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RaYa FF : Destined to Marry PART-16

Hope everybody remembered the story so far  … here is the next part

Pleaseee , You want me to dead than just kill me but please don't do anything to him ,
Wowww .. I loved to see your vulnerable state  ,Im feeling so happy when you are pleading like that , Hahaha  laughing evilly he kept the call . priya cried  hiding her face in her palms . krishnaji arrived soon , when security  gaurds informed  her what was happened  she was shocked , seeing  vulnerable priya  in the hospital she   hugged her  , Priya's cry was uncontrollable seeing  Krishnaji  When a person s shoulder is there to cry on , will let all our emotions in that .

Vikram : Petrified hearing  the calls , when he got a call from the department who is tapping priya's phone , he immediately rushed  to the hospital .He is just praying everything should be fine , when he reached the place he found already  " the car was  blasted and it still burning " .  He got a  call again that "Priya got another call " He rushed up to the hospital  only to find priya is  frightened and terribly crying in Krishnaji's embrace .
[I think all remebred in previous updates Vikram asked  to tap Priya's calls  ] 
Vikram walked near her , “PRIYAaa” she looked at him  ,vikram  opened his arms she  immediately landed in them, crying copiously  ..”I just don’t know what …[sobs] was happening “
Its all [sobs ]  sudden..
Caressing her hairs he made her calmed down a bit and asked what happened , she explained how they went to icecream parlour  when she saw the political rally   she  urged driver to drive fast .when I got in to the car got a call from that fellow telling “ He arranged a bomb in that “
And and if we stops the car it will immediately burst out , a long pause of sobs ..
So I thorwed Nuts out and see now , she looked at the Emergency room door .Vikram brain is working sharply , even the security  observing each and every second than how  efficiently they  arranged the bomb . where where they are losing some grip and why they planned this big .
Why Priya  ???  Why sruthi ? why sruthis family related ?? Vikram s tears blurred his vision there he  spotted Neha crying   behind Strechther .He  wiped it off with the other hand . when he saw what exactly he gasped “Nehaaaa … “

