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RaYa-SS- Custody PART-8


She recalled those moments and whispered herself ..
Oh why ? how it lost ? she even doesnt remove when she was in jail also ...
How could i lost them ... It will resemble her man every time ...
He knows what exactly her thoughts were ...
He also searched in the room ...
She freshend up ,came back to room ,still her eyes were searching for the missing anklet but it is nowhere to be seen ...
she slowly slid on the bed ,streched her legs out ..closed her eyes where are the possibilities of she can find her anklet ..
Her train of thoughts disturbd by when she strukd an idea ..Oh ...she is a bit weak but soon she rushed up to washroom ..
Meanwhile Ram came out from the washroom , She bumped in him ...He hold of her ..
Ye kya kya kar rahe ho ??
Oh mai ..sorry Mr.Kapoor ..one min ,she went inside , searched over there too but no use ...
Her face was fallen off slowly she came out from the washroom,Met with his darting looks ,He raised his eyebrows,asked what hapen ..
She said nothing ..dragged her feet towards bed ,she laid on headrest closed her eyes ,Tears threatening to come out from her eyes but she was controling as Ram was there ...She kept her hand on her eyes to cover the tears ...
A warm touch lingered on her feet ,Soon a cold metal touched her feet ,she opened her eyes to look at ...She was astonished to see Her Ram is clasping the anklet for her ..
Her eyes brimmed with tears ..
Aaap ko ..I mean where you got this ,Touching the anklet very affectionately ..
He ignored her words ,[He found the anklet in quilt,It was strukd with it,he hide it from her] He was seeing her legs after 5 long years ...Her slender legs brightening in his hands ..He slowly leaned ,kissed her feet with all his love..
She closed her eyes ,inhaled his warmth completely ..His kisses traveld to her stomach than to her neck ...To jawline..[Don't expect more here girls,Picture abhi bhi bhaki hai ]
He whispered in her ear ,why you love this anklet so much ..
Because it is given by you and it was my first gift from you ,Whenevr i heard this sound i feel that you are there around me ...To soothen up my tensed nerves ..
Did you remember what you told me last night ,his breath on her cheeks trikling to the core ..
She surprised she recalled last night events one by one but she hasn't remembrd what he is asking ..
I.. I didn't .. about what she asked him ...

He repeted those words which she told him on last night 

Ram whatever you want to punish im ready to take it ..
But plzzz i cant take when you are cold to me ..Plzzz Ram i love you ..I really really do ..
Which i loved the most in this world that is you "Ram" ...
If that love only paining me how can i ..i ..be in peace Ram...
I know i did mistake noo blunder But what to do its just for your sake ..For your protection only ..
For you Ram whatevr i did its for your well being ..I love you ..I love you ..i love youu ...the voice slow down very very small peak "

She released her grip from his arm , gazing down ..

He held her chin up , kya ?? is it true ..

she nodded in positive ..

than why you left me priya ,why the hell you left me ..

She closed her eyes with the intensity of his voice ..she very well knows this will come up , why she told to him ..might be she is not in her sences ..

she released a sigh ..
Raised her head up to answer him ..

"I love you "

No you don't [quickly he said ]

Noo i love you Ram .. i love you

No , no you left me because you don't love me ...
This is the arguement happening between these two from past days and she has been telling him the answer still he will end up with same question ...
Today she lost all her patience ,her temper increased to bits ..she raised her voice at him ..

Enough Mr.Kapoor ,enough i had enough

how many times i should tell you , i left you becuase i love you .
god damn it , how many times same question ...I realized my mistake i can't go back and correct myself , its over
every time you are asking same , and im telling the same answer ...
Yah i came to know how much you love me when i have seen you alive after 5 long years ..
Yaha[pointing at his heart] Yaha pe dard ho raha hai mauzhe ..
Mai kaise jiya in 5 salo se ,tum he fikhar hi nahi hai ...[releasing all his anger on her ]
Upar us Aapka Rajat sir ke company achha lagte hai na ..Ekdum fit and fine .
[Now she too back to her raging mood ]But controling herself to not to create any commotion ..
He hit her nerve with his last word ...

