Sunday, 8 December 2013

PART-45 Sirf Meri Ho

Priya closed her eyes to sleep.She tried to sleep but her hubby warning keep on confronting and those assaulting msgs from stupid.
Uff her eyes automatically flooded with tears ,what I should do .

God please help me out .. Priya…Ram's voice echoed in her ears.
She felt jerked turned to his side.
R:What happened darling why you are unable to sleep?

P:She snuggled closer to him,Im worried .If something happens to me.
R:Shhh he placed his index finger on her lips,before that my heartbeats will stop.

P:She looked at him.Her phone vibrated …She was irritated ,don’t want to check even.,
she silently prayed to god to give her strength. Why on earth I met him in life. She cursed herself for this situation. 
Ram called her Priya.. Are you having any pain. His concerned voice made her heart crinkle. She snuggled very closer to him keeping her head on his left shoulder. I'm fine Ram. It's just that I'm ..she cried. Ram who was still in confusion..
 What happened Priya, why are you crying. Please Priya.Her phone vibrated once again. God this is terrible. She wants to kick her phone. She closed her eyes in frustration.He soothened her back and patted to sleep.

Next day morning she opened her eyes inviting good morning . She is feeling so light she don't have that small pain too.
Good morning dear, her hubby's husky voice made her lips into a blooming smile.
She smilingly wished him very good morning.
Get up lazy bones...
Priya pulled him. He was about to fall on Priya.
But  Priya moved abit so he safely landed on bed..
Eyyy Priya... what is this..
If I fall on you.
P: gave her Sakshi special smile. If u fall also nothing will happen. Taking his arm hugging it so closely to her.
Waise you are telling that you haven't put your weight on me.
R: hello.. when..  I..
He remembered some thing turned to Priya.
P: she was blushing.. I'm bearing na.

R: God!  Priya what you are referring to haa.
P: don't you know what I'm referring to.
R: haaa?  Don't know,can you enlighten my knowledge with your answer.
P: areee maine kab kaha.. 
When did I called that, pulling his cheeks .you look like my teddy bear..
R: pouted..
P: she smiled seeing his pout.
R;. Come, get up darling.. you have to drink milk too.
P:Oh ,Noo ,Please today no milk…she is requesting him with her cute puppy face .
R:Im not going to listen in this ,Will you ,he pushed her to the washroom..
P:She opened the door Khadoos , and taking her tongue out ,she closed the door.
R:He smiled at her anger .. But decided he should be strict regarding this.He nicely arranged the breakfast table while she is getting ready .
P:She wore a green colour salwar kameez ,Ohh she is just beautiful .She managed to keep het wet hair in order keeping her bindi se saw his reflection on mirror .She raised her eyebrows in questioning ?
R:Silently keeping his both hands on her shoulder .Caressed her cheeks whispered in her ear ..
Today you are looking gorgeous.She blushed hearing that ..You don’t have any pain na..His Hand travelled to her navel area .Caresing it smoothly he asked her .
P:No,Today I don’t have that slight pain too you know .She looked at him ..He kissed her forehead smelling her fragrance .She smiled ..
R:come will have breakfast ..He fed her with his hands .Asked her to take rest and he has some important works he will finish them and come .
She nodded her head but didn’t say anything. she so wants to be with him. Atleast she wants to go to her work but as Neel mentioned she has to be at home today as Ram already told to apply leave for 2 days ..
Ram got ready and came in office attire ,He is looking like a full fledged business man ,That straight forwardness is more evident while he is talking in the phone.
