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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-88


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She felt Priya was going mad by thinking. Already Priya was having a bad headache, at the same time Dr.aruna walked in. Srinikha signalled her something, Dr.Aruna slowly gave
a sedative to Priya to make her rest atleast for sometime. Making her sleep both doctors discussed what was happening with the couple so they decided something to play on them. Atleast they can change their attitude towards the life. With that both smiled at eachother smiling at sleeping form of Priya both left the cabin asking Neha to look after her .
Neha nuts were sitting with priya , they were lost in their talk what could be priya's reaction when she gets up . Nuts called up shipra to take care of "Prem" as  she might come late .
Nuts:I don't know Neha why bhai and bhabhi getting in troubles day by day . she had a teary line while saying this .
Neha " squeezing her hand , Don't knw nuts .this is terrible actually uff I don't have words ,one side priya is correct but the other side Ram is also correct . You are  thinking what will be priya's reaction ,Im thinking what will be Ram's reaction .I will go and enquire about him .You be here saying this she walked to the cabin where  Ram was there .
She hugged Vikram"Why this is happening to them " she broke down into tears . He pacified her looking at unconscious Ram .
 Doctors cabin :
"I need a strong Coffee means Very strong ,No sugar at all " Her voice echoed in the cabin .
Dr.Aruna smirked , so You don't lost this habit of strong coffee , so you were in tension , May I know whats all this about .
Srinikha gazed at her , pressing her temples , You know what sometimes I cannot deal the issues like easily , It's  difficult time for Ram &Priya  . And and Ram and me planned to make her understand and wants to tell the truth to her .
Dr.Aruna:I know that plan but
Cutting her off ,srinikha told ,  And Ram is such an Idiot ,how come he claimed insurance for his wife ,don't he knw what the trauma  they are in ,especially priya is in .
Dr.Aruna smilingly  dialled a number ordered a strong cup of coffe and a juice to herself .she leaned back on her chair , You are so correct Ram is an idiot but at the same time you are an idiot thinking Ram has done this .
Srinikha just slipped from her chair , she closed her eyes in frustration ."Oh Shit "[she got it its not done by Ram]
DR .Aruna:Yes Ram might not  know about this otherwise he could have taken precautions .
Srinikha: You are my saviour darling .Thank you
Dr.Aruna:You are welcome giving a sweet smile to her . Meanwhile coffe and juice served .
Srinikha:Looking at her friend ,Aruna You haven't changed any , the same glow , the same calm ness, the same love  ,the same blush wenevr I say Roy's name [instantly Aruna cheeks blushed to red colour]  and the same love on me .. she laughed aloud saying this .
Dr.Aruna:seriously You too haven't change any especially this teasing ,how much you will tease me I have 18 years old daughter . she smiled still the blush over on her face ,
Srinikha: so what ,, age is not related with blush ..she chukled .. sipping the coffe , I need some change to think whats we gonna do now .so I distracted my mind coming to her thinking again 
Dr.Aruna: I know I can understand , btw what you and Ram planned .
Srinikha:Now actually NO use .. Ram thought of her taking priya to an orphanage showing them he wanted to confess his feelings and about the twins matter also and if anything goes wrong I should manage her .. etc etc But I said him let me come and discuss with you . when I landed in airport I got biggest shock  that she came to knw the truth and this buddu got attack .
Dr.Aruna : Hmm sri Im unable to understand Why priya reacted like that .
Srinikha: there you got point , Aruna priya is 33 years and Ram is around 40 , They got married very late and they found their love also very late , when they both confessed and consummated their marriage ,They wanted to have kids , To be truth Ram likes kids as well ass priya moreover they are not a younger generation to wait for kids moreover everything is settled in their life ,and they just want to enjoy that happiness also moreover Im not the one to tell you as you know how much Priya likes kids because she is your patient .
