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PART-64 Sirf Meri Ho


From Neel :Readers brace your self for this update and please read as a story and give us your feedback and this is the reality of our oneside world and If I get 50 likes on this update that quickly I will post the next update ASAP ..Its in your hands ..Thank you and ..Frankly I cried reading this update and the writer cried writing it .. She made it very generous still its going to be sad to read and give us your feedback ..

Ram :Please ma...If that cheap did any harm to my Priya ,I am surely gonna
use this for his sake , he loaded 6 bullets in it and carried with him ..wiping
his tears away ,he glanced at Priya's pic on the adjacent wall telling her "I will
come to find you ,Don't worry. I love you Priya" .. he rushed to the main hall
to meet with all of them .. [In her narcotic state Priya mumbled Ram as she
heard him]
By that time .. ACP arranged all the forces in every corner of the city. Mr.Ashwath handedovered the reports of the eyes of the culprits in the bomb blast of KI.
ACP:Exactly ..It matched ...and Ram kapoor this was attack planned by Ashwin with
the coward "Rustham shaik " see the results our computer files matched with their

So Ashwin wants to take revenge on you because you filed the case against
him and why Rustham shaik is so interested in this ... why ???? gazing at his
Mr.Ashwath : Sir may be they planned for money?
ACP: If in this bomb blast suppose
Ram Kapoor expires how he is
gonna get the money? His motive is very big behind this plan.
Ram was so scared hearing it .Yes why & how Ashwin will get the money if he dies in the explosion? His mini neuron
activated in his brain suddenly he shouted No..No ...I am coming priya .. I will save you .. Like a weird man he ran towards the car to start it off.
But ACP ,Vikram stopped him asking what has happened suddenly.
Ram :Sir you said correct ,My Priya is in real danger sir, recently I have
written half of my property on her name
sir .. I wanted to gift her on our anniversary but paper work was due so I
couldn't give her.
ACP:Have you announced it publicly about this matter?
Ram: No sir no ..we haven't given this to media.
ACP: Then who have knowledge about this?
Ram: Vikram ,My lawyer ,karthik ,and Shurthi.
ACP: Ye shruthi matlab Ashwin ki..
Vikram:Yes sir Ashwin ki wife and priya ki best friend.
ACP:Come ..lets move to Shruthi's home first .. common ...They drove of to her
home to find the door to be open and all her things were scattered on the
floor .
There they found on her glass table which was cracked and had blood scattered on
it ,they found some documents regarding Priya's property ..which waspooled in blood.
[P]ACP: shit .. He targeted first Shruthi ,...He must have hit her, what is this Ashwin, he didn't waste time ,Common hurry up Ashwath try to trace out Shruthi's phone..Try to find it fast.
Mr.Ashwath :Worriedly called out sir...
ACP:Kya hai ?
Mr.Ashwath : Looking at worried Ram ,sir Priya last talked with Shruthi only
sir .Her last call was from Shruthi ek baar nahi three times missed call hai and the
last time she attended it and she might be gone to save Shruthi or something
might have happened.
Ram :Barely able to stand ..It was beyond his imagination , He had seen only in
films but now itwas happening in his real life ,that too when he wanted to share the good
news with her for which they were waiting so desperately.
[P]His legs gave up he sat straightly on the floor. He was dazed , he doesn't know
what was happening to Priya.
He understood Ashwin's plan clearly now. He understood..that Ashwin wanted to kill
him first then take Priya to somewhere with her property.
As Now he was alive ,Ashwin wants to take revenge by treating him this way.
Even ACP understood that Ram has figured out what was going on.
After few minutes they got a call from their squad and ACP asked them to
follow with an ambulance too .They might need medical emergency at any time.
Vikram appreciated the ACP in his heart regarding his intelligence and the
way he was taking the story up .
In the midst of a room
..Priya slowly opened her eyes Unable to understand what was happening with her
...she slowly ..slowly remembered what had happened with her ... she was waiting in
Shruthi called her manytimes..
When she attended her call someone spoke Madam ,Whose is this phone?one lady has met with an accident here ,
there is huge blood loss ,we admitted in her hospital but they are asking money
,so this was the last call from her mobile so we called you to inform you .
Priya:Was in shock ,she didn't know how to react &what to say .. tears clouded her eyes . She
asked the address and she reached there. While she was giving the money to
autowala some vehicle halted behind her ,Two pairs of rough hands pulled her inside the car and
gave some injection before she could shout for help.
