Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-11


"Paa" what a cherished moment when you heard your baby's first words ..
He was too happy after knowing that Peehu loves him from the childhood,Priya missed him terribly ,Its not that he don't know ,But when you are witnessing their love on you it will be a great memorable scenes of our life ..
Life is too short already we lost so many greatful moments ..still you want to lost them..
Suddenly Ram's mind paused abruptly at these thoughts..
Cold shiver ran throw his spine ,Thinking about all these things ..
He does't wasted a moment ran where his love of life sleeping beutifuly on their king sized bed ..
He sat near to her ,stroking her hair gently ,Im extremely sorry my Angel what ever happen till now , Destiny made it ,But right now onwards ,I promise you that i will take care of all these ,And want to live happy life with my chota family ,gazing at peehu's picture ,He said himself ,Kissing her hand .. He turned to leave , She turned side way with his hand ...
He cannot break her sleep pulling his hand away from her .
Her  face is so pale & fragile ,Oh he wish he want to caress her face with his lips , crawl his fingers on her body ,A sheepish smile curved in his lips ,slowly he freed his hand went to study for his office work .

In her dreamy sleep , she is laughing along with Ram and Pehu .
A beaded sweating blow on her face ,shivered with the cool wind , sudden jolt taken her back to awaken.
Ooops she opened her eyes  to see the surroundings.She was safe and guarded in their king sized bed , she tried to cop up with her dream but unfortunately she dint remember anything ...
She gazed out for him , But he is nowhere to be seen ..
He must be in office , he tried to get up but her giddiness could't help it .
She grabbed the card less bedside table asked KK to come and help her to go washroom.
KK came "Is everything is OK beta " With motherly concern in tone .
Ha ma , mai theek hu ..
I just want to go for a hot shower ,Can you plz give my clothes it was on the closet ..
Priya why don't you take rest ??
Ma!! plz ao bhi na ,I'm taking only rest ,I feel im stinking with this sweating ..
Kk smiled sweetly at her ,Your fever is coming down i think thats why these sweating ...
Have your nightmares still haunting you sensing something in Priya's pale face ..
No thats quite reduced these days ...
Beta come i will help you to upto washroom ,Than I will arrange the clothes for you .
She helped her to upto washroom.
Priya "Are you  sure you are ok with it "
She nods in affirmative ..
When the hot water drops touched her skin ,she felt relaxed ,Her skin abosrbing the waterdrops into her releasing the stress in her .
Her tenderly flesh started to admit the relazation ,she squeezed the bodywash to apply .
Mins passed Kk asked her ,Priya Are you done beta ..
Ha ma our 5 mins ...
Ok beta I'm leaving your clothes  on this hanger ,Apeksha called she is asking some imp paper ,Im going to give it to her ..
Ya sure Ma !! You can leave I'm ok with it ..
She played some more time in water ,when she felt her knees quivering ,It's time to go otherwise she will fall here only ..
She smiled at her naughtiness, she always thinks where peehu got her bath of styling ,whenevr she has time she loves to spend her time in bathroom especially with water ..
She wrapped the towel ,Opened the door to come out ..
She hurriedly took steps to reach her hanger ..
[Did she reached ???Hmm ]
He absent mindedly coming to the washroom.
Both colloided in eachother arms...
His arms strongly caught her waist in his firm grip.
Her hands tightly clasped his kutha sleeves expecting a fall .She shut her eyes tight .
After a sec ,she realized she was safe ,she gently opend her eyes to see her staring husband .
He made her stand on her own feet ,Both are battling many emotions in their own hearts but nobody is moved a step closer or furthur ..
Im..Im sorry he uttered unconsiously gazing at her exposed skin ..
She slowly starts withdrew from his grip , He tightens his grip on her .
"chodiye " least she can utter these words ..
"Kyun " He asked ..
"Please"she pleaded ...
"Hmm " He breathed ...
God you are still same Priya ,Looking at her curves tenderly ..
She bit her lowerlip ,while her cheeks turning pink ..
"Plz" Her voice frailed off,
her petite frame trembling under his gaze ,He crushed her inhis warm embrace ..His lips roughly brushed her shoulder blades ..
"Raamm" His name escaped from her mouth as moan  ..
He smiled ,after 5 years also he has same affect on her ...
He slid his fingers into her wet hair stroking tenderly ,His lips trailed to her neck ,Unknowingly she arched her back to give more access to him .His warm touch making her go crazy ,she feels he aroused ,Making against moves for his attempts .
He saw her birthmark on her shoulder it was star shaped ,He so loved that from the very first gaze. ..
His lips slowly traveled there , Gently he gave love bite ,kissed the mark ..
She shivered , As she knows that he loves to give bite it on that star shaped birth mark ,
[Plz read 2nd chapter i mentioned there also about this birthmark]
When her hands reached the towel end ,She quikly grabbed it . Her total body turned to beatroot colour ,she really dont know what she is doing ..What he is doing to her ..Her first night flashes in her mind ..His lips raveld thrw her cleavage line ,she tightly grasped his hair in fists ..
Do she know what's going to happen ,He suked her tenderly flesh on the way to neck.
Hmm she hissed ...Her inner emotions running thrw her mind ..
He crossed his one leg on her to close the inch gap also ..She slowly surrenderd to him ..
His hands crawling her most intimate parts ..His lips reached her chin ..With in no time his lips could have landed on her lips ...
A shrill voice of KK flunged on their ears ..She inturn pushed Ram away from her , Grabbed the clothes disappered in to changing room .
She is panting like hell .. She sat on the chair infront of the mirror ,Hugging herself ..
Kk Priya ,Priya where are you ..
She clered her throat for better voice .."Ma mai changing room mai hai , I will come after dressing ..You carry on .
Ok beta ,Don't take too much time ...With that she left the room ..
Uff , she sighed ,...Gazed at her womenly curves in the mirror ..
she is looking beautiful covered with her husband love bites ...
Her face become more brighter ..
Whats happening to me .. she cleared her thoughts ,dressed up in A pink night gown , She peeped out from the room To find him ..
She came out of the room.. plunged herself on the bed recalling the romantic moments betwen them .She felt her side matress is sinking .. she opend her eyes dreamily .He is looking at her antimadely ..
She blushed , lowered her eyes ..
KK sent some snacks as it is evening time ,Both had it in silence ..
Covering their inside love ,Its growing very harder in their hearts ..
Peehu called them ,she talked so much time ..They headed for dinner ..kk sat with priya and explaing what doctor told them ,how she should take her diet ...
Rams eyes twinkled seeing his mother and wifes talking ..
 He glanced sideways .. Ram!!! start a new life ,he murmured himself and again went for his work ..
Priya slept in Kk s lap ,while she is caressing her hairs ,pressing her ached head ,Priya slowly went in to dep slumber ,.

Sorry precap is same .. because it is getting longer while reaching those lines ..LOLSorry it will be in next update ..aND Wishing you a very happy new year my dear gorgeous BALHians.. Have a wonderful year a head ...

Pre cap:

priya:Ram woo..mai..
Her knees quivered seeing his intense look ..