Monday, 24 March 2014

PART-65 Sirf Meri Ho

FROM WRITER :Hi dear raeders I know i have hurted you very badly ,Its painful days for Raya ,when their love is growing ,when they are romance is going , when they were laughing you are there with ,me with the story ,with RAYA,Please bear with just these updates .
And mani ...You may find sruthi dialogues OTT but can't help it ,when a person gets angry , they will behave the way I have written ..
so please here you go with the update Thank you so much for support
There were few men guarding the building .. The police team
with their efficiency killed them ..
Without caring for anything Ram sprinted towards the door covering
his face ... Vikram was worried ...He was following ACP on the backside of
the building.
When Ashwin was trying to undress Priya ..He felt a sharp pain
in his back...A warm fluid leaked out from it ..He turned with so much pain
,..Shruthi was weakly standing with a dagger.
Ashwin :How dare you .. trying to grab her.
Shruthi :Striked the dagger once again in his stomach ..
Dard ho raha hai kya ...bahuth dard ho raha hai kya ,cutting his nerve near the
ankle ... The room filled with his scream.
When you did this to me how I should feel haa.. You bast**d
you cheat, I believed you ,I married you despite knowing Priya and you were in love
and were going to marry.
See God helped her in this also..For my betrayal to her ..I
have to get this life..I have to get ..she cried.
Ashwin:Please Shruthi .. Iam your husband ..dont kill me.
Sruthi :Laughing evilly ,Yes you are my husband and you
remember it now .. When you sent a bas***d to me ,didn't you remember
I am your wife,when you tortured me from 2 days didn't you remember I am your wife
..stabbing him again .. Tell don't you remember by this time Ashwin turned to
floor , he cried when the thorns pierced his body.
Shruthi laughingly ..see you did it for my sake na thaki I
should not run ..Now it will give you what was the real pain.. Shruthi sat on
his belly and the thorns pricked his body very deeply.
Sbruthi :I loved you with my heart and soul ,even though you
were a rogue ..I loved you but you don't deserve to be loved ..she stabbed him
I saved you Priya from this moron..I saved you ..
At the same time ACP and Vikram enetered that room.
ACP.Sharath had tears to see the scene he had handled so many cases but this was
some thing very hard to digest.
Ram escaped from all but when he was about to enter Rustham Shaik attacked him.
Ram's aim was only to find and save Priya, so he was ready for everything. Ram grabbed his revolver without thinking anything aimed at him and shot.
Rustham didnt expect this move from the business man ..He floored while his blood was gushing out .
Ram sprinted inside calling Priya.. Priya ..he was searching for her very franctically .. Mr.Ashwath spotted him called Ram ..this side may be.
When he entered the room Vikram was helping Shruthi to
cover her upper torso with his coat and same ACP was also doing with Priya .His
heart raced seeing her lying down like vegetable.
He kicked Ashwin , Shruthi spelled ..I saved her ,Now kill
this monster infront of me and make my wish come true ..His heart skipped seeing
Shruthi in wounds .. how much he tortured her.
He stumped Ashwin's face off .what Priya did to you ,bas**d
,What she has done to you ..You filthy moron he gave nice slaps to Ashwin. Ashwath came to stop this raging lion ,but Ram grabbed his rifle like a maniac he drilled in Ashwin's body .Screamingly he died.
Before Ashwath warned Ram,ACP sharath stopped him saying
that .. What we should do taking this morons into our custody .Let it be like
this he did the justice. Shruthi thanked god to give her strength to fight
until this way ,she smiled seeing him die ...Ram was cooled down by seeing his
death ,,,
He ran to her taking his life in his arms..He sat there
..He hasn't cared for thorns ..Priya only mattered now .
Priya.. Priyaa.. see I came here ..
Dekh lena Priya .. ek baar ..Please Priya.. ankhein kholo our
dekho ..
Mai..tumhara Ram .. One police handed him the water.Keeping her head in safely on his thigh, he showered some water drops on her face, She blinked her eyelids..
He slowly slapped her cheeks .. Dekho Priya ..Look at me Priya .. Please ... for once look at me ..I am here ..his body was raking with his sobs ..
Gazing at the other Side .. Shruthi dekho our tell your friend that Iam here .. His tears flowed again
His forehead touched hers , his warm tears made a way to her
face ... feeling them she slightly opened her eyes...Ram who was crying badly hasn't noticed until her wounded hand made a way to caress his cheek ever so
weakly .. He jerked and opened his eyes raised his head .. Kissed her hand.
[P]Her lips curved into a weak grin seeing her love of life ..
Don't worry sweety .. See I came .. I came na.. nothing will
happen to you .. I will save you baby
She was about to close her eyes again .. Please baby ..Please.. I am never ever gonna leave you again ..Please please be with me .. Doctorrr
he yelled at high pitch ...
Her hand still cupped in his grip ,she looked at him with
all his love , tears formed in her eyes ,she spelled "I love you "...
Ram : I love you too baby .I love you so much ..I love you more
than myself and my life..Dont leave me ..I wanted to tell you so many things
baby please please I beg of you my love
When she was about to close her eyes again..Hey baby please
please look at me .Look atme ..
Will you drink some water ha.. wwater ...Hearing his talk with
Priya everybodys heart is aching .Its so heart wrenching to see a pair like this
She nodded her head in a no ..Bah..bahuth ...
Ha sweety . tell me .. Bahuth kya hai .. damn it ..God
please let her be safe .. He cringed with pain
Bahuth dard ho raha hai ...Her words pierced his heart ..
He taken his revolver again in his hands spread the bullets
in Ashwin again until the bullets were over .