Dr.Aruna just nodded her head . so now ..
Sri: Now I had a plan but  don't know how far priya is gonna belive us , and before that I have to make Ram understand few things .
r.Aruna : What's you plan by the way
Srinikha : Explained her
Dr.Aruna : come on sri , This is bullshit ,if priya comes to know this is all lie ..
Sri : laughing heartily when the realisation struck her I will tell her why I have done this,
Dr .aruna: phir bhi , this is pathetic yaar , she is educated she may know
Sri : yes she may educated but she is not a medico ..winking at her
Aruna after Ram's state did priya said anything about her abortion nor she thought about that even for a sec .
Dr .Aruna nodded a NOoo "that means "
Srinikha: a  huge smile appered on srinikhas face , Yes that means , Priya give importance to Ram so we can solve it , common ,saying this she got up to visit Ram and his reports , Dr.Aruna simply followed her thinking where sri's stupid plan leads to .
Ram s room..
He slowly opened his eyes to see Vikram is blabbering something and neha is consoling him .His deep groan voice called out "Vikram "
He immediately spun up went near him ..
R:Where is priya , How is she ???
Neha:she is fine , Doc has given sedative she is sleeping .
R:Take me there please I want to see her , she must be
Cutting him off sri with doc walked to his room . but he was so adamant he wanted to see priya at any cost .
Neha : shhh wait waittt she video called nuts asked her to show priya , Making visible to Ram Neha showed him , seeing priya sleeping peacefully he relaxed a bit ,leaned on his bed again . he closed his eyes when the reality struck him .
He opened his eyes furyly .. Vikram who the HELL submitted the insurance papers I want that "Hideous Rat " Infront of me right now ..
Neha looking at vikram :If he comes what you will do
Ram : raging eyes , I will rip that stupid in two parts ..
Neha Pushing vikram front lo " that Hideous Rat is here only "
Ram looked unbeliveble equally srinikha and doc were also shocked to learn the truth .
Three of them asked "Whyyy "
Neha is having so much fun as the three were shooting questions to him ..
"Vikram: are  bhaiii wait wait wait ,I wil answer all of your questions , When we shifted priya from the other hospital  asusaul this administration ppl asked me wether she has insurance or not obviously I said yes , She is Ram kapoor wife and you have paid for 20 crore insurance on her health . Than rest of the things happened just the way it has .
Ram: you didn't tell me
Vikram : I didn't tell you at anytime as I have been looking after this insurance isues from many years . He pouted , Neha giggled
Ram :  closed his eyes , Vik ye bath bathao ,Tum mera dosth ya dushman yaar .. Exactly Ram cannot say anything because vik handled everything very well but he too missed this point  . As they have insurance every where they usually bind to it and foolishly Ram missed it and vikram also forgot to tell him .
Neha:Fatty tab se he is feeling sorry , bechara pani bhi nahi peeya .. she giggled .
Ram called vik and gave the water to him .. You could have told me vikram .Vikram drinking water ha but you know handling the business alone I forgot .
Ram couldn't say any as he know  Vikram .
Neha teased :Ohhh bhabhi :These two could have been hubby ad wife "
The three of them giggled . Sri explained to Ram  what she is going to tell and after that also  don't show your love towards priya right now , give her some space let her understand her love towards you and I will tell rest of the things later .
wOhhh this is crazy okay ,, this is  seriously crazy what are you thinking exactly Ram questioned them
Srinikha: Sueezed his shoulder lemme give a try . If you really Love your wife than you have to allow me ,
"Oh Bhabhi I love her But this is crazy she will be scared to death , don't play this with her " His frustration all over on his face but srinikha also very jiddi so he had to give up ..

