Monday, 24 March 2014


Hii Gorgeous BALHians I know its shortone but i want to share this thought with you all ..Its a small birthday present on sakshi's Birthday .. Enjoy the day .. and wish our princess with luck & happiness ..Plz wish her on this thread..

"Hame appki madath ki jaroorath hai !!
Plz mai aapke aage hath jhodthi hu!!
Plz meri bachhi ko dund lijiye,
Mai[sobs] mai
manthi hu ki shayd ham se galthi huyi hai !!
lekin mai aapke aage hath jodithu hu plz meri bachhi ko dhoond lijiye "
[Just watch her acting yaar ,mind blowing ]Take a bow lady and live happily ..

Hearing her words,Even the inspector eyes moistend ..
He assured her ,Mam we will start our search right now .
Plz aapne app ko sambhaliye[Plz control your self]
He immediately sent Pehu picture and details to every station ,he himself went for searching .
Ram entwind his hand with her ,Priya control yourself ..
We have to be strong now ,For Peehu's sake ..
Plz come with me and search for her ..
They went to school and from there they were searching each inche for their adorable daughter.
Tring tring ...
Ram's mobile rang ..
He attended the call ,His face went pale ..Turned his direction to bandra road ..
Priya asked him What happen ??Did they found her ??
Is there any news about her ??Plz tell me ,her tears are uncontrolable
They had a news about her but they were not able to find any ??Plz be calm we are going there .
Soon their car reached to the bandra city hospital gates ..
Priya eyes flouded with tears ..
Ram where are we ??why you brought me to the hospital ??
Pe..peehu theek tho hai na ??
He got down he made her to getdown from the car ?
Rammm !!Im asking you only ??His face hung down ??
We have to go ,they all are waiting for us..
Priya followed him in a daze ,she clucthed his arm tightly seeing all the patients ..
He put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her ..
Soon they reached the police ,Where they were waiting for RAYA..
Sir :He is the boy who survived in the accident .
Matlab ??
Ram's face went pale ,He feels that earth is crashing under his feet ,he began to sweating very badly ,his left hand went to support Priya ...But all he feel is empty ...
He quickly glanced at the site .. Priya sliding down dazly supporting the wall ,Her tears are flowing like floud,her eyes became red ,Her body shivers with worst fear of her life ..
She murmurs "This ..this can't be true ""
that ..wo...this can't be true ..
Ram kneels down infront of her ,Priya he called her very softly..
Ram ... She first time called his name after 5 years ..
Ram peehu said that she dont leave me alone ..
How this will happen ..her sobs racking the body ,He engulfed in a brief hug,He rubbed her back to soothen her up .
Police: Sir this way plz ..
Ram: Clutched priya's shoulder ,gave her strength to walk furthur ..
They leads to one room...where a tiny bundle packed in a white sheets ..
Priya looked at him ,his hand is shivering ,her legs were trembling ..
They were in dilemma ..what exactly is happening ??
She glanced around the room ,found a tiny bundle lying on the bed lifelessly ..
She gasped "Rammm"
Do you believe this is true ..
No Ram ,You are mistaken ,nothing happend to her
plz leave me ,i want to go ..
plz this is not true ..plz I wil search her ..
Leave me for god's sake ..
Ram:Priya dear plz its just confirmation ..
Phir bhi Ram ,she yelled at him ..
I know about peehu , she wont let me leave alone and go .
I love her dammit ,its not her ..why dont you understand ..
she writhed under his grip to free herself.
Police :Mam its just verification purpose .. just see the dead body and clear the confusion wether it is your daughter or not !!
Priya angry red eyes glared at him ...He feared at the site ..and steps back when she aproaching him.
Do you have a daughter ,she asked him
police:Yes mam ..
Did she missed anytime ..
Police:yes mam ,when she was a kid but soon we found her ..
Priya:she cut him in between .at that time ,I will show  this lifeless kid body to you and asks sir  just for clarification ,How you feel..
Police:Sorry mam..
Priya:Please we all are parents , we all love our kids ..Even [crying badly] this kid's parents also will feel bad when they heard about this tragedy ..
But i strongly feel she is not our daughter , She ran from there leaving all stunned ..