She opened her eyes rolled her eyes around the corners of
the room .. It was a old rusty shed ,her
hands were tied to the wooden chair .When she wanted to move her legs those were also
tied down ..she looked around the room .. There were two Iron cots there some
wooden chairs , wine botteles scattered here and there , different sizes of knives
and some type of big guns hanging all over the room.
It was a dirty ,rusty room
. On a cot someone was lying. She blinked her eyes to see slowly her
eyes got adjusted to the dim lighting.
She was shocked ...It was none other than Shruthi and she
covered with full blood stains.
What .. why ?who is doing this .. Her eyes teared ..She
called out for Ram .. Please help me Ram..I am so scared. Her eyes were raining
heavily ..with fear .. after seeing Shruthi in that position she was
wondering who might be torturing her and her friend this way?
She called out for her Shr..Shru..Shruthi but her voice didn't
come out ..she was very thristy .. she felt her throat dried up. She called again
but invain.
Outside of this room.
Ashwin: Smiling evilly .. Kya Rustham maine kahatha na
..even though our bombblast failed I have some other plan .. I waited for these
many months obviously I will take a good step only..smiling again.
Rustham shaik: Gulping some more whisky in his throat. "Yah bhai ...You are correct ..Hmm so we will soon flyoff .. by the
way what about this lady ha.. You will leave her kya to him?"
Ashwin : That's never gonna happen ... let me get his cash
first .. He will play to my tunes until Priya is with me .. I so want to have
her in my arms .. she is so beautiful isn't she .. He gave smirk to him.
Rustham: Yaar ...kamaal hai .. I found your wife beautiful
rather than her .. so shall I..
Ashwin : He roared with laughter .."Rustham bhai .. She
ditched me .I truly wanna torture her.You can go to her," he said smilingly .. Ashwin forgot all his
senses in his revenge mood .He was
thinking only about revenge on Ram and Priya. He doen't have any mercy
atleast on his own wife.
Rustham: "She is your wife," suspiciously he asked him.
Ashwin : But she supported them and sent me to jail and she
gave divorce too let her die in her own surrel.
Rustham: "Good Ashwin..This is what I taught you back in the
jail.No mercy to anyone ..But tu tho mujhse bhi Kamina nikla.I like it.No mercy ..kill EVERYONE WHO ALL ARE HURDLES FOR
YOU," he roared his evil laugh.
He went inside ..Priya closed her eyes with fear, he went
directly to Shruthi's bed. How hard Shruthi was protesting also ,all went deaf to his
ears. He assaulted her telling your
husband only sent me to you, whats your problem then?
Shruthi begged him ,You are like my bhai Please let me go.
Priya: Oh God ..Oh god ..Ashwin.. You are stooped to so low.
Please please someone help ...please god please .. Please
..she cried silently .. hearing her friend's cries she died 100 times inside her
heart .. she pleaded god to send her RAM soon.
Rustham laughing evilly.. My body haven't touched a woman
for two years sweety.It's craving for women's touch ,He invaded into her ,Her
yells reached peak with his filthy language, her tears showered like Nayagara falls. She couldn't believe the most loveable
person of her life is torturing her this way and he is not even .. chi why i am
thinking about Ashwin...sucha b****rd he is.she bit her lower lip to subside
her pain.
Her legs trembled ,her total body shaken up with the fear ,
she fisted her hands to chair to get rid of those knots but simply she couldn't do it.
Her nerves running briskly in her brain ,she was battling with her inner
turmoil .. whats happening ..Her heartbeat raced up ,its beating opposite to her
ribs .. Her stomach feeling weird connection ,a fear tinged badly knocked her
out down.
Priya: She couldn't bare the assault anymore, she tried to
yell for help ,she tried tried ..Her voice came out suddenly leaving the effect
of medicine in her nerves ,HELPPP..
Ashwin heard it came
to the room hurriedly , Rustham was shocked butquickly he got a smirk on his face .
Ashwin I think she wants you..
Priya spitted on his side saying ,"Mind ..Mind your language".Looking at Ashwin..Please I beg of you ,please help Shruthi, she is your wife ...her eyes flooded with tears.
Shruthi who was lying down in daze gazed at her, she knew
Ashwin is cheap but she didn't expect he can stoop so low ...Rustham got
up from Shruthi ..wearing his jeans he walked out.
Ashwin sitting beside priya dragging a chair from near by.
"Kya kaha Priya tum ne??Leave her, did she leave me ..No na..then why should I leave you?"He ran his index finger on her lips
Priya shivered with fear..
Shruthi :Gaining her energy,"Don't don't touch her ba***d, Ram is gonna kill you."
Ashwin raised with
anger he slapped Sruthi harshly.
Priya pleaded him "Nooo ..Don't beat her please."
