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RaYa-SS- Custody PART-16[The END]


Summary : The story starts in the court hall , where Pihu was questioned by the judge with whom she wanted to stay , she said with papa but she again said I want to be with both of them in her way. As it was Pihu's wish, Ram agreed Priya to stay with them in KM but he used to give Priya cold treatment. Hence Priya fell into depression and when she was not feeling well ,Ram comes to know about her love on him and that she had prepared few gifts for Ram and she wanted to gift him but she hid them. Ram finds out them, those were all filled with Pihu memories, he will be glad to see them and could come to know that Priya also misses him very much and loves him unconditionally. While she was recovering both let out their emotions to each other and fallen in love again and now they were sleeping in the hotel room cuddling to each other .

Now coming to the present...


Ram woke up suddenly when the hunger pains hit his stomach. He rubbed his eyes gazed at her side surprisingly she was not there, he heard the washroom knob trikling sound and looked at that side, to be mesmerized by the beauty of his lady love in wet hair. She was looking angelic and her face was beaming like a newly wed. At the same time she gazed at him,a sweet eyelock happened for few seconds. With a knock on the door both came to this world. She bit her lower lip, "Ram freshen up and come", she walked swiftly to open the door .

The service boy arranged the lunch for them neatly .Priya said he can leave and they will serve by themselves . Priya was drying her hair with the towel slowly remembering her romance with him. They romanced like a greedy couple or newly wed couple,thinking this her cheeks turned to beatroot colour. When some drops of water dropped on her she gazed at the site . Ram who came from bath was ruffling his hair infront of her ,the water droplets fell on her face, he looked so cute to her. He dropped a gentle kiss on hee forehead. They were still longing for each other, he kissed lightly on her bottom lip .

Can we have lunch ,i am hungry .Hearing this from Ram .Priya laughed out loud , Hmmm I know my sweetest hubby's stomach must be growling with hunger ,pinching his nose she smiled at him . He too smiled sheepishly .

She asked him to change the dress ,But he adamantly said after having food only he will change ,she blushed seeing him in bathrobe but as she cant help it when its about food so she kept mum . As soon as priya served he attacked on it ,wowww Priya isn't it amazing ..Mmm ..this is delicious , he praised each item with his heart and he had his food stomach full . When he finished then he looked at her ,she was admiring him, he looked as cute as Peehu to her .

Ram: What are you looking at .??

Priya: You are looking like Peehu ,you know then she started laughing , he too smiled with her.

Both had kulfi as their desert ,while he was licking the kulfi ,if its you Priya it could have been more tasty ,than he licked his kulfi slowly with his tongue , making her inners quiver for him. She moved her legs together lowered her eyes down with the sensuous feeling , he observed it and came to her, sitting on the arm of the sofa, he licked her kulfi she gazed at him, this is wonderful Priya ,she hit him on his shoulder ran from there to balcony smilingly she too tasted her kulfi and thought it was really tasty .

I said na it was tasty Ram mumbled behind her , her cheeks coloured up . Both had gala time, after two hours they left to KM.Peehu came from schooland was waiting for her mom and dad to shoot her questions .

When Raya entered the room , they found Peehu walking to and fro entwining her both hands on her back. Raya smiled seeing her .Priya knew that she has to answer her so many questions.

Priya walked past Peehu and hugged her. Peehu was delighted to see Priya after long time; she smiled seeing her but immediately she remembered that she was angry on them and gave a serious look .

Priya : hmm toh Peehu is angry ,she gazed at him. He brought the chocolates and showered on her head , Peehu was delighted to see it at the same time her papa but she kept silent ,cits evident in her face that she was happy but still she was trying her level best to not to show it.

Priya holding her ears , sorry beta late hogaya . Maaf kardo na is baar .

Peehu : Thinks for a while , achha theek hai, maaf kardungi but ek promise karna padega aapko.

Priya and Ram both looked at each other .

As Priya knows Peehu,she asked her what was that tell me then I will give promice ?

Peehu: First promise karo then I will tell.

Family members were curiously waiting to know what Peehu was going to ask.

Ram: Are yaar promise karo na .

Priya: Ram you don't know, she will ask unusual things sometimes.

Ram: Are yaar bachhi hai woh, aise kaise unusual things puchegi, she may ask baby doll or doll house or something like that. Even though Priya was protesting Ram didn't listen to her, went forward and kept his hand on Peehu's tiny palm , Ok rock star promise I will do what ever you will ask for .