Police : Sir!!!
Ram : She is correct Inspector ,It wont be our daughter ..He too rushed after her ..
Calling her priya ..priya ..
she ran and sat on the bench which was placed in outside the garden ..
He sat beside her ..She cupped her face in her palms sobbing ..
Priya ..I sent total team to search for her ..Plz we will find her by tonight ..
Dont worry ..she will be alright ..
She looked at him with love and emotion ..
"She is my life Ram, I love you and I love her "
You two people are my heartbeats Ram...
He astonished for a while with her confession ..He came to reality when he found his shirt wet be her tears .. He can't see her in this state ..He too was trying to be strong but tears spilling from his eyes too seeing the vulnerability of the situation and themselves..
Priya mai kuch kehana chahatha hu tum se !!
She looked at his dark eyes with her tear filled eyes ,blinked them to cotinue ..
"I ..I ..Lo"
A shrill ringing tone alerted them ..
She asked him lift the phone ..It must be about peehu ..
He attended the call ..His tears flowing uncontrollably
"Listening "Papa " from that side
Priya shakes him asking what happend ..
He kept it on loud speaker he seriously not getting the words ..
Papa this time her voice lil bit crying mode ..Mamma hai waha pe ...
Priya happiness is no boundaries ..
Princess where are you baby ,she swallowed a lump in her throat and prayed to god 1000times to hear her lively voice ..
He soon called to vikram told her tap his phone and find out where peehu is exactly ..
The location .. Ram pulled priya to get into the car while she pampering peehu with her motherly talk ..
Peehu aap kaha hai ??
Mamma muzhe nahi patha hai ,mai aapka ghar ke ardess dhoondthe dhoondthe ..
Priya heard peehu crying ...
She too was crying hearing her kid ..
Dekho baby mamma our papa aaraha hai aapke pass ..
Meanwhile vikram traced the location with the help ofdetective team..Told the adress to Ram..
soon Ram reached the destination because it is near to the hospital ...
He was searching for peehu there but he didnt find her ..
He took the phone from priya, asked peehu what she can see her surroundings..
She told she is seeing a road ..
nahi beta our kya ??
ek bada sa vehicle hai ??Ram searched for that soon he found out the truck , he asked her , the red colour one
Ha papa ! she said
he almost ran that side with priya and they found their lil bundle sitting under a tree , crying & talking with them ...
Priya ran to her hugged her kissing her each inch of face and checking wether she had any bruises are hurt.. he too engulfed her into a big hug ..
Threesome hugged ..Cried their heart outs ..
Peehu ...mamma im hungry ,allo parantha chahiye !!
Both are smiled at each other ..They were back to priya's flat ..
Peehu sitting in Priya's lap ,She is stroking her hairs slowly asking the details what leads to this type of hurry ..
Peehu playing with the phone asked her dad..
"Papa ...when you will feed mamma's number in it "
Both broke into laughter seeing her charmingness again ..
Priya cursed herself for yelling at Ram when he gave Mobile to her ..But today that was helped her finding Peehu ..She was very glad to see her back ..
They reachd their flat ..had their dinner ..Peehu asked Ram to sleep beside her ,he obeyed it ,she slept nicely between their mom and dad..
Ram touched Priyas hand that is lying on Peehu's tummy ..
She looked at him ..He looked at her ..
Mai chaltha hu !!!he said to her
Why dont you stay here today ,I think I'm still in fear of losing her forever ..
He shuts her mouth his fingers..she asked him plz ..
He said "Ok"
By the way you are about to tell something in the hospital yard..
Hmm scractching his temple ...
Nothing ...
he spelled slowly
"I Love you in past ,present and future tooo "
I too love you with moistend eyes she grasped his hand more tightly ..Both slept snuggling closer to their princess ..

Both knows they love each other , they have to clarify manythings , But the uniqueness of their relationship always stayed still ...
that is "they are mean to be together "
Soon they will clarify everything and will lead a happy life ..

Missing their closeness'
Missing their togetherness
Missing their princess
makes witnessed
their love towards each other ..
we hope they will show in the sereial also this kind of realization..