She came to him,adjusting his already adjusted tie.
R:Finished the call and asked what happened sweety ,Sliding his hands under her waist pulling her more closer to him.She smelled his cologne ,unknownly she kissed his chest ,hugged him tightly .Her tears are about to come.
R:Pulled a far ,please sweety ,I will surely come soon.No more tears trying to wipe the coming tears drop.
P:She kissed his palm .Yah iam ok .. You have a great day ..
R:brushed his lips on her lips ,Yah you too .Both descended the stairs.He is giving her instructions while coming down ,Please take your diet in time,anyway I will call you .But take it as per diet chart .
P:She chit chatted with Krishna ji ,Dadi and Apeksha she came back to room ..Each corner she is feeling his presence …She mumbled Mr.Kapoor please…By that time she got a call its showing His name..Automatically our queen's lips turned into a big grin.
P:Hii ,How are you ..
R:Laughed with that question ..Why?what happened to me ?I have to ask you ?
P:Pouting ,Why you laughing , I thought you called so any problem ?
R:supressing his laughter ,nothing baby but
Se heard a knock on the door ,said come in to that person.
R: I called to tell you take the juice right now.Bansikaka already stood there with a glass of juice ..
P:Gave hawww expression taking the juice from bansikaka,she asked him ,For this you called now haaaa..
R:Yups baby … any thing for you ,now sip it ..i Have lined up meetings.
P:Sipped quietly feeling him at herside .. Took her medicines ..Now happy ..
R:So much ..Muhaa kissing in phone ..he kept the call .
P:Tears rolled down from her eyes seeing so much love for her .She don’t know how to block these messages .He is giving the messages from some other number ..She cant tell him ..
She don’t know when she fell into slumber .. the medicines are having good effect on her.
She woke up with a start remembering some of her past incidents.Sweat beads formed on her forehead ..She called to Her man …
For one ring only His voice well enough to tell how joy he was..
P:Mr.Kapoor , Mai ho …
R:Ohhh Really I don’t know …His laughing is filling in her ears.
P:Hmmm Ha your lunch ..
R:Not yet dear ,will have now .You go and have it with ma .
P:About to tell something , heard someone discussing something with him..She waved bye to him went to have her lunch ..
Apeksha was grinning at her mother telling its not possible..
Priya : what happened ma?why she is so happy ?
Krihsna: Nothing I searched a match for her when im staying in Australia ,at that time the boy said he is ready to marry but after talking with her ,today he called ,I cant marry her aunty ..
For that she is laughing …She don’t want to marry until Ram meet us,But right now everything settled up and still see how she is doing ..Priya felt her motherly concern to get married to her daughter .
P:I will talk with her don’t worry ..
A: went silent …everyone finished their lunch .. Returned to their respective rooms .
P:Called to Neel to know about her college .
N: She excused from her class,Hiii Priyu….
P:Neel how many times I told you don’t call with that ?
N:Priyuu..Priyu …
P:You wont listen to me..I know
N:But still you are trying to say something ..
P:Uff are you ..
P:Sorry im pretty good ,how are you priyu.
P:Irritated ..NEEL..
N:Priyu .is something bothering you kya.
P:Yah you only ..
P:She too laughed with her ..What is this Neel.
N:Everything is fine today,nothing happened as you are thinking.I think he might know that you are on leave for  2 days.
P:Her eyebrows knotted with confusion .Hmm ..
N:Priyu im in class ..i will call you later .. ok ..

