Monday, 24 March 2014


Hiii myHow will be the Monday's episode in view of my thoughts...

The Great Kapoors kingdom brightening with enumerous colourful lights and welcoming the guests for the dinner .That was going to held by our king The Great Ramkapoor..
Ohhh the evening was soo colourful for every of the family member.
The joy is clearly seen because their Queen back to the kingdom.

The cold breeze waving her hair ,her pupils slowly dilated with her train of thoughts...
She closed her eyes tightly pressing her forehead with her long silky fingers. A loan tear escapes from her pearl.

For some she is a Daughter,Sister,Friend, WIFE, Daughter in law ,Sister in law, Mother..
in all these characters she lived lively and poured her heart in each relationship. Finally she became complete female.
But one day she met with an accident and all her relationships the memorable memories all were lost in her coma state..
Right now the Lil Girl of sharmas and the angel of Ram kapoor back. With single life.

She has to learn each small thing step by step.
What's the relationship?
What's an husband and wife?
What she lived?
What she loved?
What she does when some one angry or when someone happy.
It's just blank in her mind..
What she will expect from a husband or her father..
She was just like a new pet entered in a home.
Everyone showering their love in their talks and specially their eyes are speaking volumes but she couldn't able to recognise anyone but as per she knew.
They loved her from the bottom of their hearts. She wants to recollect but she couldn't.

(it's just the way I thought of her inner feelings. )

Coming to the continuation of episode:

Our king entered their bedroom. And saw his beauty getting ready for the party as his choice.
She was looking absolutely stunning in Red and Green combination Saree. But the way she wrapped its not good looking.

Woh.. I.. this.. she mumbled.
May I help you his loveble voice made her heart melt.
She moved exactly front to him with acceptation.
He draped her Saree well that the style itself got superb look on his angel.
She murmured thank you.
He clasped her wrist saying
I will help you to get ready..
He made her to sit in front of the mirror, combed her hair properly, helped her to wear jhumkis than bangles.
Priyaaa his husky voice echoed in her soft ear. Somewhere in her brain one of the mini neuron got alerted. She loved to hear the name..
In a low voice she responded hmm..
You are very fond of bangles sliding each bangle he tried to tell her how she chooses them.
How he used to wait for her.
Her slim arms are dazzling with the pinkish bangles...
When her man sliding each bangle she has felt similar touch in the past... Her neurons are acting smartly to remind the touch.
See it's finished.. With Ram's voice she came to this world.
yah it's looking beautiful she raised her hands to see.
Ram dreamily took her hands and kissed softly.
She has taken back with the sudden action from her husband.
She looked at him with confused. He bit his tongue said sorry. I'm sorry Priya.
I just...
She said it's ok.. She gazed at him with so much confidence slowly said
"Aap meri husband hai na"
It's ok...
Awww our Ram babu blushing by hearing her sweet voice.
But still Priya I'm sorry ,He opened a red colour jewellery box..
Priya I wanted to...
Before he finished the sentence Priya cheked the box her eyes glittered with some kind of unknown joy her lips automatically curved into smile.
Shahid Yemera hai na.
Ha Priya Mai I...
She nodded her head in positive.

Somewhere in the Mumbai the temple bells ringing in their ears. Both looked at each other.
Ram tied the black beads thread on her neck.
They heard the clapping sounds from the door.
Neha, vikram, pihu, Myra, & Pari were grinning and clapping.
Neha came runningly side hugged Priya but Priya littile scarily moved towards Ram.
Ram securedly side hugged her.
Wowww papa mom is looking sooo beautiful...
Nooo pihu di...she is looking Radiant...
Nooo Myra she is looking Gorgeous Pari chipred with joy.

Neha handed over the sindhoor to Ram. He took it and placed it on her maang.
She closed her eyes inhaling some emotional feel but she don't knew what was it.
Neha said wahhh..
Fatty after longtime I'm seeing our old priya.
Ram& Priya did the Pooja ,they feed sweet to each other. Al the way Ram babu looking at his most precious pearl with all his love.

In the party all blissed to have Priya back.. everything is going smoothly when Priya felt gush of flashback memories passed in her brain. She felt giddiness clutched the wall when she was about to fall "kush "supported her.
Meanwhile Ram came and took her to their room.
She went into deep slumber.
The party was over .Ram kapoor gave send off to everyone.
When he entered in to the room.
The same time Priya stirred in her sleep. Got up while stretching her hands.
She settled her Saree told
Iam sorry. Iam unable to...
It's ok Priya. No problem, how are you feeling now.
Iam Ok Ram..
Ok change your dress and come.
By the time she changed the dress, He prepared their dinner table. They had their dinner together. And chit chatting.
She has asked sooo many things. He told her patiently whatever she asked.

You are not getting bored with my questions Ram.
No... never Priya..
You know you are my life, and I have waited for this day from many years. I... leave it.
Ian not bored..
You wanted to tell something name Ram..
Nothing Priya..
Plzzz Ram tell na..
I... I love you Priya from the bottom of my heart.

She looked at him and encircled her arm around his arm.
Sorry for not remembering anything. I think Iam also in love with you

Ram's face glowed like 100 watts smile and he has given a million dollar smile.
I know I may not feel or I don't remember anything.
But my heart feels for you.
I don't knew what it is called.
I think that is called love.
I love you.
He side hugged her. She too reciprocated.
In the night
She called him..
Ram... Ram...
What happen Priya.. is everything alright.wiping her sweat.
I don't know, Iam scared.
Can I sleep near to you.
Yah sure.. she came and snuggled him..
After somtime she asked him again..
Can I sleep on your shoulder.
What's worrying you my angel, come sleep here.
He made her sleep on his chest.
She soothened by hearing his heartbeats. His strokes on her hair soothened she went in deep slumber.she snuggled more closer to him. He encircled her petite frame in his strong hands. Feeling her near to him, and her body scent is mesmarizing him.
He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She hid his face with in his broad chest.
A smile creeped on his face seeing this.

He too slept after long years with his angel beside him hugging so happily ..
They gave pause for his problems and her memory loss tensions blissfully sleeping in each other arms
Welcoming for new morning of Rayalicious world