Ashwin came to her ,Pulled her hair holding it in his fist , Kyun Priya, bahuth
dard ho raha hai kya?bolo Priya..bahuth dard ho raha hai kya?"
Shruthi wiping her blood from the corner of her lips ,She
smirked at him. "You are inviting your death and he is coming and he will
come to kill you and make you into pieces ba***d." she raised with
Ashwin pulled her from the cot dragged her on floor . She
winced in pain , he slapped her again .He leaned down to her level and asked, are
you fine now are you feeling when these are piercing you.
Priya's eyes fell on what he was referring to, She was dumstruck
in her seat, her blood rushed fastly and her heartbeat raised ,and its
throbbing against her ribs .The floor was scattered with some kind of
branches which was with full of thorns and here Ashwin was making Shruthi
to lie down on them.
Shruthi :Smiling in her tears ,Ashwin your time reached, I
know you will kill me , but before my death I will see your death .I hope he will be coming now and she raised from her place facing his face and I will see
while you are dying.
Ashwin laughed evilly , "Oh really Shruthi ..My darling wife"
gritting his teeth . "I made all these arrangements so plannedly .Idiot I am not a
fool to stay calm while he will come and kill me ..
You get the point ...You should not rush up from this room
so I planned to spread these thorns in a way that pricks you everytime and your
yells will alarm me every time..Hahaa and you know what ??Ohhh poor soul you don't know ...I
will tell.."
Priya so wanted to take Shruthi in her arms but she was
baffled to see Ashwin's rage . How could this man do such things?
Ashwin was coming to priya ...Smelling her from her neck to face ..Ufff priya ..You are just mind blowing ..still the same
fragrance ..
Shruthi:smiled at his level...I told na You are inviting your death.
Ashwin :Lets see Shruthi what will happen?? lets see..Priya ..Actually I wanted to kill Ram ..
Priya turned her face furily and told ..Don't ever think to
harm him and seriously I will kill you with my hands if you do such thing.
Ashwin: "Ohhh ohhh sathi savithri.I am shivering with terror for
your words," laughing again.
"And you know what ??? I planned bomb blast in his office early in the morning. But his goodluck ,You saved him from that. In a way you are the
reason for my plan failure."
Shruthi:Its your badluck.
Ashwin :I will kill you Shruthi.
Shruthi :You already killed me,How many times you will kill a
person ..she laughed in daze ..she is determined to do something .But Ashwin
hasn't noticed this, he got a call and he went outside to talk ..Priya noticed ...She pleaded Shruthi ..Nooo

Shruthi: Mujhe jo karna hai ..I will do Priya
..If not now I mayn't do anytime. He tortured me from two days ,I know my time is
very near to me ,But before that I ...
Before completing her sentence Ashwin entered.
Soo where I stopped ..Haaa bomb blast he is alive now
and franctically searching for you in each street like a mad rogg dog ...and
Shruthi for your kind information If he got killed in this blast ..I would have sold
out all his property which was in Priya's name and I could have settled in
abroad with my darling Priya..keeping his hand on Priya's shoulder.
Priya:I would have murdered myself rather than living with
you ..
Ashwin: giving a hearty laugh to her .. I have my own plans
Priya how to make you live with me ..
Now will you sign on these papers?
Priya was shocked to see
the property papers. Why Ram hasn't told me about this?
Priya: If you will kill me also I won't sign.
Ashwin: Oh really I know how to make you
sign ..He called Ram from Priya's phone ..Video call..
Ram who was sitting
worriedly in back seat with Vikram received Priya's call immediately.
Asked her ...Are you ok? Priya..Priya ..
Ashwin turned the video towards Priya .. Priya was elated to
see Ram after few hours and it seemed like few years for her. Her tears flooded
while her voice tremblingly asked...Did you get hurt Ram?
Ram felt some thousands of daggers pricking his heart seeing
his lady love in such state and still she was asking about his wellness.
Ma..i mai theek hu Priya,,wipig his tears .. He looked at her
stomach .. he looked at her trembling figure ..This is the first time he is
seeing her after knowing their goodnews.
Ashwin: Ohh..I didn't call you for your romance ..LAUGHING
AGAIN .. Ashwin asked her again ,sign on these papers Priya ...
[P]She glared at him ... I won't do ..Ashwin slapped her hardly ..
Ram bursted with anger "Ashwin ...Kuthhe I will kill you ..don't
touch her you rogue.."
Ashwin:Then ask her to sign those.
Ram:Priya sign kardo please.
Priya : adamantly "I won't ..even if he kills me."
