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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-75
Priya heard a scream of a boy,horrified she opened her eyes to see what's he was watching and she closed her eyesagain
in fear seeing some horror scene on the TV ,she turned to the otherside and closed
her ears. Seeing this Ram increased the volume she gazed at Ram and asked him reduce the volumewith her azitated voice (ofcourse she was trembling too.) Ram keeping hishands on pillow hugging it tightly and was drooling on TV. He was forwarding and
watching only horror scenes, Priya was getting nervous with each of the horror sound as well as the yells of the show .

Ram was more curious to see hermoves under the duvet, he very well knew she was uncomfortable and scary too, as Priya was very adamant he had to do that. He got slowly involved in the movie and after fewmins he slept unknowingly because of his tiredness.

Priya tiptoed near their bed, shecouldn't see his face as he was lying in opposite direction. She slept on her side mumbling"Golu". Some horror scene was running on the screen ,she jolted camenear to Ram, his back was facing her. She slowly kept her hand on his waist
hugging him into her she hid her face in his back .

With this sudden move Ram openedhis eyes slightly, a small sly grin appeared on his face seeing Priya cuddling
and hiding in him, he turned off the TV and holding her hand in his grip he settled tosleep .

"I am scared Ram".. she muttered after few secs .Ram
turned to her side "that's why I told you to sleep here" she hit him on his chest playingly, he held her handsand hugged her tightly.

I missed you , come sleep with me, he adjusted her in his broad chest, combing her hair with his fingers hetalked few things with her which happened on his daily schedule. Slowly she slept in his warm hands, he too fell asleep..

Priya stirred in her sleep, stretched her hand for her man surprisingly he wasn't there. She opened her eyes called forhim ""

Good morning lazy bones he wished her coming out from changing room.
He was looking super cool an dashing in his business suit, the grin on his face added charm, still he looked so cute to her .
She was surprised to see him dressed up so early, stretched her arms for him ..He hugged her giving a kiss on her forehead ."what happened?" he asked her
caressing her cheek .
Nothing ... she slept on his chest
for some time .. When Ram called her she asked him
"jaana zaroori hai kya " he made her to look at him kkyun, you feeling bored kya .
She ruffled with his coat button ...making a puppy face hmmm ha she told him in her sweet sleepy voice ton . He very well knew she was coming to normal as there was no college work she must be
feeling bored ..he said he will try to come early "when the clock strikes 5, I will be in your hug." She smilingly said "Rammm..
He asked her to get ready, Both were having breakfast in their room, they heard a small cry sound, instantly both had a grin, she kept the spoon on her plate, she took Nuts son into her hands
from her.
Kissing the boy Nuts left
hurriedly handing lactogen bottle to Priya. Priya kissed him , talked with him in baby tone came and sat beside Ram. She forgot about her breakfast and started playing with him. The boy made a goggle sound, raised his tiny hands to
hold Priya. Priya gave her finger, holding it tightly in his grasp he smiled broadly at her. Priya's face surfaced with a new glow and joy .

When Ram held a spoon infront of her , she bit her tongue and ate from him. Ram was so happy to see Priya getting busy with the kid. He bid bye to her and went to his office. Priya and Krishnaji were
too overloaded with the kid, Priya got a call from Jenny , telling sir is
asking for lunch made by you mam, can you send it for 3 people, as he was busy I am forwarding his msg to you. Ram was grinning broadly and signaled jenny to
continue .
Priya was surprised as well as smiled about his simple request, she said agreed for it and kept the call.
She told to Krishu ji to look
after the baby and came to kitchen where our ever dear bansikaka was waiting for her. He asked politely what you want to make mam .
She said paneer butter masala,
aloo parantha, cabbage fry and gulabjamoon. Bansikaka was surprised, as every time she makes healthy food but today this menu was quite surprising still he was arranging quickly everything for her .

Priya self thought , hmm Ram this is first day after longbreak and you asked me to cook .. I can give you some treat from my
side too . she cooked all the items and sent the carrier with driver .

There Ram got a call from
Krishnaji and he smiled as his plan was working. Priya was a bit tired by cooking Krishnaji and Priya both finished their lunch, at the same time boy cried at the top of his lungs. Priya rushed and attended him and fed him lactogen, he slept and she too slept with him. Krishna ji smiled seeing them. The clock struck 4.30 and the kids came with their bags runningly to Raya's bedroom along with Neha.

