Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-13


while he went to freshen up ...She looked at his retreating back and blushed profusely ..
Turned her petite frame to the mirror side gazed at her face which was blushing profusely because of Ram's deed ..
She started combing her hair thinking about Ram..
Nowhere a dazzling smile covered her lips all the while ,Her phone buzzed ..
she back to reality she kept a bindi on her forhead ,grabbed the phone by seeing the flashing name..
Good morning meri princess ...
Good morning mamma , papa kaha hai !!
Are yaar
"pataka" mamma toh bath hogayi kya ?asking for your papa ..
peehu:Nahi ye bath sahi nahi hai ..kya mai ...[she heard a shh, hush sound from other side ]
She asked princess kya  hua !!
Peehu :wooo kuch nahi mamma bas aaloo paranta chahiye ...
she smiled at her cute pie ..hmm toh aao na mamma ke pass ..
She grabbed the bangles box ..held her phone between her chin and shoulder junxture..selecting matching bangles
peehu:mamma aaoungi .. but subah ...[nutz signaled with her hand move dopar]
ha mamma nahi nahi tommorow ..haaa nahi nahi yesterday [Nutz hits her head with her hand ]
Priya:Laughed at her mini kapoor she was trying to say day after tomorrow but she is saying it as yesterday..
Peehu:Blurted out ..Bua mai kya kahungi !!bolo  na ..haso math ...she pouted her lips ..
Priya":Peehuuu ...
nuts took phone from her ..
Bhabhiii ..Good morning ...
Meanwhile Ram came out from washroom freshly bathed changed in his office attire saw his beautiful struggling while sliding the bangles to her hands while talking with the phone, He reached & knelt down infront of her ,took the bangles from her right hand ,sliding it in to left hand ..she smiled at him allowing to arrange her bangles ..
She took the towel from him and ruffling his wet hair with it ..soon he finished sliding the bangles to her left hand and clucthed her right hand removed the towel from her hand and sliding bangles to the other hand tooo ..
Priya catched her phone with left hand properly and talking nutz about the day plan for peehu ..
Nutz:Plz bhabhi aap bhi aao na bahuth mazaa aayegiii ..Plz plz ...
Priya:Nutz ..kya jidd hai ye???Tum ..
Ram kissed her wrist when he slid the last bangle...It runs shivers in her spine ...
Nutz:: plzplzzz
Priya gazed at him with love and confusion ..
He grinned at her continued kissing her milky white skin ..He is absorbing her smell&  smiling seeing  her skin showing goosebumps to each of his kiss ,
Priya tried to free her hand from his grip ,He lightly pulled her hand ,she jolted back to move ,this time he pulled her harder ...
she directly landed on him ,he landed on the floor because of her weight ..
she moaned "Ouchhh"
Nutz:Kya hua bhabhiii ????
still priya holding her phone near to her ear ..He eased her making slid on beside him [Like she is lying on his side ]
Priya:kuch nahi nutasha... i can't come and your bhai has some imp meetings sooo ..
His hand crawling on her lower waist ,making circles with his fingers ...
She pleaded him thrw his eyes "Not to make crazy things"
He was enjoying her discomfort ...the breeze covered her face with her hair messing his view ...He slowly moved his left hand tucked her hair behind her ear ..and gently stroking her cheek ...
She is trying to concentrate on her talk but it is hard to do that while he is with her ..
Nutz:Bhabhi mai kuch puch rahi thiii !!
Priya: kuch signal problem hai natasha!! will call you later ..
Nutz:Bhabhi dont cut the phone with out saying "Yes" plz plz pretty plzzz...
His hand moved her hair to otherside ...Her creamy shoulder inviting him to assult on her .
He bites gently on the junxture of neck and shoulder ...
She inturns clutched his kurtha tightly esacped a low moan "Ramm"
Nutz:{almost screaming the other side ] ..Bhabhi plz plz accept na
Priya :Nutz ..woo...maii..
Nutz:Kya bhabhi ..plz we all can enjoy na..aap bhi na..
Ram moved his face to her ...Kissed her forehead ,sliding down his lips grazing each inch after that ...when his lips reachd at her base of the nose ..She parted her trembled lips , her heartbeat raises ,she pushed Ram away from her nodding her head in negitive ...
Priya: Stopped him with her hand ..his lips settled on her cheek ...she wants to finish this talk with nutz first ...
Nutz plz ,what ever you do ..I dont think I cant make it ..Now you just stop playing and phone peehu ko ..
Her words cut short when Ram warm lips touched hers ..He bits her lower lip sending shockwaves in her body .He squeezed the lip with his ..and captured the otherlip also when he felt she responding ...Soon the phone slipped from her hand turned it on loudspeaker while her finger touched the screen button ...

