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PART-48 Sirf Meri Ho

PART-  48 

God you are so sexy Priya .. I can’t get enough of you ..
Biting her shoulder ..She moaned scraching his back.He kissed her …
She silently lying on his chest. after some time feeling cold she managed to get her top.
She firmly adjusted that around her thorax region got up to get ready ..
R:What happened my darling ?winking at her .
P:she is trying her level best to control her shyness as well as her top around her petite frame .
Ram grinning seeing her difficult .What is there to hide from me streching his hand out to  to pull her .
She quikly stepped back closed the door ..
When the hot water squirmming on her body she feel fresh and soothen.
Ram banging on the door , “Priya open the door” ..
He heard her laugh in waves ,her voice squeled “No way”
Ram pouting please yaaar “urgent “ he stressed the word hoping she opens the door.
Priya:Ohhh so go and use guestroom …Again he heard her laugh .
Ram was so happy hearing her smile .
He pretended to walked out but he stood there firmly ..How she will come out .
Asusaul she wrapped the towel she very well know his mischives.
So she called him out ,Ram chukled silently he hasn’t given any answer .
She flipped the knob button slightly opened the door  to  check wether her teasing husband there or not ..
Ram escaped from her view at the moment waiting for her to come out .
A bucket full of warm water splashed on Ram …
He yelled “ yeeee ..yyeee “
She escaped from there bolted the changing room door ,so he cant come out ..
And she continued her smile ..
Ram who realized what happen,he rushed to the door found it already closed .
“Open the door Priya “
“Nooo” she stiffled .
I wont leave you today Ram shouted at the door .
He banged the door hardly …..
Priya ;ohhhh Mr.Kapoor ….closing her eyes .. Iam going down .you get ready and come soon and come for dinner .
Ram don’t have any choice he lounged in the bath tub ..taking his bath remensing their love act previously .
The smile has never left on his lips while thinking about his wife .
He hates to drench in water see how she lapsed the water on him .So I loved your punishment darling .
He hated it but he is feeling so good after that ..he loved every act of hers towards him .
Especially these naughty things ..These are only for him and her naughtyness also only him .
He thanked god giving her in his life .. He got ready ..called his wife .
“Oye meri sherni “ open the door while his lips carving in to smile he banged the door..
The opposite side Priya is waiting for him .
Actually she don’t have any dresses outside the room ,All she neatly arranged in changing room drawers .She cleaned the couch and bed in the meantime ..
She opened the door ,when Ram came out she rushed inside bolting the door
Ram who was in anotherworld he hasn’t get the glimpse what exactly happened .
He luaghed heartily when he got that ..
So Sherniiiiiii …he called out again …
Iam not sherniiiiiiii .. she chipred while wearing a salwar suit .
Seee you thought  you gave punishment to me but you yourself got punished without wearing anything ..He laughed again ..
She gritted his teeth ….
Don’t laugh ..i forgot my clothes Priya said again ….
Still he is laughing … I loved your punishment ..
She opened the door  hurriedly , placing her dupatta on her shoulder ,her hairs in a messy waving side to side while she is ranting on him .
P:What you called me ha ??
Sherni ?? mai sherni hu…
She came very closer ….Mr.Kapoor pointing her index finger on his chest
He mesmerized by her beauty how sexy she was [just before 20 mins ].
And how she turned out loving naughty girl asusaul ..
He hold her finger in his fist ,kissed her hand ..
R:Haa sherni ,…tho kya hua ..Mai Sher tho ho tum sherni ho na .
Moving her hairs on her face ,inhaling her scent he kissed her forhead .
Her anger just faded away by his gesture .. She smiled ..both got ready ,wemt downstairs for dinner .
Next day as they planned both visited Sruthi .Already Ashwin case is in court there is noway he escapes from this case .
Seeing Priya ..
Sruthi gave a warm hug and cried bitterly .. Ram just looked at them .
While priya patted her back to soothen up .Having tears in her own eyes.
After 30 mins or so she controled herself broke the hug .wiping her tears away ,wiped priya’s tears also ..
Sruthi having hiccups because of crying for lontime.
Priya got up to fetch water ..
Ram told sruthi …
“When  you cry ,you are looking so beautiful “
Priya turned to look him when she heard it …He is golu ,don’t even know what to talk or how to talk .
Sruthi laughed hearing that ..becuase she cupped her face in priya’s embrace she very well know Ram trying to cheer her up.
Priya smiled seeing both ..
Sruthi gulped water which priya gave to her .She fondly took her in sidehug .
Sruthi:Im so sorrry Priya ..
Priya looked at her with asusaul “Not again type look “
Sruthi:Atleast let me tell you now ..If its not now ,I may not get time to tell anytime ,I many not have courage to tell in future ..
Priya gazed at Ram..he assured her go ahead .
S:I know when you and ashwin wanted to marry .I supported you both .. I was there in each sec when you people dreaming about your life. [Priya closed her eyes in disgust the thought itself killing her ]
“Ram so can understand what she is going thrw “.
I always thought she got best guy .. when your marrige talks were not happened in well.
Ashwin causually came to my home with his parents asked about my hand .I have to think at that time why he is offering this … But No I was clouded that im lucky to get him .
And being  a good friend of you , I betrayed accepting his match .
But after marrige soon I got to know ,he wont work ,he always wanted money in easy ways.That’s why he married me ..
I struggled to adjust in this so called matrimony ..
Already im feeling I purposefully cheated on you and your dreams ..And facing the torture right from the marrige but still I lived with him hoping kahi na kahi .won’t he change ..
But NOOO.. he proved Noo ..He stooped soo low that I cant forgive him ..
Sruthi cried again ,Priya solaced sruthi in her embrace….
Some mintues passed in silent ..

