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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho *PART-74*

Ram : He switched off , whispered in her ear , you are looking so beautiful, kissing her cheek he left from there .Both had their breakfast ,Ram headed to office room atleast to day he wanted to make his plan work and he was happy now Priya would be busy with the kid .

He soon entered Kapoor Industries with his dashing look. He was looking so smart ,enough to drool over by the staff on his charm. Wishing his secretary back he stepped into his office room .

He was surprised to see Vikram along with Neha, he missed their vexation ,he said "What a pleasant surprise!!" he was about to hug Neha but she turned other side sniffing her nose.Ram confusedly looked at Vikram. His hard stare was enough to make Ram realize why they were there and how they are going to be..

Ram: Ohh okkk first of all Im sorry,It was not intentional bas in anger I just did it.

Neha: Shut up ,what you just did , ruining both of your lives kya ?

Ram took her in hug , Darling ..still she continued her stifles ,her fists slowly hitting him ,turned to Vikram ,Kya hai yeah...Im sorry yaaar , I cant handle tears ...

Vikram who was enjoying Ram's plight sat infront of him.

Ram: Darling ..darling ... dekh ...look at me , Im sorry breaking their hug ,holding his ears ,Im sorry ,I wont repeat it again , I will be careful from hereafter before my anger builts up I will call you and will ask your suggestion.Smilingly he whispered in her ears.

Neha: Smiled hearing him ,Kya hai fatty ,just control your self,you crossed your limits yesterday.

Vikram: Ha tell him , teddy bear kahi ka.

Ram: Tune muzhe mota kaha?

Vikram: Nahi toh!!

Neha smiled hearing their normal talk and she left soon as she was having some other work .

Vikram: Held Ram's hand take care Ram, we want to see you and Priya happy , she may need time but you two are made for each other ,so what you have planned for in future , how you are going to tell Priya all these ..

Ram: I don't know Vikram but she has every right to know about the loss of our babies .

Vikram: Yes ,she has ..But she has been taking all the messages in a wrong wayand coming to a wrong conclusion .How shall we know what she is thinking ??

Ram: Umm Great ..Idea ..he dialled the number.

After two rings she attended the call ...

Ram: Hello are you freee he asked in a very pleasing tone..

Neel: Smiled hearing him , Ohhh so now you are asking me whether I am free or not ,when I called you yesterday...

Ram: Please Neel ..

Neel: Is anything wrong ,is Priyu alright?

Ram: Yah yah she is fine , and he briefed her what has happened.

Neel: After listening his convo she said "OMG" so you attempted a Suicide ,unbelievable ,I heard Ram kapoor is crazy but I never imagined you will be this crazy

Ram : Wait wait , who told I am crazy ..haa

Neel: Who else , she stifled ,Ram blushed knowing that its none other than Priya. But Ram this is not a joke seriously I had goose bumps when I was hearing it , I can imagine what you two might have felt ..

Ram: Umm do me a favour , will you meet her today and just try know what is she exactly thinking after meeting Sruthi .

Neel: Ohh you have called me for that , no need to be so formal Ram , I have already planned to meet her today evening.

Ram: Oh so that would be a great help.

Neel: It's my pleasure.

Both hung up the call .

There Priya was taking care of the baby , Krishna ji and Priya were making the baby boy comfortable in their laps ,with their bubbly talks ,Priya was amused seeing every little antic of the tiny boy.

Krishna ji was briefing what all they can do, Priya was smiling and she heard a bhabhiii from their entrance .

Both ladies gazed at the direction,Apeksha and Sonal were standing at the entrance. Ape came to them, hugged Krishna ji and took blessings from her ,hugged Priya asking how she was now .

Priya: I am fine , looking at Sonal ,she welcomed him inside.

Sonal: Just walked few steps , di I just wanna drop her ,I have some work, so may I leave.

Krishana ji :Kuch tho le lo beta ,coffee or tea.