Nutz:shouting there ...accept plz plz ..Now peehu too joined in shouting her
Before their kiss turned into passionate one ,He told them "Choti we will be there"
Yayyy both nutz and peehu shouted in unison and keep the call before priya snachthed the phone from him ...
He doesnt let her utter a word ...Crushing her lips under his ...Making her as him again ...His hand possesively grazing at her waist ..Pulling her more closer ...He turned her on back he was on top ..Kissing her ardently ..after a min ...she turned him on his back and kissing him showing all her love to him ...
He unclasped her hook ..She clutched his kurtha tight in one hand ..And with other she saved her blouse in same position ...
His hand made his way on her soft back ..kneadling softly ...Without leaving her lips ...He heard her soft muffle when he is doing with her ..
He lazily opened her eyes to see his love of life ...She was intoxicating to him ...He hugged her more tightly ...he tried to remove her hand from her back ..
She felt breathless ...she bit his lips to leave her ..He left her lips feeling the pain and soon he found that both were needed some fresh air ..Hurriedly she clasped the blouse hook back ..Got up from the floor ...
He too got up from the floor ..She looked in mirror ,settles her hair and bindi ..She wiped off the lipstick marks from his lips near the area..
He clasped her wrist ..She lowered her eyes knowing his desires thrw his lustful look ...
Woo ..maii ...Priya stammers ..
Ram enjoying this ...
Kya ..What nutz talking about ...
Priya;Evening there is famous magic show in hotel westin ...So she booked the tickets for every one..Peehu is jumping with joy so if you two [showing her index finger to his chest than her] will come it will be like a family get together dinner party also ..Sooo she is requesting us to join with them...
She briefd out the call with in one min ..
Ram smiled at her ..Than we will meet up there ..
What say "winking at her "
Are you sure ..Will you make it up with in the time ...
Haaawww why not My beauty ,When everyone is coming ...
Priya gets free from his hold ..Than i will get ready by the evening come soon ...
Sooo after the programme can we start where we stopped now ...Reaching her blouse hook ...
She blushed hard ..Ran from the room ...
He scracthed his temple and follwed her to the dining room ...
Krishu ji glad to see them and loved their bonding again like past times..
She told jinny called to inform about one meeting that was cancelled because of some issues ...so the other meetings were lined up ..
He said "Ok " and soon busy with his business call ..
Again back to raging lion..Priya looked worried at his raging ness calmly signaled Krishuji to stop him,.
Krishuji shrugged her shoulders as she cant do it ...
He finished three parantas and held another paranta ..Priya stopped him ,He looked at her angrily ...
She held him a glass of juice ..He took the glass from her finished it one gulp and leaving from there ..
Priya gazed at his retreating figure ...Cleaning the table .
Hmm God kabhi kabhi ye mehmaan ko yaad diladijiye she has a wife [God plz sometimes remeber this great person that he has a wife too ]
He said in the phone .. Wait a min ...
She looked at him .. He called her "Priya and waved bye to her with a cute grin "
Awww she was just on cloud9 ... she nodded her head , waved him bye ...
He left to his office ... Krishuji patted her head "God bless you beta" kush raho dono .. Her eyes got moistened ...

At the evening ...Ohhh cool breeze winding the waves of her hair ,She is tapping her fingers on the side rail of the swing waiting for her Ram ...she is sitting on the swing closed her eyes miming this song ,[Actually Viji dedicated this song for part-11 of this short story ,so i just included her intrest here too ,Hope you like too][Viji Thanks for the Idea]
[Plz try to sing the song and you will know the feeling ...:)]
"Zara Zara Behekta Hain Mehekta Hain
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan
She smiled singing this ...Exact time Ram reached their door steps and astonished hearing the song from her ...He walked slowly
[Readers continue your singing ...]
Mmm ..Hmmm ..Mmm mhuhhhuuu ...Apni bahoon mein ...[soon she remebered the lyrics of song ]

Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein[Crossed her hands on her chest ,rubbing her palms gently on her shoulders]
Hai Meri Kasam Tujhko Sanam Door Kahin Na Jaa[smiling ]
Yeh Doori Kehti Hain Paas Mere Aaja Re
Aaja Re Aaja Re Aaja Re "

La.la.la...lalala...lala...hmm than badhan ...[Her lips kissing each other fermishly]

"He leaned on the swing whispered in her ear " Sachhi "
She jerked with sudden act of his ..She jumped from the swing ...He tugged the near tree soon the flower petals showred on them..

