Monday, 10 March 2014

PART-60 Sirf Meri Ho


The sun was peeping from the window ,the rays were emitting their shine on our ever loving couple Raya .She stirred and snuggled more closer to him .He woke up to see the ever loving site infront of him, his wife lying as birthday girl , and her shoulders are showing his lovebites from yesterday night .
The sun still steeling the glances of these lovebirds, "Curtains band kijiye na Ram "her sleepy husky voice echoed in Ram's ears ,He smiled hearing her voice ,he closed them fully and slipped to her side , taking her in his arms embracing her petite frame firmly in his strong arms, kissing her forehead .
She felt his warmth kissing on his chest "I love you " she moaned in his skin .His fingers thredding in her hairs .He remembered his birthday ,nowhere a big grin adorned on his face ..Her words echoing in his ears. She felt fatigue and slept again.

His thoughts brisking in his brain randomly ,"what is it bothering Priya ", gazing at her sleepy form in his arms, she has so much love for me and she expressed but in that she feels that she is missing me and some thing is bothering her .Kissing her palm he promised innerself that he will make her fears storm away by this wedding anniversary .He walked away for his morning chores.
After some time She slowly peeped out from the duvet , the night flashes came infront of her ,she blushed reminiscing  what all happened .She confessed how much he means to her and she made him realize to what extent she loves him but right now she is feeling one self awkwardness, shy to face him directly .
Meantime Ram came out from the washroom ,drying his hair with towel .
Her eyes glowed to see him , his chest welled up ,his muscular shoulders  tightened, her inners roared with a new joy ,some drops of water dribbling from his chest , Her eyes captured before it went further.what a sexy site she held her breath and hissed under her breath .
Ram wished her ..Hey when you got up ,Good Morning .
Priya:setting her duvet close to her neck ,she mimed him  Good Morning .
Ram: rolling his tongue to the cheek,He sat beside her ,she crunched more into the mattress tightening her duvet more to her .He leaned on her , his breath gave her tingling sensation ,her cheeks turned in to brilliant pinkish colour , "What you wanna hide from me "?
Priya : shrinking herself more into mattress unable to gaze at him .
Ram:Holding duvet in his fist ,Look at me Priya ..
Priys:Her eyelashes heavily raised from its place to see most amazing image,her face flustered.
Ram:Is there anything to hide from me still ?pulling the duvet slowly ,You yourself wanted me to lick your every inch of body yesterday and I did that favour also to you then is there any secrets left with out touching.
Priya: she can only utter na...nahhi as she was breathless with his presence.
Ram.Laughing out loud , Why you are blushing ,It's me ,Your husband ,I have seen you ,he tried to pull more ,In between she held it in her grip
Priya:I  know nothing left but aise achha nahi lagtha..
Ram: Gave a million dollar smile to her , We have been married for almost a year and still when I want to see ,you will blush like its our first time,And I love it ...
Priya : In fake anger , tho patha hai na aapko .. jayiye idhar se ..[you know it na , please go from here]
Ram:Nahi toh leaning on her ,biting her exposed skin .
Priya : Pleaseee ..
Ram : unwillingly he left her turned to other side , she slowly got up and rushed inside the washroom , she can hear slow giggles from back ..
Ram : you are so cute Priyuuu..i love you more than everyday.Priyu such a lovely name .. will try calling her ..
[Mani , hope your wish will come true in this update ]
Priya freshened up came out of changing room , She was feeling weakness and was very tired too ,she felt like puking but she was ok with it. She was thinking because of her roaming and preparing all the things  she might be feeling like this ,she quietly wore her jhumkaas and sat in front of mirror .
She heard some one calling her Priyu... she twirled back found none ..
Ram : Priyu ...hugging her from behind ...inhaling her sweet aroma after bath..
Priya: What is this again :
Ram: "What Priyuuu" ...She sighed ,her face turned into different colour as well as the expression too , "Kya hua Priyuuu .."
Priya: Snapping on his arm, don't call me with that , I will Kill this Neel for surely .
Ram: Kithna cute hai Priyu ..I so loved it ,unnecessarily Iam calling you sweety ,Now onwards I will call you Priyu ..and wanna see your gentle smile with blush whenever I call you so ..same like this pulling her cheeks.
Priya: Please Ram ,whenever Neel calls I feel some strange feeling so I will tell her don't call with that ..
Ram:Strange matlab ...
Priyia:Simply ,I like that name but she always teases me with it ...
Ram: I know you love that .. Love you Priyu ..