Peehu looked at her mom , Ram pulled her near them , he kept her hand also on Peehu's palm asking what do you want baby tell me , Barbie doll , teddy bear r doll house?

Peehu: No I want a small brother or sister to play with me .

Ram who was sitting on his knees ,buckled up hearing Peehu's wish and stumbled sat on the floor. He didn't know what he should answer her and Priya was also worried thinking how to answer her. But the rest of the family members had a big grin all the while .

Priya who was first relieved from that shock , took Peehu in her lap "Peehu meri princess aise kaise you will get a small brother or small sister ."

Peehu: Then how I will get mamma? Mere sare friends ko choti sister ya chota brother hai, sirf mera koyi nahi hai" saying this she started crying.

Ram and the family members had no clue how to console Peehu as no one expected her to cry .

Priya hugged Peehu and patted her back gently, by now Peehu was sobbing .

Princess ,if you want a brother or sister you have to pray god, he will consider your wish when you would study well and be like a good girl.

Peehu broke the hug wiping tears with her tiny palm "really " she asked with her innocense

Ha bachha really , if you pray with your good heart , god will fulfill every of your wish .

Peehu ran to the pooja room,holding her both hands near her chest "God please give me a lil brother or sister so that I can play with them. I will study well and will be a god girl," she ran back to Priya telling I prayed to god then when he will give me?

Priya: Hawww!! aise kaise, you have to finish your exams na first and god has to test you na whether you are being a good girl or not.

Ram looked at the two most beautiful girls in his life and was mesmerized seeing Priya, how easily she was pampering Peehu .

After making Peehu asleep Raya went to their room, Priya changed into night suit and slid on her side and her thoughts were occupied by Peehu's wish , even she so wanted to go for next pregnancy to make Ram live those days which he had missed in their first baby. But how can she?

Ram's call disturbed her thoughts , wiping her tear filled eyes he asked her what are you thinking?

She nodded in negative as nothing and leaned on his shoulder.

Ram heaved up a sigh, are you thinking about Prehu's wish? Ram asked while combing her hair..

She cried more hugging him like a puppy ,Ram was utterly confused with her behavior composing himself ,he lifted her chin and asked what happened ?Now we are leading family life na we can plan it Priya .

Priya wiping her tears , when Peehu was born the doctor told as my uterus is very weak I cannot go for another preganancy. It would be so dangerous, I so want to give you the happiness again but am feeling helpless.

Ram embraced her in his tight hug felt a pang in his heart hearing the news from her. He kissed her in hairs, "we will once go and meet the doctor, you don't worry I will console Peehu regarding this" saying this he dropped a light kiss on her lips but Priya mellowed it as a passionate one and then both slept off.

They met the doctor next day, Priya had to go through some tests. After seeing the test results the doctor said you have 5 years gap Priya, so youwon't have any problem if you go for another pregnancy now. Both were very happy to hear it and they were waiting for the good news in their lives .

Few days passed very happily for them .That was september 1st ,Priya wanted to give all the surprise gifts for him which included recordings of Peehu'sall childhood memories. She was so busy in the preparationsas it was Ram as well as Peehu's birthday, after 5 years she was going to celebrate his bday and Peehu was celebrating this bday with her parents. The grin never left her lips while she was preparing everything .

She was waiting for the day to come, she wished him at 12 in the midnight, he was quitely surprised as he almost forgot that today was his bday. They made love and Priya showed him her best and they ended up sleeping nude at early morning. Priya got up first in the morning and woke up Ram .

Both walked to Peehu's room , they called her "Peehu , Good morning bachha."

Please mamma our 5 mins ..she sulked and slept again

"Ohhh Priya I thought of giving this gift to her now, hmm okay will come later" Ram playfully threw the stone and it fell in correct place.

Peehu: Hearing the gift from Ram she sat straightly on her bed rubbing her eyes , Gift ,mere liye papa she jumped from the bed into Ram's arms.Both wished her a very happy birthday ,kissed her cheeks each side .

They gave a Barbie doll to her ,she was so happy to see the doll it was so beautiful and very big too.

Wishes from all the day turned in to the evening , Priya arranged a video tape for them and after cake cutting she started the video.

A shrill cry heard on then they saw Peehu was a tiny bud at that time, then Ram's childhood pic came than Peehu's pic ,simultaneously Priya arranged them in a manner that these both golus were looking exactly like replicas to each. Ram had tears ,Peehu was enjoying. Priya squeezed his hand as assurance that everything will be okay .

