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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-76

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Apeksha blushed more hearing it
Ma actually we want to plan, so yesterday we have gone to hospital for an opinion , there the doctor asked few questions , when she learned I missed my month she did few tests and confirmed and until that we two don't know and we were so happy ...
Krsihanji patted her lovingly ..
When Apeksha asked about Priya I want to share this with her
Krishna ji face became pale and she held Apeksha's wrist stopped her doing so
Apeksha : what happened Ma ..
Krishnaji : Nothing .. how can I tell you Apeksha? you should not share ,she was worried

Seeing Krishnaji's pale face Apeksha worriedly asked her ,what happened ma, why I should not share .
Krishnaji was in dilemma , what she should answer Apeksha . She is coming out of her trauma we can share later Ape .. seeing Krishnaji's confused face ..
Ape nudged her to tell what you are thinking ma ,why I should not share with Bhabhi?
Krishnaji : She is a woman and good human being but here her motherly instinct raised she uttered "Priya might feel bad"
Now Apeksha surprised ...Bad matlab?
Krishnaji : Ape ,try to listen to me ,I said don't, just leave it .
Apeksha" : Ma ...  are you thinking Bhabhi might feel Jealous ha ..
Krishnaji looked down as she know's Priya is not like that ,but still some corner of brain was unable to believe it .
Disbelievingly Apeksha was about to leave from there to call Priya ,in between Priya entered the room and was surprised seeing Apeksha there ,she hugged her asking how wasshe ,what made her to come there.
Apeksha smiled when she was about to tell something
Priya asked "Have you done your packing to come Amritsar "
Apeksha:wo bhabhi ...I'm .. I'm not coming
Priya leaned to get hold on to the baby boy ,hearing this she turned surprisingly asked what happen ?is there anything wrong ,did Sonal say anything or ...
Apeksha sealed Priya's mouth with her hand, looking at Worried Krishnaji .She said Bhabhi I'm pregnant ,so Doctor told not to travel.
Krishnaji looked at Priya .Priya was gaped "hugging Apeksha ,Oh my ohmy  paagal ithna kushi ka baath, now you are telling me ha , look ma Apeksha badi hogayi , im so happy for you Ape kissing her forehead .she blessed with her whole heart , called Bansikaka to bring the gazar ka halwa which she prepared for Ram & family members .
Apeksha looking at Krishnaji , signaled her to see the true love of Priya .
Priya said many cautions to Ape , she asked her to stay there today.Meanwhile Bansi kaka came with halwa , Priya made her eat the sweet , and Ape offered Priya as well as Krishnaji too .
Soon Priya called Ram shared the news with him , Ram was all jumpy asked her to give phone to Apeksha .
When she held it near her ,Ram can feel her shy smile asked "Ape is that true "
Ha bhai , she meekily smiled , I..Im so happy baby  . Omg You made me feel great .
Is everything okay ,what did doctor tell? which doctor you have consulted , From next time go to our Dr. Aruna ,she will take care o f you well . Don't do any work  ..
Bhai .bhaiii .. with Ape call Ram stopped his blabbering .He sheepishly smiled and said sorry .
It's ok bhai ,and Dr.Aruna only confirmed the pregnancy you don't worry  about that .
Both hung up the call ,Priya went to arrange the dining table for lunch .
Bansikaka: Mam shall we pack the lunch for sir .
Priya smilingly said ,No need kaka ,If I am correct he will come home for lunch .she got busy in arranging all the things with a smile on her face which never left .
Apesha sat with Krishnaji , Ma How could you think bhabhi may feel jealous hearing my happy news? Please Ma I can understand your motherly concern, but please not with bhabhi , she is down to earth person ,If at all she feels bad its regarding her but definitely not about my pregnancy.
Come out of that trance and don't be guilty ,I can understand what you are going thru, Krishnaji hugged Apeksha and thanked her for letting know her mistake .
She don't know why she thought Priya might be jealous , is it her motherly instinct or over protective ness on her own child ,She don't want to be partial towards Priya but why she thought like that way , she silently cried for some time , when Priya came with Krishanji plate meals .