"Ab ek 45 saal fat budda ke sath love karenge aap ..I should believe you ...he smirked at her"

He himself felt a strong pain inside while giving those taunts to her ,But what he has to do he was ao angry on her ..and really not able to understand what he is specking with her ..In the mean while she stopped him

Enough ..Toh kya ..kya problem hai aapko ..
Aapka biwi hai aapke pass and you never ever believe me ,First in my brothers case and than niharika now Rajat sir ..
She clutched his collar tightly ,Kya aapko kya lagtha hai Mr.Kapoor,Im happy in these 5 years ofcourse Peehu hai mera pass but ye happy news nahi hai when im not there with you ,For god sake open your eyes Mr.Kapoor ..

Still wahi Priya kadi hai infront of you .."

"Who make you cheerful al the time.."

"Who taunts you in every manner "

"Who shared your sarrows& joys eauqlly"

"Who stopped you eating unhealthy food."

"Who wiped your sweat from your forehead"

"Who cooked your most fav dishes "

"Who loved you unconditionally "

at the last

"who made herself complete with you ..

wahi wahi priya kadi hai aapke pass but your looks changed on me..[tears flwing]
she took a deep breath ,tears flowing down from her eyes like a flow ...she felt dizzy too
Kya kaha aap ne ...

"Ek 45 saal fat budda ke sath love karenge aap ..."

yes karoonga mai ..

"Is 45 saal fat buddda ne muzhe jeena sikhaya ,Muze aadat hogaya usse pyaar karne ka ...
Aapko kya lagtha mai Rajat se ..."

Ohh god why you doing this to me ..
She helplessly falling in his arms ...Wiping her tears away ...
Fine if you wont believe dont ..

"But the truth is I Love You ..I Love You ..I Really Really do ..."

Helplessly she dropped herself on the floor ..Hugged her knees sobbed hardly ..
Why god why you didnt take me that time .Why you given the chance to me survive,To see hurt in my man's eyes ..
he shut his eyes when he listend those words from her ..
He yelled at her Priyaaa what you are talking holding her arm..
She pertified what what im i talking ..Releasing from his grip
It's true ..I know you dont love me anymore ,Im completely ok with it Ram [Both are remembering their cofession on March-5th ]
sirf our sirf peehu ke liye jeena chahatha hu ..
If you are there with her now, what is the need of me to living here lifelessly ..
Priya stop it ..He raged with anger ...He cant think abut leaving him again
Why i should stop it Mr.Kapoor..
Pointing at her heart muzhe bhi dard ho raha hai Mr.Kapoor ,I handled peehu alone all these years ,loved only one person unconditionally
That is you ...Only you And it will be always You only ..
But here you are linking me with Rajat sir ..
He abruptly stopped her ..Yes because he loves you crazily ...

Just stop it Mr.Kapoor you are crossing your limits..
Seriously why im i alive still to listen your bashhan against my character ...
Stop it priya ..Don't say that word again
why i should stop it ..
If im not there in the world ,You would be happy na,You wont feel this much pain seeing me na ...
Priya dont cross your limit ..stop it ...[ram said]Don't say that word again
why ha why i should stop it ,
Im telling truth ,If i dead at that time ...

"His left hand sprung up in air the next moment it splashed on her cheek tightly leaving his fingers mark on her .
The forse taken her head hit to the bed ..The rininging sensation hit her brain to realize what was just happen ."

He was not sure what has just happend between them ...Did he slapped her ...
One of her hand touched her cheek ,The other one stroked her forehead where the hit happend ,Immediately tears sprang out ,blood woozes from the forehead ..
She was dumbfonded with the happening ..

Well Well plz don't thrw me brickbrack ,eggs or tomatoes ...
Im completely against to domestic violence ..I know so many will be angry after reading this update ...I felt it's dhamkadhar update ...Trust me ..I wont let you guys down you will clear your doubts with in next update ..and this slap will return our lovable Raya together
but how,when and all you will come to know in next update "

Sooo coming to the update ...
"Sometimes some unknownthings will happen unknowingly to us "Im just implimenting how the fights starts between the couple ...

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