Sonal: Nahi nahi aunty , I will be back in some time so I will get back to work saying this he bid bye

Ape side hugged Priya when she heard a small whimper ,she looked at the cradle and she was so happy to see the boy, OMG omg how come he is here my little cute pie ,she hugged him ,kissed on his pinkish cheeks , in result he made a woggle sound , three ladies laughed at his antics .

Priya : Our batha Ape , kya chal raha hai , is Sonal looking after you well.

Ape : Blushed ha bhabhi he is looking after me well infact very well

Krishnaji: What about your inlaws .

Ape face became dull by hearing it

Priya & Krishna ji sensed something is not well both asked in unison what happened

Ape : Kuch nahi , they are not staying with us she told with a little pout.

Priya : Kyun ,kuch hua kya?

Ape : Nahi , they just want to give us freedom.

Priya & Krishnaji : Relieved hearing it [Every body feels nervous when a newly married girl tells about their inlaws ]

Ape: our bathao bhabhi ,what's happening , and what about my sisters' marriage when you are going?

Krishna ji : Dadi already left for the marriage we all will go few days before marriage , what about you ,when will Sonal has free schedule?

Ape : Don't know ma, he would come to know in this meeting , so they would finalise the dates and I can tell whether I would accompany you all or we would come separately .

Priya : Good then prepare for it, so how was your day?

Ape : Uffooo pucho math bhabhi , I want to join in his company but he said ki after this project you can join enjoy the wifehood ,rofls both laughed at unison.

Some interiors are going in home bhabhi so i am looking after that he came for a file and told he is going to attend a meeting near KM so I asked him to drop me and we can go back after the meeting.

Krishnaji called for lunch , while Priya and Ape were having the lunch Krishnaji looked after the kid , while Priya was looking after the kid Krishnaji had her food , mean while Rishab came from the college. He ran toApe hugged her from back.

Ape: Was startled a min . hugged Rishab back ..How are you , how is Sowmya?

Rishab blushed hearing Sowmya's name.

Ape : Hayeee brother is blushing..

Priya too smiled seeing him ..

Rishab: I am fine and she is also fine, you know Ape, our marriage is hot topic in our university ,so many are jealous about me.

Priya: See Ape I said avoid those boys ,and he is still talking with them.

Ape: What's going on by the way??

Rishab: Kuch nahi Ape, some other friends also tried Sowmya but she loved me only, they thought as we are rich our family wont agree for my marriage with Sowmya, so they can try their luck but now its not possible na .. so they are jealous about our relationship.

Ape: Looked at Priya worriedly, "and you were telling this very easilyto us ha, didnt you read how the things are happening in the outside world? Justbe sure that they wont threaten you or harm you.

Rishab: Pouting his face "they are my friends but jealous of me that's it, saying this he left fom there.

Priya: This is the thing with Rishab, Ape , I need to talk with Ram to look after this matter.

Ape: Ha bhabhi its sounds scary to me. This boy is taking so easily these issues .

Priya : Ha yaar , some girly chat going on , Sonal gave a msg that he is going to reach in 5 minutes , Ape kissed the boy ,hugged Priya and Krishnaji telling bye to them she walked outside of the house .

The boy cried in high pitch tone so Priya fed him the lactogen then slowly he drifted off to sleep.

Neelcame to Priya's home by 3.30pm after finishing her college. She was simply surprised to see Priya sitting in the hall with a baby. She quickly walked to her "aweee he is looking soo cute , Nuts' son hai na?"

Priya was pleasantly surprised to see Neel today at this hour , she badly wanted to meet her but Priya knows she had to manage her classes too then home and she is newly married too so she doesn't want to disturb her. When Neel was admiring the boy Priya side hugged Neel .

Neel: Hugging her back , sorry how are you Priyuuu ..

Priya : I am fine , what a pleasant surprise!!!

Neel: I will tell that later , can I take him in my arms ..

Priya : smiled at her childishness , ha but before that wash your limbs and come, she showed the washroom.

