Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-9


Priya stop it ..He raged with anger ...
Why i should stop it Mr.Kapoor..
Pointing at her heart muzhe bhi dard ho raha hai Mr.Kapoor ,
I handled peehu alone all these years ,loved only one person unconditionally
That is you ...Only you And it will be always You only ..
But here you are linking me with Rajat sir ..

He abruptly stopped her ..Yes because he loves you crazily ...
Just stop it Mr.Kapoor you are crossing your limits..

Seriously why im i alive still to listen your bashhan against my character ...
Stop it priya ..Don't say that word again
why ha why i should stop it ..
If im not there in the world ,You would be happy na,You wont feel this much pain seeing me na ...
Priya dont cross your limit ..stop it ...[ram said]Don't say that word again
why why i should stop it ,
Im telling truth ,If i dead at that time ...

"His left hand sprung up in air the next moment it splashed on her cheek tightly leaving his fingers mark on her .The force taken her head hit to the bed ..The rininging sensation hit her brain to realize what was just happen ."

He was not sure what has just happend between them ...
Did he slapped her ...

One of her hand touched her cheek ,The other one stroked her forehead where the hit happend ,Immediately tears sprang out ,blood woozes from the forehead ..
She was dumbfonded with the happening ..

He wasnt sure what had just happend ,He was in the same phase what Priya was facing .
His hand gliding down slumped beside his thigh.
Her teary doe eyes gazed at him with a shock at the same time pain filled affection on him.

Except her sobs ,his heartbeat sounds the room filled with the silence after the storm .
Tik..tik ..tik ..tik
The clock sounding rhythmically ,The silence was killing them it was just horrible for both of them..
She broke the silence of
" Her sobs, His heartbeats, The Clock Rhythms .."

"Kya? Kya hogaya aapko?Why Don't you leave me alone? I will go to Hell or Wherever!! what do you have problem .."

"His guilt makes his gaze down "

"Storking her cheek with her hand ,Wiping away her fresh formed tears from another which was slightly wet with her blood"

Making herself strong to get up from her sitting position ,Spoke to him

"I do understand You hates me ,You don't love me anymore ,I thought one on the other day ,I expected from you
[Plz memorize the episode of march 5th ,one day you will tell me priyaa i love you ][same stage here]

"Priyaa i forgive you ,we will lead a normal life ,I know i did a blunder mistake ,but who forgave her sister who gave wrong occlusion in the court ,who sends his wife to jail , he forgave and giving high most priority to her ,I too expected Mr.Kapoor ,you will forgive me one day "

But No ,My calculations were wrong , I know how much you hates me rubbing her cheek softly ,Its burning like hell for her ,she pressed her hand on her cheek making a slight moan with pain ".

"He looked at her painfilled eyes steaming with anger "

"Priya again spoken "If i won't be there in the ..

She couldn't complete her sentence he grabbed her arm ,dragged in to the adjacent wall to other side of the Room ...

There "Ripyam " ...the words attached to the wall ..

With one hand he hold priya and moved the words as "Priyam " Than the wall opend ..She was just astonished ,Its not a wall but its door to the other room..

When he opend it ,she found her smile echoing in her ears ...The room was all dark ..

[sakshi special smile] when he dragged her inside ,still the smile is not disappering from her ears ...
:"Ram plzzz..stop it ..bahuth hogaya ...again her laugh continued "
"Are plz Ram the smile continued ..."
It lasted for a min ,When the smile is fading ..

Her memory cells very well recognised when they did the funny act , 

A leisure day ,Ram suddenly asked her to smile"Priya ek simle do na "
I will record in it ... Showing his Iphone...
She surprised "Ye kya hai ?
Plz plz ek baar he pleaded her ,
She showed her tongue to him try to ran from there before that he held her pallu ,pulled her to his embrace ..
slowly started trickling her , he knows she can't bare even one single trickle on her body ..
she giggled , he continued , she giggled more ,it continued for a min or so
:"Ram plzzz..stop it ..bahuth hogaya ...again her laugh continued "
"Are plz Ram the smile continued ..."

The memory fading infront of her while the room filling with dim lights as well as showing her own images in different sizes ,potraits ,In one she is smiling one she was getting wet in rain , one she was looking at something but all photos are only hers , she turned around to see ..

She found her white dress hanging on the window side ..Her saree neatly folded only that pallu was lying on chair ,It looks someone wearing that saree from behind..Her sandls were neatly tucked in a shoecloset ..Her bindis were neatly packed in one box kept it infront of the mirror ..
The whloe room including the ceiling every corner filled with her own images ,slowly she shifted her gaze towards him ,He brought one box in his hands closing the door ,he neared her "

She shivered ,tears flowing on their way down to her neck line , she asked him with her trembling lips "Ye sab kya..
Blood woozing from her forehead strolled down to her cheek to down the neckline ..
He opend the first aid box , started to clean the blood from her forhead ..