Priya: Playfully hits on his chest ,Ram sitting on bed making her sit on his lap ..Before she could protest he took her lips in his ,mouldering the energy from her slowly yet sensuously,his fingers making twirls in her open hair ,He sucked her bottom lip leaving her in shortness of breath , he gazed at her , she huffed for breath ,..Their romance disturbed by somebody calling them continuously from the down stairs ..both went to see what happened .
There Sonal's parents came with some other relatives .. Ram as well as Priya were astonished to see them early in the morning .Sonal parents have waited well enough until Nuts recovered . Now they came to ask for the marriage date so that they can rush out other important business dealings after  this marriage .
Krishna ji discussed with Ram , everybody fixed their marriage date .. That is exactly 10days after Raya anniversary .When everybody retired ..Nuts raised a question ,If we start the marriage preparations can't we go to Machan  ,as you planned for your anniversary .She asked very innocently to her bhai .
Ram:We surely will go until then I will manage to finish every work regarding marriage and the last touch ups we will come back and finish.
Some how Priya didn't like the idea .So she said "Ram , we can go after marriage also na , whats hurry in that , we have to do a lot of preparations".
Ram : Smiled , that's what he loves more in her , Its her wedding anniversary and she don't want to go because of the Ape marriage preparations.
"See If you feel there is lot of work to do just before the day of our anniversary , I will deffo quit this idea , ok ", he assured her ,she smiled ,everyone had a smile on their face.
Priya was packing her lunch box,she was in the kitchen ,she didn't hear Ram calling her,, everyone laughed out loud ,Asking once more ..Priya who came intime ,asked whats going on ...
Ram :Priyuuu we are getting late ...common ...
Priya: Was baffled ,How he is teasing her infront of every one .. She silently walked to him, Chaliye ..
Ram: Smiled seeing her flusterd angry face .. Couldn't help it but smile ..
Krishna ji :Nuts ye Priyu ko dedo giving her an apple .
Nuts:Priyuuu bhabhiii here it is ..
Rishab :Priyuuu ,You always  are very hurry in doing things,,
Priya:"What happened now" she asked with a confusion and concern all over her face.
Same as everyone leaned to hear what he is telling .
Rishab :Our nahi tho kya bhabhi , You were born 10 years before me ,If you born one day after me also ,I would have  eloped you from your family ,dragging her from Ram , twirling her in a dance   move ..I would have eloped and  married ,, and at the same day I would have called Priyu infront of all ..
Everyone started smiling seeing their small move of dance and teasing , Ram marched towards them dragging her from Rishab, "but now there is no chance because Priyu is mine only mine ,do you get that "in a light stern voice .He side hugged her possisively .She is just mine better luck next time and I bet in next time also she will be mine winking at her ..
Rishab :moked JEALOUS..
Ram was about to hit him,Priya stopped Ram ,telling "chodiye na,we are getting late.."
Priya's face turned in to a deep red colour because of family teasing .. And today even her hubby didn't leave a chance to tease her .She was smiling inside but covered it with fake anger .He sat in driver seat respectively she sat  beside him .He was so enjoying seeing her like that .
Ram :while driving ,, her eyes capturing the flowing images ,his eyes capturing her image,He cleared his throat but she didn't react.
Priyuuu his voice enthralled her heart ,she gazed at him .. Pausing the car on traffic signal .
She raised her eyebrow asking what ?
Ram  removing his seat belt ,quickly he leaned on her captured her lips for a moment and biting her lowerlip he sat back in his position .With in a span of time it was all over ,Priya was feeling his lips on hers , she took time to register what has happened .. Traffic cleared ans he drove the car flashing a smile on his face.
Priya:W..What you did ..what just happened..
Ram :You registered  correct and you felt perfect ,I kissed you .
Priya:she hit him on his shoulder , What happened to you ,you are behaving like a newly wedded ,
Ram:Our nahi tho kya? Its just a year old so I am newly wedded only..
Priya  too smiled listening that , she  called him Ram ..she was hesitated to tell something .
Ram pressed her palm with his left hand asked her whats bothering you .
Priya: Looking down she answered him , I missed the month again ,we have to meet the doctor moreover I am feeling the same fatigueness and dizziness.
Ram turned the car to hospital side to meet the doctor .but unfortunately his family Dr.Aruna was not there .He rang her , she said Iam sorry Ram ,I  came to Delhi to attend  a clinical meeting ,You meet Dr.VIdhya she will help you out .
Ram:But doctor your know Priya she is bit depressed regarding kids and she may not be comfortable with another doctor ,so when  are you coming back ..
Dr.Aruna:In that case let me talk with Priya and ask her symptoms then I will suggest something .
Ram happily gave the phone to PrIya
Dr.Aruna: How are you feeling Priya ,what happened again ?
