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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-78

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Advance Happy birthday Aftab.May god shower all his blessings upon you.

All got ready to go airport , when Priya called Rishab and told him that his luggage was also with them so he just needs to come with Vik Neha without fail .He gave sendoff to everyone and came back to KM.
After some time
Rishab dialled Ram's number
Ram: Hii [ he looked at Priya who was busy in arranging Riddhi's hair as it was pulled by Rahul] he slowly walked out from there .
Rishab: Bhai ..Now tell me what I have to do ...
Ram : Ok just note down what I'm going to tell you and you have to do exactly the way I want . And when you finish it ,just call me . I already talked with the architect so you just need to follow my instructions . And after the work is finished you safely remove and hide it in your room . SAFELY he pressed the word strongly ,
Rishab: Bhai ..Please I know how I should take care of it and its for Bhabhi's b'day .She should remember her life long and we will make it in her way ..He smiled
Ram too smiled hearing this, both hung up the call .
Rishab thought in his mind . Priya bhabhi you are going to be bowled by seeing our preparations for your b'day . Last time you haven't even told us about your b'day but this time me and bhai are not going to leave, so be ready for our surprises . He grinned ear to ear ,called the architect and asked to send the workers to KM by 9 o clock  to start the work . He slept off again waiting for them.
[Dear readers , including Priya for you also it will be surprise until her b'day ]
Priya made the kids settle themselves  properly on their seats. It was early morning 5 and kids were super excited . Priya's attention was all the time with them until they got into deep slumber . Ram was looking at Priya, he smiled seeing the way she was handling the kids .
When she turned to his side she got a glimpse of Ram staring at her  .
"What's' it? she asked him "
Nothing Priya , I wanted to tell you few things regarding my  extended family .
Priya: I'm all ears .
Ram: smiled seeing her  ,I think you have met few members in my family but not all , we are typical Punjabi family and choti dadi is too strict in her way and the members also, as you already know Duljeet and Kuljeet they too came to attend this marriage and if someone will ask anything we should not say No .
Priya: Matlab her eyebrows knotted  , what you are trying to tell me Mr. Kapoor.
Ram: scratching his temple ,wo..i mean Natasha and Karthik have already gone to their home after their marriage as it's a ritual . But we didn't, so officially this is your first time ..means our first time, so they may ask so many questions so many rituals and all so ..
Priya: we are married for 1 year Mr. Kapoor its not going to be that way and moreover they are handling two marriages so where will be the time for us .
Ram: he smiled at her ,your thought is excellent but my choti dadi and family other relatives deffo are not going to leave us .
Priya widened her eyes .toh kya kare she asked worriedly
Ram : except you are vegetarian , nothing else I can handle off so be prepared for it .
Priya rolled her eyes , this is too much Mr.Kapoor .
Ram : chuckled seeing her  shocked face . soon their flight landed off in Amritsar airport.
Priya handed over the kids to Krishnaji ,Thank fully Nuts boy slept peacefully in flight now he was crying at the top seeing his hustle bustle surroundings . Karthik made Nuts sit in one of the chairs and tried to feed him with his milk bottle. Krishnaji and Shipra were pacifying Nevik kids as they were still in sleepy mode .
Ram ,Priya & Sudhir went to collect luggage ,they collected all the bags and asked one of the service men to bring those with them .
Raya held Rahul & Ridhs all walked out of the airport , Sudhir was coming along with the luggage.
When they came outside , the arrival area was filled with Punjabi  men with their traditional wears and bhalle bhalle songs . All showered flower petals ,drums sounds made it more colourful for the welcome . Duljeet and Ranjeet came to pick them up .
Soon everybody was in respective cars .
Raya ,kids ,Daljeet and Ranjeet were in one car .
Priya and Daljeet were talking , Ram introduced Ranjeet to Priya.
Priya, He is my eldest Bhai and a very big business man in Amritsar
Ranjeet : Hiii Priya beta .I'm a very big business man but not more than your husband
Priya :smiled and Said "Hi "Nice to meet you ,she was searching the word to call him
Ram: whispered Jijaji
Ranjeet:smiled hearing at .Ha beta I'm your jijaji ,I don't mind if you call me with my name also
Priya: smiled ,woo It's just I was confused .
