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PART-63 Sirf Meri Ho

From writer .:

I know I know you all
eagerly waiting .. This is the turning point of the story so this part may
be boring for you or you may feel like filler part. But it will be the base for the coming twist and the chapter
too, so please bear it and shower your likes and comments .. There is No priya in
this part ,Technically I feel I did justice to this part with appropriate amounts
of ingredients from all sides.If you feel any you can ask ..I will clear the
doubts ..

P.s:Who all guessed it wil be him ,everyone is correct ...Tongue

Thank you so much ..

ACP Sharath waS stunned to hear it ..Why someone would

try to blast his office ..

DGP:He is a business
enterpreneur . He may have

so many enemies .

ACP:Let me handle this
in my own way ..I will take your leave now .. tell Mr.Ram kapoor that you have
handed this case to me ..

DGP: sure ..
Then both
bid bye to each other .. ACP started from there to Kapoor Industries ..

ACP's thoughts were drifted to two years back when he and his team arrested the cold
blood murderer "Rutham Shaik" He blasted two places in Mumbai ,There people got
killed with no mercy .The blasts were very horrible , He was so shocked when he heard the news about his escape from the Jail .

How come they were so neglect when this pervert minded
coward was in their custody,His fists clinched with anger and thinking about
outcome of this result ..

While he was in his thoughts their car entered the
Kapoor industries .

Where the other police officials got the information about
his arrival, Everyone saluted him , They lead him to the area where the
explosion has taken place .

Ram kapoor and Vikram also reached the place hearing ACP
Sharath's arrival.

They shaked hands officially .ACP sharath asked him

Mr.Kapoor can you please tell me what all this indicating ,
Do you have enemies or are you suspecting anyone in particular.

Ram:Sir from the past 15 years I am leading the business ,I would
have many opponents but I don't think some one can do like this .

Vikram actually sir , We had a meeting today in the morning
but it got postponed yesterday night .

Acp:wait wait ...when was the meeting to be held on ..

Vikram :It was supposed to be at 7.30 am in the morning .

ACP: So why it got postponed?

Ram :Sir actually I had some personal work so I wanted to
postpone till afternoon .

ACP: May I know what's the personal work ..

RaM: It's ,I had to take my wife to hospital so ...

ACP: So Mr.Ram your wife must have saved you ...

Ram & Vikram: in unison , What do you mean sir ?

ACP:While exploring the area ..

You heard it crrect Mr.Kapoor . Your wife must have saved you.Actually this bomb explosion might be targeted at you .

The main Target is you Mr.Kapoor , If you would not have changed
your plan .This bomb explosion would have been successful .

Ram :How ?? he confusedly gazed at Vikram ..

ACP: Well who planned this bomb explosion , we don't know yet, but whoever planned , he planned it just to kill you , but in the last minute you
have changed the plan and the culprit doesn't know that. So as per his plan you would be
here in the morning to attend the meeting .

Still Ram &Vikram were looking at him confusingly ..

Well Mr.Kapoor and Mr.Shergill , If you would have attended the meeting
early in the morning ,the security gaurds of your company would be busy in
attending the company guests, escort their cars or escort them ..They would be
busy in that, so then the culprit could have finished his work easily ..

Mr.Kapoor This is all pre planned sketch , The culprit might
know about these surroundings very well .See this wire was connected upto the
conference room ..So if the big explosion would have occured no one could have
survived .

Luckily your wife ..I mean to say .. Luckily you post poned
it because of your wife ..

Vikram tugged Ram's shoulder assuring him ,nothing will happen
as he was also with him ..

They needed some fresh air , so Vikram offered , "It will be
very helpful if we move out to Ram's cabin and there we can discuss other
things too .

Everyone entered their office ..Ram &Vikram showed
Cctv footage also but that guys were wearing fase masks so they couldn't get
anything from that .

But ACP got an idea .. The thiefs were not wearing anything
for eyes so he ordered the police take the eyes picture and match with in their
criminal database of forencic lab .. They saluted him telling "Yes Sir :" they went
off .

ACP sharath asked their old employee records, those who
were either
dismissed or suspended .

Ram : 5 mins I wil
call my secretary to bring the files to you .

Ram :Taking his phone out to call ,he found few missed calls from Dr.Aruna..

Oh Shit ,fanned his hair behind with his palm ..

Vikram asked ,WHAT HAPPENED??

Ram :Nothing , I left priya in the hospital and ..

let it be .. now I got many missed calls from DR.Aruna..

He immediately called her back ..

With in two rings she attended it ..

With a bright voice she said "Congratulations Mr.Kapoor "

Ram : Who was in a hurry of telling sorry for not attending the call
previously ..

He was surprised as well as annoyed why at this time she was wishing him
congratulations ..

Ram :I am sorry Doctor but can you clearly tell me ,is everything ok with
Priya , his concern formed as a few sweat beads on his forehead .. wiping it
with some tissue he keenly listened to that side..

Dr Aruna:Well Mr.Kapoor ,I have checked your wife completely and Your wife
is pregnant ..

Ram :Went speechless , he stood up from his chair , Vikram and ACP both looked astonished trying to emphasize whats happening with Ram .