They both were apart , krishnaji wiped her tears away ,Priya sitting on her side ,
Ma..kya hua , Ape will be going to be very much fine and healthy ,you don't need to worry .she handed over the plate to Krishnaji .  While she was eating Priya and Apeksha looked  after  Nuts son .
Giggling and hushing with the girly talk , when Priya heard few footsteps , she told to Apeksha surprise for you ..just then Ram entered with a gift pack in his hands stretched his arms for Ape , "she lovingly went into them ,kissing her forehead , I'm so happy for you Ape , congratulations" handing the gift pack .
Ape smiled broadly and opened the gift pack , found an art piece of a mother feeding her baby , its really very cute bhai she spelled while loking at the gift .
So you and bhabhi planned this ??haa
Ram: No , she don't even know that I'm coming here .
Ape : surprisingly looked at him then at her bhbhi asked then how you said bhabhi..
Priya : Hmm I know about your bhai , after listening this good news , his concentration will be on you only, so he could have stopped or cancelled all his meeting or work and came here hai na she asked him silently .
Scratching his temple he smiled at them as its correct. Soon these three rocked the dining table with their banter and naughty talks and mostly about Ape's health . Krishnaji smiled at them and rocked the baby boy to play, the boy also smiled. After lunch they called to dadi to share the news as well as Sharmas, Nuts, Karthik , Vikram and Neha .
Everyone was elated to hear that and bombarded her ear with their congratulations.
Apeksha blushed hearing all the talks ,Ram blessing her one more time he left for office . Krishnaji went to sleep. Priya took baby boy into her lap and talked with Apeksha .
And asked so Indeed your husband is grey isn't he? Priya pulled her leg  ,Ape blushed to the core,  hugging her please bhabhi now you too don't start .. soon Sonal came to pick her up ,Priya and Krishna ji congratulated him and shared the sweet .

He was also blushy blushy , Apeksha biding them bye went with him .
After that Krishnaji and Priya discussed about the shopping as it was Saturday we can go to shopping tomorrow. Then Nuts came to take the baby and Neha kids came to tuition.
Ram came back seeing Priya involved so much with kids, he went to freshen up and made some calls .
Then he came back to his room sitting on couch he was admiring her beauty, her talks with them, her every action. She was looking tired but she seemed happy in her space right now and he so wanted to know what's her outburst after knowing Ape is pregnant ..
He very well knew about Priya and her wish to become pregnant and when he wanted to tell the good news to her it splashed as a horrible thing for them a lone tear escaped from his eye.
When her soft hand pressed against his shoulder, he looked up, she was standing right away and wiped his tear . Sitting beside him.
Ram: looking over the bed, kids ???
Priya: Ram they even said bye to you ,but you are not in this world what happened??She asked clutching his arm tightly.
Ram: Uff Rammm ...from how much time you are thinking and what you will tell her answer.
Priya: waited for him to tell something when she didn't get any response. She made him to look at her .
Ram I know you must be feeling happy for Apeksha and at the same time you might be thinking about us, I mean our kids or my pregnancy ...she swallowed a lump in her throat tears started trickles down from her eyes.
Ram immediately wiping her tears "Priya"
She stopped him midway, I know I can go for pregnancy once my health settles and I know our physical relation is not happening in fact I'm unable to make it, by now she sobbed badly, he embraced in his arms tightly "Priya..Priya stop..I can't handle them wiping the tears, I can't see you suffer, Baby I know you are not in a state of physical relation and that is not imp for me.
Whether you are with me in my every step or not is important, I know you have been standing in a thorns pathway but I'm right there beside you standing on the same thorns with you .
Please kissing her forehead, I love you like anything, I just love you, I just need you .
He doesn't know how he was going to say about the pregnancy and miscarriage to her definitely this is not right time he thought.
Don't think anything, If not now we will have kids in future, but you just don't worry you are not giving happiness to me or etc etc .please I love you.
Her brain stormed with many thoughts, she laid unconscious in his arms.