Ram handed a cover to sruthi …
She asked what it is …
Priya signaled her to read it on her own ..
Sruthi :Appointment order from Kapoor industries.
She had appointed as incharge of one small group . and her salary is in 5 numbers.
Before she could say anything Ram said to her ..
It is my gift to you sister ,please don’t say No … You have to be strong and face the life now on wards.
Sruthi heartfully said thanks to him and priya, for this oppritunity and she hugged Priya tightly …

Both bid her bye….While driving Ram asked Priya … Kahi chale ….
Priya mind revolving what sruthi has said just the hell she even think of marrying ashwin … why can’t she guess his evil moves..
Priya .. Ram tapped on her shoulder ..
Huhh….. she asked “ kuch kaha aap ne “
R: kahi chale ….
P: maa ka ghar, papa ke sath time spent karna hai tho …
R: drove the car in sharma house .. he asked her what happen ?
P: she said nothing ,leaned on his shoulder “I love you “
R; I tooo love you soooo much .. She just pressed her to him firmly .
He dropped her inSharma’s house . I will come and pick you in the evening .
She took his hand placing a kiss ,safe drive .will meet in the evening .
Ram’s eyes lingered with happiness. Winked at her .. I don’t want to waste my nights .
She smiled shyly … she walked slowly to their apartment .
Hearing knock sound sudhir opened the door .
Welcomed her warmly ,She hugged him tightly .Her big doe eyes rained the tears on his shoulder .
Sudhir felt restless at the same time paniced seeing his daughters cry .
He patted her back ,
“What happen Priya “ placing his thumb under her chin , he made her to walk on their favourite spot “The Balcony “
He adjusted the chairs both sat there .Sudhir signaled her to tell .
P;Mr .Kapoor bahuth achhe insan hai papa .
Sudhir eyes glistered with the answer but as well as confused why she is bringing the topic now.
Priya told the convo happened between sruthi and her infront of Ram.
I always told na papa god will sent me a Rajkumar .
Mr.Kapoor is the one .my Raj kumar she proudly said .
Sudhir got up by now placing his hand assuring her everything will be good .
“Papa “her teary voice engullfed with her turmoil all she was suffering  these many days .
At that time every one of us felt bad why ashwin has cheated me marrying Sruthi .
But he did a great help and he actually saved my life …
Than god gifted me with mr.kapoor it is a bit late but he is the best .
I don’t know how I thought of marrying ashwin without knowing his intensions or his actual truth . But iam happy right  now .and contented in my life with My Ram.
Sudhir heart raised proudly .. He took out his mobile gave  it to Priya .
And that was on loud speaker . She was startled  seeing it .
Sudhir said “Your husband is too possesive about you and too worried for you “
I will make adrak wali chai .you talk with your Ram.
She whimpered “Papaa…aap bhi “
Smilingly sudhir left from there …
She said “Ram aap bhi “Kya hai yee…
I just want to hear what you want to share with your papa not with me .He grinned softly that priya can hear verywell.