Everyone enjoyed fully, finally the party ended with a good note .After bidding bye to every one and making Peehu sleep in her bed ,they walked to their room. Priya asked him to change when he went inside, she quickly grabbed a chair to get the gifts down which she had packed for Ram .

When she was about to pull the bag with full of gifts ,a pair of strong arms encircled her waist , hiding his face on her back. She lost her senses, her hands automatically touchd his .

Ram was smelling her and was trying to bite her. Priya remembered that she has to give the gifts.She asked Ram to leave her but adamant Ram said hmm Its been a week I mate with you Priya .Please today I want you full, every inch, please he tried to loosen up her saree but Priya pulled the bag with very difficulty,she got down from the chair ,she opened the bag and was astonished to see that the gifts were already opened.

Ram smiled sheepishly , he cleared his throat I know you wanted to give the gifts on my bday but I opened them already .

Priya disbelievingly "you opened them with out my permission," she pouted her face walked to the room slept on her side mumbling "I so wanted to give him the gifts today ,but without my knowledge he already opened them and me like a mad girl was thinking and trying to surprise him" she was sulking very cutely .

Ram slid her side made herlook at him "I know you so wanted to give but when I opened the first gift I couldn't control myself and opened up all those, sorry and I do know how much you missed me how much you cared for me and how much you longed for me, I don't want any distances between us please ,ab tho smile karo yaar."

Priya smiled and hugging him tightly cried for sometime that she was so guilty for those 5 years .

Ram grinned naughtily hmmm then compensate that 5 years na , she looked at him to find his desire filled eyes .

She gasped when she felt Ram's hands treading downwards, his fingers gently teasing the beginning of her crack. She paused her breathing as she felt his one finger trying to wiggle over her lingerie. She hitched her throat. Her nerves danced wildly in her stomach seeing his quickness towards her entrance,he slowly raised her hands above her head ,in one swift move her blouse was off from her body, her curves came out endearing to his eyes ,he took one of her peak and gave a hard bite and its twin was mercilessly crushed in his fingers.she let out a small shriek, his hunger was making her curl into his rhythamic contractions, his instant foreplay awaking her arousal to the core .

He was in no state of waiting for to remove all their clothes also ,He brushed himself harshly on her feminine folds deeply , her breath lodged up in her lungs , she wanted him badly wanted to meet him with the same phase ,she kept screaming his name as he kept sending her to the peak .

She glued to him matched with his phase they acted like greedy couple, when they reached climax she combed his hair, he breathed on her cleavage "I love you "

She pushed him gently , why you were ferocious this time ... settling her clothes ,he grabbed the opportunity making her full nude to his eyes , hmm you are making me crazy day by day, what I should do He kissed her lips once again taking her to the love land again .

They were living happily in their own space with a happy family .

One fine evening Ram and Priya were playing in the lawn with Peehu. She was giggling while running here and there, Priya was running the opposite side when she felt sudden darkness around her when she was about to collapse on the grass. Ram and Peehu ran to her, Ram took her to the hospital, Peehu was crying by seeing her mom unconscious. Ram handed Peehu to Krishna ji and drove back to hospital . Priya was examined by the doctor and she adviced some tests. By that time Priya got her consiousness back. Ram informed the doctor,she asked her history and doctor's suspicion was correct,in the mean time the reports also came. While doctor was seeing the reports Ram got a call from Krishna ji that Peehu was crying to see them right now, while talking with her he went out.

Priya asked Doctor , am I pre ..pregnant .. Doctor nodded yes Its 2 months .When Ram came back to room the doctor has left, he saw teary filled eyes of Priya , he asked her what happened?? look at me?? What happened Priya ?is anything wrong ? what did doctor tell you ?

She gazed at him , taking his hand into her's placing it on her stomach , wo ..I am..i am pregnant Ram .

Ram oh okay thank god did doctor say any other thing . Oh ..wha..what It struck him and his worried face turned to timid then tender then his lips grinned ear to ear ...

Oh..my...oh my ..You are pregnant ...he kissed her on her forehead ,he was so happy .

I love you so much , I really love you kissing her cheek, he came back with her and he had mixed emotions all over his face. Priya was so blind with the happenings ,she so wanted to go for next pregnancy but she was cursing herself how come she neglected this .

