
Ram about to touch her again to make her understand  but our sherni jerked him saying "Please go away from me , I don't like this marriage , please go away "
R: His temper raised to the peak level . He stromed off from the room, locking the door , Vulnerable priya  drained out fighting she  slept on the bed cryingly .