In the other room .. 
Priya scruchned her eyes to get a  proper view infront of her ,soon she remembered what al happened , she sat straghtly whispering "Mr.Kapoor " Her both slim hands cupped her temples with a pricking pain . Nuts rushed to her .. Bhabhi are you okay ..
Priya opened her eyes  nodded her head with a positive note ,she  rose up from the bed to check on her husband .Before nuts stopped her she rushed to see Ram ..She met srinikha and Doc outside but she briskly walked away  from them .
Srinikha smiled again .. Now ball is in my court , she called Vikram asked him to give it to Ram ,
Ram: now WHATTT ..
Srinikha: shhh do what I say , sleep just sleep or pretend to sleep or whatever whatever priya says or do also don't get up , hope you get that , Otherwise ..
Ram: Ok meri maatha .. he pretended to be asleep . When priya reached Ram's room .Her heartbeats raised she felt solaced seeing him .
Priya looked at him ,Caressing his hair "Please open your eyes ,Im sorry " He so wanted to take her in his embrace but he braced himself to the bed .. "I .. I ..i love you " she  weeped for sometime on his chest ,until one sister disturbd her , the sister changed  another saline injecting some drug into it , she left from there .

Srinikha entered with  few papers ,
Priya I know how you are feeling right now  ,but I so wanted to  tell you as we need signatures on these papers
P:what are those ..
S: Consent papers for surgery t o Ram
P: what .. what surgery , he seemed to okay na , what happened to him
S: Ssshhh actually this surgery he has to undergo when you are in hospital but thinking about you he didn't , and still bcz of that reason he hasn't gone
P:why ???what happened him , please tell me ..Teras rolled down from there 
S: umm .. you know it's a spine surgery but after that he should not go for family
P: she sat on the chair which was near to her , WHYYY .. Whats the prob
S: Actually when they saved YOU  there was a fight , so Ram got injury on his back , so he should not go for family
P: bull shit ..  
S: listen to me ,,
P: ye sab jhooth hai , how that is related to this ..
S: I cant explain all the details now  priya , if we want him healthy , we need to undergo for this procedure . as todays fall  is more painful for him so now he needs surgery ASAP.
Priya lost all her sences , that means
S: yes , you cant go for family for a year or two years ,you have to wait ,and if we wont go for this now it may turn out severe to Ram  and it may lead to paralysis and death also.
 priya , Wh..what are you talking di , Aisa kaisa , what happened to him " I Mean , why  he hide from me, I love him god damn it why he didn't share with him , Give it to me I will sign the papers ...
 she signed the papers , srinikha asked priya " are you sure about this priya "
yes im sure ,
s: you don't want to go for family .
p: I just want him only him ..okay arrange  it quickly
s: shabash priya , without your hubby consent how come you go for  this big decision
p: he will understand once I tells him .
s: how you will tell him ,
P:because of surgery you need some rest and time too so we cannot go for family , tears streamed down again .. 
S: okay ,  aruna see Your dear Patient can take decisions for her hubby without his consent because its for  his health ..
When her hubby did exactly the same thing when she was on death bed , she said " he cheated her and he betrayed her etc etc , wow wow kya pyaar hai bhai "
Priya closed her eyes ,thought what srinikha is telling , her lips parted " What are you trying to prove here "
S:Oh   When you have right to take decisions when your spouse lying on bed uncosious about his health nor surgery , don't he have right on you to take any decision to save your life .
P: Yes he has every right I didn't deny that fact ..
S:You denied it and you made him feel he betrayed you and he landed up in hospital bed . Priya whtever you did now is with in mins you have taken the decision , But when your time she looked at doc
Dr.Aruna: He cried to sign on those papers and he tried  asking me to save the unborn babies .
Priya eyes glistered with tears and  she understud what they were referring to , and she is feeling guilty for yelling at Ram and make the situations worse but she is not in a position to think which one is correct or not . She is remembering honey -bunny faces and a two tiny baby faces . she closed her eyes  ,tears spilled out  from her doe eyes .
And priya Ram is very much fine , he had a HIGH BP attack not heartattack also , and and this surgery is also fake one , I just wanted to show you how Ram could have felt . You know 
Priya rose up from her seat , "What the hell are you talking di " He is fine and you talked about him was all  lie and how dare that you are accepting it . she walked near her with her rage , HoW Dare you talked this with me 
Srinikha smiled at Raging priya , Dr.Aruna showed thumbs up to her . When priya came to her to tell something , she just pulled priya in to her hug   , priya didn't reciprocate , I can understand how you are feeling , I know how you felt torture in this 30 miins ,please priya once think about Rams condition at the time you were in hospital .
Priya freed from her  weepingly went near Ram , she hugged him by his side murmuring a continuous sorry in his ears , He  couldn't take it anymore , he rose up held her in his embrace angrily looked at sri and others .
Srinikha: guys common they will solve from now , come on move from here .. saying this  all left these two alone .
 Priya "Im extremly sorry , when i saw that papers ,I just dont ... "sobs" i just dont know what Im doing and thinking .. Its just I  got mad .. 
You know taking his  hand on her stomach , I felt  some unknown pain here . Ram clasped her in his brace , he wiped her tears ..and  in that anger i said so many and make you fall ill .she cried more 
priya dekho .. look at me  ..Look at me girl .. just look at me .. 

You didn't do anything ,Okay I was planning to tel you the truth but in mean while only you got to know , as i didn't expected i was stressed out to how to tackle you . 
I love you so much baby ?? i can't see your tears .I myself unable to forgot the incident and how i will give that sadness to you priya . a lone tear dropped on her shoulder . she hugged him tight and both cried their hearts out . 

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Coming to  back surgery in few back surgeries Patients should not go for family thats why I mentioned that . Its all  fake , Ram had only got a HIGH BP attack , hope every one clarified after reading the update . 
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