Neel: Quickly washed and held the tiny boy in her arms , Aww he is weightless priyu , how cute he is, so small so cute kissing his cheeks. She was amazed for some more time, the boy slept in her lap, ye lo ye sogaya pouting her face, meanwhile Krishnaji came,Neel gave the boy to her .Krishnaji made him sleep in cradle

Priya pulled Neel to their room, when they were walking the security gaurds were alert in their positions and one female guard was walking past Priya. Neel observed it and asked Priya to stop, when priya stopped the female guard also stopped , when they started again the guard also started again.

They reached the room and Priya bolted the door, Neel was laughing loudly.

Priya: Why you are laughing now?

Neel: Mimickedthe guard's action on Priya's back , and rofled again, Priya ...Priya kahan fuss gayi tu..
My sweet Priyu ,she again laughed

Priya: Uff Today I will ask Ram how he knew that I got into the bus than I will see your matter

Neel: Stopped her laugh suddenly matlab are you suspecting me?

Priya: Did any part of my convo make you feel that I suspect you?

Neel: I felt so [ biting her tongue ]

Priya : Haa I will come to know one day for sure at that time I will tell your's and Ram's matter

Neel: Ok maata ji , if you stop your lecture, I want to hear what did Sruthi talk with you

Priya: What I should tell Neel, I am in dilemma.

Neel: Kyun? Kya hua, bolo na ..

Priya: Sruthi told me "Now I deserve your friendship , to save you from his assault I killed my so called husband, her face became red with anger, I killed him, please don't think that you are a sinner, be happy with Ram, he is the best example of husband .. " and briefed the entire convo after that .

So what I should believe in this?

Neel: What's there not to believe

Priya : I mean Neel , she too got assaulted just before.

Neel: Toh kya Priyu ,if he wont tied up your hands ,you wouldn't have helped Sruthi kya??

Priya: Definitely, I would have helped Neel but..

Neel: No ifs and buts Priyu,seriously think once how much grudge she may have on her husband for behaving with her and with you the way he did, so she might have.

Priya: But I feel like Ram made her to tell..

Neel: Ufff Priyu kya re, why would she tell if Ram requested herto tell and do you know that Ram daily meets Sruthi and will ease off her pain, who wil do that in this generation ,ha..

Priya: Hmm that's why she may tell.

Neel: Priyu please , ok what did Ram told you when you people were going for HELL drive regarding the truth.

Priya: You are so pure and divine [she had tears in her eyes]

Neel: Atleast at that time he could have tell na if something happened to you .

Priya: Ha nodded her head in positive note ..

Neel: But why didn't he tell you?

Priya: May be as nothing happened..

Neel: Exactly Ram wanted to tell this to you, nothing happened he might have tried to assault you but what you are thinking that has not happened. Okay...

Still if you have doubt means I cant do anything but whatever also you have to accept this, that you are going to lead your life with Ram and in future with your kids ..

Be happy with this life ,I know its not easy to forget but try sweetheart, try definitely you will come out of that .

Priya hugged Neel and Neel hugged her back patting her back whispered in her ears, I know that you very eagerly waited for the child and try to think to have a baby so that you can divert your mind totally into the kids.

Priya smiled through her tears.
Breaking the hug, Neel tu bhi na ,kya kya baathe karthi hai.

Neel: Are common, first talk with doctor whether you will able to conceive now or not because you have anemic problem na..

Priya: Will try..

Neel: If she advices you to wait , just try to be more romantic with your Mr.Kapoor.

Priya : Ahhh I am not romantic like you.

Neel: Hawww what is this , you are knotting me..!

Priya: I know na what a tantrum queen you are ..

Neel: Woh tho hotha hai yaar , main nahi to who will do? winking at her

Priya : Smiled heartily seeing her animating smiles, they both chitchatted for a while regading her college and all .

Ramwho came early that day found Neel sleeping on Priya's lap explaining something to her, Priya was laughing uncontrollably telling something to Neel. Neel got up from her lap showing some thing in her mobile and Priya was rofling seeing that.

From where do you get all these re? Priya asked Neel ..

Neel: Aise hi , I have thats it.

Ram slowly walked inside seeing them, both sat straight and settled their dresses still laughing about the jokes they have shared previously.

Priya walked near him taking the things from his hand she asked him to change and she will order coffee .

