Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RaYa-SS- Custody PART-15 *


NOTE:::::Kya karuu girls..another 18 + update ...plz read whoever likes it ...

The sun streched upon blissfully to see what this wonderful couple upto he peeped through the sleekline of the windows ...The handsome hunk stirred in his sleep, to avoid the flickering sunrays he moved aside to be found himself with her.Their nudity rebounded he slowly got the flashes of lastnight.Ac coolness made Priya snuggled more closer to him to awake his longlasting burning desires underneath the plain duvets.His one hand circled her heap and the otherone his princess using as a pillow .She has a serine smile on her face.Her lips a bit swollen by his last night assault. Her cheeks marked by his teeth.Her earlobes turned to pinkinsh colour .Her eyelashes closed happily that she has been slept for ages .Her hair all tossled falling on her cheeks.He tucked her hair with his long fingers.She stirred in her sleep with the touch of her man.But her sleepy state doesnt allow to open her eyes .She moved and came more closer to him.Hiding her beautiful face in his crook of the neck.And his naked chest region felt her nude bossom .
He increased the Ac volume, Priya moved more closer to him.Her n****es crashing in his chest .He sooo wanted to taste them right now .
He looked at her she was covering herself with Ram.He slowly removed the plain thin sheet from them, She shivered with the coldness.
He himself detached from her.The sunrays directly falling on her ..Her milky white skin glowing like a star .She was about to cuddle herself closer.When his two strong arms clasped her wrists to the mattress .Her dream spoiled she opened her big browny eyelashes to see what's struking her sugary sleep.
From her thin line of shadow eyes she saw her man was staring at her like hungry lion.Desire filled eyes stroking her womenly curves without touching it .
Her cheeks were turned to radiant pinkish colour.
She looked down to cover her shyness.She was spellbound that they dont have any sheet by covering their bodies.
He was scanning her with his xray eyes..
She murmured Ram ...
Look at me Priya...
Her eyes downcasted with shyness.He demanded her to look at him but she wasnt dared to do that.
He circled his tongue on her belly button, She arched her head back heaved a sigh .
His hands travelled from her wrists to arms than shoulders than those landed on his favourite spot.
Her inner cells jumped with the touch of his fingers on her ni****es, he squeezed them clasped tightly between his thumb and indec finger until she comes and hug him ...
She whispered ...plzz vo...
Her voice stopped in larynx his tongue relished her areola, he licked around it when he feels that she want In more deed he bitten her erected ni***le slightly to make her shiver more ..
He very well knew her body needs warmth ..
He whispered in his ears why you hide me your secrets till this date..
She was panting heavily wanting his touch more and more on her each curve.
She saw him"What secrets do I hide from you" ...
Why I missed seeing your beauty in daylight .
She blushed to the core, she tried to hide her beauty with her hands crossing her chest.
Plzzz my princess let me feel you .let me watch you how you will feel me.I just wanna stare at you when you feel me.
He crashed her in his strong arms kissing her fervently not leaving any of her inch .
Her hissing sounds making him go crazy .She felt his erection.
What she knews tha Ram kapoor is different .He changed usaully she use to motivate him In love making in old times.
But her man was changed and taking challenge in his hand showi g her heavenly rhythms.
I love you Priya.Don't ever dare to leave me .He streched her legs, he positioned him self slowly stroking her opening her inner circles to him.
She felt him bigger, larger than she thought, She begged him plz Ram I need you.
He smiled at her, her face turning into deepish red colour, He stroked furthur to clearing all obstacles  in his way, She tried to clasp him but he hasnt gave the chance so her fingers fisted the pillow ...She begged him plz Ram ..I need you ..
Oh god what a site to be hold on, If one touch on her c***oris she will cum .Ram is going very slowly watching her desperation.
She clasped her b****t tightly and her othr hand passed to her c***oris..Oh the man is too fast than her  ,he stopped her hand not to reach there..
She opened her eyes
Plzzz Ram ...you are killing me ..
I want you ...
Now plzzz ...Omg his sherni came back and he is waiting for her to open her eyes to see what he is doing ...
Okkk don't  close your eyes my baby ..plzzz I want to love you that we should never ever forget these moments ..plzzz look at me I want to fill up you with me just me with that his fingers reached her c*** circled her rhythymically while his manhood stroked her slowly tentatively .she sighed with her moans he is going crazy while seeing her peak...
Rammm she pleaded...
His ministrations vibrating her innerwalls its radiating to each of every inner cell that the realization of him in her dawning sensuously to her inner soul . 

Her pupils were dilating with his thrush ,,,, He was enjoying his queens outcome ..
Plesurely they reachd the climaz..Her moans and his gasps filled in the air ...Their fluid flashes came out and they reachd the heavenly climax together ...
I LOVE YOU Rammmshe breathed out ...
I LOVE YOU Priya he hissed ...they cuddled closer and slept off .