I do share with you all .Priya cringed.
But this Rajkumar wala you didn’t .Ram chipred.
P:So you hired my dad to listen our convo .
R: Haaaa…..he is my papa too ..i just called your father that you are coming now ,keep the phone in on ..i want to hear her …..So he kept it on ..
I heard your Rajkumar wali story…She blushed hearing it ..
R:But priya mai Rajkumar nahi hu .Ram kapoor hai …
P:I know you are Ram kapoor but mera Raj kumar ..
He laughed out hearing her innocent talk .. He chit chatted for some time and kept the call.
Meanwhile sudhir came with her adrak wali chai ..
S:So have you finished talking with your Raj kumar …
Priya blushed ..Please papa ….
S:oK lets have your tea….I love you beta .. and im so thankful to Ram because he is looking after my gudiya with so much love and atmost care ..
Both sipped the tea …
Shipra fleed her shopping bags from her hands seeing priya in their home .
She squeled happily “Priyaaaa…meri beti aagayi tu”
Priya hugged her mother , she too hugged tightly ..waving her daughter bothsides .
Hmmm so you remembered us now shipra chided priya ..
P:kya ma , I was busy ,so unable to come ….
Shipra:its ok beta … I just asked ..
The mother and father cherished the talk with their daughter .
Its been so many days priya is in their home..
She was the first kid of them and she always makes her surroundings cheerful with her lovely nature.
Her parents missed her so much .They had lunch with her .
In the evening time Ram came to pick up her …
Before Ram ,nuts & karthik  reached sharma’s house .
They were delighted to see priya also presented in their home at right occasion.
Nuts and karthik hugged her ….
Wowww great to see you here nuts squeled happily and hugged her very tightly.
Priya gave a confusion look but hugged her reassuringly ..
Than Ram entered at the same time..seeing his choti in Priyas embrace ,his chest welled up with joy and proud ..
Priya patting nuts back”What happened “
Karthik”Nut ko promotion mil gayi , ye lo sweets…
Nuts:Turned him …nahi wo karthik ko bhi mil gaya ..
Now everyone confused ..
Ram cleared his throat “how come both will get promotion “
Every one stared at The door found smiling Ram ..Nuts squeled with joy …Bhaiiiiii she ran to him hugging him tightly … I love you bhai..
R:I love you choti ….Priya gazed at them with love .. He too gazed at her .. Their eyes spoke how much they missed each other .
Priya nudged Karthik ..
What happened karthik bolo na..
Karthik :Actually nuts wants to tell first ..
Nuts:Hugging Ram tightly ,covering her face in Rams broad chest ,
Ram fingers combing her hair …
She said “its having baby …im pregnant bhai … im pregnant “she hugged him tightly and blushed to the core..
Priya,sudhir shipra stunned and shocked ….Roar of appaluse they heard, all were congratulated karthik and nuts..Priya hugged nuts … Mouthed in her ear congratulations darling … ..
Nuts shyly told thanks to every one ..
Asusal shipra hyper mood me ho..she told nuts to sit ,don’t strain whatever you want just ask me ..dont feel bad this that ..
Everyone laughed at that … all had their dinner in sharma’s house .
RAYA once again congratulated them and left from there …
Priya is playing with window button .. she is opening slowly ,closing slowly some times quickly ..
Ram observed her 5 mins .. he central locked all the doors ..
So priya is nt getting she shifted her gaze to him ..
R: what you are thinking … just tell me yaar .. giving his million dollar smile.
P: placing her hand on her stomach .. I too wanted a baby .
“With your cute smile ,chubby cheeks ,shining eyes” a tear rolled down from her eyes ,slowly slided on her cheek.
His car halted with a screech sound ,his hands were trembled on the steering .
He side hugged her “what happened “
Why you are so disturbed Priya ??
P:Quickly wiping her tears away ,Ram don’t misunderstand me , that natasha is pregnant im feeling jelous .I love her like my sister .
R:shhh…he closed her lips …I know priya I can understand what you are going thrw . what you are thinking I will think you are feeling jelous of nuts.haa…
I know you so wanted to have baby not one baby,you want a  Cricket team.
P:she hit him on his chest lightly ,smiling thrw her tears .I want baby plz…she pouted .
R:Common sweety,Please look at me ..
You know about your condition .. your irregular cycles has to be regular .In meantime Your Hb has to increase to a good level . You should be healthy .. when all this happen than only you will be able to conceive hai na ….
P:Nodded in a positive note ..
R:Common .. Tell ..
P:yah …with her dimmed voice ..
R:Cheer up sweety … I know you so wantedly have baby ..
But I want baby girl …. My princess..
P:Nooo I want my Raj kumar ..
R: Ok … we will bet this on later .. But see please don’t cry ,I can’t see your tears .
Breaking their hug .he started off his car praying the almighty ,bless them with a cute chubby boy as her wish .
P:silently watching the mumbai traffic ,her eyes closed to a deep  slumber.
Ram looked at her ,a vavacious smile danced on his lips .
They reached kapoor mansion .She got up hearing his call .She lazily opened her doe eyes which was waiting earnestly to rest .
She walked stumbedly beside him ,Ram bolted their room door ,Priya flunged on bed to her side without changing .
He changed his night clothes lesurely walked to her.To his surprise she was in deep sleep by that time.
He smiled seeeing her , he ruffled her hair ,taking her clips slowly making her hair open,removed her eartops.kissing her earlobes making her flinch in herself .
He changed her dress without disturbing her .Her nakedness awoking his manly curves too but he silently make her wear her nighty .slided the bedsheet upto her neck .
He stroked his hair backwards with his hands gazing intently at her .
His phone beeped with a msg .it was from vikram ,his portion of presentation he forwarded to Ram, rest of the list Ram has to manage …
He sat infront of laptop ,he so engorsed in his work.That he hasn’t noticed Priya’s uncomfortable moves .
She woke up with a start yelling “Noooo “
Ram too startled hearing this … Soon he recovered ,he took her in his embrace , wiping her sweat .. its ok , you are here with me , she looked at him ..
See you are in our bedroom … just relax sweety ,relax ,making her to drink water .
He asked her what happened ???

From writer :
Sorry for the late update guys .The story is going lenthy every time .The sad part will  come lil later .. until than enjoy story leave your valuble comments .Thank you so much ..