Aaap...Ohh when you came loosening his tie ...
Just now "lost at her simple beauty attire "
She wore simple violet colour saree touched with silver embroidery at the ends ...Her mega sleeves blouse was almost revealing her beauty to his endearing eyes.
Oopps "Im just dead "
She raised her eye brows "What "
Hmm nothing so" tum pyaasi ho" ,streching his arms out ...She bits her lower lip and blushed ...
Ek our baar gao na plz ...plzzz pretty plz darlling ...Making puppy face
She cleared her throat and slowly the words expelled from her larynx

"Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein
Hai Meri Kasam Tujhko "
She couuldn't controled just hugged him blushed profusely ..
He teased her " Hey don't finish off your blush over  here ", keep some for night tooo ...
"Rammm "she hits him on his chest ..Walking from there not able to connect with his eyes ..
By the way " Priya " he called her out
she paused her walk about to turn ...
"You are looking gorgeous "
Her lips curved into big grin and passed frm there telling .. I kept your clothes there ..
Please freshen up fast we will leave ..

Both walked towards the entrance ..He pulled her and she entwind his arm with her and walked to the sitting area ..
Where nutz booked the round table for the family ..And the table was on top of the assciate one ..So they can watch the magic show clearly from there..
Peehu jumped from her seat ...Ran to their parents ...She just hugged both of their legs one in each of her hand ..
Ram smiled scooped in his arms ..she gave a kiss on his cheek same with Priya too ..
Priya streched her arms ..soon she jumped in her arms and started her bantering ..Mamma I went to snow world ..Than exhibition ...
You know i bought lot of toys ..Oh you bought Priya asked ...
Ram scooped peehu from Priyas arms as he know she cant carry her somuch time ...
And winked at Priya ...who was confused with this act ...
Hmm papa ...Nutz bua & nanu bought it for me ..
You know 3d movies of snow white ...
Wowww papa ooo kithna cute hai ...
Like you my princess...
Peehu giggled with her father ...And said ha meri jaise hi ..
Princess hai na !!! They reached the table ...and everyone greeted them and plesantly surprised to see the pair together
indeed they were sooo good together ...
They enjoyed the show ..and dinner together with all the family around ..
Chit chats ..bantering teasing each other ..Its almost a reunion of family ..Ram fondly looked at the cheers in every ones face ..Felt contenetd in his heart ..
Neha winked  at nutz ..Nutz nudjed her hand towards soumya ...She poured the juice on Priyas saree ...
Priya baffled "Oww ..."
Soumya"Ohh soryy bhabhi ..Im extremly sorry "
Its ok soumya ..Trying to cleaning the juice stains with a tissue ..But as before they planned soumya spilled the juice from her chest to down ..
So Its looking odd on her attire all wet and sticking to her milky skin ..
Ram stood up and asked her to leave the place right now ..
Neha came forward and gave him the keys .Telling Priya you can just fresh up there ...
Ram looked confused ..
Nutz nudged Peehus hand .."Peehu shouted ...
Mamma  keep this packet in that room after the show we will come there .."
Riddi shouted ..Really are we going to stay here tonight
Bachha party"Enough of your questions "Priya you just go ..
They don't have other option so they left to the room..
Neha and nutz peeped seeing their fading figures ..
Hi5 ed each other ...Dancing in amazement ..Touching their hips with eachother ..hehe
Kk asked what all this for ...Nutz revealed they all booked for Raya the suit which they spend their firtsnight after marrige ..
They needs some privacy ,As now Priya is feeling better Its time to ...
Ahem ..ahem ..souamya ,neha,nutz laughed along with others ...
But why all this drama before that" Kk suspiciously asked them..

Because Bhai and bhabhi were ..You  know a kind of lazy ..hmm [Nutz searching for answers]
"Duffers" 'Neha added "
so How we should tell them to go to that suit ..
soumya: which we made it all decorated ..Again Hi5ed each other ..
Kk smiled at them ...
Soon Our Beautiful pair reached the suit ...Ram opend the door and locked it behind ...
When they turned to see it was all decorated like exactly their firstnight before the gruhapravesh..
Ye ..ye sab kya hai ...!!!Ram muffled ..
Priya who was busy in looking at her saree stains ...Looked at Ram and than Room ..
What..what all this ???she murmured ..
Thats what Im asking ...Soon the AC coldness aware of her condition ..
She dragged her feet to the bed room to dry it.unpinned her pallu trzzling it to dry it ..
When she found her cell alarmd with msg tone..she cheked soon her cheeks turned to red colour ..
At the same time..Ram got msg in mobile open the gift pack ..
He opend it found their night clothes with a note "Welcome to Loveland .."
His cheeks blushed and his lips curved in to a shy smile ...
He stepped towards bedroom..There he found her love of life lost seeing the msg and her back is inviting him to accept her ..
He removed his blazer and tie,unbuttoned his first 3 buttons ,...
He touched her creamy back..She startled and wants turn to him..
Her turn paused in between when his strongarms posesivey engulfing her waist ..
He bits her earlobe Murmured huskily in her ears "I've Missed you "
She all lost in his touch and smell..I too have Missed you Ram..