Priya woke up by hearing the
sounds, she found two cute faces watching her very closely. She got up fully looked at the boy baby , he was sound asleep still. She hugged them, they folded their hands saying "Good evening madam". At the time Neha entered along with Priya she too laughed hearing the madam from them .
Neha arranged them near study table while Priya freshened up and came, she asked them shall we will sit on the bed as the boy baby will be alone. They all
moved on to the bed and the kids scattered their books, Priya started her classes, in the mean while baby boy got up she fed him lactogen .
At the same time Ram entered their bed
room shouting "see priya before 5 I have reached " and he was shocked to see Vik kids staring at him with wonder and Priya was smiling at him and in her lap the boy was playing .
Ram said sorry and watched the
scene .. she was looking so cute with the kids around and dealing a baby in her lap.

How I wish my kids should be like this awww .. three kids not bad Ram .. he thought and went to change .
When he came back Nuts was taking the boy from Priya, she bid bye to them and went .
Priya served for both of them evening tea, gave some snacks to the kids along with homework and sat with Ram for 5 mins, asked him how was the lunch. A small grin played on her lips seeing
his changing of expressions into a delightfulness.

OMG that was super treat ,what you did ,I mean ..wo healthy nahi tha na,,,
Gulab jamoon was upchhh it was damn delicious, I haven't even shared with Vikram
too he winked at her smilingly.

Ridhhima called her for some doubt, she went to clear it out.

Soon Ram got engorsed in his work, as he has not concentrated on his work for past few days, he had so much pending work and moreover he had to attend the twins wedding in Amritsar at that time also he will have to manage all the work. So Vikram and Ram were so busy in that .

At 7 o clock Priya finished her
teaching and while going they bid bye telling "good night aunty"

Priya was surprised all the while
they called her madam and after class they were calling aunty, so cute kids. They jumped beside Ram, disturbed him for 5 mins and bidding bye to him they left.

While she was clearing the bed,Krishnaji entered their room talking in the phone .
Soon she gave to Priya and asked her to talk, Priya questioned through her eyes who it was and said hello to the other
person .

Hello puttar kaisi ho ???

Priya lips curved into big grin , Dadiii she squeeled with joy
asked "what happened ,how are you ,how many times we are calling you but no response from your side" she pouted.
Dadi: Are meri bachho much work here so couldn't check your call ,how is your health
Priya: I am fine dadi, aap bolo aap kaise ho?
Dadi: Main theek hu puttar. Golu kaisa hai
Priya: Smiled hearing it, Wo bhi
theek hai dadi .
Dadi: Achha when you people are coming here? by that time Priya walked near to Ram .
Priya: You ask this question to
your Golu only ,..she stiffled
Ram was about to catch her but she dropped phone there and moved back
Ram: taking the phone ,kaise ho
Dadi: Im fine beta ,when all are
you coming here ,everyone is asking about you people
Ram: Bas dadi our 5 days ..
They talked some more time and kept the call
Krishnaji was talking with Priya
something asking her about the journey .
When Ram looked at them ,Krishnaji asked so when you will be free and when we will start from here?
Ram looked straight ,Ma give me 2 days, I am planning next week same day means next Friday we will start from here, I have some lined up important meetings as well as so much pending work. Saying this he drowned in his work, both ladies caught up with how to pack and what to pack , they have to buy few sarees and jewellery as well as buy few gifts for all of them .

Both walked into Krishnaji's room, while Krishnaji was telling about what to buy and all, Priya made a list and she noted down what she and Ram should pack while Krishnaji was describing about their functions .

Rishab entered and sat calmly while the discussion was going on. Priya signaled him in between but he didn't answer. It was almost 8.30 by the time they completed the work. Bansikaka called Ram downstairs to have dinner.

Ram came down by that time Priya was arranging all the dishes over there ,chatting with Rishab simultaneously .

Rishab was making puppy faces and Priya was smiling and telling something.

Seeing Ram, Priya's lips curved a glow smile which was noticed by Ram. All the family members had their dinner together. Ram asked what Rishab was upto. Priya giggled, Rishab said nothing it was about college function.
Ram: Isme ithne hasne wali baat kya hai ? Humein bhi batha do , we will also smile signaling to Krishnaji .

Nothing , I was telling that I am
going to host the function, by the time everyone finished Ram was about to question Rishab further, he got a call so he went to a corner to talk .

When he finished the call he was about to go to his room, his eyes found Rishab was following Priya every where while
she was clearing all, giving milk to Krishna ji and sending the milk to their room .

He stood there watching what
Rishab was upto. Soon Rishab held Priya's shoulders from backside made her walk to his room and he bolted the door .

Ram very well knew Rishab must be telling some secret to Priya, so Ram too tiptoed to Rishab's room side, seeing that
Krishnaji asked Ram "what are you doing?"
Signaling sssh to Krishnaji he
made her also walk with him near to Rishab's room window

There Priya was sitting on Rishab's bed and asking him

"why can't you choose anything other than this?"