P:She sighed and kept the call.Her eyes captured the book lying on the side table.
She took the book her lips had a grin remembering their convo.It’s 50 shades of Grey.
She engorsed in the book she don’t know her surrounding has some members.
When she heard some giggling sounds..She looked at so fearly …
Three of them chipred ..Heloooooo …
Natasha flunged on the bed lying beside Priya hugging from her waist,Neha sat beside her hugged ..Apeksha too sat infront of Priya.
Neha too sat giving sidehug .Natasha plucked the book from her …
Ohhh see what bhabhi is reading ???
“50 shades of Grey “
Neha asked why you want to read ..when you have “100 shades of Ram “
Apeksha ,Nuts and neha laughed aloud seeing Priya flustered face.Aisa kuch nahi hai ..Priya mumbled under her breath.
Tho kaisa hai bhabhi Natasha asked ..Neha nudged her to tell .
Kya hai Neha ?You too in bachhonke sath ..
Bachho ..bachhooo nuts raised her voice ..
Im married and im going to get a baby soon …You think im bachhi..
All shockd what did you say “You are pregnant “and ye bath tum abhi batha rahe hai kya??All stood up and staring at her angrily.
Natasha gets shocked biting her tongue cheekily
 “No no no “my meaning is I may get pregnant now or in future ki “
Ohh see 5o shades of Karthik will give the present Apeksha intruded Nuts face flustered by this.
Nuts “Hello Helloo you are not even married should not “
Priya chipred in Kyu na hojaye ,now or soon in future she will get married.Apeksha cheeks turned into crimson red.
Neha said to Priya :Ohh so you are escaping from the root ..
Batha na…Why you are reading this novel.Ram didn’t say anything
P:Why he will say something ,trying to catch the book from nuts hands .
Naa…nuts held back the novel in her hands.
Neha:Why cant he say something ..when he is beside you and you are reading about Grey.How come Ram will allow that .
Because Ram is not Grey ,He is more loveble than Grey.
Ohhhh ..all clapped …Neha winked at Nuts.But im not going to give this to you …Nuts ran from the place..Priya too ran after her .
Priya held nuts in the hall.She threw the book to Neha.Neha ran from there.
Priya  following her Neha threw the book to Ape.And those three are playing with Priya.But she is unable to catch hold of the novel.Those four were running in the hall ,jumping from the sofa sets ,chairs making Kapoor mansion a mess..
Ram &Rishab entered,for some moments they were unable to understand whats going on .Ram was so engorsed in his wife .she is looking so tired but so beautiful ..she is trying to run behind those three girls and not giving her the chance to catch them.
Bhai ,Nuts ran behind Ram paying hide and seek .Priya too ran there..Ram don’t let her go please .Ye kya hai ..Priya was in front of him and Nuts behind using him as a wall and playing ..
Priya winked at Rishab ,Rishab hold nuts,,In the mean neha came and dragged the book from nuts wanted to rush from there but Ram held her ..
Atlast Priya got the book .
Ram asked now khush …
:Priya gave her special smile.answered “Bahuth”
All enjoyed their evening tea and snacks .Ram went to freshen up ..Priya bid bye to them came to their room .She kept the book aside .
Ram who came from the washroom ..Asked so whats your Grey is telling  ??
She widened her eyes .Hawww!! Rammm..
R:He came closer to her ,sprinkling his hair drops on her face .. What ? what happened ?
Priya closed her eyes when droplets dawn on her face ..Ohh gosh he smelled soo good .She kissed him on his crook of the neck.He closed his eye with pleasure ..Her kisses travelled to jaw line ,brushed his lips with hers slowly bit his earlobe making him squirm under sweet pressure..
Ouch that hurts Ram moked ….
You deserve it for asking such question ?Priya replied
What I asked pulling her more closer to him.Rubbing his nose with her .
P:He is not My Grey ….
R:Rolled his tongue to his who is yours ..
P:The one I kissed now …She lowered her gaze ..
He tugged her more in his tight embrace ..Kissed on her forehead.The day passed with this sweet talks and their alltime knok jhoks .She kept her phone in silent mode doesn’t even bother to check.Her phone bombered with messages and missed calls but she didn't even glance.
The next morning Priya got ready for college ..She wored a green saree looking so sexy and gorgeous ..
Ram who came in the room after completing his business call..Gazed at her in awwww..
Some one is going to kill me..Priya smiled ..
Oh really ??was her reply ..
Yah he dropped a kiss on her cheek ..I want to ravish you till the night but lets your problem get solved .Priya smiled at that .. Im not your alooparantha to ravish ..
Ram smiled that …Tum aloo parantha se jyada ho meri liye ..
Both laughed in unison ..Ram dropped Priya at her college ..He drove back to office.
Priya looked at him until his car faded from her view …
Helloooo Neel's voice banged in her ears and she looked at her ..
Good morning madam .. our kahiye appko kuch chahiye kya ? khaana peena..MILK ..
Priya :Common Neel ..Mr.Kapoor is enough to get in my head to ask you eat ,drink ,this that ..Now you please don’t start .
Neel gazed at her from top to bottom ..Still you are looking sexy ,winked at her .
Yes Im also telling the same .You are looking very sexy and gorgeous ,The mans voice  came from their back.Both turned in unison by hearing that ..
Priya legs were trembled ,but she controlled …You again ??
Yes Priya , I love you ,why don’t you give another chance,I will show you how beautiful our life would be if we are together .Thum sirf meri ho …I wanted to touch you .i wanted to make ….
Bang,a TIGHT SLAP  on his cheek ..
Kithne besharam ho tum Ashwin,Im feeling ashamed once I thought of marrying you ..How sick and disgusting you are .
Now Ashwin held her hand ,”What you think :
If you are Ram kapoor wife tho …You can slap me..ha ..Dont for get Priya ,we loved each other long back and I know you are habituated for rich life style ..I can give all the things what you need including sex…Hmmm he smelled her ..Ohh god your irresistable..your fragrance is sooo good …..she tried to hit him with her free hand but he escaped and held her tightly ..she is wincing with pain ..and her heartbeats raised feeling him closer ..She wanted to run and hide in her mans embrace.But Ashwin degraded to low that he was coming dangerously close..
Her tears were nonstoppable and her total body was shivering like a dry leaf .He was getting more closer trying to touch her waist and pulling her more closer .They heard a roar sound of ones claps…Both looked at the site .both frozen seeing the site infron of them.