Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-10


.He lifted her up taken her to their room made her liedown on the bed ,He too slipped beside her ..
He covered her with the comforter ,His head propped up on his elbow stroking her hair gently gazed at her intently ...
He missed so badly her ..He was still unable to believe she was Alive and with him right beside him ...
Both don't know what brings them tomorrow ..But this is their sweet time ...He too drifted off to sleep on her bossom unknowingly ..
Both the lovebirds comforted in each other arms ...slept so peacefully after a long time ...A freshness seeking ..
She flinched her eyes to see a new morning in their lifes ,His hand very possisively sanked around her waist ,His breath touching her neck .
His warmth engulfed her in to him , She turned herself to him , He is sleeping so peacefully ..
She stroked his hair ,He stirred in his sleep and turned himself from her ..
She streched her hands to look outside ..Her eyes glued to the clock ,It showed 6'o clock in the morning ..
She rushed outside of the room to only bump in KK who was giving orders to bansi kaka..
Priya r u ok , where are you going .. wo bhi ithna fast ..
Priya brethed to reveal her enthusiasm , she showed her hand towards peehu room .
Oh peehu is not there beta , where where she was a panicd priya asked her .
Oh cool priya , she came from the school and knocked your door many times but there was no responce ..
She started crying meanwhile Nutz came and took peehu with her ..
As she was conducting a kids fashion show she wants peehu to be shows topper ,so she took her with my permission ..
And peehu is enjoying in her show ..dont worry she slept with her nutz bua ..You go and take rest ..
She was about to tuck Priya's hairs that almost covering her half of face ..
Priya protested .Ma i will cook something for Ram stepping into kitchen side..
Kk hasn't missed the radiant smile lingered on Priya's face ..
KK prayed to god Plz let them be together ..
Priya cooked alooparantha and his fav dishes ,left to get ready ,she freshend up ..
While combing her hair she looked at her cheek ,stroking it with her fingers ,Her lips curved into big grin that reminding her room ,which he lived all those 5 years ..
How can he loves her so much ..She looked at him with all her love..sleeping like cute teddy ..
She chosen a set of clothes for him and sat infront of him admiring his sleeping form.
Slowly her eyes dozed off to sleep because of weakness as well as tired ness.
The sun rays brushed his face he slowly streched his body to wake up from his sugary sleep .
When his hand not reeached for soft slimy figure .He jerked and open his eyes to find out where she is ..
Is the dream is coming true again ..Does she left him again ..He got down from the bed quickly to find out most beautiful site..
She was leaning on sofa ,dressed in white saree with silver border ,enacting his view,Her lips curld into a small smile .He leaned on her to caress her cheek which was imprinted with his finger marks , it almost vanished but slight apperence is there ..
He leaned on her to touch it , The wind cover his face  with her pallu ,He smelled it ..Longed for her closeness.
He slightly lowered her pallu smelling each and every fabric of it ,He lazily opend his eyes to see the most beautiful site ..
His love of life sleeping on the sofa clutching his cloths ..He thought she must be waiting for me before she dozed off to sleep .
He planted a kiss on her cheek ,He went to fresh up ..He got ready still she was sleeping .
Hmm he shakes his head , Sat beside her ,His serinity back to his life seeing her beside him ,He slowly tucked her hair behind the ear , He leans on her in the process.
A warm breath touched her  ,she flinched to open her eyes to found his chubby face near to her , His lips are inviting , she rememberd how rough those were ..
He hasnt seen her she was awake,He planted a kiss on her forhead,she stirred shutting her eyes taking his love .Tears rolled down from her eyes .
Hey ..what happen @!!!!Priya ..
She told in her sobs"I Love you Ram " I love you so much ,Don't know why i left you ..
Shhh Priya plz dont cry ,Bahuth hogaya ..Look at me ,His palms hold her face ..Look at me Priya
her doe eyes gazed at his dark brown eyes ..two pairs of eyes containing so much of love for their partners .
Promice me , you never ever leave me alone until my last breath ..
She closed her eyes ,I want to be with you even in your last breath also Ram...
He tugged her into his embrace ,she gladly accepted it ...
Kk enters with the break fast tray ,Both startled to free from their embrace ..
Kk closed her eyes with her hand ..Wo..Im .im sorry ..I didnt see anything..she rushed out from there with a graceful smile.
Ohhh How she wished for this day ..
Priya struggling from his grip ,He tightens the grip ..
