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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-79

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When they saw Priya and Reema were sleeping away to glory everyone smiled. Rani smiled with tears telling "pagal ladki, kithna dara diya".
Rithvik side hugged her . When Rani wanted to hold her , Ram tried about to hold Reema ,he was trying to detach Priya and Reema so Rani could take Reema.
Priya's eyes flutter opened as she felt some thing , She saw Ram infront of her ,Rubbing her eyes cutely  ,snuggling closer to his sitting posture, clutching his arm "Where were you? you left me alone," she muffled in her sleepy voice.
Ram felt discomfort as he didn't expect Priya would wake up and almost everybody was there and Priya was so close to him . He was so dumb that he didn't know how to tell her .
Priya turned his side in her sleepy state , she clutched his arm and said "I love you ,sit here for some time please " she asked in her sleepy cute voice.
Ram blushed when everyone smiled at the couple's love bonding, by that time Reema got up for Priya's talk with one hand she rubbed her eyes and snuggled more closer to Priya .
Priya felt the smooth touch , she flutter opened her eyes to see what it was and she was shocked to see Reema sleeping beside her. She looked at her man and asked
" why is she sleeping here ,did you bring her? " taking her in her embrace
Now everyone got shocked as of until that time everybody was thinking Priya made her sleep but right now their thoughts were tore by Priya's talk .
In her sleepy state Priya sensed that someone was there in the room, she slowly looked up and was shocked to see Ranjeet, Srinikha , Rani and Rithvik along with two other ladies

"SHIT " She murmured and closed her eyes, immediately she left Ram's arm and tried to sit. In the process Reema got disturbed and  started her high pitch cry . Rani took her in arms ,pacified her and with in no time she went to her deep slumber again
Priya downcast her eyes with embarrassment, how On earth she will face them .
Srinikha smiled at her . Its okay Priya , sorry that we disturbed your good sleep and your beautiful romantic moment .Everybody giggled by this comment
Priya's cheeks turned into crimson red and she was unable to look at anyone .
Srinikha smiled and they left telling we will talk this about later .
After they went out ,Ram Immediately said .. its unexpected
Priya looked up found no one.
She raged at him "Kya hai Mr.Kapoor "
How can you allow them .. ok ok but you could have atleast  tell me na before I clung to you and ..she lowered her eyes ..The thought itself made her turn more red.
Ram: What is it ?? than , he gave a naughty grin and took his blushing queen in his embrace
He felt Priya's lips curving in smile and she was feeling very shy too .
Priya: What they will think of me ??
Ram: Wahi "You love me so much "
Priya :Hid her face more into his chest to cover her embarrassment ..Please...she almost whispered
Suddenly it struck her ..By the way why they came and why Reema is sleeping here?
Then Ram narrated what all happened and Priya heard with an awe.
OMG how did she landed up here I really don't know..she looked worried
Ram also thought even I'm surprised. But anyone can fall for you your charm so many competitors for me haa ...
Rammm .. he smiled at her ..
Waise You looking so cute while you telling "I love you " In your sleep
Pleaseee Ramm ... Priya pleaded
How I will face them ,she bit her lip ,wo kya soch rahein honge mere bare mein?
He lifted her chin with his index finger "Priya ,Its common with every couple ,You didn't know they were here so you behaved as if we are alone .That's it.
They might tease you ,I can't help it, but Its completely Okay
Priya's eyes glistered with unknown blush .
Both came out for lunch. During lunch time also Ram helped her to finish off the food and with all other things the day came to an end .
Priya was so engrossed in work that she didn't check the time . Srinikha and Rani were so good with her and she simply loved being with them for their jovial talk and easy going way .
They had their dinner and Priya was helping Srinikha by arranging things for the next day for some pooja ,
While Srinikha was telling something to Priya they heard Ram's call on top of his voice.
"Priya... Priyaa ..."
Priya looked at her .. Srinikha smiled at her , kya hai Priya ,Its just 9 o clock and he wants  to be with you ..
Priya blushed "It's not like that di , he might be in of need something so..."
By that time Ram reached them but he couldn't see Srinikha. Priya was arranging garlands ,so her lap and hands were filled with different kinds of flowers .
He whispered her "Priya kya hai ye "
Sriniikha signaled her not to tell that she was present there.
Priya: She helplessly looked at Srinikha di and Ram "kya hai matlab " she signaled through her eyes as someone was there.
But our golu didn't get that.