When he felt her weight on him, he tried to wake her up but she didn't respond. He made her lie down sprinkled some water on her face, she slowly opened her eyes . He made her drink the water and made her eat the dinner. When she laid her head on back rest, Rishab knocked the door , when Ram said come in , he hurriedly ran towards Priya...
Ram about to warn him, seeing Priya's face his smile broke and he didn't say anything .
Seeing Priya's pale face: Kya hua bhabhi?
Priya smiled at him nothing, just feeling weak, tired bhi .You tell how the things are going on.
Rishab: Hmmm Bhabhi our annual day programme postponed after a month, some inspection is going on in this month so they postponed it.
Priya: smiled and whispered in his ear, so you have one month time to practice as a girl . Both laughed in unison ...
Ram smiled at them while he was working he was observing every moment of them .
Rishab said something and she hit him with her book , Soon Rishab walked towards their changing room, Ram was surprised and was watching what he was up to .
Rishab: Bhabhi which colour bag ... she shouted from here brown wala .. soon he came with the bag .
Priya gave something to him . Rishab saying good night he ran off from there .
Priya keeping the bag aside she smiled at his retreating figure .
Ram : Kya hua bhabhi ,devar ko
"Kuch nahi "
Then why those whisperings and giggling?
Priya bit her lip "nothing"
Ram closing his laptop, hmm definitely something is there bathao na , sliding her side he asked so cutely .Tell me what you gave Rishab , Novel or some jewellery .
Priya smiled meekily , Nahh I gave ATM card , before he could say anything Priya answered him, We are going to Amritsir early na Rishab is coming  on wedding day. He may need it so I gave she lowered her eyes.
Ram ..Hmm held her in his arms, "you are spoiling him you know" caressing her cheek.
Priya..In that only 20000 are there, Unlike you.
Ram hissed under her earlobe nibbling it upper side, what I did now ..
Priya blushingly turned his side, I'm not giving millions to spoil him, I told him how to spend the money and from that time onwards he is spending so less being your brother.
Means..Ram pinned her to the pillow, Kissing her forehead..
Priya: Of course have you seen his past expenses and present expenses.
Ram: Ok madam, I got it what you are trying to tell me, can we stop discussing about that brat and sleep.
Priya hits on his shoulder, He shouted "Ouchh that hurts"
You deserve it Mr. Kapoor ... She giggled .He joined in her giggling.
Thank you for loving my family like this .Priya cupped his cheeks; it's our family Mr. Kapoor
He touched his nose with her. Both talked about the upcoming marriages for some time and slept off peacefully.
The night was passing very silently , Ram's sleep was broken by hearing faint moans from her side ,He woke up and shook her up to open her eyes, Calling his name "Rammm " she opened her eyes ,checking him from top to bottom she asked him are you ok Ram , did anything happen to you?  Her eyes were raining with tears.
Ram..Heyy heyy what happened, I'm okay, see I'm sleeping deeply, I am right beside you, giving her water she patted her back to soothe her up.
Ram: What happened ?
Priya: Its same scary dream, that idiot harming you, she cried more hiding her face in his chest .
Ram: It's okay ..It's okay relax, he is not there in the world, remember he isn't there alive and try to forget that ,I know it's hard for you but try .seeing her shaking frame in his hands. He reached for her sleeping tablet; he made her to eat and asked her to sleep.
After few mins she drowned into sleep. He was combing her hairs with his long fingers thinking about their life and happenings.
He made her lie down on the bed, he took his diary and noted down about her attack , he just checked previous attacks and timings .
He smiled seeing it, as her nightmares are getting slow down, this attack happened almost after 3days. He did a small prayer to god regarding his love, his life.
After a lot of struggling he strolled beside her to sleep. His tiredness of the day took the charge and he slept .
The next day was Sunday, so Ram woke up very leisurely, not finding Priya beside him he called her without seeing the time.
It's almost going to be 10, he called her again "Priyaaa"
Down the hall all were discussing about the gifts , sarees and when they heard Ram's call.
Neha teased Priya "Ram wanted to give you morning gift it seems go na Priya .. she nudged her
All family members got the inner meaning of it, everyone laughed out .