Rishab said nervously "Please bhabhi now you too don't start like Sowmya, I am participating as anchor from past five years this year is last and the programmes are little bit more and we have to
change the attires and act like them so now please look at how iam doing and tell me how it is "

Ram and Krishna ji looked at
eachother confusingly

Priya: Ok baba but seriously I
can't watch you like that .

Rishab: Please bhabhi ..

Priya: Achha ,theek hai

Rishab: Brought a saree from his cupboard ...

Priya: Seeing it, Oh My god Rishab this is my favourite and don't tell you are going to use it .

Rishab: Bhabhi ..Its favourite than me kya..he pouted

Priya: Seeing his face ...She said okay go ahead.

Rishab : Simply wore the saree
[briefly ]

Ram giggled ,Krshnaji stopped his giggle showing they are standing outside of the window ,But she too couldnt stop laughing silently ..

Rishab in a girly voice: Hellooo
,good evening audience ,,making the pallu swing .he said few dialogues "

And at the end Priya is rofling on the bed .

Rishab : Bhabhi stop laughing and tell na

Priya: Controlled her laugh , you
know what kaise kaise ideas aathe hai Kapoors ko

Rishab: Kapoors matlab

Priya : Ha your brother also wants some weird, she bit her tlngue what she was going to tell and changed weird business trips and all ..

Rishab: who was in his performance mood he didn't think much.

Priya continued our ek tu , how
handsome you are why you want to wear this .

Rishab : I have to show my talent na ..

Priya : Made him walk like her ,
and standing style , looks ..

Rishab was really doing fantastic job acting like a girl .. and Priya looking the time , Rishab your brother must be
waiting for me I gotta go, we will practice tomorrow same time she started to come out of the room .

Krishnaji and Ram both walked back to their respective places .

Giggling themselves when Priya came out from the room ,she
spedup her steps thinking Ram might be waiting surprisingly she found Ram on sofa talking with Krishnaji ...

She was lil bit apprehended to go there to join their discussion atlast she desided to go back to room .She went and cleared the bed which was half done before ,she arranged everything on its
place ,by that time ram reached the room , Priya went to changing room ,she freshened up and came back combing her hair she asked him "What were you talking with ma,any thing serious "

Nahi kuch toh nahi ,he answered

Now Priya came by his side ,are
you hiding anything from me , if anything is not there ,in this busy schedule showing the laptop and his files ,you had a talk with ma ..

Kya hai ..she shrugged him

Ram smiling naughtily " joining
his hands ,scarching his nails with one another ,blushing like a girl ,Wo ..he cupped his face with am [acting like blushing ] wo [with his male tone ] I have seen what you and your devar were doing ...and laughed out loud ...

Priya was dumbfounded by all this and she was surprised that her husband tried to act like a girl

Exactly the way she does means he tried to imitate her when this hit her brain, she took a pillow from the bed tried to hit him. He was smiling and running in the room not to get caught by
his sherni

Priya was in no mood of turning away and she wanted catch him at any cost

Both drenched in sweat and Ram stopped at a point, she hovered on him both colloided on couch , she was hitting him on his chest ...

Why ..why you saw all that ..Poor Rishab

You .are so mean Ram ..

Ram was trying to get a hold of her hands which were franctically hitting on his chest

Priyaaa[he called].. her bangles
making sound she was struggling in his grip as his hands were stopping her from hitting .

Suno toh [he was about to tell
something ]

She was trying her level best to
hit him ...she was no mood to listen him .

He left her hands ,he gripped her waist tightly ...still she was trying her best ..he caged her in his arms ..

She was looking pale yet beautiful, angry yet awesome..her sweat beads were forming on her forehead she was panting
for her breath ,looked into his eyes.

He was magnetically drawn towards her soft pinkish lips,Kissed her upper lip ,she shivered for his desirable touch . He nibbled her upper lip ,she parted her lips he sealed her lips with his.Tasting the sweetest honey on the earth his hands were kissing her dips and curves animatedly. One of his hands reached her downlane of the hip ,when he squeezed she clutched his kurtha tightly in his grip .

He continued his assault on her
lips until he needed some air .. when he left her lips , she downcasted her eyes, she stood up from him , she came to bed slid on her side .

Ram came after her turning her to his side , he found tears in her eyes ..

When he was about to ask .. she hugged him tight , why god made my life like this , I so love you , why he gave me the
bitter punishment of my life .. Im unable to forget the things which happened

Heyyy Its okay Priya , please see
...common look at me baby " I love you ,I so love you , I saved you now don't think anything sleep .. its very late .. sleep now .