They both reached KM, Peehu runningly came to them , when Priya was about to bend to take her into arms ,Ram did the needful Peehu clunged to him ,expressed her frustration.

Where you went leaving me here ? uhu uhu [crying ] mamma app theek tho hai na ..

Ram: haaa stop... stop your questions my rock star, do you remember, once you asked for lil brother or sister?

Peehu : You brought it kya, she looked behind him.

Priya and Krishna ji laughed at her .

Ram: No no , I will give you after 7 months right now your lil sis or brother is sleeping here showing Priya's stomach , her cheeks blushed ..Krishnaji asked through her eyes as it is correct. Priya nodded her head as positive,Krishnaji was glad to hear it hugged her and blessed her .

Those 7 months were very happy days for Ram, Priya and Peehu.Ram enjoyed every bit of her pregnancy time, her mood swings, her cravings for lil things , her simple anger, simple smiles , abrupt mood offs every thing he rejoiced with in this pregnancy .When Priya was being wheeled to the delivery room he was shattered thinking about Priya's health as she was constantly suffering with pain .. after an hour, the nurse gave him his bundle of joy, congratulations sir ,you have a girl child .

The tiny bundle is so tiny in his huge arms, he kissed her on her forehead while his tears were continuously flowing from his eyes, OMG she is so cute. Then he went to see Priya, she was fatigued and pale after the delivery, Ram enjoyed waking up whole night to make sleep his tiny bundle, they kept her name as RIYA. He did everything to her and remembered Peehu's time through Cds .

Epilogue :

Five years down the lane Priya woke up with a start when two pairs of tiny hands were snaking her waist, Peehu..Riya..it is Sunday let me sleep some more time, go to papa, she scowled and pulled the duvet on her head and slept again. She heard giggles of the three most precious people of her world.

Ram please you too don't start, take them to some long drive let me sleep she pouted.

Ram gently removed her duvet ,both girls splashed on her rose petals shrieking in her ears along with Ram.

Happy birthday To you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Mamma .

Happy birthday to you ...they kissed her cheeks .

She smiled in her sleepiness hearing two sweet voices mingled with her hubby's hoarse voice, the birthday song was so good to her ears. She opened her eyes felt she was drenched in rose petals and saw that the room was filled with flowers and some balloons.

This is all your kids arrangement, he dropped a chiaste kiss on her forehead "Happy birthday darling" she hugged him telling "thank you".

And both her daughters pushed her to the washroom to get her ready .

When she came out in to changing room, Peehu gave a pack and she found a beautiful aqua blue coloue saree and Riya handed her a small box containing matching jewellery.They helped her while she was getting ready .

Peehu dropped a kiss "mamma you are looking gorgeous".

Riya tugged Priya "mamma you are looking beauuuthhiiful .she gave both of them a kiss, proceeded to the room to see the spark in his eyes .

Oh glad her man never disappointed, his eyes glittered when she was coming to the room everyone squealed once "happy birthday Priya ,bhabhi , di,mamma" everybody came to celebrate when she saw the cake she was amused as it was so small frankly its in different shape but looked good .

Neha: uffooo priya your three kids nudged me today and they have drawn my total energy asking this cake recipe, she smiled seeing the three.

Vikram: Three kids , she has only two right.

Neha: Ram bhi ek hai in mein.

All laughed at this comment , Ram pouted , Peehu lit the candles ,Riya asked her to make wichhh wichh [wish ]

Priya smiled asked Ram ,Peehu ,Riya and all four of them cut the cake and fed each other .

Peehu ,Riya ran behind Neha to apply the cream ,Ram ran behind Priya. Everyone were happy to see them together .

Priya entered a locked corridor,Ram was walking front and she don't have any place to run , she was panting for breath. He neared her caging her between wall and him, Kissed lightly on her lips murmuring "I love you "Thank you for making my life more beautiful applied the cream lightly on her cheeks. Both had an intense eye lock .. They heard the kids screams there in the lawn they caught Neha ,playing with her .Raya smiled seeing them .. And kya They lived happily ever after


From writer : OMG OMG atlast I have finished , I don't like leaving the story in the half but few stories I left in half, I cursed myself for starting so many at a time but I loved the response which I got from you. Thank you so much, every story must have one end so here it is .Hayeee Im feeling relaxed as well as proud [hehe ] to complete this story atlast. Thank you so very much dears Love you all . I read each and every comment those were like energy boosters for me .Thank you once again darling readers .