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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-77

Precap :
Mean while Krishnaji did shopping for Rishab and Karthik, when she came back Neha was almost done, while Priya was still in dilemma what to buy .
She was sitting in front of so many Sherwanis, Krishnaji and Neha both smiled seeing Priya in confused state , mumbling herself , imaging her hubby in each and every dress , finally when she decided her lips curved into a broad grin and she told him to pack whatever she has chosen.
Krishnaji and Neha gaped at her .Priya gave a sly smile to them.
While Priya was walking with the packets in her hand , One guard came in front off her to take the bags .
Priya smiled at her ,Its okay I will carry ,Thank you .
For the first time Priya talked with the guard smilingly . And all came back to home .
When Priya entered KM she found Rishab with his friends and they were doing masthi in the hall in front of the TV while watching something .
Seeing Priya, Rishab just ran off to her ,eagerly sneaking in to the bags which she was holding off and was asking her what she brought for him .
She ruffled his hair "It's for your bhai and your clothes are with Ma " By that time Krishnaji already entered her room .
Rishab smilingly Bhai ke liye inthe saare our Rishab ke liye just few .
Priya smiled at him , Rishab too smiled with her meanwhile one of Rishab's friend called him over ..Priya looked back she found a group of boys and the one who called Rishab was not in his senses. She suspiciously looked at Rishab .
Rishab apologized and confirmed her as that friend was drunken and now they are going off to club, with this he ran to them leaving Priya dazed .
She pushed her thoughts aside when she realized the gaurds were too close to her, she went back to her room placing all the shopping bags on bed she lied down closing her eyes .
She heard a click sound from washroom ,when she turned to see, he was right there back of her head ,kissing her forehead he asked "Tired "
"A bit " she answered .
So shopping was done looking at the bags he asked ,Ha she immediately sprung up from her position asked him to try them .
He doesn't want to disappoint Priya so he marched towards the changing room with a cream colour kurtha ,embedded with rajasthani work on the collar .
He wore it and she was elated to see it, adjusting his sleeves , now you are looking perfect .
Ram pulled her close keeping his hands on her waist , Priya stumbled for this sudden move clasped his kurtha tightly looked at him with all her love .
His breath was fanning on her eyes ,his lips were just inches away to her face. Her heart fluttered she formed the words with difficulty to speak up..
"Chodo na , I want to you to  try other ones too"
He questioned "Kyun "
She blushed "I want to see how you will look"
You just said na I am perfect , closing the inch gap between them ,he nibbled her earlobe. She shivered like a dry leaf in his arms and struggled to get out of his grip .
Give me a kiss ,I will deffo wear what all you give . She gazed at him ,first you try than I will give what you have asked .she winked at him with a blushy wala smile.
Hmm achha ye baath bhi sahi hai ...Ram freed her from his grip..
"kya sahi hai :Priya questioned
Hmm  we can't start the work which was going to take longer time .
Rammm ,she nudged him to try another ...He patiently tried 5 and when she gave 6th one ..
Is this last one ...
No Ram , Its not ..
Ok is it last but one..
No Ram ... she is arranging folding his new kurthas neatly while answering him without seeing his face .
He got irritated Our kithne hai yaar ..I got tired of wearing ,he sulked like a kid .
Seeing Ram's face ,Priya silently walked to him , If you try all I will give what you asked otherwise I wont "decide your self " she hit his soft nerve and  she was back to their bed folding them .
Ram looked at her ..astonished with her move ..Really was his Priya coming back to normal??She was trying to come back normal . He was elated hearing her teasy talk, he followed her .Hugging her from back he asked how many were left .
Priya Told 7 ...
Means ..Jesus ..You brought 12 ..Ram's jaw dropped hearing it.
Priya smiled meekily ha ,there were so many functions  you have to attend and The Ram kapoor will not be allowed to wear suits over there .she snapped at him.
That was very blunt ..Ram roared.
You deserve it ,Its not your company meeting okay .. She gave a warning,
Ram mumbled "Hitler "
I heard it she turned to him..
both smiled looking at each other ..
Ram completed his trials of the dozen kurthas which his wife brought for him .when he changed into his trade mark white kurtha he came to bed and lied down immediately .
She cleared all the stuff from their bed ,slid on his side .
"Very tired "Ram opened his eyes ha Priyuuu ..
Priya blushed hearing it .Don't call me that please ..
Neel will be upset if I won't call, Ram laughed seeing Priya's face and Priya smiled along with him ..Uff this girl na I really want to take her a class ASAP .
Common it's a good name, Ram bent down on her ,Priya was hyper aware of Ram's presence , What you were upto she hissed under his chin..
Ram: ahhh Now that was a cheating ,You just promised me a kiss
She immediately placed a kiss on his cheek. See I fulfilled my promise when she was about to getup from the bed .
Ram held her wrist and pulled her back, she safely landed on him. He caressed her cheeks"That was a good trick played by you Mrs.Kapoor , now you gonna pay for it"
He inched their gap , his lips locked with her lips , his lips dawned on her smoothly pouring his love to her ,he brimmed her upper lip with his tongue ,he looked at her half closed eyes , he felt that she has opened her lips for him to take her more .