Ram: Mesmerized seeing her smile, his hand automatically touched her cheek. Priya straightened up reminding Ram.that her friend was still in the room. Ram came back to senses giving a very cute smile to her, you get ready we have to go out .Priya was surprised and asked "right now?"

"Ha baby right now" saying this he went to changing room. Priya found Neel was collecting her bag and other things to go .Priya called her, Neel stay for sometime we will drop you at your home .

Neel smilingly, "why I should be between two love birds? Priya slowly hit n her shoulder. Nothing doing you are going to come with us and thats final, now come help me to choose dress .

Both walked to her closet Neel was admiring her collection. Priya nudged her what are you staring at .

Wow Priyu you have so many sarees, I must say amazing collection touching the ends with her delicate fingers. Priya smiled at her amusement, raised her question, Why Neel you don't have kya?

Neel laughed loudly, showing Priya her kurtis and other clothing section, its very minimal here so the same way my sarees are very minimal and the other clothing and kurtis ,jeans uff what not everything will fill up in my closet like your sarees section.both laughed at unison by her explanation .

Priya nudged her to choose a dress for her , Neel pulled out a pink top with full sleeves and asked her to wear it. Priya intervened you can select from sarees na. Neel keeping her one hand on her waist , you asked me to choose the dress haa , when I chose it you are asking me to choose something else, so you didn't like my selection..

Priyaclosing her mouth with a hawww expression, maine aisa kab kaha??

Neel pouting her lips abhi abhi kaha na select from sarees that means you didn't like my selection na .

Priya took that dress from Neel , it means I wanted to wear saree okay , now don't sulk go and sit there I will change and come .

Priya got ready in few minutes and Ram also joined them ,they all had coffee and drove from KM. Priya and Neel were sitting on back seat all the while they were whispering ,giggling making Ram brain hell to think what exactly they were discussing of.

Soon they reached Neel's home, after bidding bye to her Ram asked Priya to join with him on the front passenger seat. Priya gladly came front watching retreating figure of Neel until she entered her home.

Ram started the car immediately and raised the question, What you people were discussing about?

Priya smiled meekily and answered him "YOU"..

What ?? Ram startled, jolted back in his seat "What you two were talking about Me?? He looked at her with his cute frustrated face.

Priya smiled at his reaction , I mean You matlab "Men"

Ram was relieved a bit but still some doubt lingered in his mind ,"may I know what was that?"

Priya: Why not but not now first you concentrate on the drive other wise we will have wreck she tried to control her smile seeing his discomfort.

Will you tell me or not ?? Ram again reverted his question .

Priya said promptly "not now but in future definitely I will tell you" smiled cheekily

Ram was lost in her smile seeing her smile his lips also curved into a small smile. Both reached NeVik house in sometime. Priya was confused she asked him , Out means Neha's house kya??

Ram smiled at her question ,yups I so wanted to tell you but I wasn't able to tell because of your non stop giggling with Neel. Priya smiled walked with him to their home .

Nevik were eagerly waiting for them to start their fight, when Neha opened the door telling "ha we will see that in next exams " when she found Ram and Priya at the entrance she hugged Priya ,welcomed them inside and started arguing with vikram.

Neha: Vikram I am telling you again, come home soon. You teach maths and I will teach english to them that's final .

Vikram: Neha this is not done, you know I cant come home as quickly as before as I have so many projects to handle, so you take care of the kids.

Neha: Ohhh so are you not their dad to take up the responsibilities?

Vik: Maine aisa kab kaha [with his utmost worried and shocked expression]

Neha: just now you said you cant take care of the kids.

Vik: Uska matlab ye nahi tha..

Neha sat on the sofa sitting in adjacent sofa she pouted

Ram and Priya were watching each other with a smile and " they wont change " expression .

Priya sat with Neha ,Ram sat with Vikram .

Ram : KYa hai bhai , kyun this argument??

Vik: See Ram , your friend is telling me i am not taking care of kids.

Neha: Sprung on sofa " yes you are careless "

Vik: See how she is..

Ram : Stopped Neha with his hand and asked what was the problem.

