Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-14 *



Hmmm Ram tugged his hands in to her silky folds of saree, she gasped &moaned his name "Ram" .He groaned huskily sucking her earlobe gently moving his hands deeper to searching her womenly secrets.She couldn't taken the sudden assult,  her knees gone weaken, her each inch shivered with  his intence touch on her curvy body.She snnuggled to him closer her back is touching his chest .
He simply lifted her up, gently placed het on bed .
She coloured head to toe .Shifted her gaze to the otherside trying to control of her heavy breath.
It's not first  time for her but he is making her blush with his each caresses. 
He stood up gazing at her with so much love that he himself dont knew how far this love war taking his desire to close her desire with him.
There is an akward silence Priya recognised her man  isn't moving furthur she opened her brown eyelashes to look at her man.
To her surprice he is a mere inch away to her face.His breath fanning on her face wavily.
She shut her eyes immediately .Her cheeks already turned to radiant pinkish colour. 
His intese gaze met with her  eyes.  A deep eyelock went on for secs.A lone tear escaped from her doe eyes.His lips kissed  her moisten eyes.
Brushing each of her fear with his kisses.Telling her how much he missed her .
He caressed her face with his warm lips .
He nibbled her jaw line nearing to her lips .
She anticipated his moment, parted her lips to welcome him.

But to her surprise he missed her lips rolled his tongue near to het lower lip, gave a small bite on her chin dropped down while sucking her flesh along neck line, She arched back her neck to allow him more, He sucked the tender flesh on her cleavage.
She dropped her head on the pillow ..He licked the juice drapes on her cleavage making her go mad with desires.Her innerfolds cried for him ,Her legs entwined with another her toes cringed to get hold on herself.
He unhooked her blouse ,her fist grips tighter on the pillow .Her heart racing printed sweatings all over her face ..her cheeks flishing to the core ..
He murmured in her ear 'Can I "
She turned her self giving him more accesss to remove her fabrics.His fingers slid smoothly on her shoulder blades to get view of her sexy curves .
His caresses trickling her to the core ,her sensuals unable to bare the brdige between them .
He slipped her blouse ..her hands crossed her chest His clothes vanished in a minute.
Slowly he crawled her and joined in her ..His hands snake her waist sliding in her deep folds he manged to get her as his women
Her  heartbeat raised  ,his strongly men bares touching her back .. His toes stroking her legs .
His fingers caressing her dips and curves ,squeezed her waist to grip her more .He moved her hands away from her chest and her mounds  invited to him to suck her.
His lips inwardly folowwed her lips mated with them that they never ever met .She parted her lips welcomed him .His tongue reaching her nook & corners ..His hands cupped her breasts .
Suqeezed them with utmost safetily ,sensually ..Her hands gripped his hair tightly .He lounged his mouth in her .. Pinched her nipples ,pulled them straghtly to get them sencuous to his moves .She pulled his hairs more tightly .He left her lips when he felt he is out of breath , She looked at him while panting .
His gaze met with her eyes ,his tongue rlled on his cheek ,without giving any hint he took one of her breast in his mouth licked it while he sueezing the other one.She heaved her chest at him .He used the opportuniyt to play with her more .. His tongue circling her nipple ,slightly bites on it ..
He changed the position of his lips to the other one ..His hand moved to the 2nd one that was already ravished with his lips and turned to reddish colour .His another hand moved down to caress her stomach ,her hip line again his fingers  slowly traced her pubic area ,Her inner curves mould inside.'
His finger reached to her most sensitive part ,Her legs cntracted she moaned his name "Rammm" plzzz.He hasn't listend her his lips grinned seeing her sensuoal movements ..
His lips ravishing her mound ,steethily his teeth pulling her nipple and his hand tugging another nipple ,His another hand creating slow and tentative ,circular movements on her sensitive part ..Her moans creating havoc in his brain ,He is enjoying her plesure with pressurly movements.Her legs trying to come closure to retain the plesure .But his leg contracted her legs to come closer ..
She pleaded him moaning his name very huskily "Plzz Rammm" He speaden up his movements ,her husky voice groaning under his plesureful relent less moves Her innerwalls circled up and cleared the wet get splash ,Her body arched and her legs embedded to sideways ..His lips gave a satisfactory smile .He paused his movements back.Her total body pulseted from center to  toe , after a min she opened her eyes  slowly He kissed her toe licked it.she snapped back her leg but he is faster than her gripped it in his fist contiued his shower of kisses She pleaded him Rammm He wickedly grinned Parted her legs.He likes to create this tension in her and he like to pleading for him from her mouth ,His manhood inserted her womenhood slowly ,she moaned"ahhh" Ram plzz don't stopp .He thrushed furthur ..her hips moved up to reach his length , his hands grasped her boobs ,he asked her to see him..she opend her eyes to see their love war ,He thrushed more deeper ,enfolding all her inner secret folders ,she couldn't take it anymore begged him for plzz Ram..
What you want Priya
Plzzz faster still his movement was slow and deeper
She begged more "Plzzz Rammm" He stroked her faster ,she said faster Ram ,don't stop ,plz don't stop Ram ..Hmmm that's ..ohhh Ram plz..He incresed his strokes and faster movements ,She felt he is soo stronger and harder to melt her inner walls..Her hips spanking into him ,he fastend his in out rhythm in to her ..Plzzz priya don't move don't move .. he is tooo strong , he clasped her buttocks thrushed more faster and deeper  ,shower get released in to her ,her juices spilled in ,both reached their climax..He collapsed on her bossom licking it away to glory After some time when they both relaxed and cae to this world ,His head on her bossom Alone tear escaped from his eye and touched her .She wiped the tear ,he kissed it ..Plz Priya "I can't live without you " Don't ever leave me my girl ..Love you soo much .
Love you soo much ..I love you priya ,her tears flowing continuosly ..His mumbles  lowered .He went to deep sleep clutching her tightly .. She whispered "I love you Ram " "I love you Ram" "I love you soo much " Forgive me for leaving and going faraway from here.
Extremly sorry soo sorry she ruffling his hair went to sleep in the vew hours of morning.

P.S:Mani  I think you liked this one :Lol In this just for you I made Ram to sleep first ..