She looked at him ,He has naughty smile on his face ..He moved his face near to her ,This was new to her after 5  years he was been this much close to her .
Her chest moving up and down ..She leaned backward ..He too leans on her ..
She closed her eyes ,protesting him with one hand ..He whisperd in her ears ..Im sorry ,kissed on her cheek again ..Loosend his grip ..
Her heartbeat slowly catched up with its rhythm..She looked at him ..It's ok ..
Peehu kaha hai ?? He asked slowly..
Wo evening she came but we didnt opend the door ..What you were doing ??
HMM when we were in "Priyam"Room i heard the knock ,but you were in deep sleep ,not letting me go out from your grip .
so I brought you here and opend the door but at thatime no one waited..So i too slept waiting for her ..
I need not to worry ,there are many memebrs to take care of her,dont worry about her ,have your food and medicines .
He opend the tray found aloo paranthas ...Hmmm he sighed ...
You have to eat allo paranthas today ..Bread amlet too I know you wont eat ..
He tored it fed her ..she gladly took it ..Aap bhi kayiye na..
Hmm he took his first bite ,Nowhere a wide grin appered on his face ..
Ohh so you prepared this..Priya you are not feeling well,kya zaroorath hai ..
zaroorath hai Ram..After all life is too short ,I alredy wasted so much of time .Now on wards dont want to miss any opportunity ..
Dont want to miss showing my love to you .He squeezed her hand to give reassurance .
KK call disturbd the love birds.Ma kahiye ..
Doctor came to check priya can i send him ..Just 5 mins ma we will inish our breakfast you can send him in.
They finished the break fast , doctor cheked Priya ..
Everything is ok ,but im suspecting she is having anemia ..so i want to run blood test for her .
He called his assistent to do the test ..
Priya looked at him,He looked at doctor ..Doc don't we have any other test rather blood test ..
Hmm Doc smiled brodaly ..Unfortunately we dont have any Ram.Its ok it will take couple of mins thats it ..
I know Mrs.Ram kapoor is brave isn't it ..He winked at Ram ..Who gave sheepish smile to him ..
KK &Ram sat eash side of Priya , the doc asked Ram to move aside .."He told her ,Mam ek small prick plz cooperate with us "
He inserted the injection in to her vein , but his bad luck not succes ful , He tried two more times but its not working ..She bites her lower lip to seal the pain..
Ram shouted at him, what you doing .Priya pleaded with her eyes not to do that ..
Madam i will try the other hand ,Ram sat beside her taken her hand in his ..Telling it will be ok ..
Mean while she shut her eyes a min ,He knows that the test was over ..
She oepnd her teary eyes to look at Kk to ask about peehu whereabouts ..
Soon Kk got a call from nutz..
She put it on loudspeaker ..
Peehu sqealed happily "mammaaa ...Good morning ...
How are you mamma ...
Priya :choked with tears ,Good morning my princess ,Im good ..How are you beta ..
Peehu :Ooohwww ,bua faster ...she giggled ..
Priya:What are you doing beta..
Peehu ;Mamma im on swing nutz bua making it fast im asking a bit more faster speed ..
Priya:with a concern in her voice ..Peehu dont play too fast ..you will fall off ..clucth the railings tightly..How you are talking while swinging ha!!
Peehu:Mera mamma bhi na!!!! Awww she giggled ...
Nanu hai mera pass ...
Priya ..Took a breath ..when are you coming home ..
Peehu:Mamma our ek din..Me ,nanu ,bua pura exhibition dekhne ke baad aayengi ..Ok where is papa..
Ram:Hello rock star ..Kaha hai aap;
Peehu:she squeled again ...Giggled wowww ..Bua this is great more more..
Papa you know this is awesme ...i loved it ...
Ram:so are you enjoying ..
Peehu:Ofcourse papa ..I'm
Ram : he simled at her antics ...ok
Peehu ;aap bhi ayiye na papa ..
Ram: hmm i will come but right now your mamma is still not feeling better when she is ok , we three will go again ok
peehu : ok papa..bye mamma ,papa ..love you
While her squels continued they disconnectd the call..
Ram went to talk with the doctor..Kk remained silent ..
Priya leand back on head rest .Closed her eyes for rest all her 5 years loneliness clouded her images ..
She drifted off to sleep in a half minded because of medication ..
Doc:Ram take care of her ,I wrote some medication her to add with previous medication ,Dont worry she is recovering fast ..
Lil anemic just take care of her diet ..It will be ok ,Dont give her much stress ..
Here is nutritionist number ,she will give what type of food you will prefer for her ..
Take care ..Bye ..
He came back to his room to find out his wife sleep ..
He gestured Kk to come outside ..He explained what doctor has told him ..
He also told her i will take off from office will work from home .
will take care of her ..Kk smiled and left from there telling she will send adrak wali chai to him..
His lips curved into smile when he heard the adrak wali chai name ..
Kk felt happy in her heart ...