Priya  who was resting  her head on his chest , looked at him followed his eyesight only to burst out in more tears . Krishnaji too got shocked seeing   sudhirji  was on an unconsicious state .
Papaaa … Priya ran to  the wheeling strechther , “What happened “ papa  open your eyes , she checked the pulse questioning Neha and shipra .  They  wheeled him into the emergency  Vikram stopped  priya , she is struggling very hard “ lemme go Jiju , please lemme goo “
Krishnaji  understud the situation is getting worst , she walked in emergency ordered the doctors  to  complete check up and shift to ICU immediately . One by one she leaded them smoothly and efficiently   ,passed orders Ram shouldnot know all these  ASAP .
Priya looked at her with wonder , seeing her  stare krishnaji  spoke peacefully “ He may land in danger “ Priya we will solve out this first  . Priya motionlessly sat on a chair near by .
The hours passed quickly its 9 in the night , Karthik called her and told Nuts is doing fine and she is asking about you . Priya walked slowly to her room , she  squeezed her hand  told “sorry nuts I didn’t mean to hurt you “
“Common pRiya I can stay with karthik , I called you to tell “Thank you “  Priya wondered ,nuts winked at her , nuts eased the situation as its normal brusies only and a twisted ankle . Priya talked for sometime walked back  to the ICU  waiting area . Krishnaji patted  her “ shall we go and see your father “
She nodded her head  she walked like a  frightened deer , thinking in what condition her father could be . He attached  with so many tubes lying on his back on a metal bed . Priyas heart crinked seeing him like that . her tears slipped from her eyes .  A mere blurry vision came  infront of her
“ Papaaa … speed up .. More ..more .. The 6 year old priya swinging in their garden , asking her father to make it more fast “
Haha he is laughing  heartfully “ This is alredy more beta “
 She giggled phir bhi  papa faster faster …
Sudhir  increased the speed ,  the lil priya enjoyed the bliss of air washing away her face and her father support back of the destination . she squeled with joy .  when priya wished   one day for swing in their garden , and sudhir arranged it the next day . only to see her happiness .  Priya can remember and tell each of their precious moments .
That smile she remembered still , how masthi they used to do , He made her bath , he make  her get ready to school . as her mother was very ill that time . he prepared everything to her , and Today she cannot hold back her tears seeing him life less , his lips sealed in a hardline . his pale face showing how much hard phase he is going thru .
When Neha di told   what happened with papa . She just burst out in more tears helplessly . For the first time she needed Ram beside her . she felt she is losing her balance without him .
“Flashback :
Priya : di what happen to papa , why why he is in this condition.
Neha : he heard about your car blast  collapsed there itself  priya . she  sobbed telling to her sister .
Priya ;Oh Godddd …. Who is he , why he wants to kill me . God please help me , she felt helpless , her stomach is churning away with unknown tension she know she know something is going to happen biggg , she don’t know whats that . “
Priya sat beside sudhir ji , Taking his palm in her both hands , kissing It , I love you papa , once open your eyes and see me , Im Your  Priya “ nothing happened to me “   open your eyes and check me once . Papa open na , Im waiting for you  to see me , Im feeling alone papa , I can’t live without you papa , please papa why don’t you  open your eyes , You know na I will play Hide and seek ,Think that blast was a hide and seek game and your priya came out without any injury .papa please   open your eyes papa . please papa ..
Krishnaji had tears listening to priya convo with her  dad , she has seen so many drastic things but but seeing her closed ones , especially  she is treating priya like a kid  as well as her own daughter , and seeing her cry , krishnaji’s heart burnt with anger on that Criminal .
Doctor informed Krishnaji that he had given sedatives to Sudhir  , he will  gain his conscious tomorrow morning , you better take priya to home . she might get stress attack . Krishnaji  understand what he told , she went back to priya where she was pouring her love to her father , she patted her  back , Priyaaa Its time to leave , priya looked at her , two mins ma please , krishnaji waited for two mins , Priya kissed his forehead telling that he will be alright soon she came back to the waiting area .
Shipra  , neha were sitting together shipra ‘s head on Neha s shoulder , Priya heart quivered with the stabbing pain seeing them like that .Vikram was talking with the driver   something .
Priya felt her feet numb each step  she dragged to reach them . once she reached shipra she cried telling “ this is al because of me Mamma “   Im a bad daughter , im so bad , If something happened to papa I cant live ma , I want him back , this is all because of me mamma , im a bad daughter 
Shipra took her in her embrace , its not at your fault  my dear , we are worried for you , she touched priya with all her love and checked her wether she has any injuries or not .
Krishanji took the final decision she has to start her work from now on . she managed to convince priya and made her to come back to their home . keeping security problem in her mind priya too came back , she opened  the shower took  a warm water  bath , she changed into a comfortable silk nighty gown of hers . She saw the lonely bed which Used to cover by her husband’s body on one side and he used to wait for her to sleep beside him to tell sweet nothings , to hum a beautiful song for her . She missed him badly   ,she is checking her bag for her phone .Krishnaji came with a glass of milk  .Seeing Priya;s search she asked “Did you lost something beta “  . Still searching ha ma , I don’t knw where my phone is  . Krishna ji smiled , first take this and drink it  ,no more aruguments  about this milk and your phone  I kept it for charging .
Oh Priya smiled looking at her  , she didn’t say anything ,she took the milk gulped down slowly   , she grabbed her phone  found fem missed calls from Ram and  some other friends  . she immediately went to INBOX .  There were so many  unread msgs .
“Hii Kiddo … what happen , missing you ,  love you “
“Hi babes , im dying to hear your voice ,just pick the call once “

“Hey wify what happen , is everything okay , im having palpitations , hope you good , just ping me when you got free time “

“ hey sexyyyy where are you “
“ Kiddo , im going to start now , have some work in mid way , will see that  and start , missing you  “

“Kiddo where are you , missing you loads , mom told you are busy with  something “

“wanna talk with you , missing your cutness ,love you , will be there soon with you in your  arms “

“Oh baby , im so sory I got strucked up with this work  unable to come  today , im sorry baby “