Ashwin temper raised. He took a knife from the otherside, Opening her right hand knot he slit on her wrist .. she yelped "Ouchhh "
cried and cringed in her seat saying Ram..
Ram and Vikram were shocked .. it happened in split of
Ram shouted at Sshwin ...Choddo uskooo please ..I will change
my property on your name..please don't do any harm to her please please ..He
begged like a kid.
Sign it Priya Ashwin voice roared wth anger.
Ram pleaded her in phone ...Please Priya for MY SAKE sign it
..I Love You priya,Please sign it .
She can't see him in pain .. her blood was woozing from the wound and Ashwin licked her cheek showing thumbs up sign to Ram.
You Bast**d Ram raised with anger but he disconnected the
Priya disgusted and pushed Ashwin with her wounded hand
which was free from the knot.
Ashwin smiled at her rolling his tongue to his cheek,He
kissed her cheek quickly dropped another kiss on her crook of the neck.
Please ..please ..Nooo she creid uncontrollably.
Shruthi pleaded him..Please Ashwin leave her ..already you
cheated her once please not again ..I beg of you.
Ahaaa Really I should leave you kya??
Rustham shaikentered the room huffing for his breath. Three of them looked at his figure .. While Priya and Shruthi
were in tears
Rustham: I got a call that police has entered the forest area. You should hurry up ..I told you before
..Just end her up we can leave But you na..he was irritated.
Ashwin laughed evilly ...Wait wait ..I will call her husband ...Ohhh
your husband might not get good view it seems..He kept video on in her phone on
the table ,he came to Priya .. He called from his mobile to Ram ..
He immediately attended the call.
Hellooo...Ashwin's face came on his Iphone screen ..He fisted
his fingers with anger.
"Where is Priya?" Ram asked controlling his anger.
Choochuachhooo .You missing her kya??Till now I thought of
something if you wont address your police team to stop searching for me and
this area .. Iam going to kill her. Ask them to land the helicopter with the money near this
old factory with in 15 mins and you can save your wife ... Otherwise He cut her
another wrist blood woozed freshly from that wound.
Her yelp mingled with Ram' cry ..Please please don't do
anything to her.
Hey Ram..Don't cry man... This is punishment for actually for
my wife but unfortunately with your intelligence brain you trying to find out
me na sooo it goes to my darling Priya kissing her forehead.
Ram bursted with anger.
Ashwin I will kill you for sure..Please leave her.
Try to send the helicopter soon .. and your wife may survive
until 2 hours because all her blood will ooze from these cuts ..Sooo sad ..
2 hours and you can take your wife with you after I had a good time
with her.
Ram hit the window beside him in his anger..It was broke in
lto pieces .. Ashwin don't ever dare to touch her.
Priya losing her blood seeing Ram's image she prayed to
god..Please let me die God .. Please I cant bare it.Please god she is praying
to god and her eyes were drooping with giddiness.
Ashwin :Untying her knots he was about to lie her down on
bed ..when Shruthi stopped him ..He dropped Priya down.
She yelped in pain when the thorns pierced her skin .. She
cried his name Ram.

Ashwin slapped sruthi made priya lie down on cot,He slid her saree up to her knees...assulating her on her cleavage ..Priya is protesting ... she is having flashes of RAM'S Image in front of her .. He s crying for her .. He is smiling at her .. he is telling I love you to her .. he is shattering ..Their moments every image she is having in her mind ..Her tears are wavy ..she tried to push ashwin but the loss of blood make her weak .. He kissed her cleavage .. while he is havoring on her ,she shivered like a dry leaf,Her pleads gone to deaf forhis ears.he licked her flesh around the neck area,passed a comment and laughed at her.Priya ... You are wonderful still ..Sexy and your sexyness will triumph in my arms now ..He kissed her lips she lost her consciousness ...Ohhh Ram You must be enjoying na everyday ..
Vikram wanted to disconnect the call.
Ram ...held it in his hand crying copiously .. Praying to the
almighty please save her,
Please save her .. Please God.
The car halted there .. in no moment Ram jumped out the car
, ran to the bushes where the factory was there.
Despite of ACP warnings ... He ran aiming his gun infront. ACP and the rescue team landed there ..with strict ACP instructions
they started their search.
Luckily the surroundings were bushy and they could see how many were
there on security for the building.
There were few men guarding the building .. The police team
with their efficiency killed them.
Without noticing this Ram sprinted towards the door covering
his face.
Vikram was worried ...He was following ACP from the back of
the building.

From The writer:
Sorry ..I know you must be irritated by now .. Please no
tomatoes and eggs ..Only your criticism and feed back .. With the next part I will
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