"This is my life Priya ,when I lost you [he closed his eyes painfully ] I couldn't comeout of your memories Priya ..
But I had to live for the other family members..Every one told me to move on in my life "
He squeezed betadine on cotton ,Continued cleaning the wound "She moaned Aah '" ..Hogaya bas ek our min Priya,
He hold her head gently in other hand ..
Ha everyone told me to move on my life , Where I should move on, How I should move on when My every breath every memory is tantalizing around you ..
How I should Priya ..
But I moved on ..I created this room by myself ..I created every of this image with my own hands ,pasted it ,
I moved on Priya , Paused for a while his intense gaze turned her gaze down...
I moved on ...with you ..Each image have its own story to me , I lived with you Priya .With that he removed the bedsheet from the bed..
She sobbed badly seeing on her side bed ,he painted her sleeping position ,on his side bed his painting was there ..

Priya whenevr im out of this room,you dont want to feel loneliness so i made it myself to painted the otherside atleast i can be with you everytime ..Hai na Priya ..
Tears trickled down from His eyes and her eyes too ... [He made her to sit ,Neatly bandaged her wound]
When you are with me ,I recorded some of your talkings on my phone ...Those gave me the strengh to lead my life priya..

My ring tone is your smile priya ,
My laptop wallpaper is your image priya ,
My mobile screensaver is your image priya ..
If you tear my heart ...Ramm she gasped his name ..
He showd his hand to her to stop ..
Yes you heard it correctly

" If you tear apart my heart and see Each Vessel shows How Im Craving for You ,Each Nerve shows Your Image to you
Each Beat tells You How My Heart beating for You "
[Bravo my hero ,you are always a gem ]
[she was dumbfonded ,This man has kept on her pedstal and loved her alot ]

He continued again ...
I know you loved me so only You left me ...Than mera ko kya ?
Didn't i loved you Priya ????He questioned her ???
Showing her ear rings to anklets in one closet [what she left when she was leaving ]
,Whenever I saw them I recalled You how you where if you wear those ...
Whenevr I entered here, Your smile Welcomes me ..I waited for my last breath to meet you sooon..
Rammm..she closed his mouth with her fingers ..
Let me talk Priya ...

Yes Im angry on you ,how couldn't I Priya ...

You were the one who knows me very well ..

You were the one who told me "I won't leave you "

You were the one who backaway from my life

You were the one who hide my daughter away from me ..

You were the one whom I loved most in the world ..

When I came to know you are Alive ,When Im living every moment of my life in your memories ..
You were alive ..alive with my daughter ...
How couldn't be i angry ..
Priya !!! Priya !! This room I filled with your name "Priyam" means only Priya "My Life " in this room ...

I lost my mother's love when I was young age ,I haven't believd in any of the women after that ..

And when I belived you "You also betrayed me na Priya ".He cried badly ..she too crying with him as she don't have any answers for him..

I slapped you because I don't want to hear one line about Your death ...I warned You ,Still You tested My patience..
Its just a split of second ..It happend
"I'm extremly sorry ...
I love you Priya " Thats why i slapped you ...
I cannot live without you priya !!!! That love made me to slap you "
She was crying her heart out listening to him .
.He hold her both palms which were wet by her tears ..
Im extremly sorry Priya ..Plz forgive me for that ...
When i close my eyes i can see only your image Priya ..
After all this also still I love you Priya ...I loved you , I Will love only you ...

Possesiveness mai jantha nahi but horaha hai muje when you were speaking with Rajat ...
Because I Love you Priya !!!

Tum bola na Priya ...Wahi Priya kadi hua hai infron of me ...

wahi Ram kadi hua hai infront of you
Jo usko pyaar karne nahi aatha ...
Jo usko alloparantha pasand hai ...
Jo usko Tablets kane se health miltha hai
Jo usko sadak ka nimbu paani ke allergy hai ...
Jo uko aapke sath ye saare karneka man hota hai ...
Wahi Ram kadi hua hai Priya ??
Why can't you see that !!!!"

I do gave the cold treatment ,Because I myself dont want to do that ...
But you have to know what I have faced the bitter phase...
If If kaash mei nahi hotha is duniya me ...
"Plzzz Ram aur ek shabdh nahi niklani aap ki muh pe ,Mai nahi sunna chahithi ,closing her ears ..."
Ho kya gaya priya ,Removing her hands from her ears,
What happen when you repeatedly told those words how it stabbed my heart ha???
And every day I prayed to god ,Why you haven't taken me with my Priya "
But I got an answer on our 6th marrige anniversary ...
You know why he hasnt taken me because you were alive Priya ...
Thats why ...my heartbeat not stopped ...
Ohh he released a sigh ...[She was silently listening ,warm liquid hadn't stopped from her eyes]

