Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-12


Priya slept in Kk s lap ,while she is caressing her hairs ,pressing her ached head ,Priya slowly went in to deep slumber ,.
Ram finished his work ...Walked back to his side of the bed ..
"Beta" ,he paused hearing Krishuji's call..
Ha ma kahiye !!!
Still stroking Priya's hair lovingly .Ram ye bahut thak gayi hogi ..
Matlab !! confused Ram asked her .
5 years she lived alone with your daughter ,She did everything to keep her happy ,alone she managed all ,upar se all this commotion between you and her ..
Thak gayi hogi beta ,Take care of her ..
She is also like you ,will think about every one except her ..
Placing her head on soft pillow ,Kyaal rakhna beta..
Placing a kiss on her daughter in law's forehead,she left the room bidding goodnight to him.
He looked at her fragile face ,She is looking radiant still paleness plasterd on her beautiful face ..
He closed the distance between them ,shifting her head to his arm ,tucked her hairs behind her ear ,she snuggled closer to him in her sleep..
He breathed her fragrance .Her touch giving him soothening feeling at the same time awakening his burning desire ..
He kissed in her hairs .. "Priya why I love you soo much ".. I want to live with you in the coming births also ..
He silently prayed god ,plz make her mine forever and ever .. he too drifted off to sleep ..possesively hugging her ..
The sunrays brushed over their faces to disturb their sugary sleep.
Priya snuggled closer to him buried her head in his chest ,He woke up from the sleep, feeling her stir .
He reluctly opend his eyes made her more closer to his chest ..She can hear his heart beat's slowly ..It was magical ,her lips curved into a big grin listening his calm and steady beats ,Without moving she planted a soft kiss on his chest ,Instantly she earned a kiss on her hairs..
Aap uthgayi !!!Opening her eyes wide!!!
Hmm Good Morning ..
why didnt you woke me up than..she mumbled under his chin ..
I too just woke up ...
Good Morning ,A radiant smile danced on her lips seeing his darting looks ..
Kya ?? kya dekh rahe hai aap !!
Hmm chehra!!
she is blushing hard ..Kyun?
He smiled at her ,Oh don't I see my wife's face ..Tracing his finger on her cheek ..
Nah!! Her words cut by knocking sound on the door ...
Ram went to open the door meanwhile Priya got up and settling her dress..
KK stood there ..Good morning beta ..
Goodmorning ma!!!
Woh Ram ,Genny ne call kiya ,your phone is not reachable sooo..
she looked down ..Im sorry beta ...
Kyun what hapend ma,why you are telling sorry ??
Oh i disturbed you i think ..come down after your bath i will talk with you at the dining table and she rushed from there ..

While slipping her feet in to slippers she asked him ??Koun hai ji??
Ajeeb hai ???he murmured ,closed the door behind him ...
Woh Ma thi !!Kuch bath karna chahithi thi ..But she said  sorry for the disturbance and left ..Ajeeb hai ??
She gazed at him & blushed ...
She bites her lip ...aap change karke ayiye na ...
Ha sure but let me have breakfast first ..
Nah ..Don't go like this !!She moved to him ,placed her hand on his chest ,took her bindi ,her cheeks turning pink...She above to place on her forehead ..
He smiled and taken the bindi from her ,he adjusted it on her face ...
Ma got wrong vibration Priya!!
She hit him on his chest rushed to the washroom to freshen up ..
He rolled his tongue on his cheek smiled cheekily at her fading figure ..
When she was back ,she found her husband sleeping peacefully on his Rocking chair ..
Her lips curved into a naughty smile seeing his cute face lighting by the early morning sunrays..
Oh he is irresistable ..she murmured under her breath ..
She leaned on him .Her wet hairs dangling on her shoulders ..She called him softly while rubbing her hairs with the towel..
He heard her in his dreamy sleep but wants to hear his name from her again ..It is husky and mixed with love..
He hides his joy behind his lips ,kept calm ..He sensed her aproach as her bangles did the sound..
She kept her hands on bothside ...called him again "Ram"
He smelled her fragrnce so closely ..Like a magnet his head tilted towards her still closing his eyes..
She leaned on him to place a gentle peck on his cheek ,The rocking chair moved as both weight leaned on that ,
Her lips touched with him like a gentle breeze.
He opened her eyes asked her ..Kya ??
She was dazed as well as feared with the sudden move..
He held her waist dragged her more closer ..
His face is dangerously closer to her ,His breath trickling on her face ..
What are you doing ,He asked her almost his lips crashing her cheek...
priya:Ram woo..mai..
Her knees quivered seeing his intense look ..
Im calling you ,
Ohhh so you were calling me !!! He gave his trade mark grin to her ..
But i didn't hear you Priya ..
She swallowed hard and his warmth making her go crazy ...
Actually you were fast asleep ,so I want to ...
He cuts her between you want to kiss me ha!!!
She blushed and said "No,Thats not true "
Than what's true ,squeezing her waist dragging her more closerly ...
Her cheeks turning to beatroot colour , she managed to say .. Wo..breakfast ..ma is calling
His lips came closer to her ,She looks at him ,her doe eyes shining at him ,He sealed her lips with his ..
Gazing at her intently .she closed her eyes anticipating more from him ..
He hasnt disspointed her ,He is drinking her ,He tilted her head and claiming her lips as his ..
When he feels she is suffocating he left her ,immediately turned her up so she directly landed on his lap ..
He hugged her from behind ..
whispers into her ears "I've missed you, so much"..
He spoke genuinely to her ,She hides her face in his chest hugged him tightly "I too Missed you so much Ram " cried hard ..
He let her cry ...He patted her back ever so gently and said "I'm there with you Baby " Don't forgt that "I love You so much "
Im sorry Ram..I too love you so much ..Apne appse jyada ...
Ushhh He took her face in his palms ..still she is sobbing ..Wiped her tears with his thumbs ..
No More Tears ...Please lets start fresh with this dirty kiss..
She looked at him ...
I haven't brushed my teeth yet ...You kissed me toh ...it is dirty kiss hai na..
Rammm..she hits him on his chest ..The chair moved backwards ..She clasped him tightly anticipating a fall...
Priya this is balanceble wont move behind this ..Open your eyes ..He brushed his lips with her once again ..
while he went to freshen up ...