Priya biting her lip blushingly "ishh Neha tum bhi na, Ma I will check and come" saying this she left from there.
 When Priya hurriedly came to the room, huffing for a short breath, what happened Mr. Kapoor .why are you shouting?
Ram looked at her, she was wearing a pink colour crape saree ,her curling hair landed on her left side, few sweat beds formed on her forehead , her sindhoor was giving more glow to her .
She touched his forehead with her back of the hand, aap theek tho hai na? Her face was filled with worry.
Taking her hand in his, kissing it, You are looking so beautiful hmmm like..
Priya blushed hearing it..Like what ...
Ram scratching his temple hmm like.. like fresh budding pink rose. She looked at him with a shy smile, Ram was looking so cute with his disheveled hair, sleepy mode ,his husky voice make her to lean on him to peck his cheek lightly .
He took her face in his both palms, caressing her cheeks, you are looking so beautiful Priya . Kissing her on her eyes, he hugged her .
Priya combing his hair, kyun chilla rahe ho aap  .
Ram: smiling broadly on her shoulder hugging her more tightly , I'm missing you na isiliye
Breaking the hug Priya looked at him with all her love ,Mai yahi thi na she whispered.
Ram lifted her chin to his level Priya did you sleep well last night .
Priya: looked down ..after taking the tablet I slept well .
Embracing her again in his strong arms, so obviously I will be worried na when you are not there beside me when I woke up. breaking the hug , I want to see your sleepy face ,your lips curling a grin  while seeing my face in the early morning ,the husky sleepy voice of your "good morning wish " hmm who will give all those , he winked at her .
Priya smiled, Tycoon is becoming poet haa..she asked him to get  up and fresh up and informed him everybody are waiting in the hall including Vikram and Neha .
Vikram and Neha were giving some excuses to come to marriage so you come and convince them ,with that Priya was setting their bed , Ram went to freshen up .
When he came down every one gathered and Priya was noting down something.
Ram wished Good morning to everyone, before they could tell anything Ram said to Vikram chale ..
Priya got up from her place, asked him to have his breakfast, when the duo went to have the breakfast , Krishnaji convinced Vikram ki they should come back by evening because so many pending works were there especially his shopping .
Vikram laughed at mention of Ram's shopping .
At the break fast table .
Priya: Aaj bhi office hai ,Saturday weekend hai na ,poutingly she asked him.
Ram: Ha weekend hai but Priyu ...I am going to miss 1 week na so clearing off maximum
Priya: ok but come soon in the evening
Ram: Kyun
Priya: bahuth saare functions hai ,so you need some new dresses so I want to buy with you.
Ram: Priyuu, darling please understand really bahuth hectic work hai so, whatever you will buy I will like and deffo wear it and ma ko bhi samja ..please giving a cute look at her .
Priya: Nodded her head smilingly, she do knows he has so much work
After this Ram & Vikram both reached the office , While going itself Ram talked with Vikram asked him to come with them but Vikram said to ram he will come on the day of marriage with Rishab  .
But you can take my kids with you..both laughed at unison .
Here Krishna ji , Priya and Neha all went to shopping while the guards followed them in separate vehicle, first they brought gifts to all of Choti Dadi's relatives and for the brides and grooms . And then they entered in clothes show room. Priya was one step behind them while seeing the clothes and the guards stood a foot away from her. Priya glanced at them and moved towards Krishnaji and Neha. They brought for whole family, including Neviks also. Now they entered Men's section and Krishnaji asked Priya to call Ram.
Priya: ma he won't come, he said in the morning itself.
Krishnaji understood and then Priya and Neha spent a lot of time for selecting dresses for their hubby's.
Mean while Krishnaji did shopping for Rishab and Karthik, when she came back Neha was almost done while Priya was still in dilemma what to buy .
She was sitting infront of so many Sherwanis, Krishnaji and Neha both smiled seeing Priya in confused state , mumbling herself , imaging her hubby in each and every cloth , finally she decided her lips curved into a broad grin and she told him to pack all what she brought.
Krishnaji and Neha gaped at her .Priya gave a sly smile to them.

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