Reading the last msg she sprung up from her seat , ma Ram isn’t coming today  , she is actually waiting for him to come today but seeing this msg she  felt a  sharp pain in her heart . Whats happening to me , her thoughts went on the threat call and her finger stopped dialling Rams number . Krishnaji enveloped in a motherly hug , Priya he has caught up with some work so  he will be back tomorrow   or day after tomorrow early morning . 
Priya tighten her hold on krishnaji  she closed her eyes , images of Ram  first talk in the hospital , their engagement  , their marriage , their first night , she yelled at him , she fought with him , his first kiss on her lips , her kiss to him , how he pampers her everything flashing out infornt of her eyes . tears flowed from her doe eyes .  both krishnaji and Priya went into deep slumber in the wee hours of morning . 
 She jerked with a phone ring . rubbing her sleepy eyes she looked the other side ,krishnaji talking with someone . she took her mobile  gave a Good morning msg to Ram  who was sleeping away to glory in the hotel room.  Krishnaji signalled her to get ready  soon . she too went to get ready .
Bansikaka packed some food  arranged it in the car . krishnaji & priya  got in it . Your father is asking for you  she broke her silence . Priya had happy wala teary smile on her face ,she was so eager to meet her father , she  jumped with joy seeing her father lively smile on his face . when he saw her standing on the door way , he spread his  arms she ran and simply lodged in that.
“Oh My darling girl , how are you doing , Im so fraightened to hear the news about you ,
She broke down into tears ,Im fine papa , but what ahppend to you , I just died seeing you like that , I love you  don’t worry about me . I will be fine ..  His darling daughter is in his arms ,   he was the most loveble father to her ,and she was the most innocent and cute daughter for him .  Their chit chat just going on  , father and daughter didn’t even care about others and everyone just gazing at them dearly  .the duo looking cute and vikram and neha remembered the childhood days of priya , how much ever the time is  the lil priya used to eat from her father hands and she used to sleep on his chest only . Even after reacovery of shipra  priya is  close with her father only and everything he used to do for her . but in neha the matter is just opposite she is always loveble and lovely daughter of mother . it doesn’t mean that neha doesn’t love her father or priya doesn’t love her mother , its just the  love strings attached to more of them ,its with every kid asusaul . here in case of   priya from her  birth till date   everything has done by her father  for her, every lil thing she shared with her father . the days  priya  grown up in his arms , to a toddler than a small girl.  he felt very pride when stood on her lil feet   she came towards him to cacth his leg ..
Wohhh  his fatherly emotions  resulted in tears  of joy .  Now  coming to the present , sudhir lying down on the metal bed ,gazing at priya with his love and asking her where abouts   .rest of the others just gazing at them. They relived hearing about sudhir condition is getting improved and now  his face  is beaming with  joy . the rest of the  things happened fastly .  Sudhir has to  be under observation for one more day  . Priya went and visited nuts , her ankle got twisted badly so she needed bed rest and  Karthik  wants to observe for her few more days .  Priya  attended nuts  and her father till evening ,in mean time she got a msg from Ram “ Sweets I may come tomorrow “
Seeing the msg tears sprung up on her beautiful pearl eyes.   She was missing him badly  and she cant accept that  true so soon .  she about to reply her father called her , she went to him faking a smile on her face . he asked her to go and take rest , she can come tomorrow . he very well knows she wont but he wants her to be fit and fine to fight for any situation .
Reluctlantly priya  said bye to her father and family members and she   came to Kapoor mansion with krishnaji . Krishnaji went to  freshen up  hurried priya to get  freshen up . Priya sat in the sofa motionlessly , her brain stopped working long back, why its happening , whats happening , WHY ?? WHY ? some one wanted to kill her and that tooo they have killed her best friend , sruthi , sruthis fiancé and sruthi’s brother , what about her whats the realtion , she isn’t getting any clue , NIharika & Sameer entered in the KM  laughing on something . Priya gathered herself to wish them , before her wish  NIharika piled priya in her arms ,”Thank you Thank you so much my sweet girl “ You don’t know how happy Im today , so leasuire so beautiful ,  feeling so good . all thanks to you dear .  Sameer interrupted her asking about her fathers health . NIharika bites her tongue and asked sorry priya I already called ma when you were in hospital that’s why ..
Priya smiled “Its ok di , no problem , He is very much fine now “everybody retired to their rooms . Priya closed the door .she filled the tub with warmwater . peeling of all her clothes she  dipped herself in the water .her body is soaking in the hot water giving soothen to her body .  she just lost in her thoughts  she didn’t hear the knock sound on her bed room door .

He smiled evilly , Looking here and there he slowly opened the door  with something in his hand .

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