Saturday, 23 November 2013

PART-31 Sirf Meri Ho

PART -31 

precap:  when he realized she was not angry on him , when the old nighty slips off from her , he even more shocked she actually weard what he has given the gift , he scooped her in his strong arms ...

             He made her lie down on the bed , He bent down to kiss her cheeks murmuring you are looking sexy ,That was disturbd by his phone call..
He was waiting for that call he shifted his gaze to her and phone , He told to her honey 2 mins,Went to the balcony to attend the call ..

5mins over , 10 mins over  she waited waited ...stormed off to balcony to call him...
He was talking On the phone, When he heard someones footsteps nearing to him, He stunned to see the site ...
The moon light falling on her milky skin and she is glowing like  a star ,The red lingerie suited her the most , Every of curve neatly occupied its place.
She stood there giving an angry glare to him...
The other person: Hello hello ram sir "you there "  hello heellooo [bechari literally shouting "ram name"]
Ram: By the sound he came to his senses sorry sorry ,some disturbance is there i will talk with you tmrw ,He so badly wanted to disconnect the call ,but still the talk continued for another 5mins..

She stumped her feet ,rushed from there ...He smiled at her furyness...
He slowly slipped beside her, Crawling his fingers on her  naked waist, She felt butterflies in her stomach but pretending to be angry ..
Shrugging off his hands ,He moved aside from him,Sorry brushing his lips on her back , She arched a lil, Didn't replied
You smell sooo good , Breathing near her neck , His breath trikled her to the core ...
He turned her to his side , Pulled the comforter from her , His eyes glued on her body , Her cheeks turned to crimson red ,She lowers her gaze ..

God you look bewitching sexy in this red lingerie ..
"Noone falls for your antics  RAM" ,  Im waiting for you and you neglected me by attending the call,she pouted ...

Now im feeling sleepy
 , he slowly shrugging off his clothes .
Im telling you ram im feeling sleepy , You wasted your time ,By this time he was totally naked , She lowerd her gaze , Her heart throbbing with a fast beat ...
With in how much time you will fall asleep Honey ,
Hmmm 5 to 7 mins...
So can i barrow your 5 to 7 mins ..
"Matlab..." Raising her eye brows

Matlab ye hai ki jaan, If you will give me those 5 to 7 mins i will try to rectify my mistake .. After the time up, i will do whatevery you say ???
So you sure , after 5 mins if i say stop , will you ??
Sure  jhaan [ smiling naughtily]
Still priya is thinking ..
What you are thinking so much ...
No , Feeling some fishy thing behind this idea...
Not at all jhaan ...Common tell me this 5 mins also you are ruining ...
Chalo ok ram ...
So this 5 mins is mine , Whatever i will tell you have to follow , I dont want to hear  "NO"from your side ..
She was perplexd still nodded in an affirmative ..He kissed her forehead ,Time starts now priya ,She kept an alarm in  phone for 7 mins...
He pressed her against his body ,All her curves are suffocating in his tight embrace ,His naked body needed her more , He dragged a chair with his one leg it exactly landed near the bed , He freed her sat on it , Her hand reaches to her face to remove the hair strands from her view ,She tucked them back of her ear ...
Tapping on his shoulder "1 min over"
Come and sit in my lap ,
What ????
You heard it correct  !!  Quick i dont have much time

"Nooo" she rolled her eyes ...

I already said Don't utter that word " No" common

"Put your legs on either side of my hips"