Ranjeet: smilingly said "It's okay "
Priya felt nice hearing him ,He was around 52 or 53 years old ,his warm talk made Priya comfortable .
With in 20 mins they reached their home. Priya gasped seeing the beauty of their villa from the starting of the home she could see the marriage arrangements and decorations were filled the marriage atmosphere .
She was so thrilled to see this type of Punjabi marriage .
Soon they stepped out of the car .she was surrounded by so many kids everyone showered flower petals and welcomed them .
Krishnaji ,Nuts went and touched dadi's feet and than touched another elderly lady .
When Ram and Priya reached they bent down to take their blessings
Priya nudged Ram whispered to him
Ram "I'm scared "  seeing a huge number of family members she looked worried .
Ram held her hand ,Shh its gonna be okay . don't worry . he smoothened her
He led her to dadi he bent down and took her blessings than he led her to another elderly lady and took her blessings .
She blessed them and caressed Priya's cheek "You are so beautiful gudiya "
Ram introduced her "she is none other than My choti dadi , maintaining this huge haweli at her finger tips "
Everyone roared with joy and Choti dadi smiled at his antics .
Priya too smiled .
Ram turned and walked towards a lady and turned to priya .
Priya she is my fav bhabhi Srinikha , Ranjeet bhai's wife .
Priya folded her hands and said Namaste di . Ram smiled seeing her nervousness.
Srinikha walked to Priya putting her hand on her head
Namasthe ,we are a family don't be nervous .
Priya smiled at her ,she was looking very traditional in her Punjabi attire
Kuljeet came with a bundle of joy ,Priya side hugged her and asked how is she and this lil one. Kuljeet was about to give the baby to her .
When Priya said ,I will fresh up and take him Kuljeet .As I'm coming from outside,It may not be good for baby so..
Choti dadi was impressed by her talk . Ram introduced few more of his family members and Priya was totally confused what to call them and she almost forgot when the next pair came up .
Seeing her discomfort choti dadi called her "Priya Its very new for you all these relations if any elderly lady you call Aunt elderly male Uncle
If a bit more elder than you call "didi"  or bhabhi and jijaji , bhai
If a younger than you call by names .. Bas our no confusion
Everyone laughed at choti dadi's words .
Ram : Ok the last pair . he is my last brother ,elder than Rishab  but younger than me
And very very naughty ,he is Rithvik and his wife Rani ..
Priya smiled and talked with them .
Then showing a bunch of kids these all are their kids ,you will come to know soon in this week, by this he laughed and the kids  hugged him and talking to dozen things .
Choti dadi ordered all of them to wash their face and come to breakfast table .
Every body freshened up and came there and the breakfast was deliciously arranged from bread toast to kabab chickens .
Choti dadi announced Ram and Priya came for the first time after marriage  ,we should look after them with special care as well as special rasams .
Soon Srinikha brought  a plate covered by a  velvety cloth .She kept it infront of Raya .
Priya gave a questioning look to Ram . Ram shrugged his shoulders as he too doesn't know. Karthik and Nuts smiled remembering their time .
Rani took all the kids outside and only pairs and married people were present .
Ram & Priya were clueless what was the rasam about, but they were suspicious that something was gonna happen because of the hustle bustle from the group behind them.
Srinikha: Priya and Ram now you have to close your eyes and you two have to choose one item from the plate .
Raya said okay .
When both closed their eyes Srinikha opened the cloth ,there were all varieties of sweets on the plate. Ram and Priya held each one of them in their hands .
Srinikha : Now we will select which one is smaller ,I mean whose one is smaller
Ram : what is it for still they closed their eyes
Srinikha: Simple Ram , it's an item whose one is smaller in both of your items  that one first you have to make the other person eat with lips not hands.
Everybody giggled
Priya & Ram opened their eyes with shock
Priya: No .. I ..mean ..wo I'm not going to do that
When she wants to get up there was pin drop silence ,she looked at them all were mood off with her talk, she calmly sat back .
Ram was equally baffled he may not do it .