While sobbing she slept in his
arms ...He was really not able to understand how he was going to deal with her .

In future he has to tell her about their kids don't know what way she will react kissing her forehead but at anycost I don't wanna loose you Priya .. he made her sleep and came to his work
desk ..

He was unable to concentrate on anything but he had to.

If he wants to take care of Priya
, if he wants to give more time to her means he has to work when she was busy or when she was sleeping ...

The night passed while he was
working and his women was in a sleepy land ..

Priya woke up at 6 o clock
by hearing the stir sounds from bed he looked at her .

She was stretching her arms to the other side of the bed again she stretched the arms when she found empty ,rubbing her eyes ,she searched for his photo frame on the side table , he looked cute in that , she opened her eyes smiled seeing at his picture .keeping it aside ,she called him when she didn't get any response ... she looked here and there to find Ram on his work desk

By that time Ram looked down in his file ..He was so happy about Priya's morning ritual he knew about this but this was so endearing to his eyes .

Priya with wobbly steps walked
towards him , Good morning while telling she yawned,he wished her with a cute smile .

She sat on his lap hugging him
"Why you work so much "

she poutedly asked him

Keeping her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes

He made her in curl postion and held her in place

"He chukled with the question "

Batho na ..she nudeged him ...

Ram: Hmm so many families are
depended on me , if I make a small mistake it will bea huge loss and that will automatically affect workers too so I have to ..

Priya: Hmm but you work so much ,You didn't sleep whole night hai na, she asked him with her sleepy eyes [/P]
Yes ..he looked at her ...

She gave a small peck on his cheek.

You hungry she asked him ..

Nahi toh

Iam Hungry ,making a puppy face she told him ,what he could want more than this ,his life was in his arms saying I am hungry at the early morning .

He giggled, laid her on her feet ,
asked her to fresh up ,he very well knew she will be hungry because of the medicines effect.Meanwhile he ordered breakfast and he too freshened up.

Their breakfast ended with a good note . Soon he left for his office and she asusual got busy with Nuts kid.

After 2 hours she got a call from Ram ..


Priya:Hii .. Not busy ...she

Ram: Umm Busy but just wanted to ask you whether will you be able to send my lunch or not .

Priya:She stifled a laugh ..Nahi

Ram:Priyaaa ..he pouted

Priya: Okk don't make that pout [he smiled ] I will make it for you.

Ram:Telling Thank you ... he kept the call

Priya grinning ear to ear nodded her head mumbling herself "Golu you are impossible "

Giving Nuts son to Krishnaji she walked to kitchen to prepare his lunch .

While she was cooking ,Apeksha came to KM ,she directly stepped into Krishnaji's room.

Hugging her from behind..

Krishanji was startled and surprised to see Apeksha at early hours and she was looking all goody goody .

Krsihanji affectionately kept her hand on Ape's cheek asked "what happened "

Ape: If something happens then only I should come kya ??

Krishnaji : smilingly ,aisi baat
nahi hai beta ...Before she could say something Apeksha eyes welled up with tears
it rolled down on her cheeks

Krishnaji : wiped her tears with
her pad of the thumb ,made her sit on her bed ,lifting her chin making Ape look at her .

"Ape I know what might your mind hovering right now
,when a girl goes to their inlwas house ,and comes to their mothers home at that time if anybody asks like this the newly wed girl feel the same the way
you are thinking and even I too argued with my mother "I should not come kya" in intial days of my marriage .

Now stopye rona dhona ,kissing her forehead asked her
is everything okay .

Apeksha blushed when she
remembered why she came here

Krishnaji asked kya bath hai

Apeksha: Maa.. wo .. That .. Im

Krishnaji : Kya hai , is
everything okay

Apeksha : Nodded her head in
confusion looking at krishnaji's face Ma ..wo

That ..I am ...I am pregnant she covered her face in her palms blushing away to glory

Krishnaji patted her head lovingly pecked on her forehead

Congratulations ,Im so happy for you baby ..But ithni jaldi ...I mean its 1 month only , you people haven't planned .

Apeksha blushed more hearing it

Ma actually we want to plan ,so
yesterday we have gone to hospital for an opinion ,there she asked few questions ,when she learned I missed my month she did few tests and confirmed
and until that we two don't know ,and we were so happy ...

Krsihanji patted her lovingly ..

When Apeksha asked about Priya, "I want to share this with her."

Krishna ji face become pale and she held Apeksha's wrist stopped her doing so

Apeksha : what happened Ma ..

Krishnaji : Nothing .. how can I
tell you Apeksha You should not share ,she was worried

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