Kissing her palm again ..I will take you to the hospital now
Just be with me They will give pain
killer na ..It will subside .Please baby ..I love you .. It will go it will go
removing one of the thorns from her shoulder ..
She yelped in pain ...As per the instructions the ambulance
was there and they brought stretcher .. Ram asked to take Shruthi on that ..He carried his
bundle of love in his arms and ran towards the ambulance .. While walking he was
continuosly tring to keep her conscious.
Please priya .. can you hear me .. baby can you hear me..she
nodded her head slightly .. I brought so many chocolates for you know
...she smiled slightly ..I will buy a teddy bear for you my size ..You asked me
na .. But she was constantly losing her consciousness.
Priya ..He shouted .. She moaned hardly Hmm ...
You remember you asked my size of teddy bear ..she smiled
while her tears were flowing from eyes .
I..I wil buy for you that ...They reached the ambulance as two
were injured Ram cannot sit up in ambulance ...He laid down priya oneside. He
helped Shruthi also to get in.
He sat infront of the ambulance ..seeing from the small
window which was attached to the firstdoor ..
Doctors were giving some injections and cleaning the wounds.
Doctor: How can someone be so harsh ...She was trying to
control her emotions while dressing up the wounds..They tied bandages and kept drips ..
ACP.Sharath asked vikram to take care of Ram as he has to
finish the part here ,Vikram followed the ambulance..
So Ashwath what we do ...They searched for their own
evidences they had victorious smile seeing the rogues dead bodies .He collected
Priya's handbag and Cell phone which were lying down .. Ashwath is
still searching for something
ACP asked him what you are searching for Ashwath .I am
searching for Shruthi's phone sir ,It was on so only we got the info luckily and
we were able to find the place also ..Then as he suspected it was lying on where
Shruthi had been tortured .He found it ..

Taking all the evidences and imp things.. They blasted the
area with his own bombs ..Smilingly they came out of the area to give a
thunderous news to the media.
Ashwath sir why we should blast it ,we can take the bodies
na.. Ashwath Ashwath ..You have to learn so many yaar ..
If we take the bodies out every one would ask .. which bullets
are in Rustham's body ,If it is encounter why Ashwin is having stabbings etc
etc ..why the hell we have to face all that. They both and smiled left for thehospital.
Ram was pleading driver to take them soon .. Driver stopped
at the very first hospital he has seen .. It's a medium hospital ..Immediately the
two ladies were taken care of in expert hands ..
They started removing thorns from their bodies and here
Vikram asked a nurse to dress up Ram's wounds too ..
Every family member reached there by that time.. Ram was in daze. He actually doesn't know what he should do .Sudhir sat by Ram "Kuch nahi hua na
mera beti ko.."
Ram wiping his tears ..kuch ..kuch nahi hua hai papa ..wo bas
thodi si chot lagi thi tho ...
Bahuth dard tha papa usko bahuth ..he couldn't finish his
sentence he cried remembering her words ..Those were echoing in his ears .
Sudhir could understand his pain ..Sudhir has to take the strong
place here .. He kept his hand on Ram's shoulder assuring and consoling him.
She will be good Ram , she will fight and come back to us ..
Ram: No papa ,she is strong ,How much pain she must had
gone through..thats why she complained ..He was wiping his tears but fresh tears were forming
again and again ..
Krishnaji , Shipra crying sitting on a bench ,Nuts ,Karthik, Rishab hearing Ram they cried even bitterly.
Whats going to happen ,they were unable to understand .. ACP
Sharath came there with Shruthi's parents ..Handing over Priya's belongings to
Ram . [Handbag &Phone] we will cover everything you just don't tell
anything to media .. By that time Ram's eyes were swollen with his nonstop crying for his love ..