His hands gripped her hairs pulled her in a position that he can take all of her ,she softly moaned out his name while his tongue was travelling to depths of her folds .
"I love you " he breathed on her lips .. She was savouring the moment suddenly she heard footsteps nearing their room. She pushed Ram and sat straight on the bed .
Ram anger raised ..
As she expected Rishab ran to her calling bhabhi , held her hands asked sorry bhabhi .when they came inside then I came to know that he was out of his senses .
I know you don't like such guys but I am extremely sorry . I am trying to stay away from them but they may create some other problems so am staying with them. Just few more days then this studies will end then I will be busy in work . Please..he asked cutely
She nodded her head in positive .he happily went from there as fast as he came.
Ram was silent as the way she sensed his coming and saved them from the teasing .
When he left Ram pulled her towards him ,That's a nice timing..
"Sshhh Don't you know to shut the door before doing something "
Ram gave a million dollar smile and asked her "Something.. Really whats that something "
She blushed "Nothing "
He gripped her shoulders ,tell me na whats that something ..
Her cheeks became crimson red "her eyes were downcast with a smile "
Rishab came again to ask something and both parted quickly, Rishab closed his eyes turning to other side
"sorry sorry for the disturbance saying this he ran off from there leaving Raya embarrassed
She hit on Rams chest ,You are na .
Placing his hand on her cheeks ,Common don't I have right to close with my biwi
He sulked like a kid . she smiled seeing him .
By the way Mr.Kapoor ,Can you check on Rishab friends once
Why , what happened to their friends? Ram gave a puzzled look.
Priya: Nothing ..umm you know Rishab is in love with Sowmya
Ram: Yeah we fixed their marriage also na whats there in that?
Priya: Uff Mr.Kapoor let me tell you the matter and will you listen quietly for sometime? 
He nodded his head crossed his arms like an obedient student .She stifled a laugh .
Please Mr.Kapoor .. He understood it was a serious matter , he asked her to tell.
Priya: I am sensing some bad moves from his friends as few of Rishab's friends also proposed Sowmya but she accepted Rishab's love .
When they were in love their friends used to tease them that Kapoors family is rich they wont agree for this marriage and when they came to know that we have agreed they are shocked and their behaviour changed towards Rishab as well as Sowmya.
But Rishab is considering them as his friends, he is not bothered about that .But I am sensing some tension between them . Why don't you check on them once..Please, she held his hand .
Ram pressed her hand in his "Why you felt something in this "
Priya: Ram you do know about this generation kids, after fixing Rishab's Marrige with sowmya the friends were disappointed and told they cant believe that actually your parents  would accept If not we could have tried Sowmya etc etc..such things they did told and their behaviour changed towards Rishab .
And I am sensing some tensions between their friends group .
Ram: Why don't you tell to Rishab then?
Mr.Kapoor I do told him but he is not a position to listen to my words or avoid them.
If I am pestering he is telling "Bhabhi just few more days I am going to finish studies then I will be busy with learning work from our office "
Should I tell anything Ram after this answer .
Ram thought for a while ,If anything is going beyond his control he himself will ask us.
Priya: She gazed at him with worried eyes . Rishab won't share until we get to know whats bothering him . I'm seeing him from past one year .
Ram: Priya this is silly issue , you are taking it overboard , how can you tell Rishab won't share with me or anyone .
Priya: Ram ..I don't know how to justify this But Rishab is a special child means from childhood onwards he craved for mother's love ,as you know Niharika ji always made him study in boarding schools. Whenever he wanted to share something with her she always avoided him and he had so many problems .He felt aloof in middle of so many students or friends . He craved for mother's love from childhood .He found a way that by being naughty he can overcome all these .
Do you know about this?
Ram nodded his head in negative while his eyes got teary lined hearing about Rishab.
Priya: Do you know Ram , when our engagement was going on , He met me for the first time and asked me "Bhabhi I always dreamt of a good relationship with my bhabhi and that should be like mother son relationship and we two will make bhai annoy and we have to do so much masthi etc etc .
I felt something  at that time but I looked him as my little brother. When I entered this house from that day onwards  he made me feel home , he shared so many things and whatever he wants to buy we two will go for shopping, he shared so many secrets of his life he missed his  beautiful childhood . He loves you so much and he so wants to tease you always and he loves to see your lil pout on your face at that time.
Do you know any of these Ram .  Her tears slipped from her eyes while remembering his past .
Ram's eyes also glistered with tears . Like him Rishab also faced a lot of troubles but he didn't give anytime to him to share with him .He hugged Priya for being there with him and as well as with his family in every step of their life .
Priya hugged him back  .I don't want to hurt you Ram , I'm sorry for that, when you were telling it's a silly issue so I just went on how he suffered .
He closed her mouth with his fingers ,No Priya don't be .You have every right to share with me .
I know you and Rishab have a close bond but I didn't knew it was a special relation , I'm proud of you baby . Do you know when you were in hospital he cried a lot and he didn't even leave hospital until you gained conscious and when you left from Neel's place he was petrified . I was happy that he found a mother in you . I love you so much .