Priya: I am feeling uneasiness ,same symptoms like before ,tired ,and hectic work in office and home too so littl ebit stressed too again my mensus missed this time too , even though Iam having good nutritious food its 2nd month I haven't get  .She said the details to her .
Dr.Aruna:Only these symptoms or any thing else like nausea  or so ...
Priya:No doctor ,Iam fine .Same symptoms like before
[May be If Priya said here about her morning sickness ,nausea feeling- to the doctor story could have turned differently but as she didn't say Raya missed a good celebration here.
Or the doctor adviced other than Hb test this story could have turned a different way but as she didn't personally met them she wanted to check priya thourughly once she was back in Mumbai ]
Dr.Aruna : Ok give the phone to Ram .
Ram :Ha doctor ..
Dr.Aruna:Ram , I think she must be in stress and may be that's affecting on her health again .Do one thing check her Hb once then after seeing the report I will send a message what you should use.
Ram:That's' so kind of you doctor .Bye .
Dr.Aruna :Thinking herself ,Have to go and check her completely ,what's bothering her .God please make her wish come true ,she sighed as she knows how desperate Priya is regarding kids, last time also she came to her thinking she might have conceived but that turned out to be anemia .she blessed Priya in her heart and was again buried in her work . Don't know how long this chronic anemia might affect her .
They have taken blood from Priya , with in 30 mins they have given the report and HB indicated 8.
Ram had a smie on his face seeing this Priya worried .But Ram assured her it will be gonna good , don't worry , he eased her tension ,dropped her in college and left tohis office .
She reached the staff room where everyone was retired to classrooms,As she was late she missed her first class.She sat there while her mind was going on  terrible thoughts regarding her health .
Neel who came to the staffroom finishing her classes was surprised to see Priya sitting there .
Neel: Priyuuu ...
Priya: Coming out of her thoughts ..Huhh ..  "did you say something .."
Neel :Soo you are in dreams of your husband, kya Priyuu..
Priya: Stop calling that , and you know what ,Now everyone teasing with this name ,Including my hubby raising her eyebrows
Neel:Clapped ,see atlast The Ram Kapoor is trying to act smart .
Priya :He is always smart .
Neel:haaa haaa Some body is getting Jealous ...
Priya : Nahi toh ...
Neel:Priyu... You can hide from me anything but your eyes ,they will speak 1000s of volumes .so better tell me what happened ,I have to catch another class in few minutes.
Priya: She said what has happened in the morning  ,she had teary line while telling ,If its again anemia ,I have to wait for few months .Neel hugged her ..
Neel:Common  Priyu  ,chill see enjoy with your hubby until that time , when babies will come husbands have to back of from their bed also ..See now cheer up .You are a good human being ,God will bless you soon .Common now no rona dhona .. Your students wont be able to listen your class seeing your dull face.
Priya:Neel are impossible girl ..
Neel :Smilingly Yes I am ,common now ..They both headed to their respective classes .
In the evening Ram had brought some syrups and Iron supplements to her .Seeing them Priya sighed .
She freshened up , had her juice some how she was not feeling well ,she went to washroom puked out all.She reminded from past few days she is feeling nauseatic and today when doctor asked her she said No .She thought of talking with the doctor again  .Her eyes rested for a nap . When Ram came to his room he found her sleeping in the couch itself in an awkward manner. He lifted her up made her liedown on the bed .
When she got up the clock struck 9 o clock in the night , her handsome was working on his laptop munching some chips . She stretched her arms called him ..He smiled ,simply evolved himself in her stretched arms hugged her lightly .
Priya: Sorry aankh lag gayi , had your dinner.
Ram:Not yet , If you are free may I honour of having dinner with you .
Priya: Smilingly ha...They both had dinner ,she took the medicines ,,they discussed the plan of Apeksha's marriage and both slept .
The days were travelling busy with the marriage preparations .Ram has given all the instructions to the vendors ,They all were doing efficiently starting from the car decoration , function hall , variety of cuisines , garden decoration every thing .. everything is going smoothly and very briiliantly ..
Priya was having tough time to cop up with the on going Marriage preparations , her classes , These days she was not comfortable with food ,Ram too teased her in the morning "Priyuu you became choosy these days "Eat properly yaar "  Every body laughed hearing that including her .But She had some unavoidable feeling bothering in her heart and some new sensation alluring around her . Soon she turned off those thoughts evolved herself in work . She forget to talk with doctor again .The days passed like wind and their anniversary date was approaching by the time almost every work was finished and they were left with few decorations but that was going to start two days before the marriage ..
Ram and every one reached the the Machan resorts at the night before their anniversary , every one retired to their rooms to get a good nap ...
Natasha: Wondered seeing the place , bhai this is awesome , we should take toll on this surrounding tomorrow .All were excited like kids .