Dadi & choti dadi : It's a ritual here , Its coming from our families now you wanna cross it before Ram said something Dadi [our rockstar] ordered
It's a matter of few minutes why you two are bothering .You have been married for a year .
All cheered them ..finally they gave up
Priya cursed her luck . It s not the first time they eat like this but infront of all she couldn't .
When choti dadi asked whose sweet is smaller Srinikha's lips curved into a grin
Priya : looked at both sweets unknowingly her sweet was smaller than Ram
All were cheering up  ,Srinikha also told her to common keep it In your mouth and pass over To Ram's ...
Priya blushed ,her cheeks turned to crimson red already .
Ram turned to her side ,Priya kept her sweet middle of her pink lips , her breath hitched she moved a bit near to Ram .Ram was also blushing profusely but their family wont leave them so he held the sweet from her lips .It was too small their lips almost touched ,she shivered with it , Ram went numb touching hers
Everyone clapped , Now it was Ram's turn
All cheered up Ram . Ram smiled sheepishly . He  held the sweet in his lips ,he moved near her , she was still shivering everyone cheering Priya to move further
At last he made her eat , their lips clashed again.
Ram so wanted to pull her in his arms and kiss those lips like the way he kisses , he controlled himself, Priya was blushing profusely .
[Hey dear readers there is no rasam called like this , Hehe I just kept it for my story as some of the families usually have this in south side  ]
All cheered once more ,Ram said bas basss yaar ,please
Everyone laughed ,Rani came with kids and everyone seated for breakfast .
Srinikha was serving all of them ,when Ram announced
Dadi  woo ..I mean Priya & her parents are  vegetarians so please don't force them  to eat non veg and don't give any non veg added foods to them. Its a request dadi please .

Choti dadi: Hawww she wont eat non veg ,isiliye she is looking so thin..
Ram: please dadiii
Chote dadi :Okay okay .. arey Nikha don't serve them nonveg .
Priya was super happy with in 2 minutes her happiness turned into horrified expression
The way Srinikha served in her plate .It was huge .
2 aloo  paranthas , 2 paneer samosa , chikar cholly, bhatura puri ,veg salad, gazar ka halwa ,paneer pakora .
Kids were enjoying and attacked the food of course all the other members did the same as that was a feast for them .
Our Priya was lost while seeing it,  Srinikha nudged her to eat .
"Priya ji , how is the taste kuch tho bathao na .
Choti dadi : Ha gudiya ,you won't eat non veg but you have to eat all of them .
Priya nodded her head as positive node ,she started to eat .Slowly whispered Ram ..Ram
Ram who was busy in relishing the taste of the varieties didn't hear  her.
Priya : she pinched Ram on his thigh ..He moaned "Ouch "
And he looked at Priya and all others looked at Ram .
Chot idadi : kya hua
Ram"Nothing .I ..i bite my tongue ..
Everyone smiled
Ram asked Priya " what happened "
She showed him her plate, he laughed heartily seeing her childish expression while showing its very huge .
Ram asked her to eat whatever she likes to eat .
And rest she asked ..
You see what I will do Ram winked at her .
She tore a piece of bhatura puri and lodged it in her mouth she was lost in that taste and when she looked at the plate ,aloo parantha were missing and she looked at Ram and he was eating them .
She smiled ..soon Ram finished his plate and hers too with the help of Priya .
She looked revealed and murmured Thanks .
Ram smiled ..
When she washed her hands and came to Kuljeet to take their kid in her arms .
The boy was so cute she asked what's his name?
Kuljeet answered "Pankaj "
Priya smiled ..hayee Pankaj ..nice name ,.
Choti dadi questioned them what was Nuts son's name .
Krishnaji :  mammiji ,because of few personal problems we postponed his naming ceremony to next month .
Dadi pressed choti dadi hand as they both discussed about what happened with Priya .
Priya knew why it got postponed and she didn't know what to answer so she kept silent .and played with Pankaj, soon a 2 year old girl ran to her sat infront of her staring at Pankaj and Priya .
Priya smiled at her and asked what  does she want .
The girl showed "Pankaj "
Priya smiled at her " You want this boy , how you can carry .
Meanwhile Rani came with a bowl  of meal .