He slowly walked back to the gifts were it was placed ..
He opened the 5th gift ..He found so many of peehu photos ..
One she is smiling broadly ,in one she is licking the chacolate ,her face all filled up with chaco cream.. he chukled seeing her state ..
he found a note
"Ram !!! aap bhi aisa hi hai na childhood mai..Peehu keeps me busy all the time .She never let me go from herside..Im missing you .If you were there you could have be very happy seeing our chubby girl antics..Im sorry dont know how to make it up but I love you .By the way she started ..Hmm no you have to check in video what she did "

He kept the video on ..Peehu is lying on her matress which was placed on floor ..Aunti raina called her ..
Are you sure this is gonna work ..Hmm Yes choti it is gonna work ..Now adjust it and come and help me for your cake ..
Both were working in kitchen ..Priya is laughing for Raina jokes ...
Peehu makes sound ...Agg...ohhkkk ...She turned on her stomach .. Looked for Priya she tried to thrw something ..
But her tiny hands hasnt have that much strength ..She welled up her stomach landed back there itself .
Peehu tried again failed every time ..He neared to the screen to give her support ..He is feeling all his love for her to make her go..
Go rockstar im there with you .. common you will do it .. common peehu go ..
Peehu tilted her head around to look something ..She put her tiny hands front and moved her body forward ...
She did it ...she squeled in her own launguage ..Here Ram also squeled with joy ..Hurrray ..go rockstar go ..
He is facing all those years in reality ..Peehu slowly crawld up to Priya ..Tugged her jeans with her hands ..
Priya baffled ,astonished ...She clucthed peehu tightly ..Flied in air ..
Omg peehu how did you do that ...I love you ...Ohhh i missed your first crawl baby ..
Ram ..She crawld today ..another step of her long journey ..Plz bless our baby with all your love ..Love you kissing her all..
He kissed both of them on screen .. wiped the tears that coming from his eyes...

He opened another gift :
He found a cd ..Nothing else ...He was surprized why she kept one cd..
He played it ...
It is asusaul day ..Priya making peehu to get ready for outing ..As she was stubborn she is making a bit difficulty for Priya ..
Peehu bachha :Ek min baby ...hogaya..Jidd math kar na..
Raina:Aunty uncle bhi jidd hai while wearing the clothes ..
Priya gave a hawww expression ..Rainaa!!!!!
Raina:Okok sorry ,but what with this camera its not working properly ,I should ask rajat uncle to buy another new one ..
Bythe way what are you doing now...Im recording pehhu dressing ..She smiled at her .
Raina close it baby ...what is this .When pehu grow up and see this ..she will kick you ...
Hawww no way she will apreciate me to locking her nudity in this video ..
Ok ok she subtled her laugh ...
She almost done with Peehu ..she about to get up from there ...
Priya heard "Paaa"
Raina rushed there ..where peehu was there ..
Priya too settled back ..Did you hear that aunty..she called something ..
Haa...Raina asked ..peehu bolo bolo ..kya bolo aap ne..
"Paaa""paaaP she sqealed her lungs out ...peehu scream echoing in that room..Priya's eyes filled with tears ...
Raina asked her ..Mamma bolo ...mamma...
Paaa..peehu again spelled it ...Kicking her legs in air..
Raina playing with her ..Priya walked to the camera ...
Ram you know she first spelled your name ..."Paaa '
How beautiful her voice is hai na ...
She loves you Ram ..Why im separating you two dont know ..Love you so much the screen faded of with crying Priya .
He too has tears while seeing the video ..He caressed with his fingers on the screen ..

Pre cap:

priya:Ram woo..mai..
Her knees quivered seeing his intence look ..