Ram:Kya hai matlab , I'm on my holidays yaar .. I want to enjoy with you na .
Priya: I will come ,It's going to be over anyway showing the flowers In her hands .
Suddenly Ram walked towards her ,"You are looking beautiful " before his lips landed on her forehead she stopped him  bykeeping her hand on his chest
Di how I Should arrange this .. Ram looked at the other site .
Srinikha  laughing loud ..she almost held her breath because of her laughing
Ram : was shocked, he didn't expect his bhabhi to be present there.
Priya : downcast her eyes muttering "shit "
Ram sheepishly was trying to give explanation
:"Oh bhabhi , something is there on Priya forehead so "

Srinikha laughed more ..
Srinikha : Did I asked what were you going to do ??

Priya hit her hand on her head ,she was dying with embarrassment ,her cheekshas  turned to crimson red already
Ram " immediately got up to leave
Srinikha : Ram ... Mr.Devar , take Priya with you ..why are you going alone he heard her giggling.
Ram directly left to their room thinking what might bhabhi must be thinking and how will be Priya's condition...
Srinikha: Priya .I love your bonding .God bless you and she smilingly said  how cutely you were telling him "I love you "in the afternoon .
Priya blushed to the core ..wo actually main..
Srinikha : don't give explanations Priya .I know you two are In deeply love with each other . "I love you " Is not a word that comes so easily even in sleep .
I'm so happy for you two .Taking all the things from Priya she asked her to go to their room and enjoy their time.
Priya protested but Srinikha didn't listened. Priya went to her room taking quick steps .
When she entered in their room Ram stood from the bed "actually I'm sorry ,I didn't know that Bhabhi was there, as from my view I  could see only you so "
He was giving some explanation she just hugged him . He embraced her in his bear hug soothing her back with his hand .
When he felt her tears wet his kurtha , he made her look at him "What happened "She softly whispered I missed you , wo .. aadath nahi hai na ,moving around in big  house and
Ram smiled and " so many unknown relatives " hai na
Priya gave a sheepish smile wiping her tears away she hugged him again
Riddi knocked the door ,they broke apart
Priya aunty can I sleep with you today .
Ofcourse saying this Priya  took her made her lie down on the bed. She wanted to sleep on the right end of the bed and she don't wanna sleep in the middle .
Priya smiled at her she accepted her request,  while she was telling the story Riddi slept off peacefully . Ram gave medicines to Priya .she had them .
After changing she too slid beside Riddi .  Ram was working on his laptop sitting on the bed near to Priya .
Comparative to KM bed , It was a small bed for two it was enough but  for three it was not sufficient . Ram closed the laptop he slid beside Priya . Priya came to him in her sleep .
He looked at her and Riddi was almost pushing Priya to the other side . Priya was sulkily coming near to Ram .He took her in his hug . she snuggled in his chest .
Ram has lost all his senses by seeing her beauty . It's been almost  2 months he had her . His inners quivered ,he was craving for this women so badly .
He nuzzled her neck , she stirred in her sleep, his hands were sensuously squeezing her back with the desire .He embraced her petite frame in him totally .She opened her eyes slowly when he was whispering in her ears "Are you asleep baby?"
With in one look she understood his desire and his hardness touched on her stomach, it proved her how much he wants her .
Rammm..Before she could speak  he kissed her lips feverishly . He demanded with his lips to open her lips . She moaned sweetly and opened her lips to him . His hand was kneading her hips . A shiver ran through her spine, he hugged her more into him .he was almost crushing her in his tight hug .
She was softly moaning into his mouth .When his hand slid in her  pants [ salwar] She trembled
He groaned when he needed some air .Goddd You are so sexy Priya again he captured her soft lips crushing under him ..
She was just surrendering to him as she doesn't have strength to do anything else.
She was so last in her man's cologne and her man's  touch . The throbbing desire burned him as well as her .
She loves him like crazy .. .He reached her sensitive part , she groaned softly ,she remembered Riddi was sleeping beside them. She pushed him with all her strength he left her lips, she whispered Riddi is here .. pleaseee
Ram looked at her and Priya ..
She is sleeping Priya .. she won't get up .
Priya: Please Ram ...
Ram:Why are you stopping your self Priya ,I can see the same desire in your eyes too , his fingers circled her tiny bud, she jumped.
Priya: Please..
Ram: What .. Don't you want to feel me here ,his middle finger probed  more into her sensitive part
Priya : Closed her eyes , clutched the pillow very tightly .biting her lip   she looked at him with her pleading eyes .