"Ohho you came here ,looking at Priya , she said she is my daughter "Reema "
And she likes Pankaj very much , whoever takes him she will sit infront of them
She smiled saying this and she said she is very naughty and ziddi "
Priya smiled at her ,she made Reema sit near to her than she can easily see Pankaj .
Reema was happy ,while her mother was feeding her, she happily ate .
[I don't want to introduce all others ,how much story needed I'm introducing them only ]

Krishnaji called Priya ,she gave Pankaj to Kuljeet and walked near to her mother in law ,she asked her to get the gift bags and we will give them .
Everyone seated there were observing Priya keenly ,few knew about her few don't know about her but all heard very well about Priya Ram kapoor in their families .
Soon Priya arranged the gifts, first  Ram and Priya gave the gift to Choti Dadi thae they started distributing others .
When Sinikha announced that the brides came from temple , everyone rounded up the two brides .
Ram hugged them introduced to Priya as Honey and Bunny ,she looked at him and said but their names were..
Ha they have their names but these are their nick names , few of them don't even know their real names hain na honey , bunny .. They smiled with him ,Priya too smiled
And gave their gifts ,Its so many and they were very happy seeing them .
Priya was just staring at them with wonder because they were identical twins she don't know who was honey and who was bunny.
She loved seeing them somewhere in her heart she longed for the baby and she wanted it to be twins  [ Few girls will have these type of wish ..Grand example Me only ..Rofls ]
[Hey dear readers , Neel likes this honey ,bunny names so much so she requested to keep their nick names as these so I have given them ]
Priya felt unknown tug in her heart ,they both bent down to take Raya blessings , she blessed them with her whole heart . Ram heart sank seeing the twin girls  as he remembered his own unborn twins .
Krishnaji was also teary lined including Shipra and Sudhir .
Rahul called Priya as Riddhi was crying .. She ran from there to look after Riddhi .. everybody felt sad and were quite for some moments .
Riddhi and Rahul were playing with other kids ,in the process Riddhi got hurt she was crying . Her ankle got hurt and it became red .
Priya carried her in her arms and made her sit on sofa she asked her to take some rest for now, I will apply painkiller spray .
Like an obedient kid Ridhhi nodded her head she sat quietly, Priya opened her bag and applied spray ,she cried in middle now she quietly sat hearing Priya's animated story she slept in her lap .
Ram asked them where was his room ,Daljeet showed them the room ,choti dadi said them to take some rest before they attend the evening functions.
Krishnaji asked Ram to take sleeping Riddhi in her room as she was staying alone .
Ram made Ridhi lie down there and he walked to his room . When he entered Priya was unpacking their bags and arranging neatly in the cupboard like pair wise .
Ram asked her why she was arranging like this , she turned to him because I don't want confusion when I wanted to wear matching with your dress . she smiled at him
He too smiled .. hearing a knock on the door both turned towards it .Rani came with a plate covering with the same velvety cloth .
Priya : whats this Rani ??
Rani : smilingly she whispered in Priya's ear something and ran from there and with her Raya heard few more giggling and one other lady said close the door properly .
Priya rooted to the spot blushing like a new bride .
Ram perplexed asked what it is for ,
Again some girl called jiju please close the door
Ram hurriedly closed the door before something happened.
Priya : gaped at him why you closed the door now do you know what they meant for
Ram: Arey they were giving warnings so I closed by the way what she told in your ear
Priya blushed more, Ram asked what was it ,that I never saw you in this pinkish shade
Ram pestered her to tell
" wo .. I .. the sweets . wo plate "her words got trembled
Ram: bathao na yaar kya hai while asking her he removed the cloth and he was surprised to see the same plate with rest of the sweets .
" Priya whispered only audible to him "
The rest of the sweets we have to eat that way or more than .. before she could speak further , Ram's lips crashed on her with a sweet, her arms clutched his coat tightly to prevent herself falling , that was started as rough , the sweet slowly melted in their mouths , he was searching more sweetness in her ,he angled her head that he can savour this moment forever .
She moaned , he groaned his both hands manage to clasp her head in a position her hands slowly got hold of his hair ,his tongue was mating with hers , counting her teeth with his tongue , he ravished her sweetness and left when they both needed some air .