Priya too hugged Him . Ram was too happy that Priya was coming back to normal and she even started caring about their family like before . He thanked god for this.
Ram was about to call his personal detective but Krishnaji called them for dinner .He wanted that call to be private so he skipped the call at that time . They had their dinner with a happy note ,they both drifted off to sleep .
[Ram could have taken some step here regarding Rishab's matter . But he forgot to take the right step towards Rishabs life ]
The sun dawned from hills ,his rays directly fall on Ram's face .He scrunched his eyes His wife was trying to dry her wet hair with a towel . She was clad in a light yellow colour saree, her earrings swinging either way , her glass bangles dangling while she was drying . He propped up to see her face , her forehead adorned with a yellow studded bindi , er maang filled with sindhoor ,she was looking like an angel just steeped from heaven .
His lips curved into a big grin ,He magnetically walked towards her ,he slowly threaded his fingers in  her hairs from back , before she could speak up something his lips tangled with her lips, his other hand squeezed her hip to engulf her petite frame in his . His tongue relishing the sweetness of her , she moaned when his kiss became more passionate , her hands snaked his neck for support , when he felt they are lack of air he groaned pulling apart from her . She huffed for breath clutching him tightly.
He breathed in her ear "You are looking beautiful  : he nibbled her earlobe .she felt his hardness on her stomach, his groans were increased when his lips landed on her ,he was twisting her in his arms ,You smell so good Priya ,he gave gentle bite on her shoulder . Priya's fingers combing his hair ,she was melting to his touches . She turned herself ,her knees trembling with his moves on her petite frame . His strong arms hugged her from back , he made her blouse strings release , his lips captured her sensitive skin of her back, his eyes found her wound marks ,his brain suddenly triggered something .He pulled back from her quickly ,Hugged her telling you are looking very sexy my baby ..Ufff I can't get off your beauty , dropping a kiss on her forehead .
She anticipated more from her man but he suddenly paused it ,she really wanted to take this step ahead  brushing off her past , she was unable to do it but today she wanted to give a try so she willingly accepted him but he might have remembered so he might have stopped .
When she felt her hubby was controlling his feelings for her , just for her , she felt sad and proud of her man .
Ram asked "why madam got ready early in the morning "
Priya: Kissing his cheek lightly , Still so much shopping is there , dadi had added  few more things in list so if we start now then only we can get everything in time . Will you come with me for shopping? she asked with a hope. He don't want to make her disappoint so he said sure my sexy lady anything for you . Priya lightly hit him on his chest .He gave a loud laugh winking at her he went to washroom to get ready .
Every body started from there to shopping , Priya found the gaurds were walking beside her , she gazed at Ram , Ram chuckled "Its your fault ,how come I know when they can stop so come " They have roamed a series of shops to get the things done "its almost 1 o clock ,the threesome had their lunch in one of the fine restaurants . Krishnaji was feeling tired ,she said them to continue the shopping as she needed some rest . Priya asked her to take ample rest before she comes home as they have to do a lot of packing, so Krishnaji left .
Ram & Priya both continued the shopping and they came into bangles store .
A 25 year salesman asked what they want ,Priya said him she was searching for rajasthani bangles with art work on it .The boy showed her another way and he reached there to show her , Ram got a call he left her there and talked ,when he was back ,Priya was talking with that boy smilingly and she held her hand infront of that boy, he was going to wear that bangle to her , when Ram came and stopped the act both looked at him with wonder . Ram asked the boy to give the bangle to him , he will do the honours for her . He nodded his head and gave the bangle to him .
Priya : Ram you may not know how to wear it am gave an serious glare at her than he clasped the bangle to her hand .
They packed few more ,Ram is very restless seeing priya talking with the boy very closely  .he asked her number oftimes does she finished or not . atlast she finished they have done in the shop ,when she is coming back she asked him
"why you are restless and angry "
"im not " he curtly said her
"she  encircled her hand on his arm , I know you were ,common tell me why , is it regarding my talk with that boy "
When the just stepped outside of the shop the boy runningly came towards them
"didi didi , Raya stopped priya asked him what happened "
"sorry didi , I forgot to give this gift , who ever purchases more than certain amount we have few gifts " I forgot to give it to you , sorry didi , have a nice day sir ,the boy walked off.
Priya found Ram sheepishly smiling , she said him "you are too possisive you know that "
" No im not " He said quickly
Yeah you are not , Its evident in your restlessness , she smiled seeing him .He too smiled back .they finished their shopping by 6 they back to Km ,they had light snacks ,Priya krishnaji ,Ram and Rishab everyone  helping the package to be done neatly ,Nuts ,karthik and sharma family came to home with their lauggage ,Neha dropped her kids with the lauggage in km,every thing packed by 9 all had dinner they went to sleep as they have early morning flight to Amritsir .
All are ready to go airport ,when priya called rishab and told him that his lauggage also she is taking with them he just needs come with vik neha without fail .He gave sendoff to everyone he came to KM.
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