Ram :Tell me Priya
Priya : Pleaded him , I want you equally but not when Riddi is here
Ram : she is asleep ,damn it .. he stroked his middle finger circled her cli***is with thumb finger . his slow and steady ministrations making her weak but she was unable to concentrate because of the fear .
You are looking damn sexy Priya , why are you stopping yourself  , oh my you are so wet common Priya accept it my love . he increased his pace at the same time sucked her Right mound  from the fabric, she pressed her head more into her pillow .
His desirable movements on her sensitive part made her go weak . Her veins constricted , Blood rush to her face ,something built up in her inners a wet splash came out on her she suppressed her moan biting her lip . Her hips gave up to his relentless movements . her precum filled Ram's fingers .
He looked at her with desireful eyes .saw that she was controlling her moans , her breath got very heavy with the act .
Few secs passed silently  between them . Ram understood what he did , he felt guilty for not controlling his raging hormones .
He said "Sorry "  he briskly walked to the washroom  .She opened her eyes to see him when she heard water sound from washroom . she set her dress sat straightly on the bed .
The tears flowed from her doe eyes .Why can't I give happiness  to him .
I'm ready Ram , but I didn't want something to go wrong
If Riddi was not here I could have surrendered to you  .. she cried silently thinking about him.
Ram came out from washroom , drying himself with towel he quickly changed into another kurtha. She looked up at him .slowly got down from the bed to reach him
Riddi stirred in her sleep .she woke up from sleep feeling thirsty .
Before Priya could reach up to him "aunty water " Riddi's small voice echoed in the room .
Ram signaled  Priya to attend Riddi . He briskly walked out leaving Priya dazed
Priya made Riddi to drink water and made her sleep again . When she came out to check on him she suddenly stopped thinking that she was in night dressing suit .
She was worried ..she sat on the bed . her head was spinning like anything . She felt suffocated so alked to the balcony .
Her eyes glistered with happiness seeing a silhouette strolling in the garden . She bent down on the railing to catch his glimpse .
Still many works were going on and few of the workers were wishing Ram .She sighed .she too stood until Ram came to their room .
Ram thought she might be asleep by now but when he entered, Ram was shocked to see her wide awake .
By seeing him she reached him with in a sec hugged him tightly . before her cry Ram spoke silently "I'm so sorry Priya ,I behaved like a Jerk " He sighed
"I Just carried away " guilty ran over his face .she looked at him with tears in her eyes .
Wiping her tears with his palm, he kissed on her forehead again spoke "sorry baby "
You know its just ..Uff
Priya closed his mouth "I can understand your feelings "
"Me too sorry " Priya pressed her lips on chest with a sweet kiss
They both slept off in each others arms feeling blessed to have each other .
Author's Note :
Being A man sometimes they can't control their feelings .It's  not their fault.
At the same time when one person goes over board the other person has to control and understand the situation . I showed how it will be if the couple are understandable .Hope you like it .
At the same time A pub in Mumbai .. cheering up with loud smiles and shouts
Rishab and Sowmya were enjoying in the pub  with their gang .
Rishab took a peg , he was not interested in drinks as well as Priya bhabhi doesn't like it. So he kept a mum after a peg . He was dancing with Sowmya
Soon their friends circled this couple. Raj  turned Sowmya his side ,making her hand on his shoulder ,he tried to sway with her .
She protested so he ran his hands over her rashly .
Rishab : Leave her
Raj: Achha he made her more closer , The others gripped Rishab in one place
Rishab : Will you leave her or not .
Raj: Laughing loudly .. Hmm anyway you going to marry her  .. why don't I enjoy dance with her ..he winked at her
Rishab : I said leave her
Raj: shut up ,he came near to Rishab ... He smelled horrible.
Rishab : You have been in to drugs ..You are not in your senses Raj .I said leave her
Raj and his friends laughed . Sowmya cries turned loud when the group asked her to dance with Raj .
Rishab somehow freed his hands from them, punched on Raj's face directly and ran from there dragging Sowmya  along with him .Rishab droppeSowmya at her home . He came to KM .. as the gaurds were stil there for Priya bhabhi he safely  sat in his room thinking what to do with his stupid friends .