Vik: Areee nothing Ram , kids were doing bad in school , we want to send them for tuition but you know those were in worst phase and I want individual teacher for them so it will be good to explain or make them understand , but I am unable to find anywhere , I even gave add also for that still Neha is blaming me , kya hai yaaar .. Vikram said in one breath.

Ram : Oh only this, I have a solution .

Along with Vikram and Neha, Priya was also surprised to listen this and she gazed at him

Vikram and Neha : bathao na yaar.

Ram : Simple yaar , when the teacher is sitting infront of you like goddess saraswati devi , why you wanna search some where else saying this he winked atPriya.

Neha and Vikram unsure both looked at Raya.

Ram: Common guys after their school send them to KM, Priya will teach them. Priya gasped, wanted to say NO .but before that Vikram hugged Ram and Neha hugged Priya telling thanks a ton and praised them to the core, so Priya couldn't say NO to them after seeing the happiness on their faces .

The threesome were happy to hear that Priya agreed. They all had dinner, the evening ended on a beautifulnote. Raya reached KM when Priya entered home, the female security guard followed her irking Priya to the core .

Priya turned to her side, the guard stopped in midway .

Why you are following me? Priya asked her furily.

Guard: Its my duty Mam ,

Priya: Duty ..oh really!! and she saw Ram's smiling face and she boiled with anger , then come inside my bed room also Priya said sarcastingly to the guard in the way of irking Ram .

Guard: Smiled at her answer,we have strict instructions madam that we should not enter your personal space .

Priya pissed off with her soft behaviour rushed to her room . Ram meekily said "Sorry and thanks " to the guard he too entered the room by closing it .

Ram called her Priya .. Priya but she locked the changing room, she opened it with a bang after completing her dressing, walked off to the mirror and mumbling something under her breath.

Ram was smiling seeing all her antics, he freshened up came to bed, Priya in anger threw the comb and slept on her side. Ram slowly moved near her asked what happened? snaking her waist

Priya hushed his hand away,curled in herself, he tried to touch her but she was avoiding. He turned her to him asked what exactly she wants to know now .

Priya very well knew this plan of her was going to work so she asked "how come you know about my bus journey "

Ram was hell shocked because he didn't expect this question from her and in one way he was thinking did Neel tell Priya? But again after remembering their giggling in evening, No that cant be possible but why she is asking this question at this odd hour .

She asked again how do you know it?

Ram : hmm I have so many ways to know it .

Priya: Cringed with his answer , she got up from her place walked back to couch, clumping in it she gave an angry stare at Ram .

Ram: He was too puzzled with her behaviour, coming back to his senses he asked her "are you going to come or should I make you to come near me .

Priya: Reluctantly go and do whatever you want ..

Ram: Are you sure?

He called again Priya...

But she adamantly slept in couch telling i wont

Ram: I will see how you wont come and sleep in bed.

Priya : What you will do ha??

Ram : Wait and watch baby , he rolled his tongue over his cheek smiled wickedly. He searched something in the cd section , when Priya didn't hear any protest from Ram she slowly peeped outside from her duvet found him adjusting a CD in the player. When he turned she closed her face with duvet and acted as she was asleep. He switched on the TV offing all the lights in the room .

She heard a scream of a boy, she was horrified and opened her eyes to see what he was watching and she closed her eyes in fear seeing some horror incident on the TV. She turned the otherside closed her ears, seeing this Ram increased the volume, She gazed at Ram asked him to reduce the volume with her azitated voice [ofcourse she was trembling too ] .Ram gave a deaf ear to her and keeping his hands on pillow hugging it tightly was drooling on the movie. He was forwarding and watching only horrors scenes ,Priya was getting nervous with each of the horror sound as well as the yells of the show .

From Writer: I know I stopped at an interesting point , So what is Priya gonna do ,will she go and sleep with Ram or any other plan ,what you guys are thinking , drop your ideas and hope you are liking it. Will update soon as my exam is over having a good time to write the future updates . so if you drop your comments and likes quickly will update even quickly ..Love you guys, Thank you so much for your appreciation .