Monday, 24 March 2014

RAYA-OS - A Gift

Hiii my choti si pyarri gudiya '..This is not fair yaar ..
We don't knew your birthday and see when we came to knew it was almsost getting over ..
Love you baby and you have a good heart that you will voice the positive and negitive eqaully .
Sorry for not contacting you earlier .i could have given you surprise gift ..
Not late ever ..Just tried a bit for you just for you baby ..hope you like it ..
 By ..Girija&Neel
A Gift ..
Priyaaa  a shrill voice ecohed in Km..
She almost flunged towards the voice..There her man standing all decked up in black suit and awww looking soo handsome and dashing..
Hmmm she was dressed in aqua blue saree adorned diamond ear rings and necklace .
She walked back towards the changing room trying to control her pounding heart against to her ribs .
She sooo wanted to run in to those strong arms'But she sustained her self'
Ram "arey what happen " Isn't she ready yet ..He thought and followed her ..
And while walking he was so lost in her swaying hips ..Ohmy  he wants to hug her tightly and crush into his arms'But they have to attend the party ..It is very very important ..
But his hitler not yet ready for party and his nerves became weak by seeing her in this attire..
She was just gorgeous and mindbowing ..His hands reachd her waist ..she snapped him.
Why you are yelling ?
Oh mai'.he lost in her magical eyes..which she is applying kajal ..
What are you looking at Mr.Tiger'
A small grin appered on his face ,Nothing just looking at Mr.Tigress  sexy eyes.
She blushed 'her eyelashes went down ..He placed a gentle kiss on her closed eyes.
She breathed his cologne and he lost in her beauty '
His phone beeped 'They were back to their selfs.
Shall we ..He streched his hand to her ..Her hand kissed his hand they walked slowly that the entire Km wished them happy life..Their frgrance surrounded the air and their smiles filled up in the Km..
They walked away bidding bye to the family ..They enterd the party which was arranged by the leading business man Mr.Chopra .He welcomed them warmly .
Spotlight passed on the couples . Priya walked  past to the pary area the spotlight showing on her .
She is walking like a graceful peacock and everyone staring at her 'Her smile is making everyone go mad.His intense eyes not leaving her .She is talking to Mrs.Chopra and searching for her handsome.
Ohhh where is he'Still searching and atlast she found him swaying good steps with a  slim girl ..
Hmm she grinned and walked towards them'
Ram slowly spinning that slim girl step by step not to hurt her or not to step on her smoothfeet ..
Priya steeped in between 'Lil girl May I dance with my handsomehusband '
Madam aap..yahaaa!!!!
Anjali tum yahaaa'.they hugged each other 'Aftersoo long time we met ..where are you working mam..
And Ram sir is your husband ..OhMYgod ohmygod..yah mam you can dancewith him..He is all yours ..
She was about to turn..Mr.Chopra came and asked ohh sorry Priya ji..did my naughty girl troubled you ..
Noo noo not at all Mr.Chopra'By the way '
Oh I forget to introduce ..She is my sweet lil girl ANJALI'.my niece came for holidays and today is her specil day also'.
Matlab Ram asked innocently ,,,,,
Mr.Chopra said its her birthday 'celebrating with this event 'That's it ..
Ram &Priya said together .."Many more happy returns of the day lil girl "
Priya hugged her and wished her ..Than Anjali blowd the candles ,cut the cake enjoyed the party ..
Ram & Priya bid them bye started to their home.Priya closed her eyes smiling to herself while remembering his dance with the girl ..He wants to make her jelous but he chosen lil girl ..Thats why she is keep on smiling ..He stopped the car ..When she opend her eyes she found they reachd to the beach ..
Cool breeze touched her face ..He opened the door for her ..She got down to knw that he stopped the car near to the bech ..her legs touched the cool sand and ice water ..she thrilled felt goosebumps all over her ..and he leada her to abig rock..He sat on that Rock invited her in his lap .
She just lay down on his chest enjoying the beauty of sunset and the waves are touching theie legs ..
Her legs entwined with him .His foot is carresing her tender skin of her leg and she is enjoying the bliss ..
He turned her face to him , she looked at him ..his gaze is killing her ..His lips brushed her cheek than jaw her lips trembled  to say something ..But his warm lips tucked her lips in him ..savouring her flavour in each corner ..his arms posesively hugged her waist pulled her closer 'The moon hide away from their view ..Darkness covered their intense kiss '