Soon the doctor said Shruthi is sinking you have to move her
to Higher center ,and Priya needs transfusion of the blood so we have to
immediately start that.
Ram asked them to arrange ambulance for Shruthi immediately, how
much ever would be the expenses also I will pay. Vikram you go with them giving his card to
him ,He sent Vikram with sruthi to higher hospital .
Doctor : Mr.Ram If you want to take your wife to higher
center we will make it available ,you can shift Priya to other hospital as she
may need 24 hour observation .
Ram nodded his head , He deliberately sat with Priya in the ambulance holding her hand so delicately.
He was praying for her wellness. They reached the hospital where Priya was previously shown.
Priya is known to everyone in that hospital .When Nuts got
admitted Priya became popular among the hospital staff with her charming and friendly nature .
When they wheeled her to the hospital,Ram got flashes of priya waiting for him in the lounge when Nuts was still in delivery room .Then They both came to hospital  regarding her health check up , he used to annoy her while she was giving blood for tests .
She used to ask him donate blood and tease him about his scare of Injections.When he used to pout she laughed at him sweetly .
Sudhir called out him: Ram beta .Ram came out of from his thoughts  gazed at him with worried face .Doctor wants to talk with you .
Dr.Ray is sitting in his chair , reading some case papers when Ram entered his cabin.He looked up at him ,The shrewd businessman  nervously sat infront of him , Dr.Ray was a well known General physician and family doctor of Kapoors. From past three years he was seeing this man. He never ever saw The Ram Kapoor like this , his clothes were filled with blood stains, his eyes were anguished ,swollen ,pale face with disshelved hair.
Ram:Tell me doctor ,Is she ok
Dr.Ray :Well Ram ,This is a very sensitive issue ,I have talked with ACP.Sharath , he is my good friend ,but I want to know it from you what exactly happened over there clearly .
Seeing the man with his blood shot eyes ,His voice paused in his larynx fresh tears formed in his eyes remembering the  assault in his love of life .
Some one clicked the door , came in hurry , Ray what is this , you forgot we have to go to the function , our daughter is calling from the time I started the surgery , this girl bhi na .. she stunned to see there was a man sitting infront of Ray and he looked so familiar to her .
Dr.Ray as well as Ram looked at her .Ram was surprised to see her at Dr.Ray's cabin .
She was none other than Dr.Aruna ..
She didn't understand what exactly was going on , but seeing his attire she could guess that some drastic thing has happened .
What happened ?? she asked with a fear .
Dr.Ray gazed at Ram ,guessing that he may tell her . Ram downcasted his eyes ,tears were flowing uncontrollably .
Will someone can tell me wat happened , why you are bruised .. wait wait .. where is Priya Dr.Aruna shot her questions.
Dr.Ray got up from his seat ,made his wife sit beside him ..They both were very famous infact Dr.Ray only referred Priya case to Dr.Aruna but Ram doesn't know she is wife of Ray .
Shh cool Aruna, I only called you to discuss the case , Please cool down Dr.Ray made her sitdown .
Well Ram she is my wife , unfortunately she is very close to Priya and she always  tells about her anguish to become mother .She always tells me about your pair, how loveble pair you are.
Ram looked at her sadly , said Priya has a charm she  will be liked by all instantly .His eyes were raining tears. He had told them what happened with Priya from morning onwards .
Dr.Aruna had tears in her eyes ,she quickly got up to check on Priya ,at the same time Dr.Ray got a call that Priya was behaving weirdly , she wasn't listening to anyone.
Dr.Ray: What ?? Im coming there right now, common we have to go to priya .Ram fast all three ran to her room hurriedly ..
Three reached the room where Priya was lying ,her eyes were half closed ,two sisters were holding her  in place but she was unable to control by them ,she was slurringly speaking ..
Noo..Noo..don't touch me ..You are so sick ..she is crying and yelling
Iam feeling warms all over my body , please let me go,please ..her words were enough to know what might she was going through. Ram went and took her in his hold , hugging her tightly..
Priya .. Priya ruko ,,, look ..Im Ram here ,see baby .. But she was continuously moving her limbs and head in different directions .. scraping her body ,wiping as something was moving on her ..
No no no please ...
Dr.Ray advised to give 1cc Midazolam ,Dr.Aruna looked at him while her own tears were forming .
The sister gave the injection while Ram was holding her in his firm grip ..
Slowly ..Priya had became silent because of the medication .
Ram hugged her cried olding her ...Dr.Ray signaled the nurses to leave them alone .
They left ..Sirf char log the room me..Dr,Ray and Dr.Aruna witnessing the true love of a husband and wife. After few moments Ram settled Priya on the bed , covered her with a white duvet until her neck ,he caressed her forehead , kissed it telling I miss you ..
He looked at the pair which were seeing intently at him .You want to tell me something na..Tell Iam ready to listen ..