Kyaaa ??? nooo way , looking his angry glare 

he did exactly what he said , His warm chest rubbing her barely naked bossom, He clasped her hips tightly pulled her closer to him,His manhood strongly touched to her womenly flesh , Goosebumps covered all over her body,A tingle of sensation ran over thrw her spine, What he is upto , Her broodyeyes covered with his lips,He slid down slowly whispered on her neck
 "2 mins over"
Even though the barrier of her silk fabric still she could feel him , Hot and Tension between her legs,He moved closer to her to lick the line of her bra strap, He unhooked it , He clasped the the strap of her bra with his teeth ,Slids down it touching her creamy shoulder &arm ,Now she was half naked ...
He kissed on her cleavage , Feeling the softness of her curves with each handwhispered " 3 mins over "
Her fingers Roughfly stroked in his hair ,He pulled her more closer against his hard-on,She gasped ,His hands dancing on her hip line, He took out the lazy knot of her panty with in a swift moment he dragged from her slowly  , She arched her back moaning his name "Ram"Dont stop..."
A naughty smile lingered on his lusicious lips,Whisperd 
"4 mins over"
" Are you not getting sleep priya"
"Instatnly he earned an angry glare from priya "

"I said i want you" 
He clouded her words with his smooth licking of   her hard n*****s,She pulled him more closer to her chest,Pushing her hips more closer to his center part, Changing his lips from one to another curve 
"5 mins over"

is hands are ruffling over her bare neck , Leaving a trail of wet kisses along her  bossom ,Teasing her to the core , Stroking his manhood on her mound.

Priya pleaded him , "I want you ram" he is no mood in listening her, he caressed her cheeks and went on to give a hard kiss on her lips,this time more harder and bited it.
Twirled her curves,With every touch of his Priya ws shivering like a leaf.,he enjoyed  every shiver she was going thrw,
" 6 mins over "
He knows she was on her peak , No where he was also too high his bulging making her go crazier than ever but he was waiting for her to done the next part ..
She couldn't control it anymore, She raised a littile on her tippi toes with in same position , Her bossom touched his face , His warm breath kissing on her bossom ...
Her aching taking charge this time, She herself slid in to  him , hiding her womenly flesh into his hardrock, swifting slowly in and out, its not a comfortable postion for her to do it , it was a complete different feeling when her innerwalls filling with his , he leaned back in his chair , enjoying the new love making , her hands snaked around his neck , he bit her smooth skin of neck to leave a bright red mark on her ,involutarily her movements continuos on him ,
The alarm buzzed
 " 7 mins o "
Her lips  sealed his , He took the control of her involuntary movement in to a long riding rhythm , He turned her in sitting position , where he sat before, His rocking increasing more and more ,He was so close He is rocking on her with all his lust and love , The strokings were getting harder and deeper ,She could only moan his name over and over , He slipped his hands from his body ,Hold the chair tightly to not to fall ,when his teeth spared to one n*****e ,Her moan louded ,
"shhh you will wake your mother " 

She tightly bited him on his shoulder to control her moans , He stood up with her still he is inside her ,
"Rammm its paining " with a hand he circled her legs around his waist , He placed her on the bed without interrupting their love making ,She groaned and gasped,Sis wild stroke getting faster ,Her pains were grabbed to the covers of her bedsheets, his IN , OUT moments were gracially released by her ,  His hold over her body was what she needed, She gave it up and ram took over fractically ,wildly. She neared to her 3rd orgasm ...The wet juice filled over between her legs , His rhythm continued along easily , He played with her round curves , Enjoying the love  ride on her  , Her nails digging in his back at a time it was bleeding , He doesnt care , His every muscle tensed up , His center heated up came to a  breaking point  " Wah Priya "  He rocked few more times ,Fell against her bossom , sepretd from her ...
[This theme taken from a weekly but not Copied]
"You are just amazing priya " whispered in his heavvy breath , she turned to his side ..
What happen to your hormones " It was raging like hell these days , Especially after our honeymoon , whats the matter ram ..
                                     "I want to feel every inch of you against me , I want to fullfill all these years of my desire ,My loneliness , I love you , I couldnt get enough of you .."
she gave a hawww look ...
And what about you babes , You just gaave me 7 mins , You yourself landed on me controling his laugh , Ha toh 7 mins hai na ,looked up the time its been 45 mins , She bewildered and asked " Ram what you did "

"What i did "
.. You asked only once and i fulfilled it hai na , Snaking his leg around her bare waist ,
No its paining , Shrugging of his leg,  Pulled her head on his chest , With in secs  she dozed off to sleep ...