Vikram moved towards Ram ..

Are..Are you sure dddoctor[his words stammered ] , his lips curved a
broad grin ,and his cheeks got a radiant pinkish colour .

Holding Vikram's hand ,Ram waited for the answer ..

Dr.Aruna:she gave a soft smile to him , Ha Mr.Kapoor Iam sure ,reports are
just infront of me .She is pregnant and double congratulations ..she is carrying
twins ..

Ram :Omg ...he fisted Vikram's hand tightly despite of Vikram's painful yellings, he jumped with joy ..

Thank you so much doctor ..Thank you very much ...Twins ...How ..many ..I
mean how much big they are ..

Biting his tongue ..I mean how many days ..A lone tear escaped from his eyes, remembering Priya's wish & her smiling face.

Dr .Aruna: she gave a motherly smile ,It's 3 months Ram ..

Ram :You mean .. 3 months .. Matlab she is pregnant and I foolishly thought
its her health problem ..

Jesus ..he hit the chair and saying thanks a ton ..He disconnected the call

Vikram and ACP congratulated him .

Ram called Priya to know what she was doing , why she didn't call to tell
the news .

Inspite Ram got a call from Dr.Aruna again ..

Dr.Aruna:Sorry Ram I forgot to tell you ,Priya left after her scan I asked
her to wait but when I called for her again she was not there in the lobby , and this
good news also I didn't tell her , I wanted to call her but in every of her
reports only your number got printed so couldn't able to connect with her .

Ram:Oh Thank you so much doctor , she must have gone to her college .. I will
tell her ..Thank you so much for this favour ..

Ram was indeed very happy to hear the news .. He asked ACP to take a seat in
other cabin , "It's just adjacent to this cabin and Jenny will show you what you asked for ."

ACP smilingly walked to the otherside cabin, it's a glass cabin , he can
hear what they were talking ..

Ram again tried to call Priya asusaul .It was switched off ..

Ye priya bhi na .. his nervousness clearly showed off ..Vikram smilingly

Are sabar kar yaar , she will come to home .. then you can surprise her ..

Ram : surprise .. wait .. I will arrange a good surprise for her , he called
to Krishnaji and Sudhir ji and shared the good news with them along with the office
incidents .. he asked everyone to be present at Kapoor mansion as he will come with
her by evening .

Everyone was very happy hearing the good news ..and that too twins hai tho
their happiness has no bounds . Every body was arranging to surprise Priya by the
evening ..

Ram was elated and jumped after planning the surprise ..He called again to Priya
asusaul it was switched off .

His eagerness couldn't stop him calling to Neel ..

After few rings , Neel attended the call .

Before she could say hello ..

Ram: Neel , can you give the phone to priya ,I am dying to talk with her please please ..

Neel: Surprised as well as smile lingered on her lips seeing his eagerness to
talk with his wife .


Ram :Yah ...She came little late today ..

Neel: Yah she told me but after that I didn't meet her anyway Iam going to
our room ,will give it to her .. When she entered Priya's seat was empty ..

Neel : asked the other colleague ..

Hey Sheela ,Where Is Priya ?Its going to be 1pm,still she is taking class

Sheela:Priya ..wo aayi hi nahi hai .

Neel:What ??But she said she will come .

Sheela:But she didn't come..

Ram who listened to this , he was astonished ,where she will go without
telling him

Neel:Sorry Ram , she didn't come it seems .. Isn't she in your home after
coming from the hospital

Ram:No neel , I just called home to tell the good news ..but she is not

Neel:What's the good news by the way ,you wanted to tell only to Priya kya?

Ram : His blushy smile lingered again ,ha Neel ,don't tel her she is
pregnant with twins .

But before Doctor called her to the cabin she left from there .

Neel:Congratulations I mean double wali congratulations ,I won't tell her
but where she has gone ..

Ram's face was sullen with the news that priya is not there .. he disconnected the call
saying if she comes there call me immediately .

Wjere the hell she has gone Vikram .. Some of his nerves in his heart tugging
him badly to talk with his wife . Somewhere a drop of fear formed in his brain.what had happened to Priya??

Why she isn't answering my call?

Vikram too was distracted by things from the morning ,He was also feeling same.
Something was drastically missing from them ..

Ram sat helplessly in his chair and his fingers dialing unempttetnth time to
Priya's mobile..

Vikram assured him "Nothing happened ,she might have gone to visit someone or NGO"
but all the calls were failed to give a big NO from them.

She didn't go anywhere ..and his feet refusing to let him sit calmly in the
chair .

ACP.Sharath came out of his cabin ,Ok Mr.Kapoor .Its already 2 you better
have your lunch ,I will come with a source to you ..when he turned to shake
hands with Vikram .

Ram's cell Buzzed ...It was indicating Priya's name on it ..

He quickly received the call for one ring ..

Hello priya ,,, where are you ...mai kab se tumhe call kar raha hu ..I miss
you yaar ,where are you ,I wil come and pick you ...

A huge evil laugh he heard from otherside ..

WHO THE HELL are you ..Ram's voice fumed with anger ..