Ok Priya ..You want to be alone ...Right
she nodded her head as NO ..His back is facing her so he couldnt see her answer ...
Ok im leaving you ..Go ..Priya ..
Leave me all alone again,& Go Priya Go to hell or wherever you want ...
I wont stop you ...telling this He dropped himself on his side of the bed cupped his face with his palms ..Tears flowing from his eyes ...
she came infront of him , with a shivering tone she replied him

"Aap chahthe ki mai ,
mai ye ghar chodkar chali jao ,toh mai ye ghar chodkar bhi chali jaoungi
He looked at her with teary eyes ...
lekin agar aap chahthe ki ..Mai app ko is ..is ..tarah ,is hal me ithni taklef me ,ise ro rothe huie dekhkar ye mai nahi karpaungi ...[Remember the jan 10th epi guys,I know i copied but couldn't help because those were very touchy ]
Embraced his plumpy body in his slender hands .. Running one of her hand in his hairs .Hugged him tightly very tightly ...
"I Love You Ram, I Really Really do ,I too missed you Ram each & every sec "
"I love you too Priya , I Love You too "
"Mai nahi jee paunga tumhari bigair "
She cupped his face kissed his forehead, eyes ,nose ,cheeks ,chin ...planting enumerous kisses on him while feeling every inch of his body on hers ..
she solaced in warm beautiful hug ...
He cried , she cried ...both are crying to letout their 5 years of sarrows,loneliness ,longingness,missing sence ...
Everything seemed to be fade off in the heartfelt Confession ...
She placed a kiss on his chest ...I love you ...I cursed myself somany times ...
He closed her lips with his fingers ...
bas karo Priya .. life is short we have to live in those lovely moments with my Priya & Peehu ...
Sure I so wanted to see both of "My Alu's "together,Pulling his cheeks affectionately ...
Muzhe our meri beti ko mota math kaha ..
Mai ne kab kaha !!!
She smiled at him, seeing her smile he too smiled at her ...
He kissed her cheek where his finger marks printed ...Bahut dard hai kya ??
Ha Ram pyaar ka dard hai na ...I will take it very happily !!
And I over reacted but I was happy in my heart .. Atleast You punished me but I didn't expect from you ,Keeping her hand on his hand which was on her cheek ..
He kissed again "Im sorry ,so you wantedly raised the topic kya "
No ,but it happend ,She placed her hand on his chest palming it gently to slow up his heartbeats , He closed her head to his chest ruffling her hair ..
Secs passed to mins ..
She drifted off to sleep listening to his heartbeats ...When he heard some noice ...He jerked her ..Priya I think we need to go ...
He found her sleeping , His lips curved into smile "Mamma like Beti" ...
Always priya used to sleep like this and He surprised when peehu also did the same thing few days back ...
He tried to made her liedown properly ..But madam toh clutched his collar tightly ...
So he dont want to disturb her nap ..He lifted her up taken her to their room made her liedown on the bed ,He too slipped beside her ..
He covered her with the comforter ,His head propped up on his elbow stroking her hair gently gazed at her intently ...
He missed so badly her ..He was still unable to believe she was Alive and with him right beside him ...
Both don't know what brings them tomorrow ..But this is their sweet time ...He too drifted off to sleep on her bossom unknowingly ..
Both the lovebirds comforted in each other arms ...slept so peacefully after a long time ...A freshness seeking ..

Note from the writer : [Must read]
Well...Well Dear gorgeous BALHians ..I hope i reached your expectations this time..Plz dont thrw brick bats on me ...
When someone loves you so much ..You don't know what their love to do us when the anger strikes on them,That too when you are provoking them with your opposite words ..It made the situation worst ..But that doesn't mean domestic violence or hatredness .Its just purely love covered with anger ..
Its just their right on us to shower their love ...
Here Ram buried himself with her in the form of photos and practically lived all his life of 5 years in that room .Thinking about Priya and loving her ...
so when she was uttering those words ,He couldnt able to control his anger to stop her ..
Yah he do gave taunts but his heart was burning inside why his priya didnt tell him that she was alive thattoo with  a daughter .. So as myside his anger is justified ..
I witnessed some of this type of anger cover love ..so just potryed ..
As someone said i do hate domestic violence ..But it just happens in a milli sec In a verge .

So plz plz do leave your comments behind ..Those means alot to me to encourage my writings ...
I was busy because one reason my project date is neared and one more we got a rare critical case ,so was treating that ..so plz plz bare with my late updates .This i'm writing sitting infron of my hospital desk ..Love you all ...Because in that tight schedule also i reminded you people alot ..that im unable to give update ..But it was one of my heart touching update ...The love behind the hatredness came forward and prosessed ..
How a husband misses a wife ...How a gentle caring husband cries after he realizing his love of life not there in the world...
Thank you mai kuch jyada hi boldiya ...Good night ..sweet dreams ...

Don't know whether you felt it is dhamkadhar update or not ,Feel free to tell me how you felt ,I really enjoyed while writing this part and was attached with it ..