She left his coat panting for breath , she swallowed a large some oxygen to save her life .
Ram gazed at her , she was panting for breath , he took her lips again for a fresh passionate kiss .
Priya enjoying the sweetness of her hubby's lips .she felt them delicious than any other .
They both landed on their bed without leaving their passionate kiss.They both rolled on the bed ,enjoying  their blissful kiss . He groaned when her lips opening up to him more.She moaned his name writhing under him .
His hands were roaming on her front curves , her hands were holding his back caressing with desire .
A shrill rang of his phone made them jump a part ,both were breathing heavily .Priya's lips were swollen because of his assault .
He wanted to grab her in his arms and crush under his chest seeing the display name in his phone , he took the call as it was from Vikram .
He received the call ,soon he got occupied with laptop regarding the work and his talk continuously with Vikram until he gets satisfied by it .When he looked at their bed Priya was sleeping like a kid while resting her head on headrest .
Ram cursed his luck for not being there with her when the sex tension builds up in her .He wickedly laughed at his own thought and smiled seeing her . he wanted to make her his again .He wanted to dug his head on her bosom and sleep .How many days he missed that pose .. he blushed ,arranged her properly ,covered with a duvet he came outside to catch up with his gang. Its been years Ram had been there with them .He so wanted to be with her but  he wanted to meet all his relatives also .So he went down leaving the door ajar.
Ram was enjoying with his gang .Rahul with other kids playing around the house .The house was brightening with the everlasting laughter of people, plays of kids ,giggling of youngsters , jingle sounds of bangles ,dancing sets of anklets Oh isn't it beautiful the house indeed filled with the happiness . The time passed by
Rahul and the other kids were playing hide and seek . Reema slowly stepped in Priya's room to hide herself in the room . She looked here and there ,her eyes widened to see Priya again .she remembered she has seen Priya somewhere .
Reema heard some one was coming in search for her she slowly slid beside Priya and covered herself with duvet .When the other kid came to search in for her she hugged Priya tightly as of to hide herself . Priya automatically kept her hand on Reema .Slightly she shifted in her sleep .The kid went off seeing this and still searching for the other players .
It was quiet a while that the kid hasn't catched Reema nor the other kids have seen her .so they informed the elders .
Rani and her hubby were panicked as Reema was apple of their eyes all searched in the huge mansion but she was no where to be seen.
Rani's tears welled up and its continuously flowing from her eyes . Ranjeet and the others felt bad seeing her in this state .Ram felt helpless  he wanted to call to higher authorities in search for the kid , so he went up to his room to take his mobile . He took his mobile  came outside his room balcony to call .His eyes gazed at Priya soon his eyes struck with something else beside  her .
Goshhh .. this is ..uff he sighed and walked near to her ,Now Reema's face was clearly visible ,The big brown eyes were closed ,she was sleeping happily clutching Priya's bangles in her hand .
His heart ached to see Priya with the kid .He is constantly remembering his unborn twins .When he heard the chaos from outside .He immediately walked up to them and said
I know where Reema is ...
Rani sprung from her position wiping her tears she walked to him "where she is jiju"Looking back at him with hope Reema might be walking behind him .
Ram asked her to come with him  ,along with them Rithvik [Reema's father] and few other also walked with him .
He lead them to their room telling don't make sounds ,Ram seriously don't want to disturb the sleeping angels .
When they saw that Priya and Reema were sleeping away to glory everyone smiled .Rani smiled with tears telling "pagal ladki " kithna dara diya .
Rithvik side hugged her .When Rani wanted to hold her , Ram tried about to hold Reema ,he was trying to detach Priya and Reema so Rani can take Reema.
Priya's eyes flutter open as she felt some thing ,She saw Ram infront of her ,Rubbing her eyes , clutching his arm "Where were you " you left me alone ,she sniffed .
Ram felt discomfort as he didn't expect Priya would wake up and most everybody was here .and Priya was so close to him .

Guys There is NO writer's notes today ,as her mom got admitted in hospital because of minor health issues .She sent the part where she stopped . I have the update but after hearing the writer's mother condition is improving Im posting it .Hope you love this update .