Again the evil laugh echoed in his ears ..Vikram pulled the phone kept it on
loud speaker .

Still He is continuosly laughing ...

Achha Ram Kapoor ,King of business is missing Priya ..His wife ..

Shosshhho...How ...

How she will come When she is tied with a
nilan rope to a wooden chair in my room . ha..

Ram:Tum ho koun ..

The other man : Again his evil laugh continued ..

Are The great business man forgot me ...Who kicked me black and blue has forgotten
me ..

Rubbing his cheek with palm .. How can I forget what you did to me .

Ram: Ashwin ...You sick bandicoot , leave my priya .Otherwise

AShwin: Stopped his sentence ..Otherwise what you will do ..ha..

What you will do .. Nothing ..

I will do anything with her .. I can touch her ,I can kiss her I can

Before Ashwin could go further Ram yelled at him :Basta*d ,If you touch her or
if you do any harm to her ,I will kill you with my bare hands rascal .. Leave
her alone ..His voice dipped down ..Tears formed in his black eyes ..He
collapsed on the ground on his knees ..

Ashwin: Achha you will kill me .. well we will see how you would kill ...I want
50 crores and a helicopter urgently then
I will think about rest ..Wait for my call .. and frankly Priya is so beautiful
...I want to eat her up ...

You know she is my "Unquenchable thirst" He disconnected the call
immediately .

ACP and Vikram were shocked to the core ..

ACP called to Mr.Ashwath asked the list of names who escaped from the jail
with "Rustham Saik "

Mr.Ashwath reading the list ..Vinay ,Mathur , David , Ashwin , Mayen ,Vargo

Yes his doubt is correct ,he missed this link ...all the time he was searching
for this link ..

Now no one can stop him ..

Ram collapsed hiding his face in his palms crying silently ..

ACP:Ram I know I know you are is grief but I need your support .Please see
as you heard the cold blood murderer "Rustham
Shaik "escaped from jail with him other 5 prisoners also escaped .In that this Ashwin
is also there,Common Ram hurry up we don't have time ..

Ask when Priya had left from the hospital ..

While driving to the hospital , Ram called to doctor Aruna ,he explained the
situation and asked her the time when priya had left ..

She said around 10 or so ...In the mean time ACP called to Mr.Ashwath asked him to trace of Priya's phone .. and Ram's phone too as for further guidance and
arrange all force immediately including air force too .He don't want to miss it
anyway ..

They reached the Cctv section of Hospital .. They found she hurriedly left
from hospital while talking in the phone ..It showed 10.36 am ...

Ram's tears were continuously flowing . As he knows how far Ashwin can go to

He was anticipating Ashwin's call now
and then .. but there was no trace of him ..

ACP.Sharath , animating the time .. 10.36am she left from here .. and we got a
call at 2.10pm so she is missing for three and half hours ..

His brain worked sharply ,Mr.Ashwath also reached there ...

Vikram :Sir any progress ..

They were seating in the car .. ACP spoke to them .she is missing from three and half hours so he might not have crossed the Mumbai city or he wil be hiding in the
forest which was very near to city or any old buildings ..

If he calls again then we can know where he is exactly ..As seeing his demands "Rustham
Shaik " is also with him ,so they might be planning to go somewhere leaving this
country .

Ram was silent all the time , he was terribly missing Priya and was afraid thinking what Ashwin
might do to her ..The thought itself was horrible for him .As he knows how Priya was shattered
after the Ashwin's incident .

How she was scared with the night mares .. Prayed to god ,,Please let her be
safe .

He decided something he left for home to arrange the money which he asked as
well as something ..

All drove off to the Kapoor mansion , When Ram entered everyone jeered up
with balloons ,congratulation cards , teddybear , showering some flower petals

Krishna ji ,sudhir , Shipra ,,, Nuts, Karthik , Rishab .. everyone paused
seeing some unknown faces with Ram ,and not finding Priya with them

They asked where is Priya ..

Ram collapsed on the chair ,he couldnot hold his tears anymore he cried again ..
Vikram explained what had happened .. Sudhir shattered ,Shipra cried ,everyone
was worried and in tears ..

The balloons freely flying in the room ,Their happiness changed into
sorrowness ..

The whole Kapoor mansionwhich was filled with
smiles and festive mode until then turned into grief with loss of their badi bahu ,their sister in law ,theirdaughter ... she is the Dia of their house ..

This news they haven't digested ... Ram remembering something ..He called some
of the bank authorities and arranged the money .. as well as he pulled his secret ward roab touse the most precious thing ..

Krishna ji rushed back him , She found that he was taking Revolver ,she tried to
stop him,.

Ram :Please ma...If that cheap did any harm to my Priya ,I will surely gonna
use this for his sake , he loaded 6 bullets in it and carried with him
..wiping his tears away ,he glanced at Priya's pic at the adjacent wall telling
her "I will come to find you ,Don't worry I love you Priya".. he rushed to
the main hall ..To meet with all of them .. [In her narcotic state Priya
mumbled Ram as she heard him ]

By that time .. ACP arranged all the forces in every corner of the city ..