The sun rays brushed on Ram's face , He stirred in his sleep , when he found some weight on his tummy ,he was happy .. a smile crept on his face .
When he heard the bangles dazzling sound , he looked the other side,  Priya was wearing a yellow saree . As it was a small room there was no changing room and she was doing her pleats . He loved the site infront of him .
Thaen suddenly he looked at his tummy .Riddi was sleeping on him very peacefully
Omg he loved the site of that .He said "Good morning Angel, Aaj maarne ki irada hai kya ??"
She stumbled and said " Good morning "
Priya: Aap uth gaye?
Before he could answer .. they heard a knock on the door.
Priya opened the door .. Nuts was standing outside, she greeted her with a broad smile "good morning bhabhi "
Priya wished back and asked her to come inside as she was pinning her pallu
Nuts biting her tongue "I think I entered at wrong time "
Priya baffled by this line
She asked what ??? I mean why
Nuts: No.. you are changing the saree na isiliye socha..
Priya: Now she  got her inner meaning ,held her ear tightly ... ab bolo
Nuts: Bhaiii dekhooo ...
Ram smiled seeing them
Nuts: Please bhabhi .. sorry sorry
Priya : Left her smilingly ...
Nuts : Srinikha bhabhi called both of you downstairs ASAP
Ram got down from the bed  "I will get ready and come "
Nuts:No bhaiii .. it's a good time come come you have to come like this and bhabhi you look dashing ..come come
By the time Riddi also got up, she went with them downstairs .Krishan ji took Riddi to get her bath done.
When Priya and Ram entered the open place .. every couple was present there.
And all the husbands were sitting on a chair and besides wives are standing beside them , Beside them water buckets and some oil filled bowl was arranged neatly on each couple's side . Few boys were still doing their work outs .
Priya didn't understand anything but Ram understood everything as it was common in his family.
That wife has to give massage and then head bath . Its a typical ritual of his family .
He blushed, Priya is clueless whats happening here ,,
Srinikha came near to Priya , explained her what she has to do . Priya gaped at Ram and others ..Is it a ritual kya she asked hesitatingly
Srinikha: Ha Priya .. we already saw your romance whats there in massaging .
Karthik also sat and Nuts  already started  massaging her hubby .
Still Ram was not ready as he was feeling shy . Priya was too stunned as she was new to all these type of things .  .
Nuts looked at them, she paused her work and ran near to them .made her bhai sit on the chair she asked her to remove his kurtha ..
After so much struggle Nuts succeeded in removing his shirt  .Now his upper torso was bare . Nuts asked Priya to give massage when she was about to go she found some marks on his stomach.
Nuts looked suspiciously " Bhaiii .. what"s this she asked?"In between Srinikha came to them to give some more oil .
Ram looked at the marks on his stomach, a naughty smile lingered on his lips ..
Priya was nervously looking at him thinking what he may tell the answer, from the corner of his eyes he looked at her .
Nuts worriedly asked him ..What is it bhai .. how you got it ..
Ram: Rolling his tongue on his cheek .. Wo choti  One naughty girl bit me there
Priya's rapid breath increased to the core .
Nuts: Who is that ..How dare she did hurt you like this ,... Its so visible and before she speaks further
Ram: Hmm did you remember  choti I used to tell you I have girl friend when I was in school .
Nuts : ha toh
Ram : We used to go for swimming classes together , one day we had a fight so she gave bite here .. I must say she is so naughty
Priya's breath came down to normal ..
Nuts : Then you could have return the same favour to her na..
Ram : wickedly looking at Priya
If I get chance now I'm ready to return this favour . Priya immediately wrapped her saree around her waist .
Srinikha chuckled seeing this ..
Nuts: Now!! she would be grown up na you will
Srinikha Dragged nuts with her leaving them alone .
Priya was rooted to the spot thinking how naughty he is turning day by day..